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Marvel Super War Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Fans of Marvel as well as MOBA players are in for a huge treat as NetEase recently released Marvel Super War, which is the first ever mobile MOBA game that features numerous fan favorites from the Marvel Universe. NetEase certainly does not need much introduction as the popular developer has already established itself with solid reputation arising from its numerous successful titles.

Rules of Survival, Cyber Hunter, and LifeAfter are among NetEase’s biggest hits with Rules of Survival earning more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Suffice to say, NetEase has established itself enough to provide quality games across multiple genres, including MOBAs.

Marvel Super War looks and plays very much like the top MOBA games in the mobile gaming market. What makes it unique is that you can play as your favorite superhero from the Marvel Universe. Given the phenomenal boost in popularity of its characters following the huge success of their cinematic incarnations, even the formerly lesser-known heroes have attracted and grown their own fan base. It’s no surprise for the game’s launch to net over a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone in just a few days after its release.

marvel super war strategies

With 42 available characters and 6 main classes, Marvel Super War promises to provide balance across each character and fair gameplay that can be enjoyed by beginners and veteran MOBA players alike. If you are up for a competitive and enjoyable MOBA game playing as your favorite hero or villain in the Marvel Universe, then be sure to check this game out.

Like most MOBA games, Marvel Super War takes you to a single battle arena where you and all four of your teammates has the constant objective of eliminating the opposing team’s base and towers while protecting your own. On top of the need to constantly hone your skills and strategy with the hero you are using, close coordination, team composition, and team strategy are equally, perhaps even more, crucial to each match.

Knowing the strengths and limitations of your favorite characters isn’t enough either as you would have to be familiar with what each of your teammate can do in addition to knowing what any character on the opposing team is capable of. With its wide selection of characters and the near-infinite combinations that can be created, Marvel Super War guarantees that no two matches will be the same.

marvel super war tricks

Marvel Super War offers simple controls despite the numerous action items you can do while playing. While it will certainly be easy for experienced and veteran MOBA players to grasp the basic mechanics and features of the game, the step-by-step tutorial makes it simple enough for total beginners to learn what they need to know, from basic MOBA mechanics down to unique elements in the game.

Learning all the controls and game mechanics is actually the easy part as Marvel Super War will take a lot of time, learning, and experience to master. If you still feel a little lost after the initial tutorial session and want to learn more before engaging in succeeding matches or if you are searching for more efficient ways to improve your performance in the succeeding battles, then check out our Marvel Super War beginner’s guide. In our detailed guide we will share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to dominate your enemies in Marvel Super War!

1. Complete The Training Sessions

Marvel Super War takes you through a quick tutorial session that focuses on the most basic controls and mechanics and finalizes it with a match. Once you finish the first match, you are very much free to explore the game’s features and likewise engage in succeeding matches. Before doing so, however, we highly recommend going through the rest of the tutorial sessions first for you to be better prepared for battle.

marvel super war training sessions

The initial tutorial session stands as the first stage of the basic training and under the training mode you can access via the Match button, there are a total of 14 stages to complete divided across basic and advanced training sessions you should accomplish. Each of these stages only take a few minutes to accomplish, with some of them only containing instructions you need to read and understand. Cons and EXP are rewarded as well for every stage you accomplish so be sure to remember claiming them. You can always replay any stage here if you forgot some of the mechanics discussed within that stage.

Beyond the basic and advanced training sessions, you can also spend some time on Hero Training to practice with your current favorite hero or villain as well as test the rest out before you decide to grind for coins to unlock them. All heroes can be tested here except Thanos as he can only be obtained thru gacha via the Interstellar Museum.

Although it is essential for every beginner to fully realize the potential of their favorite character, you should try to squeeze in some time to check other characters out. Knowing what each and every character can do will help you deal with them better in combat. Likewise, a good understanding of each hero’s skills and roles can help you adjust your strategy accordingly if you engage in matches with random players as well as friends who may constantly shift from one role to another.

2. Get To Know The Class Roles

One of the core principles that make MOBA games all the more exciting lies in the class of characters to choose from that typically set the role for the player. As Marvel Super War relies largely on team effort and synergy much like any other MOBA game, it is important, most especially for total beginners, to have a good understanding of what each class can do.

