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Mabinogi Fantasy Life Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Upgrade Your Skills Fast

Following the success of BLEACH Mobile 3D, Siamgame is back with yet another exciting mobile MMORPG in the form of Mabinogi Fantasy Life. Don’t let the game’s fairly smaller download size trick you. This one is certainly packing a hefty amount of content.

The good news is that Mabinogi Fantasy Life will definitely keep you busy for quite some time! The bad news happens to be the same thing. With so much content involved, many players are finding it hard to keep up with everything. In turn, this causes a lot of questions to pop up. Fear not, though, as our Mabinogi Fantasy Life beginner’s guide is packed with a ton of useful tips, cheats and strategies to give you a great start in the game!

1. Character Creation Tips

When you first start your Mabinogi Fantasy Life adventures, naturally you’ll have to make a character. The trick isn’t in making the character (appearances and etc.).

mabinogi fantasy life character creation

The trick to it is carefully selecting up to 2 classes for it. The appearances and etc. can change when you Rebirth. It’s in selecting the classes you want to use and sticking with them. You’ll save yourself a lot of problems and Ability Points (AP). At some points during your adventures you’ll most likely think you’ll have AP for everything no matter what. Unfortunately, you’ll run out of AP a lot faster than you think! If you want to try out another 2 classes later, your better bet is to make another character. Currently there are 4 classes to choose from. These include Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Bard (you have to unlock Bard).

2. Know Your Attributes

Your character has a variety of Attributes (stats) to deal with. Yes, some do work better than others on specific characters. Of course the devs didn’t want you to get bored by not worrying about these things! The good news is that you can upgrade various Attributes fairly easily. The bad news is that many things were not explained in game. This leaves newcomers having to constantly ask.

mabinogi fantasy life character attributes

In the above screen shot, you can see your basic stats by clicking on your avatar in the upper left corner of the main game screen. The HP is pretty obvious to most! Magic is your mana pool. Stamina is your stamina pool. You’ll need these for using various skills (check the skill descriptions).

Having bigger pools helps keep you in the action for longer. The Max ATK is the most amount of damage you can do. The Min ATK is the lowest amount you can do. Many skills are based on either of these stats. So do yourself a huge favor and make it your main point to increase these two Attributes.

Of course this isn’t the limit to it in Mabinogi Fantasy Life! Click the Detailed Info button to see the rest of your stats.

mabinogi fantasy life character attributes details

Now it gets a bit more complex! Counter is a damage boost based on one of your Passive skills. Auto DEF (Defense) is a dodge. When it’s triggered, you won’t take any damage or knowndown/back effects (the attack on you missed). Crit is the rate at which your critical attacks come out. TEN is short for Tenacity. This is your defense against crowd control effects (stun and/or other “ailments”). Armor is a defense boost. Pierce is how much armor/defense on your target(s) is ignored so you’ll do more damage. Balance is a type of damage calculation.

The Abilities of your Mabinogi Fantasy Life character are also included in all this. These provide boosts to your stats as soon as you upgrade them.

mabinogi fantasy life ability upgrades

To upgrade the Ability, you simply upgrade the skills showing in the list. No, you don’t have to upgrade and/or use all of them. You have to use just enough of them to gain the EXP so you can click the Ability Upgrade button.

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The trick is showing in the above screen shot. The Magic Regen skill of the Mage is showing on the middle right side. It was never used but yet the Ability is being upgraded. The next part is to look at the Rewards Bonus. The Next Level rewards are added to your Attributes. That’s why you’re seeing some of them not actually changing (increasing) when you upgrade.

3. The Various Skills And Skill Leveling Strategies

Let’s start with the attacking/Active skills. If you want anything done in Mabinogi Fantasy Life, eventually you’re going to have to kill it! Your targets certainly won’t die from that strongly worded letter you wrote them! Previously we mentioned that you should pick and stick with up to 2 classes. To do this, you simply equip the appropriate weapon and switch between them as needed while playing.

To upgrade your skills you simply use them. Unfortunately, you’ll only have 4 skills from each class you selected to play with at a time. Also note there’s a cool down timer before switching between classes.

how to upgrade active skills in mabinogi fantasy life

Also recall the mention of your Ability Points above being easily drained. As showing in the top right corner of the above screen shot; that’s what happens when you go a bit overboard! Thankfully there are various methods to gain AP. Click the “+” button next to your AP so see them. So try not to go after the Skill Degrading Capsule in the Guild Item Room too many times!

Once you’ve equipped your chosen weapons, you just need the setup and method to fairly quickly level your skills.

mabinogi fantasy life skill upgrade

The good news is that Mabinogi Fantasy Life provides lots of places for you to level your skills. The bad news is that the above screen shot is a bad way to do it! What you’re looking for is a place with few or no other players in it. From there it’s a matter of having groups of low level mobs that you can easily 1 hit kill.

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Remember, it’s the skills getting the job done which gains their EXP. You’re here to level skills and not so much your character. All you have to do is make sure the skills in question are equipped and setup in the Battle Settings (game Settings).

