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LifeAfter Survival Guide: Tips, Tactics & Strategies to Survive Longer

If you haven’t played LifeAfter yet, you have been missing out on one of the best survival games ever! NetEase pulled out all the stops in creating this masterpiece for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you play as one of the survivors after the world has been overrun by zombies called the Infected. You are recognized by Hope 101’s mayor after defeating a gigantic Infected on your own. In exchange for welcoming you into their settlement, the mayor has asked you to help them reclaim more territory by killing off the Infected. Of course, you do not have much choice in the matter, so you agree.

In order to drive off the zombies, however, you will have to stay alive. There are a lot of dangerous things that can kill you in LifeAfter. If you have just created your character, you may want to look at our beginner walkthrough first. Otherwise, be sure to check out our LifeAfter survival guide for some tips and tricks on how to stay alive longer in the game!

1. Raise Your Mastery Levels

lifeafter mastery levels

There are three categories of mastery in LifeAfter: Gathering, Crafting, and Combat. You can earn experience for each mastery by simply performing tasks related to them. Gathering resources give you Gathering mastery. Crafting items give you Crafting mastery. Attacking animals, monsters, and zombies will give you Combat mastery. Raising your Mastery levels will unlock Abilities that will help you survive longer. Abilities increase your HP, improve your combat damage, give you access to better equipment, and so on. The more Abilities you unlock, the better chances you have of surviving.

2. Build A Sniping Spot

When building your manor, you are free to design it however you wish. One thing you should always have, though, is a sniping spot. During invasions, it is important that you have a high position that will allow you to shoot from a safe distance. Don’t get too carried away with the design aspect that you would end up with a bunch of items blocking your way.

lifeafter sniping spot

Once an invasion begins, climb up to your perch and start shooting at the zombies that are closest to your home. Make sure you have plenty of traps to keep them from getting to your location. If you have a good weapon and enough practice, you should be able to defend your manor safely even if you are on your own.

3. Prepare Before Your Explore

Before you head for any of the hostile locations, make sure you are fully prepared. Bring at least two guns with you, so that you have a back up in case things get rough. You should also have a bunch of bandages with you. Spend your stronghold points on Hemp in order to craft all the bandages that you will ever need.

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You should also always have food and heating items with you. Even if you can scavenge for food items like berries, you shouldn’t walk around with an empty backpack. The last thing you want is to have to run on an empty stomach while the Infected are chasing you. It also helps if you have a Campfire in your backpack, so you can keep yourself warm when the weather changes.

4. Pay Attention To The Weather

While we are on the subject of weather, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The weather changes while you are exploring, and these changes could affect the resources that can be gathered. Before you get excited and run off into the rain looking for mushrooms, you should know that there are risks involved. Staying in the rain for extended periods of time can make your character sick. You could also start feeling too cold which will lead to the depletion of your HP. When you stay in a cold area for too long, you could end up dying. Other weather conditions like the sandstorm are a bit more extreme. You have limited visibility and your character will not be able to breathe. Take note of the locations where you can hide from the sandstorm, so you can run to them when your lung status hits 3 dots.

5. Mind Where You Log Out

lifeafter survival tips

In an ideal world, you would always be able to go home and log out from the comfort of your bed. This will keep you safe, restore your health, and regenerate some of your equipment’s Durability. However, the reality is that it won’t always be possible. If you are in a hurry to log off from the game and don’t have time to go back to your manor, at least try to find a safehouse. Logging off from the game will leave your character idle in the middle of nowhere. You will be exposed to wild animals, zombies, and even hostile players. When you log back in, there is a good chance that a death screen will greet you. If you are too far from a safehouse as well, at least try to get to a high spot where there is a lower chance of getting attacked.

6. Keep Your Hunger Meter Full

One of the reasons you should always have food on you is to keep your hunger meter full. Try to master a couple of easy recipes at the grill, so you can cook it at any Petrol Barrel you find. When your character is full, you gain a boost in movement speed. You also use up less stamina when performing actions. This is important because you never know when you will encounter a particularly vicious opponent. You will need the boost in movement speed and stamina consumption to ensure you can run away from danger any moment.

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7. Stick To Ranged Weapons

lifeafter ranged weapons

There are a variety of ranged and melee weapons in LifeAfter. While melee weapons do not need to be reloaded, they use up stamina. Not only do you need to come within attacking range of an Infected, you would also most likely slow down in your attacks as you consume your stamina. It is best if you saved melee weapons for when you don’t have a choice, or for attacking inanimate objects. There are a lot of bows, rifles, and other ranged weapons for you to bring along. Never leave home without them.

8. Here’s What To Do, In Case You Die

No matter how careful you are, there is still the possibility of dying in one of the zones. If you were unlucky enough to meet your demise, you still have the chance to recover the items that you dropped. Just return to the zone where you died then tap on the mini map. Look for the backpack icon because that’s where your dead body should be. Find your backpack and take back all the items that you dropped. Of course, if you died beside a Boss, you might want to bring along a veteran from your Camp to help you survive.

The longer you survive in the wild, the easier it will be for you to progress in the game. Stick to our LifeAfter survival strategy guide and you won’t have to worry about dying ever again!