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Marvel Super War Tier List: Our Top Picks of Champions for Each Class in the Game

Marvel Super War continues to pick up popularity and has maintained its hold on the top 2 spot under the strategy category on the Apple App Store and has likewise become the #5 free game on the Google Play Store. Amassing over 5 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and netting largely positive average user ratings as well, Marvel Super War has proven to be a worthy contender to the host of MOBA games that has established themselves over time in the mobile gaming market. With its huge roster of champions to choose from, along with the promise of adding in even more characters through future updates, Marvel Super War has the potential to become the MOBA game of choice, especially to fans of the Marvel characters in the game.

If you have not yet tried playing Marvel Super War due to apprehensions stemming from impressions that the game might be too complex for total beginners, or perhaps concerns relative to the skill gap given that there are more experienced MOBA players in the game, you should attempt to give it a go as the game is relatively easy to pick up and play.

On top of the in-game training sessions that can prepare you better on actual matches, you can also read our Marvel Super War beginner’s guide to fast-track the basic learning stage of your journey. Truthfully enough, even MOBA veterans will consider each match they engage in as learning experience, so do not be discouraged if you lose a few games early on. If you have yet to fully decide on which of the 6 unique classes to primarily specialize on, then check our Marvel Super War class guide for an in-depth discussion of each class’ general strengths and limitations.

For this new Marvel Super War guide, we would assume that you have already settled on a favorite class to play as given a choice. As you may not always be fortunate to play with a solid squad, then you will definitely have to be proficient enough to take on other roles for your team. We understand that some characters in the game are not as easy as others to handle but considering everything, we ranked down who we believe are the best heroes and villains from among their specific classes.

Again, there are select characters in Marvel Super War that both have a main and sub class and when we consider the best for each class, we consider the hero’s sole value for the role they play within the chosen class.

Best Fighters In Marvel Super War

best fighters in marvel super war

Captain America

Our top pick for the fighter class is no other than the first Avenger and leader of Earth’s mightiest heroes, Captain America. This star-spangled hero can dish out decent damage, highly mobile and has some impressive control skills as a bonus. As a character than even beginners can easily learn and strategize around with, Captain America is a great choice of hero across all levels of expertise and within most team setups. The downside is that his defense is not that good, even at fighter standards but his mobility that can be utilized to come in close, chase a fleeing enemy, or even escape from dire situations more than makes up for the lack of defense stats.

Captain America’s signature Shield Throw should stand as the top priority as far as skill levelling goes. It can hit multiple targets and more importantly, it causes a slow effect of 30% for 2 full seconds. This skill can be used in a variety of combinations and setups, making the Captain a prime candidate for initiating skirmishes. His passive skill, Star of Freedom, grants a 35% speed boost for 4 seconds after using Shield Throw and will even have a leap for a basic attack within the duration that can stun an enemy for .75 seconds. Once he recovers his shield, Captain America also gains temporary shield that absorbs damage based on the skill’s proficiency. He will likewise be able to use Liberty Rush immediately after getting his shield back and this is his charge skill that unleashes 2 quick punches that restores his HP.

Captain America’s ultimate skill, Avenger Vanguard, is an ultimate skill to definitely take note of as the series of continuous attacks leave him immune from all control skills as well as grants him an 80% damage reduction from all attacks. In a team battle, the trails this skill leaves behind can also be used by allies for a 50% move speed buff that lasts for half a second.

Lady Sif

While playing a secondary role in the comic books and movies, Lady Sif in Marvel Super War definitely has a lot of potential to becoming a main favorite. Lady Sif sports decent damage, speed, and overall stats and above all that, her skill sets can make her an unpredictable piece in any match. She likewise holds a good mix of control skills that can set enemies up for a variety of combinations. Using Lady Sif is not as straightforward as most heroes, though, and to utilize her full potential may take a lot of practice in actual matches.

