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Dumb Ways To Draw Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Save the Beans

Dumb Ways To Draw is the latest addition to Metro Trains’ hit Dumb Ways series for Android and iOS devices. When the video for Dumb Ways To Die first came out, it instantly went viral with its catchy tunes. It easily turned into a series of mobile games where people of all ages get to enjoy trying to keep their dumb bean characters alive.

The series is taking a break from the usual collection of minigames by using the power of drawing. You now get to draw the beans to safety. The game gives you several puzzles where the beans are on their way to their dumb deaths. You will have a chance to draw on the scenario to keep them from getting run over, squished, burnt, and so on. There are dozens of ways to die in the game, so make sure you read our Dumb Ways To Draw cheats, tips and tricks to keep the beans alive!

1. Save Your Ink

dumb ways to draw tips

While it may be tempting to draw an entire structure to keep your bean safe from everything, you won’t get a good score that way. When you start a game, you will notice a bar at the top with markers for three stars. This bar indicates the rating you get upon completion of the stage, and the maximum you can acquire is three stars. The more ink you use, the lower your rating will be. Take a good look at the entire scenario and see where you can save ink. For example, you can draw a small V-shape instead of a full box to keep certain objects in place. Some areas just need a small line, or even a speck, to get the job done.

2. Think Before You Draw

When you begin a level in Dumb Ways To Draw, everything will be frozen. The traps, obstacles, and the bean, will all begin moving as soon as you draw your first shape. That means the scenario will play out as soon as you lift your finger from the first shape you draw. You will then have to draw subsequent shapes as things move. You might not be able to complete the shapes you need in time if you don’t think about the scenario before you start.

3. Timing Is Key

After you draw your first line, you will most likely need to draw additional shapes. You have to keep in mind that things will be moving now. You have to act quickly, but you also have to time your drawings. You could possibly save some ink if you draw shapes at just the right moment. This may take a bit of trial and error since you won’t always know when the right timing is. Don’t worry if you fail a few times since you can always try again.

4. How To Unlock New Worlds

dumb ways to draw cheats

Unlike most other games where you need to complete one level to unlock the next, the first world in this game comes completely unlocked. That means you can play any of the first six levels in whatever order you please. When it comes to unlocking new worlds, however, you will need to prove your worth. Remember when we told you to save your ink to get a three-star rating? That’s because you need to collect stars in order to unlock new worlds. Once you have enough stars, you can just scroll over to the new areas and they will automatically be unlocked.

5. Watch Ads For Hints

The levels in Dumb Ways To Draw are laid out in a way that you get several easy levels in a world with one or two difficult ones thrown in. If you encounter a difficult level, you can just skip it and get stars from other levels to move on to the next. If you want to complete all the levels, however, you could try using a hint instead. You will get two hints after watching the ad, making it easier to figure out what you need to draw.

Another use of ads in the game is to boost your coin earnings. Tap on the video offer on the lower left corner of the screen in order to double the coins you get for completing levels. The game has plenty of ads, so you may as well take advantage of those that give you extra perks.

It is time to save some beans from certain doom in Dumb Ways To Draw! Follow the tips and tricks above in order to complete all the levels! In case you know any other tips or tricks for the game, feel free to let us know below in the comment area!