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Hunter Assassin Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Clear All Levels and Unlock All Upgrades

It would not be a surprise if you still have not heard of Ruby Game Studio as this developer is among the newest players in the mobile gaming industry. Starting just late 2018, the company may only have 4 published games under its app portfolio but the total downloads for the company’s games have reached more than 10 million. Press Inc, Pixel Shot 3D, and Gym Flip are the company’s earlier games with Press Inc having been installed more than 5 million times from the Google Play Store alone. All of Ruby Game Studio’s games have maintained largely positive average rating reviews from users on both Android and iOS.

Hunter Assassin is Ruby Games Studio’s latest title and a little over a month after its release, it has already been installed more than 500 thousand times and has earned good spots within top ten lists of games in 8 countries. Even with the plethora of hyper-casual games in the mobile gaming market, the fun and unique gameplay that Hunter Assassin offers make it an attractive game for players of varying preferences and ages. If you are up for a quick game you can play and enjoy on the go that offer challenges requiring a bit of precision and strategy to overcome, then give Hunter Assassin a try.

As the game’s title implies, Hunter Assassin puts you on that role and sets you on to hide in the shadows and away from being visible as armed men with flashlights roam around each level. A simple tap of where you want to go is the entirety of the controls in the game. Your objective is to eliminate all the gunmen, using stealth as far as practicable, and not be shot by any of them.
Eliminating one gunman may alert the others so while patience and stealth is a given necessity, there are instances where you have to be swift on your feet.

All in all, Hunter Assassin is an easy game to pick up and play. However, if you are struggling with a particular level or simply want to progress through it more proficiently and unlock all those upgrades at a faster rate, then stay with us and read our Hunter Assassin beginner’s guide. Our list of tips, cheats and strategies will certainly boost your progress in the game.

1. Exercise Patience Every Step Of The Way

Armed enemies constantly moving at random throughout each level stands as the lone and exclusive source of pressure in Hunter Assassin. As there are no time limits of any sort to force you to speed up on each action, take as much time as you need before you engage any enemy. You can see just how many targets there are at the upper left side of the screen so keeping tabs on how many are lest should be an instinctive play.

hunter assassin tricks

For starters, it would be a good idea to track where each enemy is on the map. You may see one or a couple as soon as the game starts but if you can, try and determine where other targets are before you engage. The idea here is that while it may be easy for you to eliminate 1 target, you should not leave the others to come down you as a surprise. A good habit to make early on is avoiding detection from other targets and while doing the opposite can be a smart tactic, be sure that you plan ahead and stand ready to subdue oncoming enemies in any case.

2. Always Situate Yourself With Open Paths

There are as many hiding spots in each level as there are pathways. With each stage laid out much like a maze, there will certainly be areas that have dead ends leaving you with no place to run in case things do not work out the way you planned. As a general strategy, you should always put yourself in spots where there are open pathways. Do not go into corners or dead ends.

hunter assassin open paths

Alerted enemies pace themselves much quicker and as each enemy you eliminate will send others running towards the spot, being in a dead end will leave you a bigger chance of being seen or even shot. Although all enemies will only stay alerted for a few seconds, having paths were you can have the freedom to move farther away from them, or relocate strategically should be options that are always open for you.

3. Subdue Enemies One At A Time

As you only need to get close to a target to eliminate them, it can happen that you can eliminate two enemies almost, if not entirely, simultaneously. While two targets may happen to be in the exact same spot, their views, or flashlights more specifically, may be aimed towards different directions. This will be make the scenario a little more challenging and trickier to pull. If you are up for more fun and excitement and perhaps, even fast enough, then, by all means, go for it. Otherwise, avoid making risks and instead wait for the targets to be at a safer distance from one another.

hunter assassin strategies

All alerted enemies will converge on your location, so when even two of them are close to one another, it opens risks for you especially if they take different paths toward the target area. This is why having a good idea where each enemy is at, preferably as far from one another as possible, is the best scenario to initiate a takedown. Truthfully enough, you may not appreciate this as much especially on the starting levels but as you progress further in the game, it does become a lot more challenging so it would be best to start being very careful early on as practice.

