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Mabinogi Fantasy Life Advanced Guide: How to Maximize Your Gains and Deal with Giant Bosses

Siamgame certainly put together a lot of content for Mabinogi Fantasy Life. Yes, a lot of that content can keep you busy for many hours daily. The good news is that you can do any parts of it or all of it daily. The bad news is that things can get overwhelming sometimes.

More often than not, you can burn quite a bit of time just waiting for your team to fill up. Most players want to get through things as quickly and easily as possible. Then you can add in the fact that they want to gain the most while they’re at it. In this new Mabinogi Fantasy Life guide, you will learn how to maximize your gains, earn more guild points, Nao’s Seals and shards, as well as how to deal with giant bosses. So stay with us and read on, as will share with you a bunch of Mabinogi Fantasy Life tips and strategies!

Note: A lot of content in this guide is centered on the Bard class. If you haven’t built it up, you really should do it. It’s currently one of the most versatile classes in Mabinogi Fantasy Life.

1. Avoid Losing In The Arena In Hard Mode

When you start out in the Arena, you’ll notice you have to win five matches in a row to gain all five rewards. The idea seems pretty easy to accomplish. It’s not so easy to accomplish when you realize that if you want any of the higher season rewards, you’ll need a bit more. That and your opponents can quickly outmatch you!

mabinogi fantasy life arena

Mabinogi Fantasy Life gives you two free chances daily to get five wins in a row and as high a score as possible. When you check the bottom of the above screenshot, those rewards say “win streak”. If you lose a match, that’s it, you’ll have to start over. The above screenshot shows a place of 831. That’s only because the matching Allies for the week were not available.

So if you have two built up matching Allies, equip them first before starting a challenge (challenge = five rounds). You’ll gain a higher score with 1 or the pair of matching Allies. You can buy more challenges but it’s not recommended if you can’t get it done within the first two. Be sure to complete the two free challenges daily for the complete 10 points towards the Adventure Points.

Here’s what you’re aiming to do first.

mabinogi fantasy life arena season rewards

Now look at the bottom of the above screenshot. All five matches of the first challenge are done without a loss. All five were done in Hard Mode. All five were done very easily. So how do you manage that nifty stunt?!

mabinogi fantasy life arena battle tips

Recall that mention of the Bards being one of the most versatile classes currently in the game? It’s because they can bring help! What this does is make each Arena match a 7 vs. 1 battle in your favor. Keep in mind that all of your attacks are hitting the opponent. Their Allies are only “meat shields” that can attack. You’re not attacking them directly. If you equip Self Heal, you’ll regen HP if your attacks kill them. So you do have some initial help. First up is to gain 4 mobs. What you’re looking for are mobs that are aggressive attackers and have attack effects (knockdown, knockback, etc.).

For example, Gorgons are a very bad idea! If you try out things like Shadow Lancers or as showing above Aqua Dragon Lizards, you’re going to win in the Arena! Before you enter the Arena, make sure you’re camped in the immediate area of your tamed mob’s location. You can see the rest of the Aqua Dragon Lizards in the upper left of the above screenshot (according to a level 700 character).

The devs of Mabinogi Fantasy Life took into account for those that might have to stop playing for whatever reason during Arena challenges. This also works to your advantage in case one or more of your tamed mobs dies in the Arena. If you lose one or more of your tamed mobs, simply exit out of the Arena.

You should already be in the area so you can easily replace your lost tamed mobs. Once you have all 4 again, just go back into the Arena and continue. The trick for this is that every opponent you face in the Arena is always attacking your tamed mobs first. They won’t stop until they or your targeted mob is dead before going after you. This leaves you with plenty of time to kill them off or cripple them badly. This results in them having no real chance of winning against you.

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Also notice in the middle of the above screenshot are the Allies. This would be Desdemona and Moran. These two are very well suited to be your deployed Allies during Arena challenges. One of them drains the target’s mana and the other drains their stamina. Don’t forget the part about crippling them! When playing against Hard Mode opponents for all five matches, there’s a good chance you’ll be fighting against opponents with a much higher level and CP compared to yours.

Unfortunately, they won’t be able to do much if they can’t use their skills! Do remember that if your character isn’t getting hit, your Allies are not getting hit. Your Allies will keep a constant drain on their mana and stamina while doing damage and reducing incoming damage. Not even a Mage’s AoE Keep Away + Healing build can survive this. So, you’ll get all five wins in a row every time and you only had to activate the Auto-Attack the 1 time.

