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Hero Wars (Nexters) Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win Epic Battles

Dominion, a place where noble warriors fight for justice and shine the light for the future of all.

The strength of good spanned across the land but legions of demons under the command of Marax the Archdemon have come to subjugate those that dwelled above and any form of resistance is met with extreme violence. With the land suffering and broken, all hope would seem to be lost. The warriors of Dominion have stepped out from the shadows of the horizon to quell the darkness plaguing all by seeking out only the worthiest of Heroes. Do you have what it takes to become a hero? Join the fight against the hordes of darkness in Hero Wars.

hero wars intro
It only gets more epic from here.

Nexters Global Ltd.’s hero collector, Hero Wars, has been around for quite some time now and this is the mobile version of the game. That said, the game has since undergone lots of updates, hero additions, and new modes. With a player base that’s still steadily growing, Hero Wars will certainly be open to a lot of newbies looking to find themselves in the quest to stop the darkness’ advancing forces. But to anyone out there looking to make the most out of their journey through the broken fields, this article will be sure to help.

Are you ready to liberate the innocent from evil’s grasp? Have you just started on your journey to becoming a full-fledged warrior of Dominion? Give our guide below a read and prepare to cleave through those who have allied with the darkness!

Hero Collectors in a Nutshell

hero wars all heroes
This isn’t even the full list.

Before we begin the guide itself, we will first begin with a preamble into Hero Wars’ genre as it is an older title with features that may be alien to new players.

Hero Wars is a game of the hero collector genre. This means that it almost plays similarly to games like RAID: Shadow Legends, Knighthood, AFK Arena, Mythic Heroes, Cookie Run Kingdom, Azur Lane, Age of Magic, or Dislyte wherein the player may amass a large gathering of characters with varying stats and skills.

The main focus of most of these games is a gacha mechanic where almost all of the Heroes can be summoned from. These games would also often focus on individually building each collected hero with a slew of gear and other upgrades. The types of hero builds will depend on the player’s creativity.

Unlike the games mentioned above (except for Knighthood), Hero Wars does not have varied hero builds, at least not in the sense that players may choose which gear to outfit their Heroes with. Instead, each hero in Hero Wars has a preset selection of gear, gear that they need to reach a higher rank. That said, the gear needed in each of their slots cannot be changed from that of other Heroes.

For example, some tank Heroes cannot use weapons intended for marksman Heroes, some mage Heroes cannot wear armor intended for tank Heroes, and so on and so forth. The upgrading system is quite straightforward for beginners to understand.

Given that this is a hero collector, Hero Wars is also rife with different kinds of game modes that are centered toward combat (the game isn’t called Hero Wars for nothing). Players may have to strategize every time to consistently hold victory in their grasp, but this doesn’t mean that the game isn’t without its social aspect either. Alongside team building, we will discuss this at length later on in the guide.

At first glance, Hero Wars’ main screen may look a bit crowded. But that won’t be too much of a problem, because we’ll be here to tell you what each of these does. Read on!

You and Your City

hero wars main screen
Welcome to your very own city!

The City is the main screen of Hero Wars.

As you can see, it indeed looks quite crowded. So much so that any newbie looking at this might get a little bit overwhelmed and confused. The list below aims to show players what Hero Wars has to offer them.

1. Campaign

hero wars campaign
Adventure awaits.

This will be the area you will frequent the most.

The Campaign is the place where most of the story will take place. Viewing each stage will open you to the goings-on of Dominion as well as insight into some important characters within the game. Story aside, every level drops loot. The loot will be quite important as you will see later on in this guide.

In each stage of the Campaign, you will see a roster of enemies you will encounter as well as the loot you are most likely to obtain after completing it. The roster of enemies does not state when you will encounter them, so being prepared for who you will face is important. Starting the level will make your fighters endure three rounds before coming across the level’s boss, which may sometimes be a powerful hero that stopped fighting for Dominion (much like Astaroth in the tutorial who fell into the archdemon Marax’s influence).

2. Arena

hero wars arena
Come on over here if you wanna taste some blood.

Are you feeling tough?

The Arena is the place to be if you wanna prove your skill. Here, you’ll be given a pool of three combatants to choose from. Each combatant possesses a power level similar to or higher than yours and they may be challenged freely. Winning here earns you Arena Coins, a special currency used only in the Arena Shop.

