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Deck-Building Card Game ‘Shards of Infinity’ Launches on iOS and Android

The highly anticipated sequel to Ascension called Shards of Infinity is finally out on Android and iOS platforms. Shards of Infinity’s gameplay is similar to the original game. This time around, it focuses on multiplayer battles involving 2-4 participants. Players must assemble their decks by choosing from 128 cards that are divided among the four unique factions.

shards of infinity

Shards of Infinity has two multiplayer options: local pass-and-play and cross-platform. Those who want to test their skills first may also practice against AI opponents. Each match is about 30 minutes long, and players will take turns in playing their cards in the ultimate battle of wits. Players can also launch surprise attacks by deploying mercenaries instantly.

The story of Shards of Infinity begins a hundred years ago, when the Infinity Engine was destroyed. The engine’s shards have reality-bending effects and have wreaked havoc around the world. Players are the chosen ones who know how to wield the power of the shards. Those who are able to unite all the shards will become a living god.

Shards of Infinity is available on iOS, Android, and PC for $7.99. Those who want to purchase the game may do so through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Steam respectively.