First up is that you want to go into your game Settings and adjust your pots usage. You should do this even if you’re not specifically leveling your skills.

mabinogi fantasy life battle settings

The idea is to set the sliders so that you’re not guzzling pots but your skills can keep going for quite some time. Certain Passives can help with this as well. Next is to check the Ally Setting. Use “Unleash the Final Blow” for most attacking/adventuring. Use “Don’t unleash the Final Blow” while leveling your skills.

The problem is that you have to make sure your skills actually either kill or buff/heal. They won’t do that as much if your Allies are deployed and/or killing your targets. If your skills do the job, then they’ll gain EXP for leveling. With this setting, you can keep your Allies deployed which helps in killing things. Unfortunately, the Auto Attack also uses your normal attack. A certain Bard’s skill needs it. So if the normal attack kills your target(s), you won’t get the skill EXP.

From there you’ll have to setup your Auto Attack. Thankfully the Mabinogi Fantasy Life devs managed to get this part mostly right.

mabinogi fantasy life auto mode skill settings

The Auto Attack system allows you to use whichever skills you have equipped at the time. Depending on the class and the skill(s) you want to level, you’ll have to uncheck accordingly. Take the example of the Bard skills showing in the above screen shot. It doesn’t really matter if you enable or disable these skills since they’re all constant aura type skills. One of them gets activated (manually or automatically) and it stays there.

Once the auto attacking starts, you’ll have to manually trigger another skill to level it. But when you check a Mage’s skills, you can disable the ones you don’t want to level. You do this because you’re convinced that you want to use the other Mage skills later (save time and AP). It’s the same for Warriors and Archers.

The Passives of Mabinogi Fantasy Life provide some seriously needed boosts and capabilities for your character. The good news is that they’re fairly easy to unlock/gain. The bad news is that you really need the right combination of Passives to truly make your character a real deal powerhouse.

mabinogi fantasy life passive skills

Initially the Passives are pretty easy to deal with. You can have up to 5 in use at a time. The recommendation is to equip only the ones you plan to use according to the classes you’re using. Otherwise they’re just taking up the slots.

For example you wanted to have a Bard and Warrior character. You simply remove the Bow and Magic Mastery Passives. Later you can equip the Music Mastery Passive when you unlock the Bard class. The next recommendation is to take the time to check each of the Passive’s effects.

Take the example of the Magic Shield Passive. When used with a Warrior’s Taunt + Storm defense skills, you’d have a pretty decent tanker. Warriors use Stamina rather than Mana. Now try Magic Shield on a Mage. You’ll have a corpse instead of a character! But when you check the Crit and Accuracy skills, you’ll see they can be used on any class.

Now check out the Magic and Stamina Burn Passives. They’re good for any class and good for crippling targets! Yes, getting Ally based Passives helps too!

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Lastly you have the Life skills of Mabinogi Fantasy Life. The bad news is that building these skills up can really test you. The good news is that they’re all useful and can be very profitable. In every case, when you’re dealing with Life skills, you’re always gaining one way or another. So it’s a good idea to get into all of them as much as possible.

mabinogi fantasy life life skills

Each of the Life skills is separated into one of the 6 categories that make up Life skills. You simply perform the skills to upgrade them (gain their EXP). The main strategy for Life skills is to upgrade the ones that work well with your character. Everything else is a bonus.

Take the example of the Autumn Harvest Life skill (sickle icon). When it’s upgraded, you’ll gain the bonus Attributes Defense and Auto Defense. Just harvest the various crops (except from a Farm).

Most of the Life skills of Mabinogi Fantasy Life will require collecting various materials/ingredients. Of course you can’t do this all day long! Unfortunately there’s a limit to how much you can collect each day. Thankfully it’s a good sized limit and it can be expanded.

mabinogi fantasy life adventure section

Whatever you do, make sure you keep a close eye on the Daily Limits found in the Adventure section (top right corner). The limits apply to everything you collect except for the Farm. Once that collection limit is reached, you can either wait for the next day or buy a Diligent Potion from The Shop (use Bound Seals). When you’re collecting things, your main aim is to boost the gains.
Thankfully you can and it’s really easy to do. Unfortunately, it also boosts the collection amount. The recommendation is that when using the boosts is to use them one by one for the day. You should use them to mostly focus on the specific target(s). Afterwards, it’s pretty much anything goes.

4. How To Use The Mounts For Maximum Gains

The Mount system of Mabinogi Fantasy Life is a bit different compared to other games. You can upgrade the Mounts but that’s part of the Life skills. It’s not the actual Mount being upgraded. Once you unlock the Mounts, you’ll be given a free one. From there, each mount is gained a little differently.

mabinogi fantasy life mount system

Each Mount in Mabinogi Fantasy Life requires a specific color of whistle to summon it. The blue and white whistles can be bought from the Bound Seal Shop. The purple whistle is only in the Seal Shop. Do make note of the whistle color needed before you end up wasting seals! The Permanent Mount tab showing on the middle left of the above screen shot has Mounts gained via the Roulette Event only.

