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SIEGE World War II Tips, Cheats, Strategies & Tactics Guide to Crush Your Enemies

Simutronics Corp, the developer behind mobile games such as One Epic Knight and Tiny Heroes, has released one wild strategy game. SIEGE World War II is an exciting strategy game similar to Clash Royale. In . SIEGE World War II you gain cards, you upgrade them, and then you match your decks and strategies against other players from all over the world.

There’s the problem. The competition in SIEGE World War II is pretty fierce. The match making system could put you in a battle against seemingly much stronger opponents. The good news is that it doesn’t matter too much. Even players with a similar and lower level and Tier points compared to yours can be seriously hard to defeat. So the game is balanced a bit more than it is given credit for! It was always on you to play the cards you have as best you can. And yes, this can result in wins against seemingly stronger opponents. So that just leaves you with the question of how to play better? Check out our SIEGE World War II tips, cheats, strategies and tactics guide for some useful hints on how to defeat your enemies!

1. Daily Free Gains And Deck Setup Tips And Tricks

Each start of your SIEGE World War II gaming day should start with the Shop. You’ll have the chance to gain random free cards.

siege world war 2 deck setup

The upper left area of the above screen shot is where you should always collect cards each day. It’s true that some of the card gains won’t be worth much to you at the time. Then again, they’re free so you might as well take them! As for the rest of the cards in the list, you can buy them all you want but make sure you need them first. Also, make sure you have plenty of gold before attempting to buy cards. Gold is simply not always easy to gain. Each card upgrade you do costs more and more. The good news is that you don’t have to buy cards. You can if you want to but you can gain them for free just fine.

Now you’ll need to setup your decks. Note the “s” on decks. SIEGE World War II allows you to create multiple decks to attempt using a wide variety of strategies.

siege world war 2 troops

When checking the top right area of the above screen shot, you’ll see you can make 3 different decks to play with. The not so great part to this is that all the decks you make are based on the cards you currently have. That also happens to be the good news too! This allows you to experiment with different Troops and Tactics combinations. While you’re on this screen, check to make sure your Average Supply isn’t skyrocketing! Supply is the cost to use each card during battles. Too high of an Average Supply might leave you relying too much on tactics and/or waiting for your Supply to regen. If your Average Tactics amount is too low, you could get wiped out before your swarm gets a chance to do anything. Also as showing in the above screen shot, you don’t have to use every card you’ve gained. The recommendation is to have at least one deck with a combination of cards that work with each other.

When it comes to upgrading your cards in SIEGE World War II, you need a certain number of that card and gold. The higher the upgrade, the more of each you’ll need. The attempt to help you is the Universal cards. Universal cards can be converted to any card you currently have. The good news is that this can be a huge time saver. The bad news is that you might not have Universal cards of the same rank as the card you’re trying to upgrade. The great news is that you don’t have to upgrade every card. Some cards are pretty capable at level 5 only. Then again, leaving cards at level 5 only could get a bit dull! The recommendation is to upgrade the cards you have in use first. The rest of the upgrades are for gaining EXP to level your account. From there, it’s a matter of knowing how each card you have works.

Ops are a set of extra skills you can use during battles. You need Ops points to gain and upgrade Ops.

siege world war 2 strategies

You can check to see how to unlock each Ops set by tapping the lock icon for each section. Ops points are gained after battles. As long as you destroyed at least 1 of your opponent’s bunkers, you’ll gain Ops points. The Clan Ops are only available if you’ve joined a clan. The tactic here is to choose what you unlock and upgrade carefully. If you’re gaining and upgrading rank 1 to 3 Ops only, that’s all you’ll have. But if you’re also helping your clan to gain and upgrade the Clan Ops, that will benefit everyone in your clan. When you use Ops for a battle, after the battle is completed and regardless if you win or lose, that Ops will have a cool down timer. Usually these timers are pretty lengthy. The main problem is that you won’t know what you’re up against when you start a battle. It makes it nearly impossible to determine which one to use before a battle. Yes, we’re all stuck in that guessing game. Lots o Luck with it!

Before you begin a battle in SIEGE World War II, check your reward box slots.

siege world war 2 tricks

If by chance you don’t have any open slots for reward boxes, you simply won’t gain any if you win a battle. The reward boxes gained from wins require 3 or more hours each to open. They can only be opened one at a time. This shouldn’t stop your SIEGE World War II gaming day too much. You can continue to play and gain any medals, Tier points, and gold from wins or draws. Also note the Victory Box showing in the upper right area of the above screen shot. Your best bet is to get that to level 2 or higher. Only open that at level 1 if you’re really planning on not playing much that day. Each time you win or draw a match and destroy 1 bunker and/or their HQ, you’ll gain a medal (up to 3 per match). These medals count towards the Victory Box. It takes 6 medals to upgrade the Victory Box each time.

