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Cyber Hunter Advanced Guide: Tactics & Strategies to Blow Away the Competition

NetEase Games’ Cyber Hunter continues to be strong as a highly competitive battle royale that mixes console-quality graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and a wide variety of customizations and battle strategies for a perfectly engaging and addictive package. With its huge success on the mobile gaming market, it’s no surprise how it retains a healthy overall user rating and a steadily increasing number of users since launch. As the game does offer more than the usual battle royale games in the mobile gaming market, the strategies and skills players need to learn and master to stay ahead of the pack in the arena also takes a lot of time and dedication to achieve.

If you have just started playing Cyber Hunter recently and is still getting to know the game, you may want to check our beginner’s guide as it discusses the most basic tips and strategies you should know to start the game right and be on your way to become a dominant force in the battle arena. In as much as those tips and strategies would suffice for beginners in the game, especially those without any experience playing battle royale games before, more strategies and tactics, on top of actual playing and practice, are needed to master the game, level up fast, and be a top tier player. With that said, we present you our Cyber Hunter advanced guide, including useful tips, tactics and strategies to blow away the competition!

1. Push To Level Up And Unlock All Skills

In a lot of battle royale games, as well as some online games that have account levels, unlockables only include areas or game modes, or have as little effect as achievement objectives attached to gaining experience and reaching the next level. In Cyber Hunter, though, gaining experience points and levelling your account up is of great importance as you would want to reach level 28 fast to unlock all available droid skills.

Every round of game in the battle arena you play will yield experience points. The more kills and the higher your rank, the more experience points you will receive. Although performing better would of course be the preferred method of acquiring more experience points fast, performances can be inconsistent as luck can be a factor in any match. Beyond performance, what would really help you gain experience points is time and dedication in the game, regardless of whether you choose to play solo or in a squad.

2. Consume Booster Cards And Make The Most Out Of It

Time and activity in the game will be the basic determinants of how fast you can grow and with each round in the battle arena you engage in, the more v-coins and experience points you gain. V-coins are used to purchase Elite Supply Chests and while what these provide you are purely cosmetic, looking good in the battle arena and having a lot to look forward to as far as character appearance customization is concerned can help motivate you to strive harder in the game.

cyber hunter booster cards

With daily activity and event rewards, you will definitely secure booster cards in the form of Financial Cards and Growth Cards. Financial Cards double the V-coins gained in battles while Growth cards double the experience points. It is well understood that you may not be able to consistently spend as much time playing Cyber Hunter on a daily basis so be sure to plan ahead before you consume these boosters. Likewise, it is best to use both consecutively if possible as you would want to have both of these boosters activated if you plan on playing long and hard within 24 hours or so after activation. Take note that the double amount effects have a daily cap and upon reaching the same and completing your daily errands, you can rest easy knowing that you made the most out of both boosters.

3. Solo Play General Strategies

After engaging in a few arena battles once you start playing Cyber Hunter, it may still not occur to you how much different your equipped skill sets and strategies must differ in solo play and team battle. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages for you but depending on your skills and expertise, you can excel in both. Typically, though, competitive solo can be a lot more challenging as being downed is as good as being dead since there won’t be any revivals, and there won’t be any assists of any sort from teammates whom you may have grown accustomed to.

As you will only be able to rely on yourself and your skills in competitive solo, your account level and the skills you have unlocked, along with how well you know how to use each of them, will be very important here. We mentioned before that it would be best to test each skill you have unlocked out on the battle arena. As you do, though, think of what would be the best droid skill combinations you should utilize in either competitive solo or team play.

Keep in mind that survival is priority and a more defensive stance in solo play should be considered especially if you are still pretty new to the game. The longer you stay in the arena, the more opportunities you will have for kills and wins. Always remember that when you enter the battle arena, your goal is to be the last person standing and not to kill as many enemies as you can. Naturally, though, to survive means to kill when you have to especially when your life is threatened and there will also be opportunities to eliminate other players before they become aware of your presence.

Choosing the right skills for battles in competitive solo really depends on your preferences and play style but if you are having a difficult time deciding as to which of the droid skills you have unlocked should be equipped for the battle, then choose to go more defensively first. The shield wall, quantum barrier, and optical camouflage would all come in handy if you are still getting the “feel” of things and if sooner or later you find that having all these 3 seems a little too excessive for defense; feel free to switch one or two out.

4. Squad Play General Strategies

Working with a squad is typically the choice mode for most players as online games are a lot more fun and exciting to play with others. More so, if you have real life friends who can play with you in the game or some random squad members whom you have become friends with over time in the game.

There is always the advantage of having more available skills that can benefit the entire squad and, if you are coordinated enough, can outwit, and outgun the competition. There’s revival for fallen allies, which is a definite necessity, and riding vehicles in pairs makes for an awesome play. The disadvantage comes from being out of luck and landing in a fully random squad of incohesive, uncoordinated, and wayward players. As it is very important to stay close to one another from the get-go, you will know that you are likely to have a hard time if your squad mates jump off on different areas and don’t readily converge on one central location.

cyber hunter battle strategies

To minimize the possibility of lack or absence of a well-coordinated squad, you strongly need to make an effort to communicate well with your squad. You can use your earphones and be able to communicate with your team on voice chat but if some members aren’t using their respective microphones, then you can still send some messages through the quick chat option available just below the mini map. Once you tap on the envelope icon, you can choose among a variety of helpful pre-set messages to send to your squad. It may take some time for you to be able to keep doing this while in critical situations within the battle arena but you should learn to do so especially if you are with a random squad.

