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Human Runner 3D (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Win Every Race

Voodoo has made a name for itself churning out highly addictive high score chasers, such as Balls Rotate and Roller Splat!, and Human Runner 3D is the French developer’s latest mobile title. Currently available exclusively for iOS devices, the game puts you in a clumsy race where you control your own humanoid character. You will have to complete the race without getting knocked out in order to win. There are multiple races, with the last-place runner getting eliminated before each round.

The game starts out easy, and even looks a bit silly, but it is actually more challenging than you think. There are over a hundred levels for you to conquer, each filled with numerous obstacles that are designed to stop you in your tracks. The game also uses some funky human physics simulation that can make overcoming obstacles a bit more difficult. Before you begin your first race, make sure you check out our Human Runner 3D cheats, tips and tricks to win every race!

1. Look For Yellow

human runner 3d tips

As you run through the course, you will notice red and yellow parts. You would want to avoid red areas even if you are able to run on top of them. Red zones sometimes turn into obstacles that block your way. As for the yellow parts, these are the ones you want to run through as much as possible. You will earn points whenever you run through the yellow area. This is a good way to earn currency during a race.

2. Boost Your Run

At the beginning of each level, you will see a boost button. Tap on it and a video advertisement will play. Once it is done, you will end up with a buff that makes you run faster. All the red surfaces in the level will also turn black, rendering them harmless. You will no longer have to worry about the red areas as they will stop moving as soon as you come in contact.

3. Master The Controls

Even in real races, speed is not everything. You will have to learn how to control your character properly if you want to truly succeed. To run, you just need to tap and hold on the screen. You stop when you release that hold. Mastering the proper timing of when to run and when to stop is key to conquering all the levels in the game. You want to go as fast as possible, but it is a good idea to know how to stop as well.

4. Always Hit The Boost Strips

human runner 3d cheats

Boost strips are scattered throughout levels. Running over them will give you a temporary speed boost. Make sure you always run over them even if you are ahead. The last thing you want is to blow your lead just because your opponent hit the boost strip and you didn’t. It’s also a good idea to widen the gap between you and the next runner, so it wouldn’t hurt if you got a speed boost for free.

5. Stay In The Middle

If you have played a few races, you probably would have noticed by now that some parts of the tracks do not have walls on the side. That means you can fall off if you run too far to the side. Since a lot of things can happen during an obstacle race, make sure you play it safe by sticking to the middle of the track as much as you can.

6. Play Dirty Sometimes

There are times when it is a good idea to play a little dirty in order to secure a win. Remember those parts of the tracks where you can fall off? Your opponents can also fall off, and you can help them do so. Since you are sticking to the center of the map, it would be easy to run alongside one of your opponents then give them a good nudge towards the sides. If you succeed, you can get rid of them completely. If you fail, you are still rewarded with a few extra points for pushing your enemy.

7. Watch Where You’re Going

human runner 3d tricks

Most players who are into running games tend to have tunnel vision. Don’t focus too much on your character and try to look ahead every few seconds. You need to know what obstacles are coming up, so you can prepare for them. You won’t always have the time to react if you wait until the obstacle is right in front of your character. It is better if you are able to maneuver early enough to avoid the obstacles completely.

Running through an obstacle course is tough enough without having to worry about beating opponents to the finish line. It’s a good thing you have our Human Runner 3D cheats and tips to help you win every race!