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LifeAfter Trading Tips & Tricks: How to Earn More Gold Bars

You would think anything goes in a world that’s overrun by zombies, but LifeAfter shows that money still runs the world. Available on Android and iOS platforms, NetEase’s new survival game revolves around life after the apocalypse. Zombies called the Infected are everywhere, and the last surviving humans are trying to take the world back from them one territory at a time. Your character is one of the chosen few who are able to take on the Abnormal Infected, those that are bigger and stronger than the average zombie.

While that gets you in the good graces of the Mayor, it does not give you a free meal ticket. You still have to make a living by earning money like everyone else. There are several types of currency in this game, the most coveted of which is the Gold Bar. You can earn Gold Bars by trading with other players, but how much you earn depends on your strategy. If you find yourself struggling to earn gold bars in the game, just read our LifeAfter trading guide for tips, tricks and strategies!

1. Craft Better Items

how to craft better items in lifeafter

The game allows you to sell an assortment of things, including some of the items you pick up from gathering. However, you will end up earning little if you’re just selling common items. Remember, trading in this game is much like real life. If buyers can easily get their hands on those goods, chances are, people won’t be willing to pay a lot for them. The only way to earn more is providing items that take a bit more work to acquire.

In order to craft better items, you will need to raise your Crafting Level and learn better formulas. You can check out our crafting guide for beginners if you are still trying to figure out how it all works. Once you have some goods in your inventory, you can start selling them in the Market.

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2. Where To Sell Your Items

where to sell your items in lifeafter

There are two ways for you to sell items. The first one is the Central Market in Hope 101. This is taught in the Tutorial, but in case you forgot, it’s the open warehouse filled with tables, on the northern side of the map. Approach one of the tables then tap on the Trade button that will appear. Go to the Sell tab in order to sell your items. Items that have the red circle on them cannot be sold on the market. After selecting the item you want to sell, tap on the plus or minus sign to adjust the quantity and price. Once you are satisfied, tap on the Sell button. Take note of the Booth Fee that costs New Dollars. If the items you put up for sale are not sold, the New Dollars are wasted, so make sure you price your items appropriately.

The second place for selling items is in Trade Cities. The game chooses three of the best Camps in the game as Trade Cities, then other players can go there to buy and sell. You will have to be a member of a Camp in order to enter Trade Cities. To go there, just board the nearest helicopter, choose Trade Zones, the pick any of the Trade Zones on the list. As with the Central Market, you just need to approach any of the stalls and tap on the Trade button.

3. Check Market Prices

lifeafter market prices

Market prices can rise and fall at any given time. Just because something is in demand right now does not mean it will be tomorrow. A great example of this is the price of backpacks. Armorers make a lot of money by selling backpacks since they are the only ones who can craft those. The price of backpacks, however, can vary wildly, from 20,000 Gold Bars to as high as 100,000 Gold Bars. The price tends to be higher for newer servers because there are still a lot of new players who need bags. The value drops by a lot for older servers that are full of veterans. Make sure you compare the price with the rest of the Market first, or your items may end up collecting dust in the trade stalls.

4. What To Sell

lifeafter trading guide

Now that you know how to sell items, where to sell them, and how much to sell them for, it is time to figure out exactly what you want to sell. The answer to this question will ultimately determine the profession you will take. While most professions have some way to earn money, you still need to decide depending on your style.

Gathering professions like Logger, Miner, and Picker, all make decent money from the profession-exclusive materials that they are able to gather. If you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about your strategy, you can just pick one of these three and call it a day. The rare materials that they are able to acquire will always be somewhat in demand, so you won’t really starve if you choose them.

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If you are aiming for a lot of Gold Bars, the way to go is Armorer or Gun Maker. As we mentioned above, Armorers make a ton of money by selling backpacks. It will take a lot of work before you can start making backpacks, though, so you have to be prepared to make that commitment. As for Gun Makers, guns will always be in demand since everyone has to fight off Infected. All guns lose durability over time, so people will need to buy more eventually.

5. Don’t Open Your Gear

If you decided to go the Armorer or Gun Maker route, make sure you do not open the gear that you make! The equipment you craft will have a ribbon on it to indicate that it is unopened. You will not be able to sell it on the Market if you open it, even if you have never used it. Once it has been opened, there is no way to put it back in the unopened state. You will be forced to just use the equipment you made, and craft something else to sell.

Another thing to keep in mind when trading gear is that you cannot trade non-rare gear. You will see the rarity of your equipment on the top right corner of its information screen. Rare gear will have a diamond symbol on it as well in the inventory. Without this symbol, you won’t be able to put your item up for sale in the Market.

If you crafted a certain item several times and you aren’t getting the rare version, it may be time to modify your formula. Head over to your Formula Research Station and modify your gear formula until you get good attributes. After that, try crafting a few times again until you get your rare gear for trading. If it’s still not working, your materials may be to blame. Try using pure materials. That means use only those that you personally acquired. Avoid using materials that were bought from the market or borrowed from your friends.

That’s it for our LifeAfter trading guide! Don’t forget any of the tips and tricks above and you will be a millionaire in no time!

Robert Coriell

Thursday 18th of March 2021

Can this game please make a cabinet or Drawers that holds 50 75 or 100 the most a drawers has is 30. Please make a possible formula to get in the material bench under furniture please.


Monday 14th of September 2020

is there any way to get federation credits without purchasing them with real money