4. Roundabouts Make For A Great Takedown Spot

While each level in the game is laid out differently from one another, there will always be some areas where you can run around in circles. Well, it’s not exactly a roundabout but it works just the same way. These areas are where you can use strategy to eliminate enemies one after another.

best takedown spots in hunter assassin

Simply enough, you can always keep away from an enemy’s line of sight by moving around these areas and cycling to the back of an enemy. After eliminating that enemy, this will be one perfect example of a scenario where you would want to alert another enemy. The alerted one will come rushing to the spot where you downed one of them, pausing for a while. Grab the opportunity to circle around again, rinse and repeat.

5. Accomplish Missions And Claim Diamonds Quickly

After the initial levels that serve as the tutorial, in essence, you will finally see the main screen where you can see missions that offer diamonds as rewards. These missions form part of what you would normally accomplish as you play the game and while some of them may be a little more challenging than others, all of them are generally accomplishable in a short span of time.

how to accomplish missions in hunter assassin

As you go about a few levels, you will certainly be able to accomplish one, a couple, or all these missions at the same time. In any case, be sure to claim the diamonds immediately so new missions will become available. It’s very understandable to want to progress through levels fast but if you want to earn diamonds at a much faster rate, then claiming them from missions you have accomplished is among the things you need to do regularly.

6. Unlock A Random Upgrade As Soon As You Can

While your character in Hunter Assassin is pretty much okay with the default health level and speed, there are buffs on either one that you can get through random upgrades. Each new upgrade you purchase randomly with diamonds cost more and more one after the other but the added boost each of them can grant is always worth taking.

hunter assassin random upgrade

As there are no other items to spend diamonds on, you should naturally go for a random purchase whenever you can afford one. As you unlock more and more assassins through spending diamonds, you will soon have a good selection that offers either more speed or more health.

7. Watch Ads For Extra Diamonds

It is well understood that ads, especially excessive ones, can be irritating even on a free game. On the other hand, though, it is important to keep in mind that these ads are sometimes necessary to keep the game around for everyone to play for free. While there are video ads that pop up every so often without giving you much choice to avoid it, there are also instances where watching ads can earn you extra benefits. In Hunter Assassin, it is actually a combination of both.

how to get more diamonds in hunter assassin

For starters, every level you complete in the game comes with an offer to earn you twice as many diamonds after watching a 15 to 30-second video ad. While admittedly it can become tiring to do after a while, keep in mind that some of these offers, particularly the ones after you complete the bonus stage are well worth it more than others.

Some missions also contain an objective to watch a short ad for diamonds and to some extent, you will have to go for it so the mission slot will be replaced by a new mission. You can also watch an ad within the upgrade window where you purchase new assassins. In any case, you can still earn diamonds without watching these ads but if you want to unlock all assassins at a faster rate, then you should push to play these ads as much as you can.

8. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

Ads playing randomly every after 2 or 3 levels might seem a bit of an overkill, especially if you have already played a ton of it for all those extra diamonds and double up rewards. If you are the type who reads reviews of players from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, then you would probably know that while most people consider Hunter Assassin to be a fun and exciting game that is unique enough, every negative remark is attributable to the ads that players have to sit through.

In truth, none of these ads are ever forced on any player and you can absolutely enjoy playing Hunter Assassin without going through any sort of ad at all. The simple trick can be done simply by disabling your Wi-Fi or data connection. You can play the game completely offline, make progress through levels, and even complete missions for those extra diamonds. Keep in mind that doing so, however, means that you will not be able to obtain any additional rewards as well that result from watching video ads.

Considering everything, therefore, it will be a choice between progressing through and completing stages at a faster rate , through playing offline, or earning more diamonds and unlocking more perks by fully utilizing the ads and the extra diamonds you get out of them. It does not necessarily mean you can’t switch priorities from time to time, so feel free to hop between playing offline and online to progress faster however you wish to do so.

That covers every tip, trick, and strategy we know for Hunter Assassin and we hope that every bit of our beginner’s guide has helped you pace through the game at a much better rate. Again, getting better after completing several levels may require that you continue to exercise patience even more. While our focus on the guide is to finish levels efficiently and as carefully as possible, it does not mean that you can’t have fun experimenting with more aggressive approaches as you please. If you have discovered other tips or strategies on top of the ones we shared in our beginner’s guide, we would appreciate hearing it from you so feel free to post it in the comments!