2. How To Solo The Cheese Brawl With Great Results

Of course, having every Ally in Mabinogi Fantasy Life would be a great advantage for you. Unfortunately, even if you did, you still need a way to level all your Allies. To level them you simply feed them EXP Cheese. Your best bet for gaining EXP Cheese is to play both rounds of the Cheese Brawl daily. Of course, it’s nice gaining the Adventure Points while you’re at it. The problem is that you might not always have a party available to play it with you.

mabinogi fantasy life cheese brawl results

When checking the results page of the Cheese Brawl, you’ll notice they’re not that great. Yes, this is a solo run. Do you see anyone else in those results?! Unfortunately, having a clean phone screen tends to make you slip off the controls every now and then. Then again, your phone screen should be clean. Anyways, the important part to going solo is showing in the above screenshot. Notice the “Banjo” being held?! That’s right; it’s the Bards that have the best advantage in the Cheese Brawl.

how to get the exiled grief skill in mabinogi fantasy life

The Bards of Mabinogi Fantasy Life have the skill Exiled Grief. You’ll very quickly find out that the more you’re carrying during a Cheese Brawl, the slower you’ll move. This allows the mobs to catch up to you and try to hit and/or kill you. At the minimum, you’ll lose your Mount speed bonus. Yes, some can kill you easily.

However, mixed with a proper Mount and not slipping off your controls, you can outrun all melee ranged attackers. All you have to do is upgrade Exiled Grief and equip it for use. Its upgrade method is showing right there.

mabinogi fantasy life tuan's soul

Naturally, Mabinogi Fantasy Life offers up the Mount, Tuan’s Soul to help you the most during Cheese Brawl runs. Do note that you can and should use any mount with at least 70% movement speed bonus during a Cheese Brawl. If your fastest mount at the time is at 100% or higher, that would be better. The trick is that if you have Tuan’s Soul, you’ll get the bonuses towards the Cheese Brawl. But it doesn’t have to be the Mount which is “Set as Ride” for it to work. As long as you have the Mount, you’ll gain its bonuses.

While solo running the Cheese Brawl, your main aim is to keep running. Yes, even if you slip and miss a couple of ingredients, just keep running. When you start out, activate Exiled Grief and immediately follow it with Dreamy Chorus and ASAP get moving. When you check the above screenshot showing Exiled Grief, you’ll see it offers a 30% move speed bonus and +5% Auto-DEF. Upgrading Exiled Grief can make you faster and since it’s an aura, it doesn’t stop working. So you can start out with 130% move speed bonus + 7 seconds of more move speed bonus from Dreamy Chorus.

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When you collect around 10 to 12 ingredients, you’re already at -70% move speed. No, Mabinogi Fantasy Life didn’t make this so easy for you. This puts you at around 60% move speed bonus. This will outrun everything that can attack at melee range. If you manage to get hit and/or knocked off your Mount, simply stop and activate Melody Rush + Dreamy Chorus. It shouldn’t take long to kill off the mobs that are attacking you. Quickly use Exiled Grief and continue. It’s that other part of Exiled Grief which boosts your Auto-DEF which is equally important.

To upgrade Exiled Grief, you’ll need to have a lot of Auto-DEF (dodge) to begin with. So even if something manages to attack you, it still has to hit you before it knocks you off your Mount. So your ability to keep running is improved.

3. Proper World / Giant Boss Farming

The World Boss (Giant Boss) of Mabinogi Fantasy Life offers up a nice set of chances to gain some great rewards. It was just a matter of your setup and target selection. Initially anyone would think this is going to be another chance for the Bards to shine. Even though they’re versatile, they’re not so useful when it comes to the Giant Bosses. The problem isn’t their destructive power in the matter. It’s their range. So here, it’s the Archers that work the best. Even before that, you’re target selection comes into play.

mabinogi fantasy life giant boss farming

First, you’ll want to take a close look at the rewards part of the World Bosses. You’ll notice that you have up to six chances at rewards daily. You’ll have two chances daily to kill it for rewards. Mostly killing it is a luck shot considering you should be in a busy Line. You’ll have 2 chances daily to participate in the event for rewards.

This is the easy part which gains you Adventure Points. You’ll have two chances daily to get into the top three damage dealers. This is the second hardest part considering you really should be in a busy Line. If you don’t complete that first or third part, you can keep trying throughout the day. You’d be surprised how many times you can sneak in a last hit. So don’t give up so easily! Now it’s a matter of which World Boss to go after.

In order to target the proper Giant Boss, you simply look at your crafting levels. Compare that to what the Giant Bosses of Mabinogi Fantasy Life are rewarding. If you were at Good crafting levels, you’d want to go after the Giant Boss as showing in the above screenshot. Going after something before it won’t help you gain the Blueprints you’ll need. Going after something at a higher level will do the same. Once you have a World Boss selected, it’s a matter of surviving it.

mabinogi fantasy life giant boss rewards

No, the devs of Mabinogi Fantasy Life were not so cruel as to “ruin it” if you get killed while participating in the World Boss events. However, you’ll want to keep your untimely demises to a minimal. When you’re not attacking World Boss, you’re giving others too many chances to outdo you. To survive better, use an Archer. The idea is that you can use the Archer’s attack range to help keep you out of the Giant Bosses’ attack range.

From there it’s a matter of moving out of the way at the appropriate times. Also, the Archers can be built to have seriously damaging attacks and they’re not slowed by charging times. They also won’t be taking a hammering while at point blank range to the World Bosses. The trick is to stick with single target skills. From there, eat a bunch of foods to boost your attacks and whatever else you can. Lastly, deploy your strongest Allies.