The Arena is a great place to study or familiarize yourself with other Heroes since facing other players here will open you to Heroes that you haven’t summoned or encountered yet. In addition to this, you might get ideas on what formation you’d like to have, especially if you’ve been beaten by a strong one.

3. Outland

hero wars outland
Time to fight some real baddies.

The Outlands are a challenging set of missions open to various Heroes. The battles are divided between Highwaymen and Masters.

Fighting Highwaymen yields valuable treasure chests that contain lots of different items. More importantly, you could get lucky here by obtaining gear that’s needed by certain Heroes. This means that the gear has a chance to be whole and not in fragments. They all have their own set of chests as rewards but rarer chests are guarded by more powerful Highwaymen.

Masters, on the other hand, reward the player with new Heroes, Skins, or Skin Tokens. Skins are the appearances of Heroes. All Heroes have multiple numbers of Skins and possessing any number of them will directly increase their stats. Skin Tokens are used to increase the individual stats of some Skins that your Hero has unlocked, including their default one. Much like Highwaymen, stronger Masters guard better rewards. Challenge them at your own risk!

4. Airship

hero wars airship
Exploration ho!

The Airship is where you can send groups of your Heroes on expeditions to explore Dominion.

There will be different spots laid out on the map each with varying combat power levels. More difficult areas will yield better rewards for your team, but they will require stronger Heroes since you cannot deploy them if they fall under the combat power requirement. While it would seem that higher combat power level requirements would mean longer waiting times, this is not always the case. The rewards you gain from these expeditions are what you use most to strengthen or enhance the Artifacts of your Heroes. 

Artifacts are similar to equipment but they aren’t universal and they are much more powerful than regular equipment since they give Heroes certain special effects whenever they use their skills or their ultimate skills (or ults, for short). This means that each hero has a specific set of Artifacts that only they can use and finding them requires opening Artifact Chests or buying fragments from the Artifact Merchant both found inside the Airship. 

They’re both standing next to each other to the left of the screen (as pictured above). Once you have what you came for, you may speak to the Artifact Smiths to the right who will help upgrade them for you. Be warned that each Artifact requires a different set of items for it to be upgraded (like fragments), but the materials you gain from the Artifact Chests or the expeditions will most certainly be needed.

5. Merchant

hero wars merchant
Got some coin?

The Merchant in the city isn’t to be confused by the one inside the Airship.

This Merchant sells all sorts of goodies that you may spend Gold on (at least in the Town Shop). Gold is the main currency of the game and you earn it by simply playing the game. The Merchant sells almost anything under the sun but his stock refreshes every couple of hours or so, so you should check back when you can. Unlike the Town Shop, the other shops sell a variety of wares but they each require a different currency. The shops are classified as follows:

Town Shop — Sells EXP potions, equipment and equipment recipes (assembled or in fragments), and some Hero Soul Stones. The items here may be bought with Gold.

Arena Shop — Sells exclusive Hero Soul Stones (Judge, Dark Star, Chabba, Astrid, and Lucas) and equipment and equipment recipes (assembled or in fragments). These may be purchased using Arena Coins which are gained from fighting in the Arena.

Tower Shop — Sells exclusive Hero Soul Stones (Kai, Orion, Dante, Maya), equipment and equipment recipes (assembled or in fragments), and Gold. All the items for sale in the Tower Shop are purchased through Tower Coins which can be gained by playing the tower mode.

Highwaymen Shop — Sells exclusive Hero Soul Stones (Faceless, Cornelius, Satori, Lilith) and equipment and equipment recipes (assembled or in fragments). The currency used here is Highwaymen Coins which can be earned by fighting Highwaymen in the Outland.

Outland Shop — Sells exclusive Hero Soul Stones (Luther, Jorgen, Elmir, Qing Mao), Skin Shop Certificates, Skin Stone Chests, and equipment and equipment recipes (assembled or in fragments). Much like the Highwaymen Shop, the coins used here come from the Outland, but they’re Outland Coins instead which are earned from fighting Masters. 

Dungeon Shop — Sells exclusive Hero Soul Stones (Corvus and Alvanor), Titan Skin Stones, Fairy Dust, and Titan Potions. Dungeon Coins are earned from fighting in the Guild Dungeon.

