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Marvel Super War Class Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Each Character Class

Following the proliferation of MOBA games that started to gain mainstream popularity over a decade ago, chances are that if you played and enjoyed video games then you should at least have tried a couple of titles from the hugely popular genre. With numerous developers pitching their unique take on the MOBA genre across all gaming platforms and despite some variations on some of the game’s mechanics, it all boils down to the same core concepts that fans of the genre all love and enjoy.

Superhero-themed video games, on the other hand, have had its share of incarnations across a variety of game genres in possibly every gaming platform that ever existed. While the Marvel Superheroes franchise is more commonly associated with fighting games, action games, and RPGs, Marvel Super War stands as the first MOBA game to feature an expansive roster of the most popular heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe.

Despite the prevalence of numerous MOBA games in the mobile gaming market, Marvel Super War provides something new and different even for experienced and veteran players of the genre. For fans of the comic book characters who have yet to indulge in the highly competitive battle arena, it is never too late to join the fray and play as and against your favorite hero or villain.

marvel super war heroes

If you have just started playing Marvel Super War, or MOBA games for that matter, and are still in the process of getting accustomed to the game’s mechanics and features, you should definitely read our Marvel Super War beginner’s guide to learn some basic tips and strategies you can use to jumpstart your progress in the game. While we have briefly touched on the topic of classes in the first guide, we will be delving into it further in this one. You may also want to read our tier list to find out who are the best characters in each class.

Before we proceed to go through each of the character classes in Marvel Super War, it is important to know and keep in mind that the game, much like all other MOBAs, is a 5 versus 5 team battle. As such, even as you choose from among the available characters which one to use, always think about how that character’s skills will benefit the entire team and contribute to securing a victory in each match you partake in. While high numbers in kill counts and good kill/death ratios are common fuel for bragging rights, not every class can engage in such feats. More so, every team requires a good mix, coordination, and synergy across characters belonging to different classes to have a good chance of earning a victory.

Again, having more than enough friends to always play with makes it easier to focus on a specific role. If you are, however, engaging in matches with random players, it becomes imperative for you to be able to know and understand how each class works, and likewise be able to play across all classes if the need to do so arises.

The Fighter Class

marvel super war fighter class

Neither the best in offense nor the class with the top defense, fighters stand as the perfect balance between offensive strength and defensive prowess. Though each character belonging to the fighter class in Marvel Super War has unique stats and skill sets, the common trait lies with their ability to chip in some decent amount of damage while also being able to stand through a lot of damage as well.

Typically taking on an off-tank role, some fighters may sport skills that enables them to take in more damage like a tank, have a bit more damage to take on a DPS role, or even have some crowd control skills.

Fighters can typically solo a lane leaving other team members to pair up on the remaining two lanes. Fighters are also very effective junglers provided that you have a good knowledge of the map and camps as well as experience with dealing NPCs within the jungle on your own.

For beginner’s, though, it may take a while to get accustomed to some of these roles especially if you shift from one character or class to another between matches. Beyond these roles, a more experience player can utilize fighters to gank on enemies. While any fighter may be able to successfully pull a surprise attack off, having a decent burst damage skill that can one-shot an unsuspecting enemy champion or at the very least induce negative status effects leading to an inescapable death is recommended.

While it is difficult to outline specific roles and tasks for you to pursue on matches given that team composition, the level of player expertise, and a whole lot of other factors that contribute to create a unique match scenario, we can at least begin with fighters clearing waves of minions in the early part of the match. If close to the jungling ally, a fighter can lend a hand in eliminating NPCs within the jungle and if fortunate enough to be at an advantage on his or her designated lane, can even assist on the nearby lane especially when it comes to clearing out enemy minions.

Depending on the champion you are matched with on your lane, your level of expertise, and teammates in the nearby lane or jungle, the ideal scenario is for you to be able to take on your opponent and push on your lane by mid-game to be able to freely assist on other lanes. Suppose your teammate operating the mid lane is supporting the bottom lane, make it a point to provide some support on it especially in terms of eliminating mobs.

The Tank Class

marvel super war tank class

Regardless of the variances in stat attributes and the mix of skills that characters belonging to the tank class have, the intrinsic trait of every tank lies in their capacity for defense. While typically built to be a sturdy front liner, it is important to note that not all characters belonging to this class exhibit the same level of durability. While each one supposedly has a penchant to initiate skirmishes and taking in more damage than the rest of the classes, some are built to provide defensive support to allies through other means such as having more potent crowd control skills or strengthen defensive stats of allies.

As a tank, soloing a lane is a common feat. Although charging into the fray may be a common conception of what a tank does, there are various strategic deviations you can apply depending on the circumstances surrounding the match as we mentioned earlier. Tanks are also effective junglers as they can take on NPCs within the jungle on their own for the most part. Paired with a power or marksman class, tanks should provide as much defensive assist as possible to ensure that damage will either be focused on him and away from his partner, or debilitate enemies for easy picking.

Early on, tanks should aim to distract or incapacitate enemy champions that can be eliminate by allies with a little more ease and likewise be a human shield against any oncoming attack to teammates. With controlled aggression, tanks can be prime initiators and practically look for small fights with the goal of enabling teammates, like marksmen and power classes, to acquire more gold and experience and stay ahead of the opposition.

If needed, tanks should be open to becoming sacrificial lambs when push comes to shove especially in crucial end-game moments. As a tank, you should know if and when your champion is capable of diving towers. Again, this will be very much dependent on who your chosen hero is.

The Power Class

marvel super war power class

As the class’ name implies, characters categorized under the power class sport strong energy-based damage. While each champion in this group have unique skill sets that each make them versatile in a match, this class centralizes their specialization in dealing burst damage designed to eliminate a target as much as they can. Power class characters have strong offensive skills largely dependent on their special abilities and as such, managing skill usage and each one’s respective cooldown period is a must.

