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Hero Wars (Nexters) Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win Epic Battles

The evil Dominion soldiers are taking over the land, and they are turning Heroes against each other! In Hero Wars, you are the kingdom’s final hope. Nexters’ immersive fantasy RPG will have you fighting in the Major War. You will need to assemble a team of mighty Heroes in order to restore peace to the land. The game starts you off with just Galahad as he frantically searches for his beloved Aurora. Soon you will find out that Aurora has been controlled by the enemy! You will need to recruit other Heroes in order to save her. Saving Aurora is just the beginning of your journey, though. There are hundreds of Bosses, Archdemons, and other nefarious creatures that you need to take on. It will take more than firepower to defeat them. Make sure you read our Hero Wars beginner’s guide to ensure your success!

1. Log In Every Day For Rewards

If you have been playing mobile games for a while, you will be familiar with the concept of daily login rewards. Hero Wars is no different when it comes to that aspect. When you log in for the first time each day, tap on the clipboard icon on the top left side of the screen and go to the Daily Bonus tab. You will be able to claim your reward for the day. You will also see the rewards for the next 30 days. If your VIP level is high enough, you will get double the rewards every other day.

Aside from the standard Daily Bonus, the game also has several temporary Events that may give you rewards for simply logging in. Make sure you check the different tabs to see if any of the ongoing Events give out login rewards. For example, the temporary Events Incurable Optimist and The Adventure Begins both give out rewards for logging in.

2. Complete Your Quests

Quests are great for getting a lot of resources as well as keeping your progress on track. When you tap on the book icon on the top left corner of the main screen, you will be able to see the list of your Daily Quests. These are the tasks that you need to complete per day. All the quests reset daily, so pay attention to the time you have left to complete them. Don’t worry because these daily tasks mostly involve things that you will normally do like using 100 Energy, fighting in the Arena, and so on. You also get to claim free 60 Energy from the Daily Quests if you log in during the specified times.

The game also gives out long-term Quests that give you major rewards. Just tap on the scroll icon at the bottom of your screen to view them. You can get Hero Soul stones, Friendship Chips, EXP Potions, and even Emeralds, the game’s premium currency. Just tap on the button on the right of each Quest to automatically be taken to where you can accomplish it.

3. Recruit More Heroes

There are several ways for you to recruit new Heroes. Your starting lineup will quickly be replaced by better ones if you are diligent in your recruitment. The first option is to simply play through the Campaign missions. There is always a chance to pick up Hero Soul stones in every stage. You can see which Hero Soul stones will drop by looking at the mission overview. Once you collect enough Soul stones, you will be able to unlock the Hero. Keep in mind that Soul stones are also important for evolving your Heroes, so keep farming them even if you already have the Hero.

Another way to get Heroes is by receiving them as rewards. There are plenty of Events that simultaneously occur in Hero Wars. Some of them give out Hero Soul stones, or even actual Heroes, as rewards. Keep participating in Events in order to acquire Heroes.

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The most obvious way to recruit Heroes is to purchase them. When you tap on the treasure box on the main screen, you will be able to purchase chests at 200 Emeralds each. A better option is to hold on to your Emeralds until you have 1500, so you can purchase 10 chests at a discounted rate. The game also lets you open two chests every 12 hours. Don’t forget that you can also purchase specific Hero Soul stones by checking the Friendship and the Arena shops as well.

4. Assemble A Powerful Team

Once you have a few Heroes in your roster, it is time to choose the best ones who will join your team. Make sure you carefully consider the skills of each Hero. While high-damage skills are definitely welcome, you won’t get far if you only choose damage-dealers for your team. Try to create a team with a good balance of healing, damage mitigation, damage, and disables. If you can find Heroes that have versatile skills, that would be even better. For example, Astaroth is very high health and armor which makes him perfect for the front lines, but he also has the Flame Veil which casts a shield on every member of the team. That makes him both a Tank and a Support. Familiarize yourself with the different roles so you can compose your team accordingly.

Tank: This unit is a great front liner. Tanks normally have high health and armor which allows them to soak up the damage from enemies while DPS units fire away from the back line.

Warrior: A good damage dealer but can also take a few hits. Warriors usually reside in either the front or middle line.

Marksman: This unit specializes in ranged attacks. They reside in the backline, so they would stay safe from enemy attacks. Since their primary stat is Agility, they can quickly dish out damage while the enemies are busy taking down the Tank.

Mage: While these are also ranged units, their specialty is in using spells that deal massive damage. They also stay in the back line, so they can stay safe while slowly casting their spells.

Support: These are the units that have spells that provide heals, shields, and buffs for their team members. Unless they have dual roles, Supports always stay in the back lines.

Control: Even though this unit does not normally have high damage or survivability, their disabling skills can turn the tides of battle. Control units rarely appear in the front line unless they have dual roles.

