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Mabinogi Fantasy Life Farming Guide: Tips & Strategies to Gain More Gold and EXP

Mabinogi Fantasy Life is a stunning MMORPG from Siamgame, a mobile title that we have been covering for some time. If you are just starting out in the game, we advise you to take a look at our beginner’s guide as it comes with a bunch of useful tips and strategies to help you progress in the game early on. We have also published a class guide recently, that discusses the different class setups and builds in the game. If you are looking to maximize your gains in the game, then check out our advanced guide, as it comes with loads of useful tips to do that.

In this new Mabinogi Fantasy Life guide, we are going to share with you loads of farming tips and strategies. Check out our detailed farming guide below and discover how you can boost your gains in Mabinogi Fantasy Life!

1. Nearly Endless Gold Farming

During your Mabinogi Fantasy Life adventures, you’ll quickly find out that you’re going to need mountains of gold. Sure, various quests can cover a lot. Unfortunately, they certainly won’t cover everything. The really bad news is that you have a limit as to how much gold you can loot daily. The gold costs you’ll encounter get bigger.

Take the examples of when you’re upgrading your equipment and upgrading Ally skills. The first 5 levels of upgrading equipment will continue to cost more and more. Upgrading Ally skills will do the same. You’ll also need a hefty amount of gold just to buy certain books and other needed items from the NPCs. So now you’ll need a couple of good sources of gold.

Initially, you should join a guild. While you’re at it, you should also make as many donations to that guild as you can. It’s a simple thing really but the Guild Points are as good as gold so it helps. You can also sell items for Guild Points. If you get really overloaded with the donation items, you can sell some of them and gain some more gold.

mabinogi fantasy life guild donation

When you are searching for gold in Mabinogi Fantasy Life, you should take some time to hunt the various guild donation items. Your aim is to gain lots of them. You’ll be going after a variety of different mobs. In turn, you’ll eventually unlock mobs in your Album. Every unlock gains you gold.

From there, your gold gains would be coming from the mobs you kill off. The kill gives you gold depending on the mobs you’re attacking. Some of them won’t drop gold based on any level gap. All of them will drop various pots. The trick is to sell the pots you typically don’t use for however much extra gold gain. This also frees up inventory space.

mabinogi fantasy life metal ring

You can check the Obtain method very easily for these items. What you’d want to do is pick a mob to go after that’s not a ranged attacker, will drop the item you need, and won’t hammer on you horribly. Also, you should pick a mob that’s in large groups as much as possible.

According to this list, Shadow Lancers and Patrollers make good choices. You can leave your character there for a while using Auto-Attack and gain whatever you can from it. Go take a break for a while! All this can get you Guild Points and some extra gold. Unfortunately this isn’t the best method for gold farming. It works but it won’t cover as much as you like.

What will do the job in Mabinogi Fantasy Life is the Erinn Events. These are a list of daily “events” that happen to be a constant. Yes, you should complete at least 6 per day. Yes, you should get selective about it.

mabinogi fantasy life erinn events

You should aim for the highest star count attack type Erinn Events that you’re given for each day. Try your best to avoid taking Errin Events which involve collecting things. Keep a close eye on them as you’re doing them. What you’re looking for is a crowded event. The more players involved, the higher the Imp level will be (Silver and Gold). The trick to it is that once you’re done with all 6 events for the day, you can go back and participate in them. You can even leave your character there AFK for a while too.

As long as your daily gold loot limit hasn’t been exceeded, you’ll gain lots of gold. The mobs included with the Erinn Events always drop gold. They also drop pots to sell off and guild donation items. As it turns out, it’s the Archers that are excellent for AFK gold farming while camped at an Erinn Event. Their range is what makes the difference against the constantly moving Imps.

mabinogi fantasy life inventory

Take a look at the upper right corner of the above screenshot. Also take a look at the +upgrade levels of the equipment. Tons of gold was spent on this character for the various purposes mentioned above. It’s not exactly a giveaway getting equipment to +40 and higher. That should be your first indicator! Do you think that much gold just magically appears there?! Despite all the spending, this character still has over 1.1million gold left. Yes, it’s the Erinn Events that puts much of it in there. Those Nao’s Bound Seals the Imps drop help! Make no mistake about it. Going after lots of guild donation items certainly helps too!

