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Mabinogi Fantasy Life Character Class Setups and Builds Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Mabinogi Fantasy Life is the latest MMORPG from Siamgame, the company that’s also behind the popular BLEACH Mobile 3D. We have already published a beginner’s guide for Mabinogi Fantasy Life, so if you are just starting out, be sure to check it out first, as it comes with loads of useful tips, cheats and strategies. Moreover, you may want to read our farming guide as well, to learn everything you need to know to gain more gold and EXP. And in case you would like to maximize your gains and rewards in the game, head over to our advanced guide for some useful tips and tricks.

In this new Mabinogi Fantasy Life guide we will solely focusing on class setups and builds of your characters. As of this writing, the following classes area available in the game: Warrior, Bard, Archer and Mage. So stay with us and read on as we will be sharing with you tips and strategies for each class in Mabinogi Fantasy Life!

1. Your Equipment For Your Gains

The initial idea behind most equipment in MMORPGs is to throw on the best stuff you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, there’s a bit more to it than that in Mabinogi Fantasy Life. The good news is that if done correctly, you can have a serious monster of a character! The better news is that if you’re very selective about your equipment, you can have 2 monster characters at the same time. Don’t forget the part about being able to switch classes (up to 2) freely! The whole idea now is to get equipment that can boost the skills you use the most (whatever they may be).

Take the example of a Bard. Naturally the Bards have their own set of skills just like with all the characters. The Bard works a bit differently in that they don’t automatically use their other skills. The majority of the Bard’s skills are auras meaning they’re always firing. So you can place a higher focus on a particular skill.

mabinogi fantasy life bard accessory

The above screenshot shows an accessory meant for a Bard. It’ll boost Melody Rush’s damage by 160. Of course that won’t do much good while using an Archer! However, because of the way the Enchants are setup, it can work well on a Bard and Mage. So don’t give up too easily on the equipment you might be stuck with!

Now take the example of a Warrior. The Warriors have 2 builds to play with (attacker and tanker).

mabinogi fantasy life warrior helmet

The helmet in the screenshot above is meant more for the attacker build of a Warrior. The good news is that you can switch the Enchants for more of a tanker build. The bad news is trying to get appropriate Enchant scrolls can be just as difficult as getting the exact equipment you want. That and getting it to apply isn’t always a bundle of joy!

The difference between the Bard and the Warrior is that the Warrior, as with the rest of the characters, uses all of its geared skills. While you’re trying to get selective towards your Gear Abilities, choices in equipment become much smaller. So it’s the Bards of Mabinogi Fantasy Life that are the easiest to shop for!

2. Passive Setups And Battle Settings

It’s extremely easy to just pick some passives and leave them there. Unfortunately, that’s really not a great idea in Mabinogi Fantasy Life. So the strategy is to setup before you start something. The passives can definitely make or break a character. The worse news is that Battle Settings can do the same. So let’s take a look at the passives first.

mabinogi fantasy life passive skills setup

Your real aim is to equip the passives first depending on your main class of the two. From there, stick with passives that can help you all around. The above screenshot shows the Meditation, Crit, Music Mastery, Accuracy, and Self Heal passives. On a Bard, these work very well. As it turns out (except for Music Mastery), this also works very well on an attack based Warrior. Only some of this setup works on a Mage. Pretty much most of this wouldn’t help an Archer!

Of course you really should pick your Battle Settings well too. The idea is to keep things firing off when you want them too. While you’re at it, set it to not guzzle all your pots too!

mabinogi fantasy life battle options

The above screenshot shows the Battle Settings rigged for a Bard. This is also set so that your Allies can kill targets. With this setup, you can attack with Melody Rush and heal whenever you wanted to by switching skills manually. Dreamy Chorus is the only one that will repeatedly trigger. You really won’t want Enchanted Song constantly triggering.

The idea is to kill off most mobs rather than capture them. A capture won’t count as a kill which is needed to level most skills. Melody Rush and Soothing Hug are auras so they only need a 1 time casting each. If you freely switch classes, don’t forget to check your Battle Settings to turn things on and off as needed.