Some power class characters sport defensive skills or speed boosts while others may have more skills with crowd control effects. Power class heroes are almost always ranged combatants and can go solo on a lane depending on the player’s expertise.

For starters, the primary objective for characters belonging to this class is to amass gold and experience points to grow strong as fast as possible. Given that you will be very dependent on your skills, ensuring that each one you use hits its mark is essential. Paired with a tank or a support character, it should be a given that powers should land the last hit on enemy mobs and champions to amass more power early on. It is important to note that a power class’ potential and effectiveness grows with each level so the more kills you make, the better it is for the team.

Depending on the match scenario and lane assignments, the priority at the early part of each match is for power class types to deal the last hit and kill mobs as much as possible. Pushing the enemy champion is ideal but the same might be more suitable if you are experienced enough with the character you are using. If there is not much happening on your assigned lane and you have skills on the ready, ganking on other lanes is a viable option. It is important for power character users to have a good idea about each character in the game and identify which ones are most frail and can be easily eliminated with burst skills.

The Marksman Class

marvel super war marksman class

The marksman class are naturally ranged combat experts but do not necessarily rely on skills to chip in some damage on the opposition. Frail and highly vulnerable on the early part of the match, playing as any of the marksman class characters makes survival a more important objective than other classes. Given the lack of defensive capabilities, playing as a marksman almost always means being carried in the early part of the game by a support or tank companion.

Marksmen typically possess skills that enhance their damage capacity amongst other things an may sport some skills that may also support their own survivability. With growth in overall strength based on level and equipment, it is important for this class to hog as much of both resources early on to be effective from mid to end game.

Marksmen are least likely to solo a lane most especially on the start of the match. Especially with assassins or DPS type powers on the opposing team, a marksman ought to always have a support or tank by his side for protection since you will always be a prime target for enemies. On top of taking caution every step of the way, a marksman should continue to farm for gold and XP so killing mobs is very important. Using your hero’s range is a must at all times so whether you are just poking an enemy champion or assisting in a team scuffle, always be conscious of your position and surroundings. As the common best offense against turrets and towers, always bank on the availability of your minions as well as sturdier allies for defense. You should definitely only join in on the fight after a teammate initiates.

The Assassin Class

marvel super war assassin class

As a unique class in its own right, assassins are typically more suitable for more experienced MOBA players given their usual role in each match. While fighters and tanks are both good candidates as junglers, the best class for the job are assassins particularly due to their high burst melee damage, mobility, and the occasional self-sustaining skills. Assassins that sport stealth skills, among others, are best suited to hop across lanes to gank on the opposition. Assassins also typically employ skills that further enhance their skills. As such, a good sense of strategy and skills management is also essential for users of this class.

As we mentioned earlier that the jungler role is best suited for players that know the map and beast camp locations very well, it may take a while before a total beginner can play the role of an assassin effectively. In addition to memorizing the entirety of the battle arena layout, assassins must know each character well enough to determine which ones are prone to eliminating with the skills he or she has in stock. On top of all that, having a constant role of determining which lane to assist with or gank on requires a good sense of strategy and some match experience to get a good hold of.

At the early part of the match, assassins should eliminate jungle NPCs as fast as possible for gold, experience points, and buffs to give advantage to his team. Once enough gears have been purchased and some levels gained, assassins can continue to pursue the more challenging beasts that reside within the jungle such as the black panther or Surtur.

Depending on the circumstances as well, hopping across lanes to gank on enemies is also recommended. While continuing to amass experience points and gold for better gears, assassins should be on a constant lookout for frail and troublesome enemy champions such as power classes and marksmen and do their best to burst kill them at any given opportunity. Using mobility, and some self-sustaining skills if applicable, is a definite must for an assassin an, of course, having the element of surprise is a trait that must be used to your advantage at every opportunity.

The Support Class

marvel super war support class

Definitely not a popular pick for players who always want to be in on the action, the support class is all about what the class name implies; providing aid and protection to your teammates no matter what the cost. Support class characters provide a wide range of services to their teammates which may include health restoration, stat enhancements, debuff or weaken enemies, or even provide crowd control support. With the general lack of offensive skills, support characters are almost always paired with DPS characters, particularly frail ones like the marksman or power class heroes.

Regardless of which type of skills the character has, the general idea is for you, as a support class character, to ensure your teammate or partner’s survival. While earning gold and XP is important for each player in the match, leaving your marksman or power buddy to rake in most kills and last hits is the optimal strategy. If need be, you should even be willing to sacrifice a K.O. in an attempt to save a teammate. Heading into a fight is definitely not among a support character’s many functions but if your character sports crowd control skills then preventive measures can be taken to ensure the team’s survival.

Support class characters may not necessarily stick to a particular lane on the early part of each match. Although it becomes crucial later on to partner with a DPS teammate, providing as much support to as many allies you can reach is also important. Having a good sense of positioning to support more teammates in team encounters is a must and knowing which ally to prioritize as far as support goes is a crucial decision point that you will always be challenged with. In general, ensure that your most powerful ally gets the most out of each enemy encounter.

And that sums up all we have as far as our Marvel Super War Class Guide is concerned. Take note that some of the characters in the game’s current roster, such as Groot and Captain Marvel, belong to two classes. While playing as these characters may seem a bit more complicated than others, be sure to take note of each one’s stats and skills and focus on a particular role on each match.

Don’t lose hope if you lose a few matches as each one you partake in will contribute some knowledge and experience that you can use on the succeeding matches. If you have some questions, clarifications, or even suggestions in relation to what we have discussed, don’t hesitate as well to share them with us through the comments!