Showing in the above screen shot is the Black Dragon Mount. The first part to make note of is the movement speed increase. Each Mount has its own movement speed boost. You can have multiple Mounts activate at any time. It’s the one you “Set as Ride” that’ll determine your movement speed boost.

Be sure to set the fastest movement speed boosting Mount you have as your ride. The rest will still give you their bonuses anyway. The Nightmare Mount showing in the above screen shot is also active. That’ll give you 30,000gold each day for 3 days at the minimum (up to 30 days).

Going back to the Black Dragon Mount, also check the first part of the description. Yes, you’ll permanently gain storage space in your backpack. This is a huge help since there’s no other storage types. Do note that it’s only a 1 time deal. Each Mount will provide a different amount of backpack space increase. Now check the Mount Privileges. This is the most important part so be sure to check these things carefully. Each of those privileges provides different bonuses for you.

For example, the Black Dragon boosts specific collecting activities for gaining cooking ingredients faster. It also provides the Auto-Fishing function which is very handy. Unfortunately that boost has a limit. It’ll only work 100 times for any given items colleting. So if you collected 100 items from milking only, then that’s all. The recommendation is to spread it around to different items while collecting with these boosts.

mabinogi fantasy life mount upgrade

To upgrade your Mount skill, you simply ride your Mount and click the speed up button when it shows. This goes for any Mount you’re riding. It’ll all apply to the Mount Life skill. Again, this is meant to level the Life skill Mount. The Mounts don’t actually level up or upgrade.

5. The Meat Shields Called Allies

The Allies of Mabinogi Fantasy Life are like a pet system. They can be incredibly useful and crippling to targets. They’re also part of your quests for unlocking certain skills and other things. The main problem is getting the right combination of Allies.

mabinogi fantasy life allies

Basically, any combination will do. However, getting a great combination of Allies can make a big difference. At the minimum, each Ally will have 2 skills (up to 4). They all have a ranking which is showing in the bottom left corner of the above screen shot. Their CP is showing in the bottom middle. Their CP is used as a quest requirement too so you’ll have to upgrade the Allies you have deployed.

Also, at the minimum is that they’re “meat shields”. They’ll take incoming damage from your character until they die. Don’t worry. They automatically revive after a certain amount of time (not long). You can check the Allies skills for Allies you don’t have. Just scroll down the list and click the Preview button.

Take the example of Moran showing above. He has three skills. You’ll gain the third and fourth skills via star upgrading Allies. As mentioned, Allies can be crippling to your targets. With Moran, his third skill drains the Stamina of whatever he hits. No Stamina = no Stamina skills can be used.

Try checking out Flora’s skills. Yeah, that stun can be pretty crippling too! On the opposite side, Allies can also heal. Every Ally has a healing skill. His fourth skill can hit up to 10 targets and heal himself and your character.

The part about Allies that you should pay attention to is that they do not apply boosts to the character’s CP (Combat Power). They’re their own separate entity in the game. You can check it by first checking your CP. Then Rest all your Allies and check it again. You won’t see a change in your CP. Also note that if they kill anything, and mostly you’d want them to, your skills won’t gain EXP. They won’t gain EXP via killing mobs. They only gain EXP via being fed cheese gained from the Cheese Brawl or the Guild Item Shop.

6. Cooking And Eating Food

The two go hand in hand in Mabinogi Fantasy Life. You collect the ingredients to cook with or you have to buy some. You cook food if you either can find or blindly guess the recipes! This will gain Cooking EXP for your Life skills. You also have to eat the food to gain Cooking EXP.

mabinogi fantasy life cooking tips

While you’re trying to unlock recipes in Mabinogi Fantasy Life, you’ll use the Cooking tab on the upper left corner. If you have the recipe, you select the proper cooking method (fry, boil, mix, and etc.). Insert the ingredients in the proper amount and proper order.

For example, select Boil while on the Cooking tab. Insert 1 Mushroom, 1 Salt, and 1 Water. That’s the F rank recipe for Baked Mushroom. There are lots of recipes for lots of foods for lots of effects. So cooking was only the first part.

Eating the food in Mabinogi Fantasy Life is the part where you should really pay attention to. Each of the foods that you can eat provides different effects.

mabinogi fantasy life fried egg

A simple Fried Egg provides Stamina and Counter. Counter is used by the Passive skill Accuracy. So there’s more boost. Stamina is used more by Warriors and Archers. Check the star count in the upper left corner. The higher the star count the stronger the food effect will be. Yes, you can eat various foods to build up a lot of extra Attribute Points. While you’re checking out the descriptions, do watch the Fullness count.

mabinogi fantasy life food effect

You can only eat just so much. Also note that the effects won’t stack. Each food you eat provides its own effect the one time for 15 minutes. So eating three Fried Eggs won’t provide Stamina +2400. It’s only reset the duration timer. As long as your Fullness amount is below 100, you can keep eating to add different effects. All things considered, you can have 15 minutes of some serious effects if you build up your Cooking skill.

And that’s all for now as far as our Mabinogi Fantasy Life beginner’s guide is concerned. If you are aware of additional tips or strategies that we haven’t mentioned in the article, then feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!


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