Again, we would like to stress the importance of keeping close together with your entire team in a squad battle. This may not necessarily mean landing so close together after the jump off, but rather moving towards a focal point before progressing forward to a more strategic location. Oftentimes, you will be situated in an area were weapons and items are very limited and your solo play instincts might kick in to grab all you can for self-sustenance. In any kind of team play, it is important for you to be mindful of your team mates and save some loot for them to pick up. In a well-coordinated team, this should become a standard action for everyone and may even be used to further strategize the distribution of weapons and resources depending on the roles each one has. We mentioned before that you may not be as lucky to nab your preferred weapon in the field which makes it important for you to be able to know how to use each gun type well enough. With loot sharing in a coordinated squad, the chances of you being able to grab your favourite weapon type goes a lot higher.

Last and definitely not the least is the droid skill you need to consider for squad play. These will naturally be based again on your preferences and play style but then, there would be a lot more to consider now that you have to think about the well-being of your entire squad and not just your own survival and victory.

In the first scenario, you would have to prepare differently if you are going to play in a random squad. While helping your teammates is very important, there are no guarantees that squad support droid skills will be very useful as you will not be certain you will land with a coordinated one despite the availability of communication channels. As such, you should consider packing a couple of droid skills for yourself and have 1 droid skill that will be beneficial for you as well as your teammates.

On the other hand, a lot more diverse strategies can come off from a fully cohesive squad, perhaps applicable to you and in-game friends whom you often play with in a squad. In this case, you can designate more specific roles to each squad member and be able to select droid skills attributable to your role which can either be ones that benefit the entire squad or even more offensive ones for you and your allies. Similar to the idea of mixing and matching skills as a beginner to determine which three skills work best for you based on your preferences and play style, you should also dedicate some time to mix and match skills on a more advanced level in coordination with your entire squad.

5. Keep On Training

Training isn’t just for beginners and this is especially true in the case of Cyber Hunter. There are a lot of skills to learn and a lot of tactics to master and while the same can be achieved through actual immersion in arena battles, there are more strategic ways to hone your skills and boost your masteries.

cyber hunter training

Once you click on the dropdown button to choose between competitive solo, 2-player squad, and 4-player squad, there are options above those that can send you to training, tutorials, and even a battle versus bots. While tutorials may be fit for total beginners, both training and vs bots can help you hone your skills better in the game. Training is perhaps the most important as you can try each gun out amongst other things. You can also polish up your parkour skills here and be a lot more mobile in actual arena battles.

6. Feel Free To Adjust The Controls To Boost Your Efficiency

cyber hunter controls

You have probably not bothered to check the gear icon at the top of your screen like some people would but then even if you are already happy with the game’s controls and layout you should still consider to peek into the different settings you can tinker with in the game. For one, adjusting your screen’s sensitivity level may very well lead to better aiming and overall performance later on. Quick messages can also be changed within these settings and can further boost your squad’s efficiency in combat. Auto aim and auto pick-up options can also be set here so be sure to check each available line up and adjust accordingly to your desired setup.

7. Aim To Accomplish Quests To Earn More Rewards

While every bit of battle you engage in will already reward you with experience points and v-coins to help your progress, you can gain a lot more through the Path of Growth which you can easily access through the medal icon at the top of your screen. This icon will most likely have an indicator from time to time as it is fairly easy to earn some rewards with the various quests and challenges available here.

cyber hunter rewards

If you really love and enjoy Cyber Hunter and would want to progress as fast as you can, then strive to complete as many of the objectives you will find under the Daily Quest. A lot of these can easily be accomplished within a few games but to be sure, regularly check your progress on each objective to incorporate target goals in the succeeding matches you participate in.

8. Take Note Of Your Season Tier Ranks

Relative to progress and achievements, take note that each battle you engage in leads to corresponding progress in your tier rank. This is categorized separately under the game modes you engage in and what’s important to know is that the higher your rank goes for a particular tier, the more difficult each succeeding battle can become. You can view your progress on tier ranks by clicking on your avatar at the top left side of the screen and take note of high you have gone on each one. If you are starting to have difficulty in one particular tier due to your rank in it, consider to spend time on the other game modes where you may find it a little easier to perform better and earn more rewards.

cyber hunter season tier ranking

Tier ranks are tied in to the season so at the end of it all ranks will reset and you will have to work your way up the ranks again. Despite the rewards and bragging rights accorded to higher ranks you can attain, it can also get to a point where it may become too much of a challenge for you and your squad, and while that will make better wanderers out of each of you, it may also slow down your progress a bit if your performance becomes sub-par. As such, remember to switch across the different battle modes and try to progress competitive solo and 2-player squad as much as you would the 4-player squad.

That is all we have for you on our Cyber Hunter advanced guide. We certainly hope it was helpful and enjoyable not just for both beginners but for experienced and advanced players of the game as well. If there are some useful tips and strategies you discovered in the game and would like to share the same with us and our readers, don’t hesitate to let us know of what you think through the comments area below!