2. Join A Clan Because It Helps A Lot

Like so many other games currently available, the devs of SIEGE World War II didn’t want you to feel lonely! So as soon as you get the chance, join a clan (some games call it a guild). The trick for joining a clan is to look for one with many members while still having a free slot for you. From there, start praying it’s a good and active clan. This will be of enormous help to you. The only ways to gain EXP are to upgrade cards and help clan members. All guild members can request a card each day (yes, you too!). It’s on you to take advantage of this.

Each card you give to a clan member provides you with gold and EXP to level your account with. Don’t forget that you have to get to level 6 to unlock everything in the game. Upgrading cards can quickly become a problem in terms of gold and extra cards. So you’re main aim while in a clan is to give cards as much as you can. Even before that, you really have to hope that your clan members are requesting higher ranked cards. The higher the rank of the requested card, the more gold and EXP you’ll gain from helping them. In turn, when others see your requests, they should also be very willing to help you.

The bad news is that you might end up in an inactive clan. You simply won’t know until it’s too late. The good news is that you can freely leave and join another clan. It’s always on you to stick with a clan that suits you. Don’t just bounce around and aim for “request and leave” tactics. Eventually it simply won’t help you whatsoever. The idea is to help each other. You’ll only end up ruining things for yourself via clan jumping. The game does make note in the clan chat as to who leaves and who sticks around. Also note that in attempting clan jumping, you’ll have little to no chance at gaining the rather beneficial Clan Box.

3. The Tier System And Gaining Cards

SIEGE World War II uses a Tier system to determine the cards you can gain from reward boxes. But there is a bit of a trick to it. The idea isn’t to setup the reward boxes so that you’ll only gain cards from that Tier. It is adding cards you can gain from the reward boxes. All the cards you gain, however you gain them, are done so completely at random. The only exception is the cards you’ve gained from clan members. Basically, each time you get to a higher Tier, your chances to get a particular card from a specific lower Tier are reduced. You can’t request a card you don’t already have from clan members.

The idea is that the SIEGE World War II devs didn’t want you to feel stuck with just gaining certain cards when you get to higher Tiers. That’s nice and all but if you’re missing a card from a lower Tier, your chances to get it just dropped with each higher Tier you get to. The trick to fix this is to lose. When you take intentional losses, your Tier certainly won’t increase to the next level. You’ll still only get the current Tier and below cards from the reward boxes. However, this increases your chances to get all the cards from a lower Tier. Do note that the higher in Tiers you get, the fewer the newer cards count becomes.

4. The Fun And Gains Of Challenges

The Challenges of SIEGE World War II are specific events of the game which could turn to nearly unlimited play. The great news is that the rewards can be hefty if you win and even if you draw. They include medals, gold, and cards. Then add in the rewards for winning up to 6 times. This can continue as long as you didn’t lose 3 times. That third loss means you either wait until the next challenge shows up or you spend 100 gems to re-enter the Challenge. The bad news is that you can easily be matched against much higher level players. The good news is that it doesn’t matter!

For example, one of the Challenges includes an Infantry Invasion. This means that all Troops and Tactics involved are based on Infantry cards. You won’t have any tanks to play with. Everything you get to use during this particular Challenge is given to you at random. So you really are on equal ground no matter the level of your opponent. You could end up with a set of cards that you know exactly how to use. At the same time, your opponent could end up with the exact opposite or an outright miserable set of cards! It could go in any direction. In any case, the recommendation is to participate in the Challenges as much as possible. As long as you don’t lose 3 times at any point, you can keep going all day!

5. Strategies, Tactics And Card Combinations For At Least A Draw

As long as you’re within the Tier you want to stay in to collect those cards, you’ll need to draw at the minimum. In order to do this, you’ll need a good set of Tactics to use. Here’s one example.

siege world war 2 tactics

Again, the idea is to gain a draw at the minimum. Loses in SIEGE World War II won’t provide much of anything for you unless they were intentional. Even with that, as long as you’ve destroyed at least 1 enemy bunker, you’ll gain a medal and some gold. With a Tactics setup as showing in the above screen shot, you’ll have a pretty good chance at that. But when really working to get to a higher Tier, you’ll have that as well. Also, you’ll need something for a Troops setup. There’s a pretty good example of that given in the above screen shot of Troops. When you mix the 2 together, you will have a very good combination to work with. The real aim is to be able to attack, defend, and counter your enemy as much as possible. All the while you were not “killing yourself” trying to get high Tier cards. At the same time your Average Supply isn’t massive!

