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Naval Domination Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Build Your Military Empire

GMobi’s Naval Domination (iOS) is a naval strategy game where you can collect some of the most advanced warships in the world, build your own army, and develop your island base with the right resources. You will be commanding an army of battleships, cruisers, subs, and aircraft carriers, as the game’s description explains, as you seek out enemy fleets and destroy them, hoping to dominate the seas in the process. You can also take advantage of the multiplayer element and form strategic alliances and compete against other real players, but there’s also a story mode with 272 levels of single campaigns.

That’s Naval Domination in a nutshell, but if you’re looking for a way to dominate your opposition, specifically in story mode, check out these Naval Domination tips and tricks.

1. Complete The Main Tasks

Keep your eye on the top left corner of your screen, as you’ll see a yellow exclamation mark button over there. That’ll take you to the tasks screen, which is essentially a list of quests or missions that require you to complete requirements for a reward. These tasks are subdivided into three categories – missions, which are tasks related to the main story, daily missions, which change every day, and finally achievement missions, where you have to complete specific in-game achievements. It’s the storyline missions you want to focus on, as they make sure your base is running like it should.

2. Don’t Forget About The Activation Missions

The Logistics menu can be accessed by tapping on the box icon at the top left corner of your screen. The most important items here are the activation missions, which are similar to the daily missions, as you have to complete certain tasks so many times. These missions have their corresponding activation value, and you’ll need this when opening chests – you’ll start at 30, and go all the way to 100 activation value in order to open a chest.

3. Build Lots Of Ships And Maintain Them

Your army needs to be as strong as possible, and that means having the proverbial strength in numbers. And you should have a whole lot of ships, including several backup ships in case another player attacks you. Maintenance is also important – you want to repair your damaged ships, even if only slightly damaged, after each battle. This could mean the difference between victory and defeat in long, drawn-out battles, so devote some time for maintenance and have those damaged ships repaired, rather than you build new ships and pay more.

4. Redeem Your Mystery Gift

On the bottom left of your screen, you’ll see mystery gifts appear from time to time. The contents of these gifts are random – they could be new ships, they may be new resources, they could be anything under the sun. These are free gifts where you have to wait some time before you open them – usually, you can open one gift every five minutes or so.

5. Farm For Experience And Items With The Wipe Out Command

The Wipe Out command will come in handy if you need to “farm” for items or experience points. This is activated once you finish a level with a perfect three stars; using Wipe Out finishes a level automatically, but will cost you gems, which are the game’s premium currency. Be sure to Wipe Out those extremely difficult levels, but not the easy ones.

6. Use The Free Shipping Feature

The Logistics Center also has a menu item known as Free Shipping, which allows you to activate a random resource buff. This can be activated every ten minutes, but no more than five times a day, so use these buffs wisely.