5. Upgrade Your Hero Skills

When you tap on the Heroes icon at the bottom of the screen, the first page that will greet you will allow you to upgrade your skills. Just tap on the arrow beside the skill you want to upgrade. Upgrading costs skill points and some Gold. Skill points regenerate naturally over time, but you can only store up to 10 points. That means you will have to check back often to make sure none of the skill points go to waste. Since upgrading skills can get very costly as your Heroes level up, make sure you only level up the skills of your main team. Don’t bother spending any resources on Heroes that you won’t be using.

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6. Promote Your Heroes

The number of skills each Hero has depends on his rank. A Grey-ranked Hero only has one skill. One additional skill is unlocked every time the Hero ranks up. The higher ranks are Green, Blue, and Violet. That means your Hero can have up to four skills. You can check the skills that will be unlocked in each rank by tapping on the skill name. Reviewing the skill descriptions will help you prioritize who you should promote first.

Promotions in Hero Wars require that you fill up the six slots of the Hero you want to promote. Each Hero has a different set of required items, so you will need to check to find out what they need. You can tap on the Equip All button to quickly equip all the available items. If you are missing an item, tap on the magnifying glass icon on the slot to find out how to get that item. Keep in mind that all equipped items will be consumed once you promote your Hero. You will not be able to use the same item to promote another Hero, so you need to collect a lot of them.

7. More Power Through Evolution

As we mentioned above, Hero Soul stones are used for evolving your Heroes. Once you collect the required number of Soul stones, you will be able to raise your Hero’s star rating. If you have played similar RPGs, you would know that higher star ratings mean stronger Heroes. Your Hero’s stats greatly increase with each evolution. It will require a lot of farming, but the end result is definitely worth it. To find out where you can get Soul stones for your Hero, just go to that Hero’s skills page then tap on the arrow button beside the Soul stones icon on the bottom right. You will be given a list of locations where you can farm the Soul stones along with buttons that will automatically take you to those stages.

8. Unlock And Upgrade Skins

The second tab in your Heroes page is the Skins tab. In here, you will be able to see the different skins for your Hero. These skins are not just for show. The default skin has an effect that boosts your Hero’s main stat. You can upgrade it by spending Skin stones. The stat bonus increases as you upgrade it, but the Skin stone cost also increases. To unlock the alternate skin, you will need to spend 5,000 Skin stones. Since Skin stones are limited resources, you will have to decide which skin to prioritize. The good news is that bonuses from both skins will always be in effect regardless of what you make your Hero wear. That means once you have unlocked the alternate skin, you can happily enjoy benefits of both skins and just upgrade each one depending on your needs.

One thing you should note, however, is that there are different types of Skin stones. The Skin stone you need depends on the main stat of your Hero. For example, you can only use Agility Skin stones to upgrade and unlock skins for Agility Heroes. Skin stones can be acquired as rewards, but the primary source for these are Outland Chests. You will need to reach level 25 first in order to unlock Outland and farm these chests.

9. Raise Your Team Level

On the top left of your screen, above your main avatar, is your Team Level. This is basically your player level and it determines the maximum level of your Heroes. That means you can have all the EXP potions in the world, but you will not be able to raise the level of your Heroes beyond the limit of your Team Level. Luckily, your Team Level is easy enough to raise if you are active. You gain Team Level experience for completing campaign missions. You also get Team Level experience as reward from completing quests. Don’t forget to level up your Heroes every time your Team Level goes up in order to keep them in top shape.

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10. Use The Auto Button Wisely

When you enter a stage, your Heroes will automatically fight on their own. The only input needed from you is tapping on the Hero portraits when their skills are ready. Even this can be automated, however, by tapping on the Auto button on the lower right. This can be very useful when you are grinding in easy levels since you can do other things while your Heroes duke it out on their own. This is not always a good thing, though. Turning on the Auto function means your Heroes will use their skills as soon as it is available. The problem with this is that they sometimes end up wasting the skills in earlier enemy waves, leaving you with nothing by the time you reach the boss wave. Make sure you only use Auto in stages that you can confidently win without having to save your skills for the final wave.

11. Fight In The Arena

One of your Daily Quests will always be to fight three times in the Arena. Right off the bat, that rewards you with Gold and EXP. Aside from these daily rewards, however, fighting in the Arena earns you Arena coins. This is the currency used for purchasing items in the Arena Shop. You can get various rare items from the Arena Shop as well as specific Hero Soul stones. The Daily Quest only requires you to fight three times per day, but you actually have five battles available. Try to use them all up daily to maximize your earnings. You will be able to see the power rating of your enemy, so you will be able to choose one you can defeat. If your ranking goes too high that all your opponents have higher power than you, try losing on purpose to bring down your ranking again.

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Don’t forget that your Arena defense team is different from your attackers. Make sure you take time to set both lineups to ensure you have the best possible units included. You can edit your defense team on the main Arena page. Just tap on the Change button at the bottom of the screen. Your attacking team can be modified right after you choose an opponent. You will be asked to choose your lineup before tapping on the battle button.