2. Skill EXP Farming Strategies

It seems the devs of Mabinogi Fantasy Life decided to make it a bundle of zero joy to grind your skill EXP! Sure, it starts out nice and easy. You just use the skills and they’ll level, right?! Unfortunately, that’s what you get for not reading the skill descriptions! So now you’ll need to have specific setups for skill EXP grinding.

mabinogi fantasy life melody rush

The above screenshot is showing the Bard’s Melody Rush skill description. It’s that part in the lower right area you should pay attention too for each skill you want to level. This applies to all classes. When you first start out, you’re right, just hit and/or kill the mobs and/or use the skill in question. Some skills will stay like that (Archers and Mages) but you might have a level gap to pay attention to.

mabinogi fantasy life magic regen

As you get higher in skill levels, the EXP gain requirements change. As you can see, there’s also a limit included. At a level 5 Melody Rush, you’ll have 640 mobs to kill 1 by 1 or in groups. To gain the rest of the level to upgrade it, you’ll have to kill 4 or more mobs in 1 hit. There’s the trick to it showing in the description. There’s no level gap to worry about. So as long as you can 1 hit 4 or more mobs at a time, you’ll gain the skill EXP.

Unfortunately, the devs of Mabinogi Fantasy Life also decided to get a little tricky about it.

mabinogi fantasy life aura

Sometimes you’ll get weird ones like this. All you have to do is dodge a monster’s attack to gain the skill EXP. Seems pretty straightforward, right?! Unfortunately, that doesn’t work so well if you didn’t boost your Auto-DEF stat. It also doesn’t work so easily if you’re getting hammered on by the mobs you’re skill EXP grinding. You also have to have Exiled Grief equipped but you don’t have to use it to gain its EXP. So how do you grind a skill like this? It’s Polar Bees to the rescue! Of course, this will depend on how well your Bard can survive against them. The key is that there’re lots of them at close range to each other and you don’t have to kill them.

To set this up in Mabinogi Fantasy Life, you’ll first find a Line which has an empty Polar Bees spot. Make sure Exiled Grief is equipped. Do not start in the middle of the Polar Bees especially if your character can’t handle them! If your character can handle them with little difficulty, you can start wherever you like. Before you start, make sure you switch your Battle Settings so that your Allies don’t have the last hit (they can’t kill anything).

mabinogi fantasy life potion setting

Make sure the “Don’t unleash the Final blow” box is checked. This will make sure that your character’s skills do as much of the mob hitting/killing as possible. From there, turn on the Auto-Attack and let your character have at it. As long as your Auto-DEF gets triggered, Exiled Grief will easily gain skill EXP. From there it’s a matter of you wanting to hunt the mobs or use Soothing Hug to try to keep you alive while they’re attacking you.

Do note that not everything is going to miss. Whichever mode you decide to use, just activate that skill after starting the Auto-Attack. When you’re done skill EXP grinding, be sure to switch things to how you want them in the Battle Settings. Sometimes you’ll have to disable a few skills so the specific skills gain the EXP. Sometimes you’ll have to do things manually like in the case of Melody Rush.

Eventually the question of why bother with a skill such as Exiled Grief shows up? You’ll find out awfully quick when you’re in content such as the Cheese Brawl. That same question tends to works its way into your mind with skills from all classes!

3. EXP Farming Without Mount Boosts

The good news is that if you slowed your leveling to a crawl so that you can gain stronger skills first, you probably did something right! The bad news is that you’ll still have to level to unlock content. The better news is that farming EXP in Mabinogi Fantasy Life is pretty easy. There’re a couple of tricks to really gain EXP when you want it. Also included is that you can do so without having to use mount boosts.

The first part of this is to determine the level range you want to stay at while skill EXP grinding. From there, simply don’t reincarnate.

mabinogi fantasy life reincarnation

If you don’t reincarnate, your character’s level will not increase. While you’re doing this, you can store up as much EXP as you want. So when you do reincarnate, you’ll gain a lot of levels instantly. With all those levels comes a lot of Ability Points (AP). Check the skill screenshots from the above section. You’ll gain a lot of AP from leveling instantly and 5 more AP for the reincarnation. So now it’s a matter of building up all that extra EXP.

One very easy way to do so is to make sure you leave your character in the Resting Area (inside the city in Dunbarton) before you exit the game for the day. Every time you’re in the Resting Area of Dunbarton, you’ll automatically gain EXP. That EXP gain continues to pile up while you’re not even in game! You’ll collect it when you return to the game. It has a limit to it but depending on how long you were out of the game, this could turn into multiple instant levels gained.

mabinogi fantasy life offline rest exp

A lot of times you’ll still be considered as a low level player. That’s most likely because your level might be a bit low at the time. Thankfully you do have a daily quick EXP gain. The clue to it is indicated in the screenshot below!

mabinogi fantasy life adventure dungeon

Mabinogi Fantasy Life didn’t leave too many options for leveling via grinding mobs. At the same time you’d also want your equipment to attempt to stay on par with your character’s level. The problem is that a lot of lower level players get kicked out of a dungeon party because of their lower level. So you simply make a team for dungeon rounds. You can’t get kicked from your own team! The dungeons can give you nice EXP gains.

However, if your character wasn’t exactly ready for it, there’s another trick to it. Basically, don’t go running first into the rooms and pretty much hide behind mobs that others are attacking. Yes, do attack but try not to lure everything onto yourself!