3. The Warrior Build

The Warriors of Mabinogi Fantasy Life are versatile in that they can attack and/or defend quite well. Many would argue that they’re much better on the attack. However, consider being able to survive things well comes in handy too!

mabinogi fantasy life warrior setup

Starting with an attack build, try out Windmill, Endless Combo, Final Hit and Judgment Beam. This works well in PvE situations. The idea is that your attacks are mostly single target in nature. Unfortunately, you’ll be surrounded by the attackers of Mabinogi Fantasy Life in a hurry more often than not!

Yes, you can place your skills in any order you like. The idea behind this build is to be able to get attackers off you using Windmill. This buys you some time to attack and increases your survival rate. In any case, it’s Final Hit and Judgment Beam that are your main attacks. These two can hit like an asteroid strike! It’s Final Hit that keeps hitting for a few seconds.

mabinogi fantasy life warrior geared skills

Endless Combo is in the mix mostly as a damage booster for Final Hit. Endless Combo is a bit tricky though. Do note that it only hits 1 target at a time. Judgment Beam keeps hitting everything in its path up to three times each. Yes, it has some serious range too! You can swap out Endless Combo for Assault Slash for a PvE build or Charge for a PvP build.

In swapping skills, you can also switch to a tanker build. The idea is to keep mobs on you but also be able to survive it. In a party, this will help your ranged attackers to do their job. Swap Windmill for Storm Defense and Endless Combo for Taunt. Taunt will drag targets to you and Storm Defense helps you survive it.

The bad news for Warriors of Mabinogi Fantasy Life is that they’re mostly single target attacking in nature. You’ll have to kill targets as fast as possible. If you’re using a Warrior as your main class, you have to increase your Crit and Pierce stats for an attack build. You’ll have to increase TEN (tenacity) and defense for a tanker build.

4. The Archer ‘Keep Away’ Build

The Archers of Mabinogi Fantasy Life are serious heavy hitters. The bad news is that most of their attacks are single target based. The good news is that their range is excellent and they can play “Keep Away” quite well. As mentioned in the Warrior section above, you can find yourself surrounded by enemies attacking you awfully quick. The Archers can pop out of that group to buy themselves time to attack the swarms.

mabinogi fantasy life archer setup

The main idea for this build is to mostly play “Keep Away”. To do that, you’ll need the knockback effect which is fairly common in the Archer’s skills. Lead off with Magnum Shot. While the target is backed off of you, you’ll want a heavy/lethal hit. Multiple Arrows comes in handy exactly for this purpose. It’ll hit the same target 5 times in a row. From there, continue with the knockback effect using Arrow Revolver (up to 3 times in a row).

Soaring Hawk is what puts some more distance between you and you target with another hit. Also note that when you have Soaring Hawk geared with Magnum Shot, there’s a chance it’ll instantly reset Magnum Shot’s cool down. In keeping with the ideas of playing “Keep Away”, you’ll want to boost your Counter and Pierce stats. Counter not only can be a damage boost (Accuracy passive) but it also serves as accuracy (against Auto-defense).

mabinogi fantasy life archer geared skills

From there, having Pierce to help your attacks slam through defense helps you kill your targets faster. With this, those swarms you can get stuck in the middle of won’t last long enough to really damage/kill you. Even though you’ve kept away from your target, you won’t want the rest of them all over you too long!

5. The Mage Survival Build

The Mages of Mabinogi Fantasy Life are known to be heavy hitters. Unfortunately, they use up attack time to charge most of their skills. During that time you’ll be getting attacked possibly from every direction. So the ideas with this build are to attack in almost every direction, make sure your targets miss like crazy, and buy yourself time to attack. The downside to this build is that you’ll be guzzling mana quite a bit.

mabinogi fantasy life mage setup

Lead off your attacks with EM Storm. This provides a knockback to the target and targets the surrounding the selected target. Yes, that knockback cancels their attacks! Again, it’s all too easy to get surrounded by enemies. Winter Invasion sure helps wipe them out or at least puts a real deal hurt on them!