Strategies on using Lady Sif effectively center around the timing and positioning involved in activating skills. As her attacks involve throwing her sword and retrieving them, using care and tactics in determining each throw and retrieval act is crucial. Lady Sif’s passive skill, Battle Cry, is one to seriously take note of. This activates and accumulates every time she successfully strikes an enemy champion and increases her attack by 5 energy damage at base level and lasts for 8 seconds. This boost can stack up to a maximum of 4 times and at max, also grants her at least a 30% speed boost within its duration.

Asgardian Swordstorm is an equally powerful ultimate that raises its usefulness beyond the raw damage it deals. This skill can inflict a 3-second slow of 40% to all enemy heroes caught within its field. From a strategic perspective, this can be utilized both as you engage an enemy group or activated as a support to fleeing from a battle.

Mister Fantastic

The Fantastic Four’s leader and resident genius is our third and final pick for the best fighters in Marvel Super War. Mister Fantastic sports average stats overall but his skill set makes for great strategic plays as well. He has high mobility, has various skills that inflict stun on opponents, has a bit of self-sustain, and can even become invulnerable for short periods of time. Mister Fantastic is a great pick for players who enjoy being an initiator as well as a jungler. While Captain America may be a lot more straightforward and relatively easy to master, Mister Fantastic is not at all that difficult to use especially compared to our second pick.

Mister Fantastic’s passive skill, Elasticity, grants him invulnerability from all basic attack damages for 4.75 seconds and this effect triggers after he lands a basic attack on an enemy champion. Once the effect subsides, a cooldown period of 10 seconds initiates. As this will be crucial to Mister Fantastic’s self-sustenance, it is best to work on levelling this skill up as top priority. Another notable ability is Flexibility, which stretches Mister Fantastic’s hands towards a specified location and pulls himself toward the enemy unit that it hits. This skill has a short range AoE damage as well as a stun effect on surrounding units for 0.3 seconds.

Additionally, this skill can also be used to target an ally to immediately move to his or her location, granting a free use of the ability within 5 seconds. Mister Fantastic’s ultimate skill, Coil Strike does decent damage to enemies falling within its path. Additionally, this skill can stun an enemy hero caught within its path for 2.5 seconds, making it a great skill to combo with other skills as well as initiating a barrage from allies.

Best Power Characters In Marvel Super War

best power characters in marvel super war

Scarlet Witch

One of the most powerful mortals in the Marvel Universe and one of the most dangerous as well, Scarlet Witch stands as our top pick for the power class in Marvel Super War. She is very straightforward to use and makes it easy for even total beginners to pick up and play as. Her general strategy follows the usual mage or, in this case, power class rule, which always means keeping your safe distance. As powerful as she is considering offensive strength, a few good hits can make her fall easily. Being at the end of your range is a must for most cases, and using skills that push enemies back have to be used very carefully.

Hex Mark is a unique passive skill that can help push Scarlet Witch to sink in more damage to enemy champions. This passive skill adds a Hex Mark onto each enemy hero struck by any of Scarlet Witch’s abilities and lasts for 8 seconds. Once the target accumulates 3 Hex Marks, a minimum of 22.5 will be dealt to him immediately and this damage increases based on the skill’s level. A notable skill to utilize is her Enchanted Force Field. It targets a location that deals at least 60 energy attack on enemies within its range. Hitting an enemy generates another force field and the skill can generate up to 3 of these force fields per activation.

The remaining skills of Scarlet witch can push back enemies and makes it easy for her to have them touch the Enchanted Force Field. This will typically result in a damage from the skill that pushes enemies, additional damage from the force field, and even extra damage if you successfully have enemies accumulate 3 Hex Marks.


The self-proclaimed master of magnetism and father to both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Magneto is almost as dangerous in Marvel Super War as he is in the Marvel Universe and is our second pick for top power characters in the game. Although playing him is not as straightforward as Scarlet Witch, Magneto has good AoE damage capabilities and even sports a defensive shield to boost his survivability. In contrast with most power class characters that have very little use for their basic attacks, playing as Magneto makes it important to use his basic attacks especially after activating a skill.

