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Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour Guide, Cheats & Tips to Master the Game

It all started with an advertisement jingle that was so catchy, people all over the world got it stuck in their heads. That little jingle has now spawned a game series starring the dumb little beans who don’t know any better. Following the success of Dumb Ways to Die 2, a game that we’ve covered extensively here at Level Winner in the past, developer Metro Trains has just released the latest installment in the popular series, Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour, which is now available for iOS and Android devices. As it turns out, there is an entire world full of silly little beans that need to be rescued from themselves. It is time for you to travel beyond the borders of Dumbville in order to make the rest of the Dumb World safe. Climb the Dumb Peak and save the beans from pesky penguins. Run across the scorching deserts of Dumbgypt to see the mighty pyramids. There are so many beans in need of rescuing in this new game. Make sure you check our Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour tips and tricks for some help!

1. Unlock All The Characters, Here’s How

There are 10 bean characters in the Dumb Ways to Die 3 for you to unlock, each one has his own unique boosts. Unlock all of them in order to gain access to the different benefits they provide. We have listed the different characters below, to help you figure out how they can help you in the game.

Numpty – Immune to fire damage
Dummkopf – Plus 10% extra tokens
Calamity – Plus 10% score multiplier
Stumble – Immune to first hit
Mishap – Plus 2 Life
Stupe – Your airplane can take 1 extra hit
Bungle – Plus 25% score multiplier
Botch – Collects nearby tokens
Dunce – Plus 50% extra tokens
Putz – Plus 3 Life

The only way to get new characters is to purchase Gifts. Spending more coins on Gifts will increase your chances of getting better bean characters. Even if you don’t get the character you want, you can still get other rewards from Gifts, so it’s always worth buying. Just keep playing the game, and continue buying Gifts in order to unlock all the characters!

2. Survive The Flying Fiasco

One of the four minigames available is the Flying Fiasco. It is one of the tougher minigames you can play. You need hold and release in order to control the plane you are flying. It sounds easy, but the controls are actually very tricky. You need to time your hold and release just right in order to maneuver around the obstacles.
The only way to survive this minigame is to focus on avoiding the obstacles, instead of trying to pick up the rings. In fact, feel free to ignore any of the rings that are too risky to pick up. You will always have more chances to pick up other rings if you stay alive. Just focus on the right side of the screen because that’s where the obstacles will be coming from.

If you have Stumble or Stupe unlocked, this game may be a little easier for you. Both Stumble and Stupe can survive an extra hit in Flying Fiasco. This can go a long way, especially if you only got hit because of a distraction. Keep in mind, however, that some missions will require you to get a certain number of tokens. You might want to choose a different bean in those cases.

3. Breeze Through The Snow Safari

The Snow Safari minigame takes you to the slopes of Dumb Peak. You will need to navigate your way around various obstacles as you ski down the mountain. Don’t worry because this is actually a lot easier than the previous game. Just play it safe and focus on avoiding the obstacles. As with Flying Fiasco, avoid going for tokens that are too risky. You can always pick up more down the road.

Stumble is also a great option in this minigame because of his immunity to the first hit. That means you can afford to make a mistake while traveling down the slopes. You could also pick Botch, so you won’t have to worry about picking up tokens while dodging obstacles.

One more thing you should learn in this minigame is tapping and holding in order to increase your speed. Mastering this will allow you to make those tight turns that can really save you from certain doom.

4. Stumble In Pyramid Run

By now, you would realize that Stumble is a favorite when it comes to the minigames. Since Pyramid Run is an endless runner where you will have to avoid obstacles, Stumble’s ability to survive the first hit will definitely come in handy. If you feel like using someone else, Numpty is also a great pick here since he is immune to fire. You can also take any of the beans with token or score boosts, depending on your mission. This minigame is also relatively easy. Just keep your eyes on the right side of the screen in order to see upcoming obstacles right away.

5. Float Around In Space Drift

Space Drift is a quirky little minigame where you need to launch your character into space. You will need to drag on the screen and release in order to change your character’s direction. There are huge asteroids as obstacles here, so it can be very tricky. The fact that your character is also constantly floating towards a certain direction adds to the difficulty level of this minigame. As with all other minigames, Stumble is your guy if you want to survive a little longer.

6. Repair The Cities

The beans have been running amok for a while before your arrival. That means they have accidentally destroyed most of the cities. It will be part of your job to repair everything. Just tap on the houses to see what you need to repair them. You will need to complete missions in order to get the repairs done. Repair all the houses available in order to unlock the next city.

Make sure you take advantage of ad offers at the end of each round. A lot of missions require you to get a certain score, or a number of tokens. The ad offers will double the points you get. These doubled points are accepted by missions, so even if you are just halfway through the target score, you will still be able to complete the mission after watching an advertisement.

Saving those dumb beans from doom can be very challenging, but with the help of our Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour cheats, tips and tricks, you will be able to restore order to Dumb World!