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Black Desert Mobile Node Manager Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Node Manager

Black Desert Mobile offers a plethora of content that can challenge even players that have the most time they can dedicate to the game. While a lot of the gameplay centers around empowering your hero by progressing through quests and engaging in numerous battles, Black Desert Mobile has its fair share of resource gathering and camp management aspects to progress that contribute to make you stronger.

If you have just started playing Black Desert Mobile and would want a quick pass through all the basic contents and features, then be sure to read our Black Desert Mobile beginner’s guide and for loads of tips and strategies that can help boost your progress early on. We also have a Black Desert Mobile class guide in case you have yet to decide on the character class you want to use before diving into the game. A little further into the game, you can read our camp guide as well as our farming guide to help you earn more of the basic resources in the game you will constantly need.

In this new Black Deser Mobile guide we will exclusively be focusing on the Node Manager Mode, which you can unlock in the game after defeating Titium and successfully constructing a Trading Post within your camp. Its’ in a sense a unique game mode within Black Desert Mobile that utilizes your workers even further for them to reach new levels as well as to earn more resources for you and your camp.

It should not take as much time to tend to it on a daily basis, but regularly visiting and taking note “harvest” times on top of the number of workers you can assign to it determines just how much you can get from it. While almost all resources and items you can obtain from the Node Manager Mode can also be earned outside of it, Node Manager helps you earn more of the resources you need over others.

1. Understand The Basics Of Node Manager

Just to have a simple understanding of its core mechanics, Node Manager has its own distinct level that determines how much activity you can have on it amongst other things, and can be levelled up based on how much active you are on it. Node Manager lets your workers venture out of your camp and travel to various locations on the map called “Nodes” that they need to occupy to earn silver and farm for a wide variety of resources. Naturally, there are limits as to how many workers can be deployed to Node Manager and how many nodes you can occupy. You need to occupy a node first before you can deploy workers to start farming for specific resources within the node. You cannot occupy and farm on a node without occupying the previous node as well.

black desert mobile node manager result

It is important to note that resources within each node are finite and while you can continue to earn silver from the node right after claiming it when it is full, depleted resources will only replenish the following day. Once you can afford to explore farther into the map, then the choice of where to deploy workers based on the resources you need will be easier. Each deployment will cost food so be sure to have plenty in stock before you dive in and start deployments.

Beyond the usual activities of deploying workers and claiming rewards at a later time, there are also some unique events that can happen to break the monotony of it all. There are also secret nodes you can discover at times that offer great rewards if you can manage to farm those items within a limited period of time. Considering everything, Node Manager is worth investing your time and workers into but keep in mind that since you need workers for some other feats as well, there is a strategic approach towards how you can make the most of it.

2. When To Allocate More Workers In Node Manager

Unlocking Node Manager is actually an easy feat. Once you are able to access it, the more important concern to address is when you should start assigning workers on it. As you need workers to construct and upgrade buildings within your camp, gather resources needed for the building and upgrade tasks, and perform some crafting in some instances, priority should always be on these functions especially before your Town Hall reaches level 5, which is its maximum level.

how to allocate workers in black desert mobile node manager

If you have read our Black Desert Mobile camp guide, then you should know that aiming to upgrade your Town Hall to its maximum level should be the focus of your work in your camp most especially since a lot of progression depends on this including the number of workers you can have.

Truthfully enough, it will take a lot of time and patience before you can reach Town Hall level 5 on top of the resources you need to gather to sustain continuous development of your other camp structures. As such, even after unlocking Node Manager, a lot of your workers ought to be focused on gathering resources you need to perform some upgrades. This does not necessarily mean, however, that you should completely avoid progressing Node Manager before your Town Hall reaches level 5. It just means that you should only allot workers to it only to an extent that progressing structures relative to levelling up your Town Hall will not be hampered in any way.

In any case, do not expect to go into several nodes for starters. Simply lodging a worker on the first node and deploying another to farm resources on that node should suffice. The initial aim is to be accustomed to the mechanics of the Node Manager, and make it a habit to take note of completion times to get the most out of it.