For starters, his passive skill, Electrosensitivity, gives his basic attack a range boost and extra damage when used after a skill. More importantly, it places a metal sphere behind the target that lasts 6 seconds. As a lot of Magneto’s skills and damage-dealing capabilities depend on the existence of these metal spheres, banking on his skill, Master of Magnetism, is the recommended levelling approach. Master of Magnetism hurls 3 spheres in the desired location and while each enemy can only be hit by it once, the idea is to scatter as many of the spheres as possible for Magnetic Radiation and Magnetic Storm. Be sure to use Magnetic Storm strategically as this ultimate skill can turn the tide of any battle. Likewise, aggressiveness is not an advisable approach towards combat even if you have Magnetic Force Field active.

Human Torch

Our third and final pick for whom we consider are top power class characters in Marvel Super War is no other than the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. With his fire-based, high damage, and effective control skills, the Human Torch makes for a teammate anyone will appreciate having and an opponent to keep an eye out on.

Like most power class characters, he lacks defensive capabilities but he does have good mobility and his control skills can be put to a more defensive strategy if need be. He is easy to use even for beginners and simply centers on the idea of marking sparks in opponents he tangles with.

The Human Torch’s passive skill, Spark, simply marks any enemy struck by Combustion for 7 seconds. This can be applied repeatedly to reset the countdown. As having a mark on the enemy boosts the damage of Fiery Cage and is a requisite for activating Flames of Rage, banking on it would be a good approach towards skills levelling. Fiery Cage does good damage on its own but when it hits a marked enemy, it deals extra damage, resets the skill’s cooldown period, and replenishes 120 HP. Flames of Rage may require a marked enemy to be activated, but the 75% slow status it inflicts on the marked enemy, as well as the stun effect it inflicts after the 220 energy damage is very well worth it.

Best Marksmen In Marvel Super War

best marksmen in marvel super war


Our top pick for the best Marksmen in Marvel Super War is Star-Lord (who?). His intense level of mobility makes this leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy very fun to play as, but likewise very challenging. On one end, playing as Star-Lord to catch or catch up to you. In the hands or a rookie, though, or matched against a veteran player, it can be quite risky. Star-Lord’s basic strategies revolve around hit and runs, with some good precision skills that depend on the user.

Likewise, having varied approaches is essential as unpredictability supports his effectiveness in the field. Typical of a marksman, Star-Lord needs to be carried very well on the initial phase of the match. As he is very weak at level 1, gobbling up on experience as well as gold until at least his ultimate becomes unlocked is very important to building him up.

You should be investing more on Star-Lord’s first ability, Let’s Rock, as it is his best damage-dealing skill. This skill unleashes 6 elemental shots at an enemy that deals 10 physical damage + 25% of his physical attack value. Rocket Boots is important to utilize efficiently with its speed boost lasting 2.5 seconds. Milano Strike, his ultimate skill, is an AoE attack that can hit each target within the area up to 3 times. It’s basically Rocket Boots and Let’s Rock for the initial attack, Milano Strike and Binding Grenade for team battles. Always be conscious of when the speed boost expires as you may always need it to flee from a dire situation.

Rocket Racoon

A weapons specialist and master tactician, the Gurdians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon is our second pick for the marksman class in the game. He is among the best in clearing waves and his explosive trap mines are great for debilitating enemies especially if used strategically. These are essentially his goals in the battlefield but it is actually quite broad and will leave you with very little time for anything else. The idea is to clear waves as fast as possible and set all mines to crucial areas. Rocket Raccoon has good control skills and has a speed boost as well, which comes in very handy to support allies and to keep a safe distance if needed as well.

Machine Gun Volley, his primary skill, is your main tool for clearing enemy waves. This skill switches Rocket’s guns into strafing mode that attacks the target area with three volleys. Raccoon Sprint gives Rocket a 60% diminishing speed boost for 2 seconds. If a thrust enhancer is successfully acquired through his passive skill, Rocket will gain a slow-immunity within these 2 seconds. Take note that this does not provide immunity from other control effects.

