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Hero Wars (Nexters) Farming Guide: How to Get More Gold, Emeralds, Soul Stones and Rare Equipment

Nexters’ Hero Wars has been massively successful on both iOS and Android platforms since last year, and it’s not surprising to see why. Boasting of easy-to-learn game mechanics, a manageable number of Heroes (close to 50) to collect, and a wide, wide range of features, we can argue that this title could appeal to some casual gamers as much as it could appeal to hardcore fans of RPGs and adventure games. It will, however, take a lot of grinding throughout the different game modes in order to give you the best chances of completing the 13-chapter Campaign, and when we say grinding, that automatically means a lot of farming as well – in other words, the process of repeating certain actions in order to earn more resources.

We do not exaggerate when we say this game requires a lot of farming, especially since there are so many resources you can collect in the game. But we do hope you can sit through and join us as we present our latest Hero Wars strategy guide – a complete guide to farming for all the major types of resources available. It won’t always be easy, and sometimes it could take a while, but we hope to at least save you some time, money, and effort with the tips we shall be discussing in this guide.

1. Farming For Gold: The Tower Is Still The Best Way To Go

Gold is arguably the most useful and important resource in the game, even if it is technically the common currency. While Emeralds serve a ton of purposes when trying to speed up one’s progress, Gold can be used whenever available to level up your Heroes’ skills, as well as to evolve them from one star rating to the next. As it first becomes substantially expensive to evolve Heroes from 3 stars to 4 (that’ll cost you 300,000 Gold to be exact), every Gold coin matters – you shouldn’t content yourself with the five to ten Heroes you usually field in the Arena battles, especially once you’ve unlocked the Grand Arena! Similarly, Gold is important when crafting some of the more complex pieces of equipment needed to promote Heroes, especially those who are at Violet rank or higher.

hero wars anthracite palace

When it comes to farming for Gold coins in Hero Wars, there are several ways you can go about this. The most obvious, of course, would be by replaying previously completed missions/Campaign stages with your Raid Tickets, or, if you made some in-game purchases and are already a VIP player, by raiding these completed missions for as long as you have enough Energy. This could also be a good way to hit two birds with one stone if you’re trying to promote a certain Hero from one rank to the next, but if you come to think of it, you won’t earn that much Gold by grinding through these previous stages in the Campaign.

The most effective farming technique, instead, would be playing Tower mode once per day and trying to go as far as you could. We recently published a detailed strategy guide that hones in on the Tower, and in there, we explained that there is a possible catch when opening the reward chests. While in theory, you may have a 33 percent chance of getting Gold coins, Tower Coins, and rare items for your heroes – each of the three chests contains a different reward – it seems that in recent days, the game has reduced the chances of earning Gold when opening the first chest. In fact, we seem to have a 20 percent batting average when it comes to opening chests and getting Gold while playing Tower mode.

Still, that 20 percent chance is based on our observations, and 20 percent is definitely much better than a single-digit chance of getting arguably the most useful and essential type of resource in Hero Wars. And, if it’s any consolation, you can use your excess Tower Coins at the Tower Shop (assuming you’ve won a ton of them) and get 100,000 Gold coins for 100 Tower Coins once per day. You can also spend 50 Emeralds to refresh the shop and spend another 100 Tower Coins this way, but you’re better off spending those surplus gems on Emerald Exchange spins.

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That’s right – assuming you’re flush on premium currency, you can spin the wheel for a chance at 40,000 coins or more (depending on your multiplier) for 20 Emeralds. As you may know, the cost of spinning the wheel increases per 5 spins, but the base reward will also increase accordingly if, say, you’re now spending 25 or 30 Emeralds per spin.

2. Farming For Rare Equipment: Again, Your Best Bet Is At The Tower

In order to unlock new skills for your Heroes, including, but not limited to the final, usually passive skill that could bail out your team in a variety of battles across different modes, you’ll need to promote them. And you can’t promote anyone in Hero Wars unless you have all six items required for promotion – as your Heroes go from Green to Blue to Violet to Orange (and maybe Red, which is the ultimate rank), you’ll see that the requisite pieces of equipment become more and more complex, with many of them requiring up to three separate pieces of equipment to craft, and a good few needing more than that.

Once again, the Tower is the best place to go if you’re trying to farm for the rarer pieces of equipment – those items that are required by your Violet Heroes and beyond. Items such as the Flaming Heart, Pastor’s Seal, Throwing Knives, and many others are all commonplace rewards in the Tower – assuming you’re at team level 80 or greater – and while you may not need all this equipment right away, the items will certainly come in handy once your Heroes get to the appropriate rank and level. As we said above, Tower Coins and rare items are usually more common than Gold, based on our observations from recent Tower playthroughs – if you’re farming in order to promote one of your better Heroes, this should give you additional incentive to play this game mode on a daily basis!

As for some of the more common pieces of equipment, meaning those required by Green or Blue or even Violet/Violet +1 Heroes, grinding through previously completed stages is a good way to go about this, especially if you have VIP status. You can also complete missions in the Airship menu or defeat the Highwayman in Outland, among other ways to earn those small chests that contain equipment.

