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Sky Roller Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels and Unlock Everything

Homa Games is a fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry and has only began being active in 2018. The company specializes in publishing hyper-casual games and have amassed and aggregate of 20 million downloads across the 11 games under its app portfolio. Split Balls 3D, Tower Color, and Tiny Cars: Fast Game are just some of Homa Games’ most popular releases and with 6 apps currently breaking the 1 million downloads barrier, Homa Games has proven over just how much of a hit the games they publish are.

Sky Roller is Homa Games’ latest mobile title on iOS and Android. In less than a month after launch the game has already earned more than a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. With near-perfect average user ratings as well as continuously increasing number of players on a daily basis, Sky Roller has proven how its simple yet challenging gameplay has helped paved its way to top charts in several countries. Despite the plethora of games and huge inflow of hyper-casual ones in the ever-growing market, being able to secure spots within top ten lists of games is quite an accomplishment. If you particularly enjoy hyper-casual games that you can play even with as little free time on your hands, then Sky Roller might just be the game that you are looking for.

Equipped with a rollerblade, Sky Roller takes you through a series of challenging courses filled with diamonds as well as obstacles and by swiping across the screen, you split your legs as accurately as you can to make it through each level. As easy as it sounds and as effortless as it may seem to get across the first few levels, it can grow challenging as you move through higher ones. Sky Roller offers plenty of custom characters to unlock and play as although each one are purely aesthetic and offers no impact or advantage in the game.

Sky Roller is one of those games that can be played and enjoyed by practically anyone. However, if you find yourself stuck or struggling on a particular level, or simply want to earn diamonds faster and unlock everything, then be sure to check out our Sky Roller guide. Our collection of tips, cheats and tricks is all you need to ace every level in the game and unlock all content at a faster rate.

1. Get A Good Feel Of The Control Sensitivity

As expected, the first stages in Sky Roller are the easiest one, providing a lot of room for you to stay idle as it leaves plenty of long straight and simple tracks with hardly any obstacles. As it is likewise expected that you will soon be trekking through more populated courses littered with various obstacles along with more limited paths, consider the initial levels as your training ground to get a good grip of just how sensitive the controls are.

sky roller control sensitivity

In essence, what you would want to keep an eye on is how fast you can switch between keeping your rollerblades together and spreading them apart as this will be one of the most common challenges you will encounter across all levels. Another challenge you will commonly encounter relate to curving pathways that require slow and steady movement from keeping your skates together and spreading them apart and back together again. Doing these movements while keeping an eye on your feet is definitely an easy feat but our next tip stretches your skills a bit further so be prepared to accomplish moving as accurately as you can while not entirely focusing on your feet.

2. Keep Your Eyes Ahead Of The Track

sky roller tricks

A part of Sky Roller’s overall challenge comes from the variety of courses you will travel through with each level. As unpredictable as each one can be, the best way to be fully aware of what lies ahead is naturally to keep your eyes a little ahead of the track. It can be a challenge at first to only view the tracks under your rollerblades using your peripherals and focusing more on the obstacles to come but with some practice, you will soon get the hang of it.

3. Consider Diamonds On The Track As Distractions

Outside of the Gem Rush Stages that appear once very after 3 normal levels, there will also be a few diamonds scattered throughout the level. While diamonds are actually what you need to be able to unlock more characters, there are numerous sources of the currency that actually do not put you at risk of making a mistake that will end your run. While these diamonds are definitely attractive to the eyes, you should consider them as distractions designed to split your focus between what lies ahead of the track and your character’s position.

sky roller diamonds

Given that completing a level can give you more diamonds than the bits you can nab as you progress through the course, simply treat them as added incentives as you run through each stage. As we mentioned earlier, the starting levels in Sky Roller are very easy and you can make it through them with very little effort, even if you grab each and every diamond on the way. As you progress further and unlock more objects to the upcoming levels, though, having the same inclination to grab diamonds will not be as simple. As such, always keep survival as your priority early on and focus on the track disregarding everything else.

4. Watch Ads For Extra Rewards

Video Ads in mobile games have been around nearly as early as the first mobile games existed. We have covered plenty of games that contains these ads, and continue to stand in favor of their existence. In truth, we consider it very important for every player to understand the simple idea that these ads are essential to the continued existence of free-to-play games and while some ads maybe a bit more intrusive than others, some are actually optional and likewise provides boosts and incentives that make them worth having around.

Sky Roller actually contains both these type of ads. The first type of ads appear after in-between completing 2 to 3 levels while the rest are entirely optional. Among the optional ones, you can double diamonds you earn with each level you complete, which makes our third tip of ignoring diamonds within the level a lot more viable. While you may not be all for watching an ad after every level to double your diamond rewards, be sure to consider doing so after completing a gem rush level especially since watching a 5 to 30-second video ad gives you a 5x multiplier incentive.

how to get rewards in sky roller

Another perk that is hard to pass up on is when you have collected 3 keys and will choose 3 from 9 boxes which ones to unlock. If you have used up all 3 keys and fail to obtain the best reward, you can watch another ad for an extra 3 keys to try again. You can actually unlock all boxes by watching a total of 2 video ads and its fairly worth it since all other boxes contain diamonds.

Since it can be a lot more fun to switch into different characters or avatars while rolling through new levels, consider spending your rest period to watch a series of ads to unlock some legendary characters. While watching ads at the customize screen can earn you 150 diamonds instantly, watching 3 ads for each legendary character is a much better deal if you can spare the time. As a healthy tip, you can actually play a series of ads while resting your eyes and playing finger and consider your rest periods as opportunities to play a series of ads for various perks.

5. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

As fun and exciting Sky Roller is, it can’t be helped that some players get turned off by ads that play after clearing a couple of levels. On the other hand, some maybe completely be down with all of it yet lose their momentum in-between levels because of the ads. As these ads may very well be the only thing in the game that is not entirely enjoyed by everyone, a simple trick to be free from it is to simply play offline.

By turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can continue to enjoy playing Sky Roller without any distractions whatsoever. While offline, you still get to play seamlessly, earn diamonds and gems, as well as make progress through the different levels. As you will not see random ads between levels, though, keep in mind that you will also be unable to get any reward multiplier options, extra keys, gifts, as well as temporarily lose the ability to unlock legendary characters.

If you want to play ceaselessly without any interruptions and progress through levels faster, then feel free to play offline. If you want to earn more diamonds as well as unlock all characters at a faster rate, however, the way to go is playing online. In any case, you can always switch back and forth from playing online and offline after restarting the game after every switch.

And that wraps up our guide for Sky Roller. We hope that you learned a good deal of tips and tricks from this guide. If you are aware of other tips or strategies that we haven’t included in the guide, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section!

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