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Business Superstar Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get Rich Quickly

Rapid Turtle Games’ Business Superstar was released just a few days ago for iOS devices, and it promises a chance for you to be rich and become a business superstar. Of course, your role is that of an entrepreneur, and the game promises a lot of strategy involved as you manage your business in the most creative way possible to grow your corporate empire. This is your chance to go from zero to hero, as Rapid Turtle adds. You can play as a male or female character (though a lot of the jobs are very gender-stereotypical, we’d admit), hire up to 160 people to work for you, learn new skills, and complete up to 200 challenges. Then there are events such as strikes, burglaries, accounting discrepancies, and more that you have to be on the lookout for.

Unlike games like AdVenture Capitalist, there’s much more depth in this title, and many more things you’ll have to learn. But we’ve come up with a list of Business Superstar cheats, tips and tricks that could help you become richer beyond your wildest dreams. Well, at least in the in-game world, if not in real life.

1. About Hiring Assistants And How To Do It The Right Way

When playing this game, one of the things you should remember is to begin with your most profitable business, and work your way towards the least profitable when trying to maximize what your assistants bring to the table. And that means hiring assistants for the most lucrative businesses first. What you want to do here is to unlock all of the businesses and have these businesses automated, thanks to the assistants you hire. So once again, just to reiterate what we said in this rather simple tip – always start with the most profitable.

2. Spend Money On Gold

Cash money is the main currency in this game, and you can use the cash you earn to buy gold. Keep doing this until gold reaches a truly premium price, which doesn’t happen that late in the game. Tap on the face of your character, tap on the Buy Gold option in the menu, and you’re free to purchase gold with your money. But be prepared for these cash-for-gold transactions getting more and more expensive as you progress on. As a general rule, things only get expensive once you’re a billionaire.

3. Watch Ad Videos And Claim Dailies For More Gold

Aside from buying gold with your cash, you can watch advertisement videos to get free gold. These videos appear every ten minutes or so and would only earn you one gold piece per video watched. Still, it’s better than having no gold at all, and most of all, it’s free and effortless.

Claiming your daily rewards is another super-easy way to get free gold. As long as you’re logging in daily, you can spin the wheel and win a random amount of gold. The gold you win often won’t be worth writing home about, but the gold does add up over time, making it worth it to watch those short clips and login to the game every day.

4. A Super-Easy Way To Get Free Money

Now, that we’re done with the gold, here’s a way for you to earn free money, and we do wish this is something we can do in real life with our pets. Head to your office, and if you see a cat in a box, tap on it repeatedly to “play“ with it and get cash for free.

5. Upgrade Wisely

When it comes to upgrading your businesses in Business Superstar, the obvious thing to do is to upgrade the high-earning ones so you can earn more cash and gold profit. But you shouldn’t just focus on the big earners; instead, feel free to upgrade lower-paying ones, as you’ll eventually end up with as much gold as you would had you focused on upgrading your more expensive businesses. Keeping that in mind, upgrading your low earners could earn you easy gold, which you can then use to buy better assistants.

6. Where Else Can You Spend Your Gold?

Aside from buying more skillful assistants, your gold can be used to expand your business internationally. This will improve your profitability and give you additional experience points. As for where you can expand your business to, we’d recommend starting out in Africa or Europe, as these continents are divided into smaller, more affordable regions.

7. Where Should You Not Spend Your Gold?

We’d suggest against using your gold to pay for skills, which earn extra XP, thus allowing you to increase your level. Then again, completing the achievements already is a fantastic way to earn XP easily, so paying gold for XP/skills isn’t worth it.

8. Tap On The Kitchen And Water Icons

Last, but not the least, you’ll want to ensure your Health and Productivity stats remain healthy (no pun intended) by tapping regularly on the kitchen and water. If possible, max out both Health and Productivity or keep both stats close to the maximum.