Guild War Shop — Sells exclusive Hero Soul Stones (Jhu, Ziri, Nebula, K’arkh), Titan Potions, Gold, chests of varying rarities, and Champion Skins. Guild War Trophies, the currency of this shop, can only be earned by participating in Guild Wars.

Guild Championship — Sells EXP Boosters, Evolution Boosters, Skill Boosters, Guild War Trophies bundles, exclusive Frames, and exclusive Avatars. The currency used in this shop is earned by participating in the Global Championship. Note: We did not include this in this article as that is an advanced feature.

Hero’s Way — Sells exclusive Hero Soul Stones (Tristan and Peppy), Champions Coffers, Gold bundles, Skin Stone Chests, and equipment and equipment recipes (assembled or in fragments).

Make use of these different shops and you’ll be able to purchase what you need when you need it, especially equipment. Just be sure that you have enough Gold for it!

6. Tower

hero wars tower
Enter if you dare.

The Tower is a mode similar to a roguelite game.

To be brief about what a roguelite is, it’s a game that has permanent penalties if you lose, but it offers you ways to get stronger and avoid losing. What matters is how you can circumvent these losses with the choices you make. For instance, completing a segment of the mode will offer you the chance to heal all of your surviving Heroes or revive a random dead one.

That said, the Tower is a difficult mode that will push your Heroes to their limits alongside these roguelite features. You will certainly gain all these neat power-ups as you progress, but every floor conquered is only followed by one that is more powerful than the last. The enemies become stronger and more aggressive, but if you feel that your team can reach the top of this spire of challenges, you’ll be swimming in Tower Coins among other rewards.

7. Heroes

hero wars heroes
Meet the companions on your quest for freedom and peace.

This is one of your most important buttons.

Here, you can upgrade your Heroes by giving them better equipment or by leveling them up using EXP potions. Sometimes, you will see yellow plus signs or green plus signs in slots where your Heroes’ equipment should be. Yellow plus signs mean there is a piece of equipment that they can use but don’t have a high enough level for it while green plus signs mean that they are ready to wear their new piece of equipment.

We will talk about this section in depth later.

8. Inventory 

hero wars inventory
A magical bag with lots of stuff in it.

This is where all the items you have gained thus far are stored.

Your inventory is a seemingly bottomless bag that holds a bunch of different things in a few compartments:

Equipment — These are items that Heroes use to boost their stats.

Recipes — Some equipment pieces require recipes to craft. These are all stored here.

Consumable — All types of potions are stored here. Apart from these are crafting materials, chests, and many more. This might be your second most-filled compartment with the Equipment compartment being the first.

Coins — All of your available currencies are kept here.

Fragments — Do you have any fragments of anything? They’re stored here if you’d like to check.

Soul Stones — All Soul Stones that you might’ve collected (including ones for Titans) are kept in this part of the bag.

If you feel like you’re running short on Gold, you may sell some of the items in the Equipment, Recipe, and Consumable compartments. Only sell these if you know that some of your Heroes will not need them soon. Otherwise, hoard these until you need them!

9. Quests

hero wars quests
Stuff to claim!

Quests are things you can fulfill while playing the game.

The list is long and always growing, especially if you continuously play Hero Wars’ Campaign mode. We’ll talk about rewards more in-depth later on.

Now you won’t get lost when you browse your city! You may keep this guide open on a tab somewhere if you haven’t memorized which is which yet.

With that all wrapped up, let’s now proceed to the meat of this guide.

General Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Hero Wars as a whole isn’t too difficult to understand as a game. Most of the time, you will collect Heroes and send them out to battle. The only way forward from here is up because most of the succeeding battles you’ll encounter will be more difficult than the last. With this in mind, players of the titles mentioned in the intro of this article will be on a familiar ground the moment their Heroes smite their first foes.

To anyone unfamiliar, and if Hero Wars happens to be your first hero collector, dive right in and we’ll show you the ropes!

1. Play Through the Campaign, Get Maya Early

hero wars fight
Your journey begins here.

Campaigns: ever present in RPGs and the best way for players to uncover the secrets of the world.

This is where you and your Heroes are set toward a grand adventure in the Dominion. They will meet monsters, demons, and other mortals who have chosen to side with the forces of darkness. They won’t come quietly, so it’s better to give them a good fight if you wanna pass the point they’re guarding.