And while it doesn’t constitute as farming, the different in-game stores sell various items that change on a day-to-day basis – if you don’t really have a need to purchase Soul Stones to get a certain Hero closer to evolution, you might as well use your various currencies on equipment!

3. Grind Campaign Stages For Big / Great Energy Potions / Soul Stones

Replaying those Campaign stages via raids, even with VIP Mode activated, may not do you much good as a source of Gold, but they can sure be of help if you’re trying to load up on Energy Potions and Soul Stones of some of the more common Heroes. Usually, it’s the missions that cost 8 Energy (as opposed to the usual 6) that give you a better chance at Big or Great EXP Potions, so you’ll want to focus on these ones if you’re at a point where most of your Heroes are at level 50 or greater and leveling them up becomes of greater importance, regardless of the mode you’re playing.

hero wars citadel guardian

Heroes such as Galahad, Aurora, Thea, Astaroth, Phobos, Artemis, and others have their Soul Stones available among the possible rewards in those so-called Heroic Missions, which are Campaign stages designated by a specific Hero’s avatar and three stars instead of the usual small circular button – Pirate’s Den (Chapter 9, Mission 10), for instance, features a Daredevil avatar, so you’ll need to complete this mission if you want a chance at her Soul Stones. These Heroic Missions cost more Energy (12 units or more) than the standard ones and can only be played three times a day unless you pay some Emeralds for additional chances. Also, you wouldn’t be guaranteed Soul Stones for each time you grind through these stages. Still, this is a good way to spend your Energy if you’re particularly intent on evolving the Heroes featured in these missions!

4. Farming For Emeralds And Energy: This May Take A Little Patience…

Emeralds are Hero Wars’ premium form of currency, and as anyone who’s paid for Emerald packages will tell you, they’re very useful for taking part in special events. Many Hero-centric events will require you to spend a certain amount of Emeralds in order to get so many Soul Stones of a Hero; in other cases, big-time Emerald spending will be necessary if you want to qualify for those Titan Chests that contain precious soul stones for Araji, Hyperion, and Eden, or other rare goodies you won’t expect to find through the normal means.

When talking about farming for Emeralds, we strongly suggest playing one Arena or Grand Arena battle per day in order to qualify for the daily ranking rewards. These rewards include Gold, Arena Coins, Big EXP potions, and most importantly, Emeralds – if you’re ranked in the top 600, for instance, you’re guaranteed at least 60 Emeralds per day as long as you take part in the Arena battles at least once a day. If you forgo the Arena on any given day, you do not get any rewards! But 60 Emeralds per day for a high ranking isn’t that bad if you come to think of it, and it could really add up if you’re prudent and don’t spend that premium currency carelessly.

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As for Energy, it’s a very basic resource that you’ll need to complete new Campaign stages and grind through older ones, but we have to admit that waiting five minutes for each Energy point to replenish could be quite frustrating. That’s why we’re including it in this farming guide as well, and suggesting that you log back into the game during the intervals specified, e.g. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. local time. This will allow you to get 60 free Energy instantly, though if you’re less patient and have the premium currency to burn, you can also pay 50 Emeralds for the first two purchases of Energy in a day, simply by tapping on the plus button next to your Energy. (Subsequent purchases, of course, will be more expensive and are not recommended unless you’re trying to maximize your rewards during a special event!)

5. Watch Videos At The Theater To Farm For Various Resources

hero wars theater

So far, we’ve covered Gold, Emeralds, and Energy, and we’ve also touched a bit on Raid Tickets. There is a way to farm for all of these resources, and while it may take even more patience, we strongly recommend this if you’re trying to play Hero Wars without parting with a cent of your hard-earned money. The Theater can be accessed by tapping on the plus button next to your Energy, then hitting the “To Theater” button, where you can get tickets by watching ad videos.

The game only allows you a certain number of ad videos per day for these tickets, but we recommend saving them up so you could exchange them for various rewards. 12 Energy costs 1 Ticket, 2 Raid Tickets costs 1 Ticket as well, while 5 Tickets could either buy you 30 Emeralds or 75,000 Gold. Bear in mind again that you can only watch so many videos per day, but if you save your tickets wisely, you could easily replenish any of the four aforementioned resources in a pinch.

6. How To Farm For Special Coins / Friendship Chips

Farming for the special types of coins – Arena Coins, Grand Arena Coins, Tower Coins, and Outland Coins – requires you to play the corresponding mode at least once per day. These coins, as well as Friendship Chips, can be used to purchase Soul Stones of certain Heroes, and we’ll tell you just how you could get more of them with as little effort as possible.

hero wars grand arena shop

We’ve already talked about Tower Coins in depth, and we did mention that you can earn lots of Arena Coins per day, depending on your Arena/Grand Arena combined ranking, if you fight at least one battle in these modes on a daily basis. That leaves Outland Coins, which you can earn by defeating all three bosses under Outland/Masters (Vadjar the Incinerator, Ilyssa the Weaver, Brog the Conqueror) at least once a day and complete all your five daily Outland battles in order to earn Outland Coins or Skin Stones, plus bonus Outland Coins for completing certain Daily Quests.