12. Add A Lot of Friends

Hero Wars has a social feature that lets you add in-game friends. Just tap on the Friends icon on the bottom part of the main screen. Go to the Invite tab to see a bunch of players that the game has suggested for you. Tap on the Add All button at the bottom to add everyone. You don’t need to be picky when it comes to friends because you just need them for the daily gifts they send you. The gifts we are referring to are Friendship Chips. You can easily send gifts to all of your friends in the Friends tab. Just tap on the Send gifts button to automatically send gifts to everyone.
Beside that is a convenient little button that allows you to delete all friends who have not logged in for a while. Friendship Chips are used in the Friendship Shop. You can buy rare items needed for promotion as well as Hero Soul stones with the Friendship Chips that you earn. The more friends you have, the easier it will be to collect a lot of these chips.

13. Go To The Theater

When you tap on the Merchant in the main screen, you will notice a Theater tab. Tap on it to view the different items you can buy using Tickets. Tickets can be earned by tapping on the Get ticket button at the bottom of the screen. A video advertisement will play when you tap on it and you will be rewarded with one Ticket after. You can only earn a maximum of eight Tickets per day, so think carefully about what you want to purchase. There are four options: Energy, Raid Ticket, Emeralds, and Gold. To be honest, only the Emeralds and Gold are worth buying. You will need a lot of these two currencies, so every little bit goes a long way. Energy and Raid Tickets on the other hand are not really necessities since you regenerate Energy naturally and Raid Tickets are only good for quickly looting stages.

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14. Earn Three Stars, Here’s How

Each stage in the campaign missions have star ratings. The most you can get is three stars. The number of stars you earn in each stage is determined by the number of Heroes who survive until the end. You need everyone on your team alive if you want to get three stars. You need a three-star rating in order to be able to use Raid Tickets in a particular stage. On top of that, the stars you earn in stages are actually being tracked by the game. You earn more rewards for reaching milestones in terms of the number of stars you have earned in campaign missions. The more stars you earn, the more rewards you will receive.

15. Check Your Mail

At the top left of your screen is an envelope icon. Tap on it to check your mail. Hero Wars likes giving out various rewards for different accomplishments, and some of them get sent to your mailbox. Ranking up Heroes, reaching milestones in the Arena, and accomplishing certain tasks will often get your rewards in the mail. Gifts from your friends are also sent in the mail. Make it a habit to check your mail whenever you see the notification mark. You will never know what kind of goodies are waiting for you if you don’t check.

16.Join A Guild

When you reach level 30, you will be able to join a guild. Make sure you take time to find an active one in order to get the most out of this feature. Tap on the Guild icon on the bottom left of your screen to find the list of available guilds. Once you are in a guild, you will be able to participate in Guild competitions where you can earn various rewards, including Runes. Runes are items that you can use to enchant Glyphs when you reach level 30. Doing so will greatly increase your power rating. Work together with your guildmates and contribute often, so you can all grow together.

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17. Earn Free Emeralds

Emeralds are hard to come by if you are not willing to pay real money for them. Luckily, you have the option to earn them for free. Tap on the plus sign beside the Emerald icon on the top of your screen and you will be taken to the in-game store. At the bottom of the page is a Task list button that will take you to an offer wall. Most of the offers will involve installing another game and reaching certain milestones. Once you complete those tasks, you will be rewarded with the indicated number of Emeralds. Some of these offers can get you as much as 1,500 Emeralds, so you may want to consider completing as many as you can.

Assemble your team and drive off the forces of evil in Hero Wars! Stick to our strategy guide and you will never lose! Also, if you know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to let us know!


Monday 25th of October 2021

I've searched and been all over youtube trying to find out how to add friends in the game--particularly how to add guildmates as friends so I can add them to my Discord server. I get friendship chips from guildmates and from other players I have friended on Facebook, but I have a guild on the Nexters website and don't know where/how to add guildmates as friends. YouTube mentions buttons to add friends on certain "main pages" and a feature for suggested friends. I have many groups, discord servers, etc. that I follow and have been unable to find these features for adding friends. Maybe some pages I have bookmarked bypass a main page. Please help. Thanks.


Wednesday 11th of November 2020

pues si el nivel sube, el color sera diferente

Mike Kuruliak

Saturday 29th of August 2020

I am playing Hero Wars and I do not have a tab for the theater when I go to the merchant on the main page. DO I have to be at a certain level?


Wednesday 15th of January 2020

You can only use first skill, other are trigered autmatically by game engine. You cannot chose your target. Usually you attack first line of the enemy team. Some heroes, like Jorgen can cast a spell, that damage inflicted on enemies is moved to the last row (like healers).


Wednesday 8th of January 2020

How fobyou choose which level "Skill" you want to use in battle? All I ever see my team using is their lvl 1 skill even if I have lvl 2 and 3 unlocked.


Thursday 9th of January 2020

Hello to you all, I don't know either. Is it possible to choose which enemy is the target?

Thanks for your help