On top of the 150 damage that Explosive Mine deals, it also inflicts slow for 1 second and you can set up to 4 mines at a time. This can be done while moving as well. For best results, be sure to place mines along paths that won’t be triggered by mere minions. Set them up for enemy champions for best results as you have Machine Gun Volley to take care of the minion waves.


Our third pick for the top marksmen in Marvel Super War is the X-Men’s Angel. Sporting potentially the highest burst damage in the game, Angel is the top pick if you want a champion that can take out any other champion. It can be very challenging to utilize this hero’s full potential and beyond level of expertise, it is essential to use him playing with a team you are familiar with and know how to carry Angel at least during the early game. Angel’s range lags behind all other marksman in the game so extra care should be taken before you reach a higher level and strategic positioning as well as utilizing his mobility is an important part of your play.

Angel is designed uniquely in that levelling up his ultimate skill, Angel’s Coming, gives an option for his other skills to undergo metamorphosis, which adds unique effects to each of them. Judgement, Angel’s primary ability, is the most important skill to level up and upgrade via Angel’s Coming. This skill leaves enemies struck by his basic attacks or Sacred Feathers with an Original Sin. Landing a basic attack on an enemy with 4 marks expunges all the marks and deals an added 10(+80% Physical Attack) damage on the target. Activating the skill also grants Angel a 40% speed boost that lasts for 4 seconds.

What makes this skill exceptionally dangerous is that once metamorphosis is in effect, it deals additional damage based on the target’s HP that is already lost, making this a skill that can kill any enemy you confront in battle.

Best Tanks In Marvel Super War

best tanks in marvel super war


The Avenger’s jade giant is our top pick as the best tank in Marvel Super War. Hulk is a pretty straightforward character to play much like Captain America, and can easily be learned by a beginner. From a strategic standpoint, the crucial part lies with the gears you use on him, which depends on how “tanky” you want to build him as well as the roster of enemy champions you are playing against in the match. Hulk does not sport any defensive skills but each of his active abilities has a control element.

Jade Giant, which is Hulk’s first skill, is one of the most important ability to level up. Its impact, based on whether or not there is an enemy within 250 yards can be used strategically in confrontations. With it, it becomes a matter of choosing between damaging and slowing down enemies within the path of the skill or trashing the enemy with the lowest HP while being invulnerable. Hulk Smash is likewise good to use for its knock up effect of 0.5 seconds.

Shockwave, his ultimate attack, is an AoE that deals great damage as well as inflicts slow by 50% for 1.5 on enemies that it hits. Hitting an enemy champion with this skill gives the Hulk 15% damage immunity for 6 full seconds.


Sandman stands as our second pick for the best tanks in the game. He has more offensive strength than most tanks in the game and sports a good mix of decent control effects as well. Strategically banking on his passive skill to increase his HP and size can heavily impact his other abilities and overall effectiveness. Sandman is a little difficult to master and somewhat challenging to strategize around with. His lack of mobility, which is almost a given for most tanks, is his biggest weakness.

Sand Trickle, Sandman’s passive skill, can grant his basic attack with greater reach, damage, and a 40% slow effect once every 10 seconds of cooldown. He regularly drops bits of sand that restores HP by 8%. Another passive effect is that whenever any of Sandman’s skills hits an enemy hero, its cooldown is reduced by a second. The biggest plus to Sandman is that whenever his HP grows beyond his initial Max HP, it enhances his basic attack and imbues his other skills with added enhancements.

One notable offensive skill is Sand Hammer as it deals good damage that can grow based on Sandman’s size. On top of that, it inflicts slow on enemies it hits and can even knock them up if used a second time.


Our last pick for tanks is the King of Atlantis himself, Namor the Sub-Mariner. Namor has decent damage and defense stats. He has some self-sustenance and speed boost thanks to his passive skills and some control effects under his command as well. Namor is one of the heroes that is also easy to pick up and play even for beginners. While strategies in using him are straightforward as well, utilizing his ultimate to eliminate a target is crucial to turning the tide of battle.