The combat of Hero Wars is quite simple: first, your Heroes will march forward and meet the enemy head-on. They fight the enemy using normal attacks which will build up energy (indicated by small yellow bars at the bottom of the screen where all your Heroes’ icons are positioned). Once the yellow bars have been filled, the Heroes’ icons will glow bright and these will allow you to tap them so they may cast their ultimate skills. Occasionally (if you’ve promoted your Heroes), they will cast powerful skills that don’t require energy but are more based on probability. 

When all of the enemies currently on screen have been slain, the Heroes will march onward and fight the next wave of enemies. This will carry on for 3 rounds within the level and the level ends if your Heroes have successfully withstood all 3 rounds, or if they’ve all perished (this guide will keep you from experiencing that a lot, hopefully). 

If no Heroes have fallen in battle, the game will award you with 3 stars. The 3 stars decrease to 2 if at least one of your Heroes has been killed off, and just 1 if two or more of them have died. This is something you should avoid, especially when you play the early game because you will need to flawlessly complete your battles to get powerful support. Maya is a woman embodying the result of the impossible love between a human and a Titan. 

hero wars reward
She’s got a green thumb.

Her plant-like appearance aside, Maya is regarded among many players to be one of the best healers in the game, at least early on. Instead of instant healing, Maya summons a plant that produces a healing aura for all of her friends when she casts her ult. Of course, if the plant gets destroyed, the healing ceases, so protecting it with tanks like Astaroth will be quite important.

With such a powerful skill, Maya will be needed in many modes later on as well as in campaign stages far ahead. The only problem is unlocking her early because her Soul Stones are stuck behind a wall of puzzles (if you happen to score 3 stars spanning the first few chapters, of course).

hero wars puzzles
As seen on TV!

Each milestone will allow you to attempt a Pull-the-Pin type of puzzle wherein your first hero, Galahad, is placed in a variety of situations. Despite what is advertised all over the internet, these puzzles aren’t always as easy as they look. This type of puzzle requires plenty of observation and, in one instance, Galahad’s Unstoppable Charge skill.

To fully succeed in the puzzles, you must ensure that all of the threats immediately to Galahad have been eliminated and that he has either escaped or obtained the treasure. Here are a few tips for completing these puzzles:

● Observe the puzzle first. Note that you cannot pull the pin out if it collides with another pin.

● If the puzzle involves a maze-like structure like pathing for liquids or gas, follow the path with your finger. If the liquids or gas are dangerous, make sure that they don’t touch Galahad.

● The puzzle will tell you if you’ve succeeded. If the puzzle still seems to be going, that means you have to pull out the rest of the pins.

If you’ve managed to clear the first couple of puzzles, you’ll have enough Soul Stones to summon Maya to your side. The last few puzzles are only extra Soul Stones so that you may increase her star level later on. Maya might become one of the mainstays in your party, especially because she and Thea (your first healer) will keep your party from dying in the first few chapters of the game. Though, know that these two won’t be your be-all-end-all healers, you’ll soon discover more powerful ones along the way!

If you feel like you don’t want to make Maya and Thea do so much of the heavy lifting, it’s time to make things right for the rest of your team.

2. Grind for Equipment

hero wars imperial shield
All of this for a shield.

In any good RPG, loot is important to the player as it is to the character.

When it comes to loot, sometimes you need that extra magical sword in your bag to make things work. As we’ve explained earlier, gear plays an important part in Hero Wars and that’s to give your characters that extra nudge in stats. Reiterating one of our early points, some gear pieces can only be used by certain Heroes, and this is where the grinding begins.

Each level in the Campaign has a fixed reward system. Before starting a level, you will be able to see what the level rewards you with. You may repeat this level if you want to get the item needed so long as you have the Energy for it (each level drains a certain amount of Energy, higher levels demand more). Otherwise, you may simply go to a Hero’s equipment screen and use it in an attempt to find the item they need. 

When a Hero is lacking a specific piece of equipment but it can be obtained, it will have a green spyglass icon on it. 

hero wars enchanted lute
Let’s get busy.