You’d be surprised how many times you can get easily through a dungeon if your team happens to be good! Yes, even while you’re busy trying to hide behind things! As it turns out, that’s the multi-player dungeon showing in the above screenshot and it’s sometimes part of your daily quests. This applies to all players which includes much higher level players.

So there’s always the chance that you can either join or make a good party that will run it several times over. So while you’re not able to solo dungeons, this makes for a good method to get your quests done. Of course, the dungeons are a good way to gain several levels quickly and some nice loot.

4. Double Your Mount Boost Gains From 1 Day Mounts

The Mounts of Mabinogi Fantasy Life can certainly be a huge help towards a lot of collection needs. Unfortunately, they have a serious limit to them. The most wanted mounts are those which boost your collection gains. Collecting is one of the harder aspects of the game. So how do you take a 1day Mount and double its collecting boost? That would be to use it again the next day.

mabinogi fantasy life tuan's soul mount

When you check out the lower listed descriptions for each mount, you’ll see the boosts they provide (if any). The White and Blue whistles only cost Nao’s Bound Seals. Those seals are usually easy to gain each day. But when you check the Black Dragon, Tuan’s Soul, and Crystal Deer Mounts, you’ll notice those use the Purple whistles for a1 month duration.

mabinogi fantasy life crystal deer mount

Those Purple whistles cost 300 Nao’s Seals. Yeah, the not always so easy to gain seals! The strategy here to double up the boosts is to use the same mount the next day. This means that you have to figure out the daily server reset time (local time and server time). Compare that time to what time you like to start your Mabinogi Fantasy Life adventures for the day. Wait a couple of hours afterwards for just in case before you buy a 1 day Mount. Take the example where the server you’re in resets each day at 5am (adjust for GMT). If you like to start playing on any given day at 1pm, you should wait until at least 3pm that day before buying a 1 day Mount. Give yourself plenty of time to spare.

mabinogi fantasy life black dragon mount

You’ve been looking at the trick to it all in the screenshots already. Mabinogi Fantasy Life has a daily reset time. Those Mounts do not! Just be sure to use the Mount again before it expires. The 1 day Mounts will last 24 hours as indicated. Much to your advantage, their boosts reset with the server. With the above give example of the server resetting at 5am and you buying at 3pm, you can collect things with the boosts still working the next day. You’ll also have plenty of time to spare. Just make sure the 1 day Mount you bought expires before buying another one.

The other trick to this is showing in the Black Dragon’s lower description. You do have a limit on how much you can collect each day. You should stick to that limit unless you have lots of Nao’s Bound Seals to spare. The Black Dragon is all about collecting cooking ingredients. It’s also the Mount you use for Auto-Fishing. The trick here is to never use the Black Dragon for fishing until the collection boost runs out. You’d only be burning time and you won’t get extra fish. But it does come in handy for AFK fishing! Also note that the Auto-Fishing can be used to fill out your daily collection limit.

5. Gaining With Your Farm

What’s a Mabinogi Fantasy Life farming guide without talking about the Farm?! It’s a pretty straightforward setup to deal with. You play in the dungeons to gain seeds. Plant the seeds and harvest them to level your Farm. You can also build various collection items. This is where it gets interesting!

mabinogi fantasy life white sheep

When you’re building collection items on your Mabinogi Fantasy Life Farm, they’re never a waste. The main recommendation is to use your Farm Stones to build things first and foremost. It’s up to you if you want to spend Nao’s Bound Seals to continue building. Just make sure you make it functional/useful before trying to “make it pretty”. From there it’s a matter of making sure you collect from all of it daily.

Now notice the White Sheep in the above screenshot on the left. Not far behind it are other low level collection items. You might think why keep/collect from those? Simply put, nothing is a waste on your Farm. You were just looking at it wrong!

mabinogi fantasy life farm

The trick to this is that you almost always have new players starting out in Mabinogi Fantasy Life. You also have current players making more characters or are still at lower levels for those items. Who did you think might end up wanting to buy those things?! If you have level C Tailoring and you’re still collecting wool from White Sheep that certainly won’t help your Tailoring get to higher levels!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to score some Guild Points and/or Nao’s Seals by selling your extras! The fun part is that when you collect from your Farm, your daily collection limit is not used. You’ll still gain the character EXP and any skill EXP for the Life skills. The bad news is that the mount boosts won’t work here.

Another aspect to this is included with your daily quests. One of those quests shows up indicating to collect in the wild. Collecting on your Farm counts towards this. So you gain the character EXP, the Life skills EXP, the materials, and it never touches your daily collection limit. The Farm also comes in handy for a nice and quiet place to craft, cook, and/or play an ensemble. The idea being that you’d have some extra materials right in front of you for just in case!

That’s all for now as far as our farming tips and strategies are concerned. If you are aware of additional farming strategies, feel free to share them with us in the comment section!