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Press Inc. Beginner’s Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Income

Press Inc. is all about de-stressing and having fun by destroying all kinds of items and earning money for doing so. Available for Android and iOS, this idle game from Good Job Games functions on a simple principle: press, crush, earn money, repeat. Use the Hydraulic Press to crush objects, upgrade your machine and products, and earn lots of money. Sounds like the perfect plan for a lazy Sunday morning, doesn’t it?

Though, the game doesn’t require much planning or complicated strategies, there are some Press Inc. cheats, tips and tricks we would like to share with you.

1. Upgrade Your Press And Products

But do it in the correct order

There are only two things that you can upgrade in Press Inc.: your press and the products you crush. However, it is important to upgrade them in the correct order.

Since the press is rather inefficient on the early stages of the game, you should focus on upgrading it first. Each upgrade serves a purpose: if you upgrade the press size, its dimension will obviously increase. By upgrading production, the number of items that appear on the belt will increase. Upgrading the band speed will increase the items’ density.

how to increase your income in press inc

Start with upgrading production, press size, and press speed. Keep in mind that if the items move too fast, your press can’t crush them all. So focus on building a large press and then improve its speed and the number of products. This way you will manage to crush more products and your income will improve significantly.

Upgrading your press will allow it to work by itself, without the need to tap it.

2. How To Increase Your Income

Unlock products to earn more money

In order to increase your income and upgrade your press, you need to upgrade your products and unlock new ones. Obviously, the more expensive products generate more income. So focus on unlocking those.

Upgrading your products from Level 1 to 20 is very important. Then gradually move towards level 50. Anything about 50 is not worth the effort until you reach higher levels. Keep in mind that when you upgrade a product to level 50, 100, 150, or 200, the income the upgraded item generates will double if compared to the one on the previous level – 49, 99, 149, 199. This bears no extra costs. Once a product hits level 250, it will be maxed out.

3. Pay Attention To Bonuses And Rewards

Watch ads to increase your income

After crushing a certain amount of items, your press will level up and you will get the opportunity to win a reward. Don’t miss it! Also, keep an eye on the Bonus income button and make sure you tap it before it goes away. Watching a video ad will allow you to double the received amount from the Level Up and Bonus boosters. So don’t think twice and watch it. It’s worth the effort.

how to get more rewards in press inc

If you upgrade the bonus chance slot, you will have more chances to win bonuses. Similarly, upgrading the Level Up slot will allow you to win levels quicker.

4. Watch Video Ads And Unlock Boosters

Use boosters to speed up your progress

Boosters can be unlocked only by watching ads. Since ads are not too long (they only last 1-4 minutes), getting a x2 Revenue looks like a decent reward, even if it only lasts 1 minute.

And these are all the tips and cheats we have for Press Inc tips. If there is anything else you’d like to add, drop us a line!