Tapping this will bring you to a crafting window, but if you’re still lacking parts, you may tap on the materials with the same green spyglass icons on them to browse the levels that you’ve completed that reward these. Occasionally, you will see a number next to the level’s name (e.g. 5-2 Obelisk 3/3). This means that the stage can be exhausted as it has an available amount of attempts because this is where you can find the Soul Stones of a specific hero. The attempts refresh daily, however.

Upon picking a level, you will now have to repeatedly complete this until you get the item you need for that specific Hero. You may also use Raid Tickets to simply complete the level without going through the battle itself, but this is mostly for paying players. You’ll be here for a while, especially if the equipment pieces you’re after are of high rarity. This will be where most of your game time will be spent.

Upon completing a set of gear, it’s time to Promote your Hero.

3. Promote Your Heroes

hero wars hero promotion
Stronger than before!

This is yet another important feature of the game that takes time to complete.

Since grinding for equipment isn’t always a guarantee, Hero Promotion takes a while to accomplish, but in doing so, you will have stronger Heroes that last longer in a fight or even deal greater amounts of damage. Ensuring that your Heroes are all on the same tier is one way to breeze through the campaign. Of course, leveling up your team as a whole (your player level) is just as important since some pieces of gear require higher-leveled Heroes.

We’ve decided to make this particular tip special. What you need to do here is to individually view the equipment pages of each hero on your team (or the ones you aim to deploy, anyway) and take down the equipment that you need. It doesn’t matter where you write it down, what matters is that it should be a coherent list. Here’s an example:

Maya — Cain’s Seal x1, Voodoo Doll BP x1, Dragon’s Heart frag x5, Sacred Rosary frag x5

Galahad — Sacrificial Dagger frag x10

Aurora — Dragon’s Heart frag x5, Sacred Rosary frag x5

Astaroth — Dragon’s Heart frag x10, Brothers frag x5, Serenity Stone frag x5, Enchanted Lute x5

Ginger — Needle frag x5

TOTAL: Dragon’s Heart frag x20, Sacrificial Dagger frag x10, Sacred Rosary frag x10, Serenity Stone frag x5, Brothers frag x5, Needle Frag x5, Cain’s Seal x1, Voodoo Doll BP x1

With a list like this, you will be able to grind more consistently and grant your Heroes’ needed equipment as soon as you get all of them. If some of their needed items are in the Town Shop or wherever else (check out the Merchant in the City), take advantage of that so you don’t have to rely too much on the RNG. It might cost you a pretty penny (no real money), so be prepared to spend!

When all of your Heroes’ equipment pieces have been accounted for, have them equip these and then hit the promote button right below their character sprite. They will go up a rank and possibly unlock a new skill if it’s their first time reaching this new rank. There are 6 Promotion ranks with some ranks having sub-ranks:

● White

● Green, Green +1

● Blue, Blue +1, Blue +2

● Violet, Violet +1, Violet +2, Violet +3

● Orange, Orange +1, Orange +2, Orange +3, Orange +4

● Red, Red +1, Red +2

Get that equipment, make them stronger, and level them up. This is the cycle in which your Heroes gain tremendous power.

What if this isn’t working out? What if you can’t seem to get what you want? How about experimenting by putting different Heroes on your team?

4. Summon More Heroes

hero wars ginger
I like big guns and I cannot lie.

What’s a hero collector if you aren’t collecting Heroes?

Take for instance you want a secondary controller other than Phobos. Equipment can’t give you that since the role of equipment is solely to improve the stats of your Hero albeit in specific areas. An all-new Hero on your team will change the whole way your lineup plays.

There’s no harm in experimenting with who might fit the bill in terms of certain game modes. If you’re playing the Campaign and there’s a certain boss that keeps you from advancing, try changing your lineup until you figure out a combination that works for you. Keep in mind that each Hero has a role and a position to fill in the party. The roles are as follows:

Tank — These Heroes mostly fight upfront. They’re also the ones with the highest amounts of HP and Defense as they soak up the damage that tries to get to those behind them.

Warrior — While similar to Tanks, Warriors are not as tough. They, however, deal greater amounts of physical damage in very short periods. Warriors often accompany Tanks on the front lines.

Marksman — Unlike Tanks, the Heroes designated as Marksman are committed to providing high amounts of physical damage from the back line or the middle line.

Mage — Mages are powerful members of any team that may sometimes deal area of effect (AoE) magic damage to their foes. They would sometimes be positioned up front or at the back depending on the Hero.

