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Black Desert Mobile Farming Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get More Silver and EXP

Black Desert Mobile certainly offers plenty of activities and features for players to engage in and as there are no delimiting factors that prevent you from playing the game as much as you want to. Beyond completing daily tasks, tending to your camp, and accomplishing all other routine activities, having more time to spend on the game means partaking in farming and grinding activities to further boost your overall progression in the game.

If you just started playing Black Desert Mobile and still grasping every bit of its basic mechanics and features, then we advise you to check out our Black Desert Mobile beginner’s guide as it covers all the basic stuff you need to know as well as contains tips and tricks to jumpstart your game. If you have not yet decided on which class you want to play as, we have a class guide to give you a better idea of each class’ strengths, limitations, as well as some of their notable skills. Lastly, be sure to read our camp management guide to know how to tend to your camp more efficiently once you unlock it in the game.

In this new Black Desert Mobile guide, we will be exclusively focusing on where to grind for experience points as well as general loots and discuss the basics of farming silver. You will certainly reach a point in the game where experience points will no longer matter as you are bound to reach the level cap, but you are less likely to reach a point where you will no longer be needing more silver.

Whil Black Desert Mobile may already require a lot of hours for you to be able to completely reap all the rewards you can obtain on a daily basis, there are practically unlimited time for you to grind for extra resources depending on how much you want to do so.

Although you can always just leave auto battle on and keep tabs whenever the game goes on sleep mode, or use black spirit mode 3 hours at a time, there are definitely more efficient ways than others on how and where you should proceed with it. Likewise, while nearly every activity you partake in can, at the very least, indirectly contribute to earning you some silver, there are definitely some features you can spend more time on if that matters more to you.

In any given case, it’s safe to say that how and where to farm for experience points is not a constant answer for everyone, as varying levels, classes, and even time you can dedicate to playing the game are all factors that impact the most efficient way to do so. Be sure to take into consideration all these factors before you decide where and how to farm.

1. Take Note Of Mob Colors To Determine Drop And EXP Rate

While it is a common feature for many MMORPGs to have varying difficulty levels and corresponding rewards based on the difficulty of mobs within a given map or area, what makes it easy for you to determine a region’s relative level of challenge in Black Desert Mobile can be determined through the color of the mobs. While there are notions that the color code applies to the respective enemy mobs’ CP in comparison with your CP, it is actually dependent on the disparity between your hero’s level and the mob’s level.

black desert mobile farming strategies

To start off, the more common color you will see at the start of the game are white, as this represents mobs that are at the same level as your hero or at least 1 to 3 levels above or below you. These mobs offer 100% of the drop rate and experience points that they normally provide. When fighting off mobs that are 4 to 6 levels below you, they will appear green and while it already indicates that you may be too strong for these enemies, you will still earn 100% of the drop rate as well as the experience points.

At all costs, you should avoid taking on mobs that are 7 levels below you or more. These mobs appear with a gray color and will not give you any experience points nor drop any loot. Take note that you can tap on the search icon at the upper left side of your screen to show you the level and corresponding CP of each enemy found within the area.

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, orange-colored mobs indicate that they are between 4 to 6 levels higher than you and may pose as a challenge dependent on your class as well as the quality and level of your gears. Taking on these mobs will definitely be a lot more worth it considering they provide a 200% drop rate as well as experience points. Just be sure to give it a few minutes of test run before you actually subscribe to a longer afk session. Likewise, be sure to also prepare for more challenging afk sessions such as this by heading into town first and purchasing enough health potions.

2. Carry As Little Weight As Possible

In addition to stocking up on potions for your your hero before an afk session as far as survivability is concerned, inventory and weight limitations is another concern you should take well note off before you leave the game on auto mode. There are very limited inventory slots for every character in Black Desert Mobile and practically every bit of item you have in your bag, as well as the gears you are equipped with, has a weight assigned to it. As such, make it a habit early on to eliminate your personal inventory of unnecessary items before you head out.

black desert mobile item weight

At this point in time, you should be well accustomed to utilizing your storage back at your camp and keep it fully upgraded as much as you can to store items you won’t necessarily need to always bring with you. You may have picked up some junk items while accomplishing some quests so be sure to sell them to the nearest town at the same time that you purchase health potions. Relative to this, take note that potions also have their corresponding weights so only bring as many as you think you will need based on how long you plan on going on auto mode.