There are 6 basic classes in the game and each one has an equally important role as the others. While more advanced players can make adjustments to their characters to be efficient on more than one role, it is best for you to focus first on what your role ought to be based on your selected character.

marvel super war class roles

A fighter is highly, but may not be entirely, a melee character that sports average stats as far as offensive strength and defense power goes. This class typically sports some decent damage-dealing skills and while not as powerful as power and marksman classes and can provide protection as well to squishier teammates. There are currently 11 fighters in the game and the roster includes Thor, Deadpool, and Thanos.

Tanks, stand as the only class that outstands fighters as frontrunners with the highest defensive stats. This class typically employ crowd control skills among other debilitating effects and can offer protection to their teammates with shields and provokes. Tanks are known to have lower damaging power compared to most classes in any game. Hulk, Groot, and The Thing form part of the 7 available tanks in the game.

The power class in Marvel Super War are the equivalent of mages, wizards, or casters in other MOBAs. Crowd control, DPS, and sometimes even support form part of a power class’ skillset. While power classes excel in dealing damage, they are among the squishier characters in the game. As such, powers are the type to position themselves behind minions and teammates for the most part of each match. Iron Man, Loki, and Magneto are among the 9 power characters in Marvel Super War’s current roster.

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The marksman class categorically serve as archers or rangers in most MOBA games or RPGs. This class specializes in ranged combat and likewise sport high offensive power like the previous class. Marksmen typically sport higher movement attack speed and movement speed than the power class and often employ stronger single target skills in contrast with powers that can dish out huge damage across multiple targets. There are currently 6 heroes under the marksman class in the game and it inludes Hawkeye, Rocket Racoon, and War Machine.

Assassins are perhaps the role most challenging for MOBA beginners to take on and perhaps even the least familiar. Assassins, as the name implies, specialize in stealth and quick kills focusing on one enemy at a time. While fast and powerful, assassins are very squishy and will likely have a hard time performing their role against an opponent that is aware of them. This class typically takes out the most dangerous yet vulnerable units from the opposing team, although hunting down any enemy unit regardless of its class can work well too. Spider-man, Black Widow, and Black Panther are among the 8 characters under the assassin class in the game.

Last, but not the least, are the support class. Typically the hardest role to play especially among random teammates, the support class focuses on providing aid to allies through heals, buffs, and such other utility skills. As support units are not primarily assigned to any lane, they typically pair up with powers or marksmen to increase these classes’ survivability. The support class lag behind in terms of offensive strength and may have average defense but they more than make up for it with their support skills. This class is where Mantis, Ebony Maw, and Cloak & Dagger belong to.

3. Focus On One Hero Per Class

Completing the initial training session rewards you with your very first character and there are plenty of other units you can obtain for free based on your progress. For the most part, we would encourage you to focus primarily on one hero first. If you are lucky enough to have some of your gaming buddies to start playing the game with you and have a consistent full squad, sticking with one character and one role will be easier to do. If you pair up with randoms, though, for the most part, you should push to learn to play at least one character per class.

marvel super war power core set

Again, while this may all sound like a feat best saved for intermediate to expert level players, it’s a good idea to prepare for this circumstances early on. Take note that you can also invite other players to be your friends and potential teammates later on. While it may happen that the in-game friends you play with prefer to use characters belonging to a different class, it’s unavoidable for two or more people to share the same primary choice and in which case, having a second choice or beyond comes in handy.

Truthfully enough, learning to play each character goes well beyond simply knowing their stats and skills and determining their strengths and weaknesses. It should come with an understanding of which strategies you can utilize based on the character’s primarily role as well as deviations from it as the need arises. Choosing which gears to purchase in battle first is on its own a decision point and once you start playing other characters from other classes, you will have to constantly adjust preferences for each one of them as well.

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It can be understood that you will definitely prefer to play one role over all the others but at some point in the game, you will certainly be teamed up with players who have more limitations as to which roles they can play.

Likewise, in playing with random people, you may have to give way and be the last one to choose to ensure that you can base your character selection based on what your teammates have picked, enabling you to provide a more strategic approach in the upcoming battle.

4. Check The Settings And Archives For Customization Options

While the default settings and configurations in Marvel Super War is actually already pretty good, you can adjust it further to your liking via the settings and archive options. Under the settings, which you can access via the gear icon at the lower right side of your screen, be sure to look into the control and interface tabs for items that may improve your performance in the arena.