Healer — Healers are self-explanatory. While they aren’t great at fighting in general, they deal magic damage much like the Mages. They are also essential if you want to keep your team alive for much longer. Most of the time, Healers take the back line.

Control — Control Heroes are quite important if you want to gain the upper hand on an enemy. They specialize in stunning, silencing, or inflicting all kinds of debuffs that simply ruin the enemy team’s momentum. Control Heroes may take any position in battle.

Support — Support Heroes greatly focus on keeping debuffs away from your team. They also may occasionally provide barriers that increase the survivability of each Hero in a fight. They would often take the back or middle lines.

All of the Heroes’ roles are now in plain view. It’s time to put together a group that works.

5. Put a Balanced Team Together

hero wars team building
Not the best, but definitely the ones we can work with right now.

Not to sound cheesy, but teamwork makes the dream work!

When everyone fulfills their role in a team, not only is it coordinated, but everything just feels so much more satisfying that way. Think of how silky-smooth your battles will go if you have Heroes whose skills line up so perfectly that you’ll be compelled to perform the chef’s kiss. This should be the result of experimentation (or you may consult with veterans in-game).

A balanced team doesn’t necessarily mean having Heroes that are balanced by themselves, but it means that you should have a group of Heroes that all fulfill a specific role. That said, having a team composed of all Tanks is impressive. Sure, it will take a while for all of them to keel over and die, but with the lack of a Healer or anyone to provide them significant amounts of damage like Warriors, Mages, or Marksmen, they’ll struggle as they progress through the fight. This is particularly unwise in PvP since most players opt to have a diversified assembly of Heroes.

To understand what you need without consulting anyone, first take a look at your team and try to understand what might be the problem. Is your Tank dying out too quickly? Try getting a Healer or a secondary Tank on your team. Do enemies take too long to die? Bring on a Mage or Marksman Hero for a change. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you have at least 2 Tanks, 2 damage dealers, and 1 Healer. You may later try out other formations and see which works best for you.

A good lineup can help you progress faster, but in modes like the Campaign, you’ll need a bit more than that. This is especially if you’re engaging a level for the first time.

6. Ult Skill Timing is Tantamount

hero wars runes of ice
Feel the power of my… magiiiiic!

Doesn’t it feel great to use all of your Heroes’ ults at the same time? While this does show off lots of awesome power, it isn’t always the most practical of techniques.

Using a Hero’s skill is like turning them into a superhero. The skill is supposed to make them shine and give their friends something to rely on. For example, haphazardly spamming Thea’s healing ult to ensure that all of your Heroes stay alive is counterintuitive.

Instead, try waiting for when your Heroes might be dying. You’ll give them all a second wind in the fight and it might even give them time to breathe. A good example of using ults at the right moment would be when Astaroth sets up a protective shield over all of his friends and then Maya proceeds to heal them with her plant. It’s a simple dynamic, but it helps.

The only practical time to use all your ults at once is typically when you’re faced with a boss. Then again, that, too, requires some level of timing. Given the example of Astaroth and Maya earlier, you wouldn’t want to cast Astaroth’s shield over the team right after the boss had performed one of their stronger attacks but before it. Maya will pick things up after healing anyone hurt. 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put this into practice in the Arena. Instead, try to put Heroes together whose ults and skills complement each other. You won’t have to worry about them too much this way.

Speaking of the Arena, how about trying that mode out?

7. Fight in Other Modes for More Heroes or Equipment

hero wars arena mode
Let’s see how well these guys fight…

Are you itching to make your team even more diverse than before? Did a veteran give you sound advice on which Heroes to build on? Time to visit the other modes. Let’s start with the Arena.

While we’ve already explained a basic premise of how the Arena works, climbing to the top isn’t easy since you’ll be pitted against other players who are just as strong as you are. After each match (and if you aren’t VIP), you may have to wait a few seconds before your Heroes have recovered from battle. Now, how far you can go is what rakes in the rewards. Losing battles will naturally cause you to lose points, but winning battles (especially defensive battles) will boost your standing greatly.

hero wars battle
There can be only one!