The fun part is that you can use other skills while Winter Invasion is activated. Shockwave certainly helps keep them off you which will buy you more time for charging skills to attack with. Pious Light helps keep you and/or your team members alive. Hopefully you still have mana to use it! Pious Light has a much bigger heal amount compared to the Bard’s Soothing Hug.

mabinogi fantasy life mage geared skills

Mana can be a problem for you. The good news is that your standard attacks can still keep going no matter what. The better news is that your Mage can tank a lot more than most think. The trick to is to get your Auto-Defense (Auto-DEF) and Tenacity (TEN) as high as you can. TEN will help against various crowd control effects. Auto-DEF is your dodge capability.

With those two nice and high, you’ll be hit with a lot less knockdown and/or knockback effect. That is, if you get hit to being with! With this setup, you’ll have a near constant attack capability, a pretty nice survival rate, and a lot less of your skills getting cancelled. The recommendation is to not use Fire Ball and Firebolt. Firebolt only hits 1 target which won’t help you that much! Fire Ball is very easy to dodge by pretty much everything!

6. The Bard’s Army Build

The devs of Mabinogi Fantasy Life certainly gave you a lot to do with just the content. They also gave you a lot to do when it comes to Bards! It’s easy to think they’re some weak support class. Thankfully, they’re packing a lot more punch than you think! Yes, they can also be packing their very own army!

mabinogi fantasy life bard setup

The main problem with the Bards of Mabinogi Fantasy Life is that you’ll have to switch skills for certain content. Take the example of the Cheese Brawl. You’ll most likely want Exiled Grief equipped to give you a nice speed boost.

With that, you’ll have a better chance to outrun many of the mobs in the Cheese Brawl. It’s when you’re on the attack, you’ll want to bring as much firepower with you as you can. First, disable the Auto-Attack Battle Setting for Enchanted Song. Then make sure Enchanted Song is equipped. You don’t want Enchanted Song to tame “lesser” mobs during battles using Auto-Attack.

mabinogi fantasy life bard geared skills

Check your level. Find a mob that’s either a match or below your current level. Attack those mobs that you’ve selected to tame with Enchanted Song. The strategy here is to watch them first. Look to see if they’re attacking or if they’re moving around more.

To get the idea, attack Gorgons and then try attacking the Predator Ogre. You’ll notice that the Gorgons stop attacking you and just walk around for a few moments. That Predator Ogre doesn’t stop attacking as long as it can attack. So the Gorgons would be nearly useless to tame. You’ll have to do this for each of the mobs of the appropriate level that you might want to have in your army.

mabinogi fantasy life bard army

From there you’ll have Melody Rush or Lullaby for your attack skill. Either one is fine so it’s a matter of personal preferences. It’s just Melody Rush hits harder and Lullaby slows everything it hits. Soothing Hug is in place to help keep you and your army alive. Dreamy Chorus will be in place to boost your aura range and/or damage or buff/healing skills.

In order to increase your survival rate, get your Auto-DEF as high as you can first. From there, build up TEN whenever you can. The problem is that if you get a crowd control effect on you, your attacks or heals or buffs stop until you’re standing upright again. Melody Rush or Lullaby will be a constant attack once activated. With the use of Auto-Attack, you’ll deal more damage in using your normal attacks at the same time the attack aura is going.

The really fun part to Bards is that your army can go anywhere. Yes, this includes the Arena, Dungeons, the Relics Exploration, and name it! You can even change Lines. As long as you don’t change the Enchanted Song skill to anything else and you don’t exit/log out of Mabinogi Fantasy Life and you don’t switch classes, they’ll always stay with you.

If you happen to lose one or more of your mobs, you can simply go get more! Yes, you can even replace them with mobs from the various Dungeons and/or mobs from the Relics Exploration. As long as they’re at or below your current level, you’re good to go!

And this completes our latest Mabinogi Fantasy Life guide that explains everything you need to know about character class setups and builds. If you have anything to add or just would like to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to reach out and leave us a message in the comment area!