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LifeAfter Rare Materials Guide: How to Get Polymer Coating and Film Fabric

LifeAfter is a unique survival game created by NetEase for Android and iOS devices, where you get to experience what it is like to live after a zombie apocalypse. You will need to hone different skills in order to thrive. Don’t worry because the game is kind enough to provide a series of quests that would get you on the right track when you get started.

The Newbie Guide walks you through the basics as well as each location on the map. You receive rewards for completing the quests inside the guide. The quests get more complicated as you go along, so don’t get to complacent. When you hit Chapter 4, you will be asked to craft a UMP9 and a Bullet-Proof Jacket. You will need rare materials called Polymer Coating and Film Fabric in order to craft these two. If you’re stuck in this quest, our LifeAfter strategy guide will help you get your hands on those rare materials.

1. Participate In Stronghold Battles

lifeafter stronghold battle

The Stronghold Battle Mode occurs in Fall Forest and in Sand Castle. Do well in this mode and you will earn Feat points. You can then trade those points in for treasure maps. Just tap on the mini map of each location and look for the Stronghold Battle point. When you get there, you will see a board and a man standing beside it. Talk to the man in order to trade your points.

When you use a treasure map, a location will be marked on the map. Go to the location and you will find a spot where you can dig. Dig up the chest that’s hidden in the location in order to get resources. These treasure map chests have a chance of containing Polymer Coating and Film Fabric.

2. Check Your Camp Box

lifeafter camp box

If you are part of a Camp, you can check your Camp Box for a chance to get the two rare materials. Camps that are at least in the Steam period can get a Mutinous Box or Advanced Supply Chest. You will need to spend 2000 Camp Contribution points in order to purchase a Mutinous Box. Open it and you will have a chance to get Polymer Coating and Film Fabric. The chance is pretty low, but it is an option if you have plenty of Contribution points.

3. Hunt Mystic Creatures

Fall Forest, Sand Castle, and Snow Highlands all have a chance to spawn Mystic Creatures. You will see an announcement when a Mystic Creature spawns and where it has appeared. Go to that location and hunt the creature. If you are still a beginner, it is best if you stick to Fall Forest when hunting for these creatures. The Sand Castle and Snow Highlands creatures are stronger than the ones in Fall Forest. After killing the creatures in the above locations, you can search their bodies for various loot. There is a chance that you will be able to get the rare materials from them.

4. Open Snow Highlands Chests

There are several chests scattered throughout each of the zones. Each chest has a chance to contain Polymer Coating or Film Fabric. The best chances of getting rare materials, however, is by opening the five mysterious chests found in Snow Highlands. These chests appear every 4 minutes. You will sometimes encounter a zombie guarding these chests. If you see that the guard is dead, the chest has most likely been looted by another player. Just wait a few minutes for the chest to reset then try your luck. If you want to learn more about finding the chests in the different locations, you can check out our complete chests guide.

5. Participate In Events For Rewards

lifeafter events

The game always has ongoing events that you can participate in. These events give out various rewards, including rare materials. Some of them are as easy as logging into the game for consecutive days. Other events will ask you to perform certain tasks like crafting items or searching for crates. The more you participate in these events, the higher your chances of receiving rare materials as rewards. You can check your Mailbox at home for the rewards that you have received. They will be marked as “Sys Info” in the Mailbox.

6. Rush To Mastery Level 25

If you just feel like grinding, you can keep completing quests and performing tasks in order to earn a lot of Mastery experience. Once you reach level 25 in Crafting or Combat, you will be able to purchase Polymer Coating and Film Fabric from the Mall. Keep in mind that this option will cost you a lot of Gold Bars. Each material costs a whopping 2000 Gold Bars. Of course, if you have reached Mastery Level 25, you should ideally have a source of income by then. This is the easiest way to get rare materials if you can afford it. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to resell the materials in the Market.

7. Check Out The Trade Stalls

lifeafter trade

Since we’re talking about spending Gold Bars, you may as well check out the Market. You can go to Hope 101’s Central Market if you still haven’t joined a Camp. If you are part of a Camp, you can go to any of the assigned Trade Cities to check if there are Polymer Coatings and Film Fabrics for sale. It’s better if you shop from a Trade City because mayors normally set up bonuses for those who buy from their Camp stalls.

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Make sure you pay attention to the price of the materials you are buying and consider whether or not it is worth it. Prices fluctuate depending on the server you are on, but these materials can cost as much as 4000 Gold Bars. If you’re not careful, you could end up burning through your Gold Bar supplies and have nothing left over for other things.

The UMP9 and Bullet-Proof Jacket are great equipment to have once you gather the necessary materials. With the help of our LifeAfter strategy guide, you can get those materials with no problems!