What’s a defensive battle, you might ask? This is quite common in most RPGs in the PlayStore today. How it works is that a player first needs to choose a team that will fight in their stead when they aren’t online. Oftentimes, there are no real-time battles where players can time their skills. The same principle goes for Hero Wars here wherein the player has to choose a team that will fight for them. Picking a team for defense requires an understanding of each of the Heroes’ skills as well as their efficacy in a PvP battle.

For instance, having at least one Control Hero on your defensive team might work to your advantage since they can keep powerful skills at bay. But mind you, defensive battles will only happen often depending on your activity in the Arena. Regardless, spend your Arena Coins on something worth your while like a new Hero!

hero wars enemies
This is going to end badly for the enemy Thea.

The Tower is also a good place to earn your new Heroes. Be warned that fighting here is quite difficult since Heroes on your team that perish on the way up won’t be resurrected unless you stumble upon an Altar that allows you to do so.

The higher you go up the Tower, the more Tower Coins you will get. If you don’t get too far, it’ll be fine, you can always try again soon after it resets (the Tower resets every 24 hours). When you do try again, hopefully, all of your Heroes are at a better rank, have better levels, and have better equipment or Artifacts.

There are many more game modes you may try and each of them rewards you with other currencies that you may spend in the different shops. It could be a bit of a grind, so strap yourself in and get ready to farm. This will be especially apparent when it comes to fighting in the Outlands.

Currencies also come from a few more sources! How about you earn these from reward claiming?

8. Claim Rewards, Open Chests, and Boxes

hero wars special quest rewards
Free stuff is the best!

Rewards are a way for devs to encourage players to keep playing, and Hero Wars is no slouch in shelling them out.

hero wars daily bonus
Get swag every day!

Let’s first talk about the dailies. With each day you log onto Hero Wars, the game gives you free swag that may help you in your travels. It’s a slew of different rewards, some of them being Hero Soul Stones (the one currently in the picture above is Rufus). You may access the dailies by tapping on the calendar icon above. Don’t forget to log on!

Along with the dailies, some rewards occasionally pop up in your inbox (as shown in the main picture of this bullet). You can access this one by tapping the envelope icon on the same row as the calendar for the dailies. You receive your rewards here from participating in the Arena, events, the Tower, or if the developers would like to deliver compensation rewards for anyone inconvenienced by bugs or maintenance. You may even claim more rewards from the Quest Tab we mentioned earlier (pictured below).

hero wars daily quests
Doing stuff gets you stuff.

Every now and then, it’s also wise to check your inventory since you might overlook the chests lurking there in the consumable compartment. Opening any of these chests may even contain equipment that had already been assembled and it’d be even better if this is something that one of your Heroes might need. You won’t have to grind for too long either. Let’s not forget that sometimes these are Artifact Chests that contain fragments for some of your Heroes’ (or your future Heroes’) Artifacts. This is easily one of the most unexpected ways to get stronger.

But wait, grinding wears out your in-game Energy, doesn’t it? There’s a way you can fix that without paying.

9. Visit the Theater Every Now and Then

hero wars theater
Time for a break.

It’s an unfortunate fact that ads are everywhere nowadays.

We see them wherever we go, and sometimes, Hero Wars has its own share of odd ads (we’re pretty sure you’ve seen them). This shouldn’t stop you from playing the game if you enjoy it, however, but we’re not exactly talking about Hero Wars’ ads here; we’re talking about the ads of other games or apps that made their way into the land of Dominion. You can view these in the Theater. Though you might be asking: “Why should we watch ads?”

Well, truth be told, most games that offer ads to their players reward them if they do give them a watch. This is a way that the player may indirectly support the developers without paying if they’d prefer that. Sure, it may seem cumbersome at first since you need to watch several ads at a time to get the number of things that you want, but Hero Wars is generous enough to give the players a resource called Tickets that allow them to redeem certain items from the Theater Shop.

These Tickets may be set aside, accumulated, and spent at the whim of the player. This quick visit to the Theater may also count as a break from the intense grinding that the player does. Be warned that you may only watch these ads a few times a day. After that, they get to reset the next day.

The Theater has only a couple of things for sale: Energy, Raid Tickets, Emeralds, and Gold. We highly recommend saving your Tickets for Emeralds and Gold since you can wait for your Energy to replenish and you can simply get through stages without having to raid them all the time. Other than that, Emeralds are the premium currency of the game and you get a fat bundle of 75k Gold for 5 tickets. The Emeralds come in bundles of 30, which isn’t too shabby either. The Gold will be especially useful if you want a Hero from the Town Shop.

