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LifeAfter Chest Locations: A Complete Guide to Find All Hidden Chests

If you are a survival game fan, then you have probably heard of LifeAfter from NetEase. This zombie survival game for mobile devices has quickly become one of the most popular downloads to date. In the game, you get to create a character and work with other players in order to rebuild the world from the ashes. Drive off the Infected and reclaim the land. To do this, you will need a lot of resources, both for crafting and survival. You can gather various resources from trees, rocks, plants, and so on.

Aside from natural sources, however, you will also find chests scattered throughout each map. These chests contain an assortment of items, including rare materials that could give you an advantage in the game. Don’t worry because you won’t need to walk around aimlessly in search of these chests. Our LifeAfter strategy guide for locating chests is here to help you!

1. Check The Map Exploration List

lifeafter map exploration list

When you tap on the home button then scroll to the right, you will see the Exploration button. Tap on it to view the list of locations and how far along you are in terms of finding all the hidden chests. The different locations have varying numbers of chests and the list will tell you exactly how many chests to look for. Each chest you find will put a yellow box icon on the map to indicate its location. Once you have found all the chests, you should return to the list to claim your reward.

2. Hope 101 Chest Locations

There are four chests in Hope 101. Locating them is actually part of a quest. Each chest is located inside a building. The exact position of the chest may change, but the building will not. That means you just need to go to the specified buildings and search every nook and cranny until you find the hidden chest. The first one is in the Mayor’s house. The second is inside the Central Market building. The third is in the restaurant. And the fourth one is in the Commerce building.

You might need to jump up to higher places or look behind NPCs to find the hidden chests. For example, the chest in the Mayor’s house is sometimes found on the roof. You will need to go to the balcony and jump on the stack of crates in order to reach the roof. They have a bluish glow, so it’s pretty easy to spot them from afar.

3. Fall Forest Chest Locations

lifeafter fall forest chest locations

The chests in Fall Forest change in location. Unlike with the Hope 101 chests, the ones in Fall Forest can be found in old houses, caves, and other places. They could vary greatly for different players. The only way to find them is to follow the daily tips that are given to you. Head into the Map Exploration List once more and tap on the Fall Forest. You will see the tip for the day that will give you a hint on the chest’s location. Make sure you check the tip every day until you find all four chests.

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4. Farstar City Chest Locations

lifeafter farstar city chest locations

Farstar City has a total of seven chests. The first one is near the roller coaster at the top left area of the map. Get on the roller coaster track and follow it all the way to the top to find the chest. The second chest is inside the broken plane in the James Football Field. The third one is on top of the barrels in the platform on the lower left of the map, just across the river from the tiny island.

The fourth chest is inside a broken house in the top left section of the Main Residential Area. The fifth chest is at the top of the watchtower south of the Double 1 Park. The sixth chest is in the building on the top right of Pingle Depot. Climb to the top of the warehouse and zipline to the aforementioned building. You will have to stand on the top corner of the building and jump on the container. The final chest is in the main building of Farstar High School. Climb the ladder and look down from the right side of the building. You will see a slab where the chest is. Jump down from the roof in order to reach the chest.

5. Sand Castle Chest Locations

lifeafter sand castle chest locations

There are six chests in Sand Castle. The first chest is inside the lab on the east side of the map. Visit the Scientia HQ and look for the NPCs in the area. The one in the corner is near the location where you can climb to the top of the lab. The second chest is in the Mercenary Camp above the abandoned room. This area is guarded by mercenaries, so make sure you have good equipment on before attempting to find it. Check out our LifeAfter equipment guide to find out how to get good gear for this place.

The third chest is underwater. Dive near the top part of the tiny island in the lake. The fourth chest is at the top of the rock mountain on the left side of the map. The fifth one is at the top of the castle in the middle of the map. You will need to go there with a team because the place is crawling with mercenaries. Climb all the way to the top of the castle to find the chest. The last chest is found on the top left side of the lake at the southern end of the map.

6. Snow Highland Chest Locations

lifeafter snow highlands chest locations

There are also six chests on the Snow Highlands map. Take note of these locations because these are the best sources of rare materials. The first one is on the top left area of the map, under the wooden bridge. The second chest is in the middle of the river. The third is on the ice at the southern end of the river. The fourth is on the roof of a safehouse on the top right part of the map. You will need to place a Barricade, a Campfire, or an Ammo Box beside the safehouse and use it to jump up on the roof. The fifth box is in the center of the map inside a tree house. The last chest is on the bottom right area of the map in the soldier’s tent.

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7. Miska University Chest Locations

lifeafter miska university chest locations

Miska University has seven chests. You need to be part of a team in order to enter the location. You can assemble your own team or tap the Quick Join button to enter the first available team. The first chest is on the L-shaped building on the bottom left of the map. The second one is on top of a truck on the lower right side of the map. You will need to place an Ammo Box on top of the Barricade in order to jump on top of the truck. The third chest is in the small building on the upper middle part of the map. Find the room that looks like an auditorium then search for the chest near the corner.

The fourth chest is located in the underground basement. Enter the U-shaped building in the middle of the map then head south to find the chest. The fifth chest is also in the U-shaped building. It’s on the right side on the first floor, inside the library. Look on top of the book shelves. The sixth chest is on top of a bus on the upper left corner of the map. Place an Ammo Box on top of the car, so you can jump on to the bus. The final chest location is right above the U-shaped building in the middle of the map. It’s on top of the tomb-like structure. Go on top of the broken rock then put an Ammo Box on top of the broken pillar. Jump on top of it to climb the tomb.

Treasure hunting is a lot of fun when you know exactly where to look! Make sure you use our LifeAfter chest guide in order to find all the hidden chests in the game!

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