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LifeAfter Crafting Guide: Tips & Tricks to Craft Better Equipment

LifeAfter is the latest survival game created by NetEase for Android and iOS devices. In this game, players get to live out their lives in a post-apocalyptic world. Your job is to reclaim the world and reestablish civilization by defeating the Infected. To do that, you will have to learn various skills that will help you stay alive. Killing off zombies is easy when you have the right equipment.

How will you fare if you have nothing, but a rock tied to a stick? Of course, when the world is in shambles, you have no choice but to make do with what you have. The good news is that the game allows you to create better things from the sticks and stones that you pick up in your travels. That skill is called crafting. You can craft everything you need for survival if you know what to do. Lucky for you, our LifeAfter crafting guide is here to help you learn everything you need to know!

1. Pay Attention To The Tutorial

lifeafter crafting tutorial

Crafting is the first thing the game teaches you during the tutorial. Aleksey will ask you to craft a Machete to help you fight off the Infected. The formula for the Machete is available from the start. You just need to collect the right ingredients in order to craft it. Tap on the Make icon on the lower left corner of the screen to find out what you need. After that, use your axe to harvest wood from trees and your pickaxe to get stone from rocks.

Once you have all the ingredients needed for crafting, just tap on the Make icon again then tap on the formula for Machete. Tap on the button on the lower right of the crafting window to begin crafting. You will then see a progress bar that indicates how long it will take for the item to be completed. You can leave the crafting screen while waiting for this, so you don’t have to stare at the screen doing nothing. Just don’t forget to return to the crafting screen to tap on your finished item because it will not automatically appear in your inventory.

2. Gather A Lot Of Resources

lifeafter resources

As you progress in LifeAfter, you will notice that the formulas you pick up will require increasing numbers of resources. The basic Stone Axe only needs 100 Wood and 25 Stone, but the Iron Axe requires 240 Wood, 60 Stone, and 2 Iron. You will have a hard time if you harvest only when you are about to craft. That is why it is better if you gather as much as you can whenever you have the time.

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Fall Forest is a good place to gather your basic resources. Head out with a couple of guns and as many available slots in your backpack as possible. Fill up your inventory with resources, then ship them out through the Postman as soon as possible. If you need help on how to get materials more efficiently, you can check out our previous article on collecting more resources.

3. Learn All The Formulas

lifeafter crafting formulas

Formulas tell you how to create a certain item. The more formulas you learn, the better the items you will be able to craft. There are several ways for you to learn them. Some of them are unlocked through leveling up your abilities. For example, the formula for Iron Axe mentioned above is acquired by upgrading your Basic Logging skill to level 2.

Another way to learn new formulas is by advancing in the story. Just as Aleksey teaches you how to make a Machete, other basic formulas will become available as you progress. Just keep on playing the missions that are given to you, and you will eventually come across new formulas that will be crucial to your survival.

A final way to get new formulas is through the Formula Research Station. You will pick up formula shards as you play the game. These shards can be used at the Formula Research Station in order to gain a random formula. The higher the level of the fusion, the more shards you will need. You can also tap on the Exchange Center in order to purchase specific formulas. You will need to spend Gold Bars, New Dollar, and Formula R&D Data for specific formulas, though.

4. Modify Formulas For Better Items

how to modify formulas in lifeafter

If you want to craft stronger weapons or armor, you can do so by modifying formulas. Of course, the basic requirement is to have the formula first. Once you have one that you would like to modify, just head back to your Formula Research Station. This time tap on the Formula Modification menu. From there, tap on the plus sign to choose the formula you would like to modify.

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Modification costs Formula R&D Data. You get Formula R&D data every time you draw a duplicate formula from Formula Composition. Keep in mind that the modifications are randomly generated. You won’t always get something that is necessarily better than what you originally had. Make sure you pay attention to the new attributes before confirming. You can still choose to keep the old attributes in case you don’t like the new ones. The data you spent on modification, however, will not be refunded.

5. Upgrade Your Manor

lifeafter manor upgrade

Aside from the formulas that you discover, there are also those that are known but cannot be crafted right away. You can see these when you scroll down in the Make menu, the Crafting Table, and the Gear Workstation. Certain formulas require that you upgrade your Manor to a certain level before you can craft them. An example of this is the Uzi which is not available until your Upgrade your Manor to level 3. The more complex the item, the higher the Manor level has to be. The Diving Propeller, for example, can be created from the Make menu but requires Manor level 9.

To upgrade your Manor, you will need a lot of resources. The higher the level, the more resources are required. Go to your Manor’s Controller to find out how much resources are needed for upgrades. You can find the Controller just outside your house, beside your mailbox.

Crafting better equipment is essential is you want to survive in the chaotic world of LifeAfter! Just follow our tips and tricks above if you want to make the best gear possible! If you have any other tips for crafting better gear, feel free to share them with us in the comment area below!