Namor’s King of Atlantis passive skill is an excellent one as it packs a lot of perks. This enables his basic attack to create a pool of water at his target Hero’s location once every 10 seconds. Standing in this pool of water replenishes Namor’s health as well as boosts his movement speed by 30%. This also attracts other pools of water towards him and deals extra damage to enemies that comes into contact with him. Namor’s passive skill also gives him a 10% movement speed in rivers outside of combat.

His most important skill is his ultimate, Deep Sea Vortex, which makes him leap towards an enemy hero and summon a whirlpool that deals 125(+35% Physical Attack) damage on the enemy while pulling them towards its center. Enemies hit by the whirlpool’s outer area are dragged in as well making for a great set-up for additional bombardment from Namor’s allies.

Best Assassins In Marvel Super War

best assassins in marvel super war


Our top pick for the assassin class in Marvel Super War is the Scarlet Witch’s brother, Quicksilver. Very mobile and has good burst capability, and a highly debilitating ultimate, Quicksilver is a force to be reckoned with all on his own through it requires a lot of practice and team coordination to see his full potential in matches. As a melee assassin with low defensive capabilities, Quicksilver is highly dependent on being able to take down his targets quickly and falling back to ensure his survival. He is a great pick for a jungler and has the necessary skill combinations that make it easy to eliminate squishy targets.

Quicksilver’s Super Speed is crucial to using him effectively as this passive skill enables him to appear by the side of his target with a basic attack that follows the use of any ability. It comes with a damage boost and force restoration. Hyper Charge is a notable skill to utilize at it can be used to catch up to an enemy and can be stacked up to 2 times.

Quicksilver’s ultimate, Spatial Relativity is a bit tricky to use. Activating this skill slows everyone down for 3 seconds, allies and enemies alike. This can be used both on the offensive and defensive team strategy.


Our next pick for the assassin class is the X-Men’s big blue fur ball, Beast. The Beast holds strong offensive strength, good mobility, self-sustain, and even a bit of control and control immunity. He is great at chasing down targets and an excellent jungler. With the right combination of skill and basic attack executions, even a beginner can earn a good score with this hero.

The key to using him effectively is timing the switch between skills and basic attack and ensuring that at you hit your target with your initial attack prior to fully engaging in battle. Do note that he does not have a good defense and while life steal is great to have, it may not always be sufficient to keep him alive.

Savagery, Beast’s passive skill, marks his enemy for 3 seconds whenever they are struck by his abilities and basic attacks on a marked enemy does extra damage, self-heal, as well as a 1-second movement speed boost. This passive skill also grants Beast with control immunity once every 55 seconds. Bestial Fury is a self-buff that enhances Beast’s next 2 basic attacks in terms of power and speed within 5 seconds. Bestial Raid has a blink quality as it makes Beast lunge towards the target area for an AoE damage and 35% slow effect for 3.5 seconds. Subsequent basic attacks reduce this skill’s cooldown. Predatory Shadow, Beast’s ultimate, makes him run towards the target while gathering power and does damage based on how long he charged.


Ghost is definitely the top candidate if you are going for mobility but she is likewise top-tier champion as far as difficulty to master is concerned. Each of Ghost’s skills can impact her mobility, allowing her to have various effective approaches to gank opponents and disengage at will from any disadvantageous scenario. She is probably not the best jungler in the assassins class, but as far as surprise attacks involving stealth goes, she is definitely an excellent pick.

Ghost’s damage-dealing revolves around afflicting enemies with quantum corrosion and detonating them with basic attacks. Quantum corrosion can be inflicted on the enemy using her other skills but outside of passing through them, the affliction only takes effect once every second. Quantum Positioning lets Ghost launch a device that slows down enemies in its path on top of the damage. Using it a second time will warp Ghost to its location, making it a great skill to utilize when chasing fleeing targets or escaping a disadvantageous encounter. Quantum Field, Ghost’s ultimate ability, grants her invisibility and increased movement speed within a selected area. Invisibility will be instantly cancelled once Ghost attacks.