The idea here is to provide you with card combinations to use during your battles. When you look at the setup from the above screen shots showing the Tactics and Troops, the first aim is to fill the claimable spots (Points). That first Point is pretty close to your HQ. So when the match starts, your best bet is to quickly use a Troop that only costs 1 Supply and can claim a Point. Ideally, a Grenadier or Rifleman would do. From there it’s entirely up to you depending on the cards you happen to have. Just don’t forget how your cards work and which combinations can offer up the most to you during your matches.

We’ll base this on the cards showing in the Troops and Tactics screen shots from above. In any case, you should be able to get the ideas with your particular decks. What you want as much as possible is as mentioned above (attack, defend, and counter). But you have to know what the best use of your Tactics cards is. So in full combination, you’ll get exactly as described. Take the example of the Rocket Launcher and the Medium Tank. As a set of first moves, they can do a lot. The Rocket Launchers can claim Points to make them help against various tanks and the Medium Tanks can dish out a hammering while taking quite a nasty beating too. But with just those 2, you won’t have enough. Your opponent could send out a couple tanks to attempt picking you apart. Your opponent could also send a swarm of Shotgunners and/or Flamethrowers to ruin your SIEGE World War II gaming day. Use your Tactics to counter.

When you check the Tactics screen shot, the Machine Gun Nest and Land Mines are included. This will help you wipe out plenty of infantry troops and defend Points. Also note that the Machine Gun Nest can be used to help destroy bunkers, clear out Points, and keep tanks busy while you’re tanks are doing damage. In the idea of using swarming strategies and keeping pressure on your opponent, include the Half-Track, the Outpost, Paratroopers, and the Strafing Run. The Outpost placement is to be considered carefully. Place it not so close to the action but not so far away that it’ll take too long for those troops to get into anything. Mostly you’d aim the Strafing Run at your opponent’s tanks to help your tanks. The trick is to wait until you’re certain the enemies’ tank(s) won’t be moving much. If they’re not using tanks at the time, aim it at Points. The idea is to clear out Points so their troops will try to refill those Points and draw them off your stuff. Otherwise, you could clear a Point so your troops can fill them.

Going back to the Troops of SIEGE World War II, you can still use the Grenadiers or Rifleman to help with swarming tactics. The tricky part in there is the Mortars. Sending out a single Mortar can help. However, sending them in sets of 2 or 3 can prove to be painful for your opponent! They can hit fairly hard but their real worth shows up when they’re long range bombing in a good sized group. When they’re finally going after bunkers or the opponent’s HQ, mix in a Howitzer right behind your side center Point, a tank, and/or an Artillery Barrage. The first recommendation is to use the Strafing Run on bunkers when they’re at a very low HP to finish them off. The next recommendation is to use the Artillery Barrage on bunkers or the opponent’s HQ as much as possible.

The main strategy in SIEGE World War II is to gain and keep the center Points. These are the most important spots in the game other than the enemies’ HQ. With control of the center Points, you can pretty much control the pace and outcome of the match.

siege world war 2 tips

Each match of SIEGE World War II will start you out with different Tactics to use. The rest will show at random. According to the above screen shot, on “GO” the idea is to start by sending 1 set of Grenadiers. Then let the Supply build up. At 7 points of Supply, send a Medium Tank and a Rocket Launcher followed by 1 more Rocket Launcher. The Rocket Launchers won’t fill the first Point since the Grenadiers were used. The second Point is the start on your side for the center area. Basically, cut off your opponent’s forces at this point as much as possible. With the given Tactics in the above screen shot, the best bet would be to use the Outpost in front of your center bunker and use the Strafing Run to help kill off the opponent’s tank. You can still see the tank coming in the above screen shot. If there was no tank, hold onto the Strafing Run and use the Artillery Barrage as soon as their center bunker came into range.

With the Outpost in place as described, it can fill the opponent’s side center Point so you have a better footing to prevent them from attacking your center bunker. With good timing and Tactics placement, you can setup for sending more Medium Tanks and Rocket Launcher combinations or 2 to 3 Mortars. When they show up, place your Land Mines and Machine Gun Nests as needed. Basically, make is a great pain to try to reclaim their center Point! Every so often, Howitzer and Artillery Barrage their HQ side bunker. Ultimately, you’ll win more often than not by destroying their center bunker and controlling the center area. This also applies to opponents that are at a higher level compared to yours.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in the game! We hope you’ve enjoyed our compilation of SIEGE World War II tips, tricks and strategies. In case you have anything to add to our list of tips or just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!


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