We’ve spoken about Hero Wars from a single player’s perspective, but did you know that being sociable in this game has its advantages?

10. Join a Guild

hero wars guild
Your other home but with friends.

Guilds, clans, alliances, whatever they’re called, all exist for players to join in together and play at the same time (time zones notwithstanding).

When you join a guild in Hero Wars, not only will you be able to study and understand the different formations of your guildmates, but you’ll also be able to participate in guild-exclusive activities like the Guild Dungeon or Guild Wars. The Dungeon gets a special mention because you won’t be using your Heroes here, but Titans; bigger, more powerful Heroes that you may only collect via guild activities.

hero wars dungeon
These guys are not to scale. They’re quite massive.

There are only a handful of Titans compared to the Heroes in-game, but the Dungeon plays almost similar to the Tower. The only difference here is that Titans are more powerful and they can only go toe-to-toe with other Titans. You’ll have to re-assess your strategy based on which Titans you currently have with you. Just like Heroes, these mighty warriors may also be upgraded through their means like Titan Potions.

The best perk to joining a guild is that you may speak to the veterans that play there. Any of them may direct you on which Heroes go well with each other and you may also compare notes with players who might have started at the same time as you have. As we said in the introduction, Hero Wars’ player base is massive spanning years of gameplay and improvement. There are most likely players out there who know the game like they know their backyard, so never be afraid to ask questions.

As it currently stands, Hero Wars is one of the simpler Hero Collectors existing out there. The game has its nuances and its more advanced moments, but we’re hoping that this guide has answered most questions a newbie could ever ask about it. By the end of this guide, you would’ve learned the following:

● How to properly navigate the City

● Getting Maya early by playing the Campaign will work wonders for you

● Grinding for equipment will be one of your main activities in the game

● Hero Promotion makes them much stronger than before

● Summoning Heroes and diversifying your team is important if you want to get out of any situation

● The timing of your Heroes’ ult skills matters a great deal, activating the wrong skill at the wrong time could spell doom for you

● Don’t leave your rewards hanging; claim them and gather resources

● The Theater offers a few great freebies at the cost of your time

● Joining a guild enhances your gaming experience by a lot

And that’s that for our beginner’s guide to Hero Wars! Let’s not keep you here any longer, o brave one. The Heroes of Dominion are calling and they need your help. Here’s to bringing down the Archdemon Marax for good. March forth!

If you’d like to seek even more powerful allies, do stop by the official Hero Wars Mobile Discord!

Have you been fighting the war in Dominion for a long time? Do you know how to keep Marax’s forces at bay? Do you have a team that’s well put together? If so, send us your thoughts in the comments section below this article!


Monday 25th of October 2021

I've searched and been all over youtube trying to find out how to add friends in the game--particularly how to add guildmates as friends so I can add them to my Discord server. I get friendship chips from guildmates and from other players I have friended on Facebook, but I have a guild on the Nexters website and don't know where/how to add guildmates as friends. YouTube mentions buttons to add friends on certain "main pages" and a feature for suggested friends. I have many groups, discord servers, etc. that I follow and have been unable to find these features for adding friends. Maybe some pages I have bookmarked bypass a main page. Please help. Thanks.


Wednesday 11th of November 2020

pues si el nivel sube, el color sera diferente

Mike Kuruliak

Saturday 29th of August 2020

I am playing Hero Wars and I do not have a tab for the theater when I go to the merchant on the main page. DO I have to be at a certain level?


Wednesday 15th of January 2020

You can only use first skill, other are trigered autmatically by game engine. You cannot chose your target. Usually you attack first line of the enemy team. Some heroes, like Jorgen can cast a spell, that damage inflicted on enemies is moved to the last row (like healers).


Wednesday 8th of January 2020

How fobyou choose which level "Skill" you want to use in battle? All I ever see my team using is their lvl 1 skill even if I have lvl 2 and 3 unlocked.


Wednesday 9th of February 2022

@Jason, they are used automatically.


Thursday 9th of January 2020

Hello to you all, I don't know either. Is it possible to choose which enemy is the target?

Thanks for your help