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LifeAfter Camp Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies Every Camp Member Should Know

LifeAfter is one of the most successful survival games for mobile devices today. It takes the genre to the next level by mixing together a lot of different mechanics in order to recreate a realistic post-apocalyptic world. One of the best features of the game is the Camp system. Camps are similar to guilds in other games, but it takes on a whole new meaning here. Following the game’s survival theme, these are actual settlements where the houses of all members are gathered.

All the members of the Camp need to work together in order to develop and defend their territory. Successful Camps are able to climb the rankings and even become Trade Cities. The success or failure of your Camp, however, will depend on the participation of each member. Make sure you check out our LifeAfter camp guide for tips and tricks in order to learn everything a good Camp member should know.

1. Should You Join Or Create A Camp?

In order to join or create a Camp, you just need to go to Hope 101 and talk to Billy. You can sift through a list of Camps available or search for specific Camp by name. You can also create your own Camp by spending Gold Bars. We recommend, however, that you join a Camp instead of creating one if you are still a newbie. Right of the bat, creating a Camp will cost you thousands of Gold Bars. It will all be wasted if your Camp ends up failing. You can still become a Mayor someday, but it is best if you leave that for when you have more experience and resources.

lifeafter camp tips

Make sure you join an active Camp. A Camp with a lot of absentee members will not progress. It does not matter how diligent you are, you won’t be able to carry everyone’s weight. This is especially true if the Mayor decides to quit the game. When that happens, it is better for you to leave and find a Camp that has active players.

2. Move Your Manor

Once your Camp application has been accepted by the Mayor, Rachel will appear beside your manor. You won’t be able to move to ride the helicopter again until you talk to Rachel and move your manor to your camp island. Make sure you harvest all resources in your garden because they will not be transferred to your new manor. Only the unlocked garden slots will be transferred.

how to move manor in lifeafter

When you reach the Camp, make sure you check out the Map. Most members will end up outside of the main island due to limitations on the main island. You will have to become an Honorary Citizen in order to settle down at your Camp’s main island. Don’t worry because you can just use the Quick Travel option to go to your manor.

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3. Get Your Camp Meal Buff

lifeafter camp meal buff

Look for Maria on the main island near the fountain. You can contribute ingredients at specific times. In return, she will provide Camp Members with food twice a day. The food she serves will give you a 6-hour buff that can help you out a lot. The best Camp Meal provides +6% Gathering Bonus, +5% Damage to Buildings, and +5% Damage Reduction. In order to get the best meal, 33% of your Camp’s members must contribute at least 3 blue materials each. This is easy to achieve since the Camp Pond is filled with Red Tilapia that’s just waiting to be caught. Make sure you let your fellow members know about this in order to achieve the 33% requirement.

4. Donate To The Vault

When you go inside the bank, you will find a machine that looks like an ATM. It is actually the Camp Vault. The items that are donated here can be sold at Trade Cities. More importantly, when certain resource requirements are met, the Camp will be able to progress to the next technology period. You can earn a maximum of 2000 Contribution Points per week. Make sure you hit the max every week because the points you earn will become more valuable as you level up.

While it is ideal for you to donate the materials required for period progression, you are free to donate a variety of items in your inventory. If you still haven’t met the 2000 quote for the week and the Sunday reset is coming, feel free to dump a bunch of generic items just to fill up your contribution quota. Just make sure you don’t dump items that would help you make more Gold Bars through Trading. If you want to learn more about how Trading works, you can check out our LifeAfter trading guide we shared before.

5. How To Unlock Skills For Your Camp

When you head into your Camp’s City Hall, you will see an NPC named Bulbul in the middle of the stairs. Talk to him in order to view your Camp’s Technology Research progress. This is where you can spend your Technology Points in order to help unlock skills for your Camp. You are free to invest your points anywhere you like, but it is better if you coordinate with the Mayor on what he wants to prioritize. This will focus the efforts of the entire Camp, making it easier to unlock technologies faster.

lifeafter technology points

Technology Points can be earned by performing different tasks in the game. These tasks include planting or mining in your garden, crafting in any of the work benches, and using the Benefits Box. The more tasks you perform, the more points you earn. It’s all just a matter of being more active in the game.

