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Balls Rotate (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete All Levels and Get a High Score

Voodoo has long been known to develop games on both Android and iOS platforms. With over 50 games under its portfolio, the French company has released numerous successful casual arcade games since 2014. Among others, its top games include Helix Jump, Snake VS Block, and 2.

The developer’s latest release, Balls Rotate, which is currently exclusively available on iOS, sits at the number 2 spot of free puzzle games in the Apple App Store. Like most of Voodoo’s games, Balls Rotate can appear to be a simple puzzle game that anyone can easily assume to be designed for kids. As you progress through the first few levels though, the puzzle becomes more and more complex that takes a little analysis and patience to accomplish. If you are looking for an incrementally challenging and addictive game that is fun for players of all ages that you can play for short spans of time, then be sure to check Balls Rotate out.

In Balls Rotate, you actually take control of a maze surrounding a group of balls and you need to rotate the maze correctly and for the balls to exit the maze down to the next one. Getting all of the balls out of the maze and into the next one is the goal and it can be done in different ways. As a relaxing puzzle game, there are no time limits or any sort of pressure to accomplish the objective quickly so you can freely play the game as leisurely as you can.

With overly simplistic controls and game mechanics, Balls Rotate’s tutorial comes as quick and easy as the on-screen message advising you to tap and slide on the screen to rotate the maze. Given that the balls always start at the center of the rotatable maze, it’s pretty evident as well that the path to go to is the outermost opening of each puzzle. Considering everything, it’s a pretty easy game but if you want to ensure to pass through and clear all stages as well as earn high scores as you go, our Balls Rotate cheats, tips and tricks will help you out.

1. Get Used To Controlling The Speed Of The Rotation

While the controls and mechanics of the game are as simple as it can be, securing a firm control as to how fast or slow you can rotate the puzzle can be a challenge in itself for some people. As it is expected that the first few stages in the game will be the easiest to complete, those levels should very well serve as your testing areas to get a really good grasp of the control’s sensitivity. While sliding your finger left or right is very easy, doing so with the right amount of speed will be key to you completing stages as fast as you can and also raise the possibility of boosting your scores at the end of each level.

balls rotate voodoo tips

As an additional preparatory step, you can also make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be if you are planning on playing the game for a long time. Ensuring the screen of your device is as clean and as smooth as it can possibly be will also help give you the right traction and control you need to consistently control the maze’s rotation.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

Considering that there is no time limit within which you must complete each level, it’s important to go slow especially at the early stages of the game. It is understandable for a lot of people to want to rush into moving from one level to another. But oftentimes, rushing into it may result to carelessness and you may find yourself making mistakes that may result in taking more time to complete levels even more.

Exercising patience in playing puzzle games is an often important yet overlooked requirement. Some puzzle games like Balls Rotate may not make this problem evident early on as the initial levels you will play with pretty much serves like training stages preparing you to get a good grasp of the game for the really challenging levels. As the rotating puzzles grow to become more complex, tensions may rise and you may find yourself making mistakes more often. As such be ready to always keep your cool as you carefully navigate all the balls across the unique mazes towards the exit.

3. Mentally Trace The Route To The Exit Before Rotating

balls rotate voodoo cheats

Just Like any two-dimensional maze where you can clearly see the full layout of the puzzle, it is always a good idea to figure out first where to go before you start moving. This same principle works very much in Balls Rotate as you can plot the optimum route from the center of the maze right through the exit mentally before you even begin to nudge the whole thing around.
The initial stages are very much straightforward and can easily lead you towards the end of the maze with one glimpse but later on, there will be levels where a wrong rotation from the start can make the entire journey a little longer. As such, make it a habit early on to mentally plot out the correct route from the center of the maze or the starting point all the way to the exit. By doing so, you will make less mistakes that can take bits of time that you can spend on solving more puzzles and leave you to worry only about keeping each and every ball together to secure the top score for each level.

4. Keep The Balls Together

As mentioned before, there can be a variety of ways and means to finish each level. The variance of completion methods will solely depend on how many balls you get in to the pipe or the next level as you finish the game. You won’t fail any level regardless of what you do though, but considering everything, what you would want out of playing Balls Rotate is to secure the best possible score on each level.

balls rotate voodoo tricks

As completing each level may soon become simply as a secondary objective following your desire to secure a high score, what you would want is to secure the top score on each level. For you to be able to do so, though, you need to drop all the balls within a very short time period, through the exit down to the next puzzle. Keep in mind that leaving even just one ball behind will result in a score that is loosely close to what you would get when you move the balls around to the exit intermittently.

Following these considerations, what you ought to put some effort in, is to keep all the balls together every step of the way as much as you can. This means that in cases where they split apart as you rotate the maze around, even minute back steps are necessary just to make it easier for you towards the end of the level to pour every ball on to the exit altogether and claim a perfect score.

5. No Wi-Fi Means No Advertisements

As video ads form part of most free-to-play mobile games nowadays, it is practically no surprise to see a short video ad every once in a while as you play Balls Rotate. While it may seem annoying on certain occasions, it is important to understand, above all, that video ads are necessary to keep the game available for absolutely free. For some players, ads that pop up or videos that automatically play in-between levels may become a distraction which can disorient them from going through each level as efficiently as they can. For others who may not have a much time to spend on casual games, video ads that are not optional to watch may take a lot of time off of the limited period within which they can play the game.

Regardless of the reason for you to not want to see some ads, though, what’s important for you to know is that these ads all depend on internet connectivity and will never activate if you don’t have access to the internet. As such, feel free to simply turn you wi-fi or mobile data off if you want to play the game without any kind of interruptions that advertisements bring.

6. Prepare Yourself For Long Plays If You Want A High Score

To register a high score, what you need to do is accumulate an aggregate score that is higher than your previous record unless it’s your first go. Regardless of what you do, your score will continuously grow as long as you continue to play the game and finish as many levels as you can. Given that, what you should do if you are aiming to secure a high score is to ready yourself well for a period of time within which you can play the game long enough to finish more stages than the usual run.

balls rotate voodoo high score

Beyond the amount of time you can dedicate for a high score run, what you should exert some effort in is keeping all the balls together through to the end of the level so that you will earn a perfect score. Keep in mind though that keeping all the balls close together for a long continuous drop through the exit and achieving a perfect score will be a huge challenge as you progress further into the game. As such, taking it slower than usual becomes an important part of your run to increase, if not ensure, that each level you complete will earn you a perfect score and make you stretch your high score farther.

And that is all we have for our Balls Rotate cheats, tips and tricks. Though, there really isn’t much to go with as far as tips and strategies go for this highly addictive mobile game, we hope that some of the basic tips and strategies we shared will be helpful for you as you aim to complete each level and secure an unbeatable high score in this game for bragging rights. If there are some relevant tips and strategies you know that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comments section below!