Best Support Characters In Marvel Super War

best support characters in marvel super war


Another member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot stands as our top pick for the support class in Marvel Super War. High defense attributes, regeneration, and excellent control skills, Groot is definitely a hero anyone would want on their team. Groot can single out an enemy and even lock them in place for every other ally to gang up on. Even after getting KO’d, Groot can still wander around and travel to wherever he wants to be at respawn time. While he does not sport high offensive strength, Groot is definitely an easy character to play as even for total beginners.

On top of being able to walk around as Baby Groot after being KO’d, Groot gains 25% movement speed for 1.5 seconds whenever he enters brush and also regenerates his HP outside of combat. Bark Stab and Branch Slap are both control skills that can set an enemy up for a beating from Groot’s teammates. Growing Pains, his ultimate skill, can immobilize enemies within its range of 1,200 yards for 1.6 seconds and activates his windwalker passive ability as well.


Our second pick for the best support characters in the game is the Guardians of the galaxy’s resident empath, Mantis. Mantis is an excellent healer, can scout, and exhibits a great ultimate support skill. She is a good choice for beginners as well provided that you are bent on exclusively providing support to your teammates, especially your lane partner. With hardly any offensive abilities and a squishy build, Mantis will definitely not survive long in the battlefield on her own. Her energy should be spent on keeping her partner alive and scouting brushes should come as a natural habit.

Preception is the passive skill that grants Mantis the ability to see the nearest brush within 600 yards. Spirit Bond is her most important skill as it regenerates HP, boosts physical defense, and raises energy resistance for her and a bound companion for 3 seconds. This also enables damage to be shared between Mantis and her ally. The 3-second period can be extended by 0.5 seconds with each subsequent basic attack and can have an extended period of another 3 seconds. Life Drain deals damage to an enemy, inflicts 65% slow for a second and heals Mantis as well. Using this skill in tandem with Spirit Bond can lead to burst healing for Mantis and a bound ally.

Mantis’ ultimate skill, Force Control, is a formidable support skill that puts an enemy into a sleep state for 2.5 seconds and takes damage at the end of it. While the skill is active, Mantis gains 35% damage reduction but becomes immobile.

Ebony Maw

With the lack of support characters in Marvel Super War given its current roster, we are settling for Ebony Maw as our third and final pick for the class. Ebony Maw definitely has a weird design as far as skills are concerned but has his good uses. He can heal and provide defensive shields on an ally as well as cause confusion on enemies. For a support type, he has fairly decent offensive skills. He is definitely not suitable for beginners especially given his skill sets that vary depending on who he is attached to.

Ebony Maw’s passive skill, Black Tongue, marks enemies hit by his attacks with a 6-second Evil Whisper and embedding 3 marks on a target initiates confusion. Psychic Entity is a choice skill where a psychic entity generated by Ebony Maw attaches itself on either an enemy or a friendly unit. On the former its extra damage and 30% movement speed reduction while on the latter it grants an energy shield and a 40% movement speed boost. Dark Burst is Ebony Maw’s ultimate skill that causes damage based on how long it has been charged. On top of the raw damage, spending 3 seconds to charge it or using it again grants it an additional 50% slow effect for 2 seconds.

That ends our tier list for Marvel Super War. We hope that the champions we selected under each class has matched your favorites and that reading our guide’s entirety has helped you get to know each of these characters more. Thanos is also a fighter that is highly regarded by many people but unfortunately for our case, we have not yet been able to test him in the game. In any case, let us know of what you think with regard to our selection. If you feel that some of your personal picks ought to be on this list, let us know through the comments!


Saturday 12th of December 2020

Actually now Captain America was pretty foil, seems that the Marvel Super War keeps making Captain America weaker and weaker, and makes it rotten. Lady l and Ghost was too hard to control for starters, so it wasnt a good choice either. Lastly, Angle and Star-Lord are much better being a jungle, which could make them more strong than be a marksman These are just my advice, hope it helps :)!