As for Grand Arena Coins, you don’t actually need to fight in the Grand Arena once per day (unless you did that for your ranking reward) – you earn coins automatically and progressively based on your ranking. For example, if you’re ranked in the top 500, you will earn 18 Grand Arena Coins per hour, so it’s technically the game doing the farming for you when it comes to this special currency.

Friendship Chips are another special type of currency that, we’d say, is the best type of currency if you want to get a Hero to Ultimate Star rarity and unlock the Soul Store ASAP. For instance, we now have an Ultimate Star Faceless despite the fact he hasn’t been featured in any special event! To farm for this currency, simply allow as many players to add you as possible, and filter out anyone who isn’t actively sending you Friendship Chips on a regular basis.

As for sending the chips, you can do this by going to the Friends menu and hitting on Send Gifts to send everyone on your list 30 chips each. This does NOT eat away into your Friendship Chips total, but once someone sends you some chips, you get 30 each as well. You’ll also get a bonus 100 Friendship Chips for completing one of the daily quests, so as you can see, it’s so easy to load up on this currency with little to no effort!

7. Farming As A Guild Member: Focus On Titan Potion

By mere virtue of your Guild membership, you’re sure to get Summoning Spheres for Titan Soul Stones as long as your Guild is an active one. You will also be picking up Silver or Bronze (or even Gold) Guild War Trophies depending on your guild’s ranking and its performance in its current league, with the weekly trophies promising a much bigger bonus in terms of trophies. But when talking about farming as a guild member, the resource you’ll likely want to farm for is Titan Potion.

You can earn this by going through the Dungeon and crawling through the different stages at least once per day – take note that once you set a certain checkpoint, you will earn some Gold but would not be able to replay the previous levels before that checkpoint! This will also allow you to contribute to your guild’s Titanite totals, thus helping everyone get more Summoning Spheres once a certain amount is reached. However, you will also want to use the Bronze Guild War Trophies you’ve earned to buy as much Titan Potion as possible in order to level up your existing Titans – out of all the things you can buy with this currency, Titan Potion is arguably the most useful.

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When it comes to farming for Soul Stones (Jhu, Ziri, Nebula, and K’arkh), we had the most success through special events for all these four characters. Of course, it all depends on the success and the strength of your guild, but the stronger your guild is, the greater your chances of winning Silver or Gold Guild War Trophies, with the former mainly going toward Soul Stones and the latter exchangeable for Silver Trophies.

8. Other Miscellaneous Ways To Farm For Resources

Aside from the methods we mentioned in above, there are various other ways to farm for the different resources we have covered so far. Let’s start with the Free Boxes option on the lower left corner of the main menu. Once here, simply tap on one of the five boxes in order to watch a video and get one of the five possible rewards – normally, these would include about 15,000 to 20,000 Gold, 15 to 20 Energy, two Big EXP Potions, 20 to 25 Grand Arena Coins, and one Soul Stone. (Other rewards are also possible, though those five are probably the most common.)

As we’ve observed, Soul Stones are the hardest to get on the first try, and you may have to watch all five videos before finally getting the Soul Stone of the Hero in question. But if your Hero collection isn’t complete, the game will purposely offer ALL Heroes you have yet to summon (except Jet and Cleaver), until you’ve complete your collection (again, with those two being the exceptions), upon which random Heroes will be represented by the Soul Stones.

hero wars free boxes

Additionally, Hero Wars occasionally has limited-time events such as quizzes and – as we saw a few months ago, Keira’s Demon Doll special event – where you can win boxes that could contain resources or even more boxes, with tons of Gold and other resources available once all of those boxes have been opened! You’ll also want to follow Hero Wars on social media and pay close attention to the Newsfeed – on occasion, the game will ask you to complete a certain Campaign stage within a specific timespan in order to earn some bonus Coins or Energy. Keep your eyes peeled for those Facebook and Instagram notifications and the Newsfeed feature – it only happens rarely, but these tasks sometimes could earn you a substantial amount of Emeralds!

And that’s all you need to know as far as farming is concerned. If you have come across any other tips or strategies, don’t hesitate to reach out by leaving a message in the comment section!


Saturday 14th of August 2021

Hey How do you progress in the game if everything costs something? You try the campaign and you need energy. You try and get energy and you need either coins or gold. You try and get gold or emeralds to advance your team and you just get stuck and wait for the freebies. Is it just a matter of slowly plodding through and try and concentrate on just your core team (atm mine is Galahad 72, Asteroth 64, Thea 67, Ginger 63and Celeste 62 with Aurora, Maya and Morrigan on 61, 58 and 63 respectively). Am I just spreading myself too much and just concentrate on the core team or am I still just a long way off doing anything substantial? I’ve only been at the game for a couple of months

Your assist would be great!


Monday 21st of March 2022

@Blonkie, Bro you have to fix your team nobody use Galahad these days.


Saturday 8th of January 2022

@Blonkie, clear the tower more, as the gold is main thing in the game, you can buy exp potions, other things, can upgrade heroes and so on