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Habitual tasks you also need to tend to as you continue to go on auto mode will involve consuming skill books that you acquire through grinding as well as feeding gears you no longer need to your black spirit companion. Take note that both these tasks are supported by one-tap buttons that make it very convenient for you to regularly do while on auto mode.

3. More Pets Mean More Loot

While pets in Black Desert Mobile can come with a random skill ranging from extending weight limit down to boosting knowledge or experience gain for a particular activity, the most important function pets can do is picking up loots for you. You may notice that as you battle through mobs of enemies, the area soon becomes littered with spoils of battle indicated by treasure chests. Youi can manually click on these chests to obtain rewards, but if you have a pet along with you they can pick up these items once every 1 minute and 45 seconds.

black desert mobile loot list

There are certain quests that reward you with pets and while most other ways of securing additional ones can only be done through pearls, there will be limited periods where you can purchase additional ones using black pearls. You may chance upon seeing a pet being sold off in the market but chances for the same are highly unlikely as of now. Given that you can bring 3 pets with you on your adventure, maximizing this feature will help net you more items for auto mode as well as black spirit mode.

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4. Maximize Silver Production Back At Camp

Developing your camp in Black Desert Mobile certainly takes its toll on your stash of silver for the most part but in the long run, every bit of investment you put into it will be well worth it. In our camp management guide, we mentioned that your priority as far as developing your camp goes, should be your town hall.

black desert mobile silver production

On top of being a prerequisite for upgrade levels of other structures, your town hall level determines just how much silver you can earn from it on a daily basis. Make sure to take note of the requirements for you to be able to upgrade your town hall to its maximum level at the soonest as you would want to earn the maximum amount of silver from it each day moving forward.

Another potential source of income for you is the blacksmith. It will certainly take a little while longer for you to be able to unlock it and will also take much longer to upgrade. For starters, you will only be able to craft common gears but once you upgrade it a few more times, you will be able to craft purple or higher level equipment. It will definitely take a long while and a lot of investment to do so on top of grinding for the crafting requirements but once you do reach that point, then you can have a good supply of items to sell off at the market.

5. Farm Ancient Gold Coins For Shakatu’s Gear Shop

Ancient Gold Coins are a unique type of currency that are much harder to earn than silver. These coins can only be used to purchase gears at Shakatu’s Gear Shop and can be obtained from Boss Rush, Ancient Ruins, as well as through select quest and event rewards. While luck completely surrounds the probability of obtaining high rarity equipment from Shakatu’s Gear Shop, continuously earning ancient gold coins will leave you practically limitless chances of gambling them away.

black desert mobile ancient gold coins

Naturally, you would want to secure a high rarity item for each type of equipment you need for your hero but at some point, you will have enough to go for repeat purchases despite already being happy with what you have.

Don’t feel bad if you obtain green and blue rarity gears from Shakatu’s Gear Shop as higher level items are definitely not easy to obtain. In any case, the cost of gears range from 6 to 10 ancient gold coins and netting at least a purple rarity item will leave you with a gear that can be sold off at least a hundred thousand silver. We managed to score an orange rarity armor that has an average market value of 2.89 million silver. While you should not bank on this consideration as a means of earning more silver, it should at least give you more motivation to partake in each and every activity that will earn you ancient gold coins.

6. Take Advantage Of Highly Marketable Merchandise

While playing ahead of most players and spending more time grinding for gears and resources early on will most definitely pay off to take advantage of the market feature, spending a lot of time in Black Desert Mobile and going through the different shops to spot relatively cheap but precious items that can be sold off for profit is a good way to earn some extra silver.

black desert mobile merchandise

On top of Shakatu’s Gear Shop, the accessory shop where you can spend black pearls may also contain great deals that you might chance upon. Be sure to regularly visit it and take note of refresh times as spending a few black pearls may net you an accessory that can be a worth a lot of black pearls in the market. While black pearls do have a somewhat limited purchasing power in the game, it can be used to purchase some highly valuable items that can in turn be sold for silver.

That pretty much sums up all we have for you as far as our Black Desert Mobile farming guide is concerned. Hopefully, each tip and strategy we presented here has endowed you with useful knowledge to help you farm more efficiently moving forward. If you discovered additional tips or tricks and would like to share them with us as well as our readers, then be sure to post them in the comment area below!