6. Complete The Daily Patrol Quest

When you go to the Camp Call Board, you will be able to view the Patrol Quests available. Patrol quests reward you with Gold Bars, Contribution Points, and Mastery points. On top of that, your Camp earns Management points every time members successfully complete a Patrol. Always choose the Hard Route as it gives out the most rewards. Don’t worry because it is still easy enough for you to complete on your own.

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Patrol Quests require a team in order to begin. If you were a bit late in arriving for the Patrol schedule, other members of the Camp may have already completed it. The only way for you to proceed with the Patrol is to invite other members to your team even if they have already done the patrol. Once you initiate the quest, the other members of your team are free to leave, and you can complete the patrol on your own.

7. How To Unlock More House Slots

As we mentioned earlier, only a limited number of Camp members may live on the main island. The only way to unlock more house slots is by completing Territory Quests. The Camp Mayor will have to unlock these once your Camp has the required amount of Prosperity points. Keep in mind that even if you complete all the Territory Quests, there still won’t be enough slots for everyone to live on the main island.

lifeafter house slots

If you are lucky enough to be given Honorary Citizen status, and are allowed to live on the main island, you will have the responsibility to help your fellow members. One way to do so is to leave a table out that’s filled with good food for everyone to enjoy. If you have a high-level bed that restores more durability, you may want to leave your house unlocked, so other members of your Camp can sleep on your bed and enjoy the benefits.

8. Participate In Zombie Invasion Events

Zombie Invasion Events occur every Wednesday and Saturdays. Before the zombies arrive, five houses from your Camp will be chosen for the invasion. If your house is chosen, you will receive extra defense items like barricades. Set those up as soon as possible to make sure you are ready for the attack. You can add electric floors to help slow down the advance of the Infected.

If you are not confident in your ability to defend, ask for help as soon as the event begins. Using this function will provide a link for your fellow Camp members to follow. They can use that to instantly teleport to your house. When all houses have been successfully defended, members are given a couple of minutes to gather at the main island for a final wave of attackers. All five entrances of the town needs to be defended which means the strongest members of your Camp need to be assigned at different stations.

Avoid letting the zombies reach the barricades if you can. It is better to stand in front of them and knock down the zombies as soon as they spawn. You need the barricades to stay intact until the later part of the invasion or your Camp will fail the defense.

9. Don’t Forget The Boss Fight

Aside from the Zombie Invasion Events, there is also a Boss Fight every Sunday. This is a great way for everyone to earn Combat Mastery without depleting the Durability of your guns. If you don’t know why that’s a good thing, you should check out our LifeAfter equipment guide to better understand how Durability works.

When fighting against the Boss, you should pay attention to the thin yellow bar at the bottom of his health bar. When it fills up, you need to make sure you are on top of one of the stands. The Boss will destroy the stand, but you will survive. Ask the low-level members of your Camp to set up the stands, so that the high-level members can focus on dealing damage.

10. Watch Out For Raiders

lifeafter raiders

If you see a player with a red mark on top of their head, that means he is a raider. They are players from other Camps that are trying to loot the houses in your Camp. Do not hesitate to kill him on the spot or sound the alarm to notify other members of your Camp that there is a raider. If he tries to run away, activate the No Fly Zone tech which will prevent him from leaving the island for 60 seconds. This is enough time for members of your Camp to cover all the exits and ensure the raider’s demise.

Working with other players is the key to survival in LifeAfter. Share the tips and tricks listed above with all of your Camp buddies to ensure your success!


Sunday 16th of May 2021

All camps need to a town locker or even in Hope 101 where if you don't use or need something anymore you can put it in there and sell it for just a few gold bars or even give it away for somebody who needs it for free.


Friday 30th of October 2020

I'm wondering if I can also steal/borrow some of my camp mates produce in their farm when it seems that they are no longer playing the game for a long time? Would they know that I harvested everything in their farm?


Friday 28th of February 2020

How do we assign camp toles or Officers?


Friday 28th of February 2020



Wednesday 1st of January 2020

In our camp, we fill the camp vault full but our camp tech still said failed. Why is it saying that?


Sunday 16th of May 2021

@Krisense, I should go bars to watch just for being in the camp?

Manprit uppal

Friday 24th of January 2020

Maybe because u have resources in camp vault locked nd not being used for daily tex


Saturday 6th of July 2019

When is manor event unlocked I have manor 7 but it still isn’t unlocked do you know when?