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Piano Tiles 2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Earn More Coins and Unlock More Songs

Piano Tiles 2 is the follow-up title to Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile), and like other massively popular games in the casual/arcade genre, you can get this game for your Android phone, tablet or iPhone/iPad. It adds a few new features to the game, including new music, the ability to share your piano performances, and the option to play against other players from around the world. Gameplay has also been changed in the sequel, as developer Cheetah Mobile has ensured that the new title doesn’t feel like a rehash of the original. Still, the rules remain the same – tap on the black tiles, and don’t tap anywhere else.

Although, the basic rules of the game haven’t changed, the new twists and features may require you to transition a bit if you played the original game back in the day. And if you’re new to the series, you might be wondering how to earn more coins and unlock more songs. You need not worry about that, though, as we’ve got some pretty cool Piano Tiles 2 tips and hints coming up for you.

1. You Can Play The Game Without Music

Ever feel that the background music is distracting you instead of helping you? That’s okay, as the game allows you to play without any music turned on. The key here is following the beats, which are usually consistent, thus allowing you to find your rhythm. Still, we recommend playing with the music if you’re starting out; the beats stay in line with the music, and the game wouldn’t be so strict in terms of timing at first. Just make sure the steps are aligned with the sound; position isn’t too important as long as you follow this.

2. Gather Coins During The Bonus Stage

After you complete a level with a perfect three stars, you’ll be cleared to enter the endless stage of a level. But there will also be a bonus stage that allows you to collect a number of free coins. You can either tap with multiple fingers or swipe from one side to the other so you can gather more coins during this bonus stage/mini-game.

3. How To Survive In Endless Mode

Endless mode, which comes after you’re done with the initial and bonus stage, will involve the same song, albeit with different steps and at continuously increasing speeds. Tap the gold tile at the same time as you tap on the black one(s) if you see some coins. It’s also possible to swipe from one tile to the next, as that will still count as you swiping across black and gold tiles, but not across white tiles.

4. Grind To Earn More Coins

Your coins can be used to purchase new songs in the in-app store, but right now the best – and only – way to farm for coins is to grind it out, or replay songs you’ve already completed, with a premium on the coin-earning bonus stage. There isn’t any option to watch ad videos to earn coins, though there’s always a chance that may become available soon.

5. Take Part In The Challenges

Challenges are another great way to earn a ton of coins. The harder the challenge and the better you do in the challenge, the more coins you stand to collect once all is said and done. And as you do better in comparison to other players who have taken the same challenge, you can stand to earn even more coins from completing a challenge.

Do you know any other tips or tricks for Piano Tiles 2? In case you do, please share them with us, fellow players!