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Another nifty strategy is also included and showing in the above screenshot. Take a look see at the Demon Coins on the left. When you’re simply not having any decent luck in getting equipment that’s suitable for your character, use the Demon Coins (up to 15 daily).

Keep in mind that crafting and dungeon rounds might not give you the equipment you’d want on your character. You can use them at the Demon Shop to gain equipment which is a match for you level (within 100 levels). The great news is that even if you end up getting 15 pieces of junk equipment, you can just sell them and gain more Enhancement Stones for upgrading your current equipment. Don’t forget the part about the equipment upgrades automatically transferring to newly equipped items!

4. Waste Nothing To Gain Nao’s Seals And / Or Guild Points

It’s those Nao’s Seals (not the Nao’s Bound Seals) that you’d want to gain the most. Thankfully, Mabinogi Fantasy Life offers a way for you to gain them freely. The trick behind it is to know that nothing is an entire waste.

how to trade for nao's seals in mabinogi fantasy life

Imagine your Mabinogi Fantasy Life character uses the Bard class as its main class. Clearly gaining skill EXP items for other non-used classes won’t help you much. Anyone would initially think that you just lost potential gains. The fun part is that you potentially gained something better. This goes for just about everything you can’t use on your character.

The Trade Bulletin Board is easily found in Dunbarton. Just remember, if you can’t use it, no matter how you gained it, always try to either sell it in either the Guild Depot or the Trade Bulletin Board. Do note that some items may take you a while to sell off. Again, don’t give up so easily and don’t just “throw it away”!

5. Gaining Lots Of Millennium Shards And More Ally Shards

Naturally, you’ll want as many Allies to choose from at any given time. A great way to gain Allies in Mabinogi Fantasy Life is to build up their shards and fuse them into Allies. You’ll also need Millennium Shards to star upgrade your Allies.

So how do you get more and more shards fairly easily? Believe it or not, it’s back to the Bards again. As mentioned, the Bards can bring help. So now you’ll have your 7 vs. 1 setup to fairly easily hammer on Millennium Monsters. But you want the better bet gains from those Millennium Monsters.

So first up is to take a look at your current level of Extract (Life Skills).

mabinogi fantasy life life skills

In this case, the Extract level is at D. From there, simply check which Millennium Monsters will produce the appropriate level of Millennium Shards for extraction.

The level 300 Millennium Monster does produce level D Millennium Shards for you to extract. So at that level and below, you’re all set to extract them (up to four extractions and two kills daily). Stay as close to your Extract level as you can. The higher your Extract level is, the more Millennium Shards you’ll gain. You can also boost this gain with the Tuan’s Soul Mount. Next is to check the Killing Loot rewards.

how to gain millenium shards in mabinogi fantasy life

Typically you’ll get at least one Ally Shard from killing the Millennium Monster (two times daily) and Millennium Shards. So load up your tamed mobs. Get into a lesser used Line to have a better chance at killing it. Select the Millennium Monster according to your Extract level and/or which Ally Shards you’d prefer to gain. Then go kill off the Millennium Monster. You can also extract from any of the level appropriate points that you want.

So you can kill any Millennium Monster you want while aiming for the Ally Shards you want. Then go extract from the Millennium Shard points which are Extract level appropriate. If you kill a level 85 Millennium Monster twice in a day, you can leave its extraction point and go extract from a level 300 or 150 Millennium Monster (assuming a level D Extract skill). This is, even if you have to kill it or not.

mabinogi fantasy life millenium monster final blow

If you managed to kill the Millennium Monster, you’ll also get your name listed on the Millennium Shards extraction item (nice!). The really fun part is that gaining Millennium Shards doesn’t stop here. The devs of Mabinogi Fantasy Life didn’t go one way with this. Of course you can use certain scrolls to try to draw an Ally. More often than not, you’ll gain Allies or Ally Shards for Allies you already have.

The trick to it is to check your Allies, especially your rank R Allies. On many occasions, you might not even realize your Ally in question is already at the maximum star count. So you won’t need more of their shards. You also don’t want those unusable shards sitting around, taking up space and/or collecting dust!

To help you gain a hefty amount of Millennium Shards quickly, sell the Ally Shards that you no longer need. Just sell them right out of your inventory. If you somehow managed to get lots of extra Ally Shards that you don’t need, it won’t take long before you have tens of thousands of Millennium Shards to use.

A typical case of this is Deer Boy. That Ally is very easy to draw. Just go into the Ally Shop and buy a bunch of Ally Shards for the Allies you do use or want to gain! A lot of extra Ally Shards can be gained easily because the drop rate of rank R Allies is quite high when you try to draw them. If you already have an Ally and draw it again, you’ll instantly gain that Allies’ Shards instead of some copy of that Ally.

That’s it for now, this wraps up our advanced guide for Mabinogi Fantasy Life. If you happen to know any other tips or tricks to maximize the gains in the game, feel free to let us know in the comments!