For starters, the control mode offers various choices that can make targeting enemy units easier so be sure to pick one that best suits your taste. Under the Interface section, you can toggle between placing the quick buy position on either the left or right side of the screen, amongst other options.

marvel super war hints

There are plenty of useful information to look into at the archive and there are some customizable options as well that can make your character even more efficient in the arena. You may want to read through what each hero’s skills can do and how stats vary based on a skill’s level. Likewise, spend some time to read through the description of each piece equipment you can purchase in battle.

Take note that you can customize prioritization of item purchases to make it easier for you to focus on the actual battle while inside the arena. You can save up to 3 item sets per character so be sure to utilize this feature as much as you can and make your favorite characters more viable for a variety of plays and circumstances.

Under the archive as well is a unique Power Core feature, which lets you customize your hero’s build even further. Be sure to read through each choice for each node while keeping your character’s class and role in mind.

There are 9 different tactics available in Marvel Super War and you can view what each one can do via the “Tactic” tab within the archive. You can only equip 2 tactics at a time and by default, it’s heal and blink. You won’t be able to change tactics here but be sure to do so before the start of each match.

Last but not the least are Quick Chat options. Well, you won’t be able to type in a custom message in the game but at least it’s the next best thing where pre-made messages can be rearranged in sequence based on your preferences and needs.

5. Understand The Secondary Roles And Strategies

In addition to the various classes, mix of skills, and unique team combinations that make MOBA games engaging and exciting, various strategies are available in the game opening up a multitude of scenarios that can change the tide of battle. While the all-too-simple objective of destroying the enemy’s base and tower are as basic as it sounds, the means to go about it can definitely stem forth from a variety of strategic actions as well as combinations of such. To be sure that you don’t lag behind as far as common MOBA secondary roles and strategies come, we will go into some of the more common plays in MOBA games applicable to Marvel Super War.

marvel super war tactics

If you are a total beginner when it comes to MOBA, you should know that the areas between the lanes are called as the jungle and houses numerous NPCs that can help boost CP gain on top of other buffs and perks it can provide for the team. Oftentimes, at least one member of a team, like the Assassin, will be designated as the jungler as assassins can quickly kill monsters to secure XP and buffs for the team.

Take note that the Black Panther and Surtur in Marvel Super War are formidable enemies and will definitely be a challenge to defeat alone. The rewards are worth it however so if you are confident enough that you can take them out, you should go for it. The first stage of the advanced training session gives full detail of each jungle resource in the game as well as the perks that come with it. You may have to play this more than once to secure a firm grasp of each resource and location.

Another common term you would most likely here within the MOBA scene is “ganking” and is characterized by a surprise attack on an unsuspecting enemy. While, again, assassins typically take on this role considering their stealthier characteristics, any jungler or hero from another lane can find creative ways to gank on an unsuspecting target, well probably except support types.

6. Complete Quests And Event Objectives

Win or lose, unless you were totally inactive for the entirety of the match, there are coins and XP you can earn after each session. On top of those immediate rewards, more can be earned by completing quests and event objectives. Be sure to visit both menus through their respective banners at the left side of your home screen.

marvel super war quests

There are numerous daily quests to complete and each objective forms part of the usual activities you engage in as you play the game. In fact, you will most likely be able to accomplish a good number of these tasks without knowing. Just the same, check the list of tasks and earn as many mission reports as you can to unlock chests at the center of the quest page. There are also special quests situated at the left panel and these offer mission report points as well.

Currently, the beginner event “Gauntlet” as well as the growth plan offers one-time rewards for your milestones within the game. As there are no limitations as to how much time you can spend on the game and given the amount of grind needed to unlock more of your favorite characters, strive as much as you can to achieve as many of these objectives early on as it will help you progress a lot faster in the game.

That practically covers all we can share with you as far as our Marvel Super War beginner’s guide is concerned. We certainly hope that the tips we shared have helped you secure a better understanding of the game’s core concepts and features as well as obtained more ideas on how to execute various strategies within each match. It won’t be a surprise to witness more heroes and villains join the fray in future updates and as metas become discovered and utilized, character adjustments to maintain balance and fairness may be implemented as well.

If you have additional tips or strategies you would like to share with our readers, feel very welcomed to impart your discoveries and personal tactics in the comment section!