3. The Trading Post

On top of being a prerequisite prior to unlocking the Node Manager, the Trading Post also lives up to its name by allowing you to trade in a resource for a different one, provided that they are both within the same category like wood for any other type of wood. Regardless of the resource rarity, though, the trade will always be 10 to 3, meaning that you will give away 10 pieces of one resource you have an abundance of to get 3 pieces of the one you need.

how to use the trading post in black desert mobile

Truthfully enough, it is never a fair deal and the only time you should subscribe to it is if you are very, very desperate for a specific type of resource. Take note as well that this disregards the resource rarity and will apply the same trade ratio even if the resource you need is the most basic one.

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The Trading Post cannot be upgraded in any way to bring the trade mechanics closer to your favor. As such, you should only consider tapping on it as an alternative way to get to the Node Manager. Relative to this, clicking on Camp Content inside your camp can lead to the Node Manager as well. Lastly, You can tap on the options button at the upper right corner of your screen and click “Node” on the left side of the menu.

4. Node Manager Level Perks

Every bit of activity you do within the Node Manager earns you experience points on it that lead to an increased level. These levels naturally has its own set of perks that will help you get more out of this feature. To see what’s in store for you on your current level as well as the succeeding ones, you can tap on the “magnifying glass” icon at the top right corner of the window.

black desert mobile node manager level perks

Each new level you reach in Node Manager offers an increase in Node Limit, Worker Limit, or Reward. Just to clarify, node limit refers to the number of nodes you can occupy and essentially delimits how far your workers can venture off the map. Worker limit simply refers to the number of workers you can deploy on Node Manager. Rewards, more specifically the increase in percentage on it, raises the probability for you to earn double rewards whenever you claim a farmed resource.

5. Pay Attention To Quests And Notifications

On top of the silver and various items and resources you can farm off of the Node Manager, you can earn extra rewards by completing quests you can see at the upper right side of the node manager screen. These typically revolve around deploying workers and solving problems but may also include obtaining specific items at some point. While some can easily be achieved with minimum effort, you should try to accomplish these whenever you can for the extra rewards.

black desert mobile quests and notifications

On the other hand, notifications in red found on the right side of the screen just below the quests signify nodes you need to take care of. Given that there are limits as to the maximum amount of silver to be earned within each node, claiming silver by tapping on the node and the claim button frees it up to continue earning silver again. Likewise, pay attention as well to the finite amount of resources you are farming on the node. Once these resources are depleted, you should extract the worker so he or she can begin farming on another node or return to camp to perform some other tasks.

For best results, always take note of the amount of items you are farming for to determine the total time it would take to complete the task and time your visits. This goes the same for how much time it will also take for silver to be full as well. Later on, as you have more workers available for deployment in the Node Manager and as it reaches a level that allows for farther travels, always plan ahead and strategize around the minimum required number of workers you will need to get to your desired node. You do not necessarily need to deploy more than 1 worker on each node so focus on the occupying workers and then deploy on whichever resource you need or want the most.

6. Keep An Eye Out For Unique Events

As we mentioned earlier, Node Manager packs its own surprises with continuous play and beyond deployments and collections, there are special events that happen at random to stir up some more excitement for you as your workers venture into the map on their own. These events categorically fall into fortune, accidents, or secret nodes. While accidents are not something you would want to see often, there are quests within the Node Manager that reward you with resources for solving such problems.

black desert mobile unique events

Much like some visits to your camp, fortunes can be found randomly across the Node Manager map from time to time. Picking them up will not cost you anything and their existence alone prompts a more frequent visit from you on this game mode. Take note as well that fortunes do not rely on your node manager level so even if you have not progressed much on it yet, you can visit it for these rewards.

As accidents can sometimes happen within the node or paths toward a specific node, it is only natural for you to have to solve these problems to ensure a smooth flow of operations. These accidents prevent workers from being able to make it across the path or continue to deploy and farm resources within the affected node. There is a mini-game you need to play to solve the simple problem. Within a limited period of time, you have to tap on goblin portraits at the bottom of the window to match the sequence above them. It is actually very easy especially if you are playing on a device with a big screen.

Whenever you farm for resources on a node, there is a probability to unlock a secret node somewhere on the map. These special nodes will only be available for a limited period of time and typically offer rare rewards. If you have just started out with Node Manager, then chances are that you may not always be able to take advantage of these events as they often appear far from the camp and requires several nodes to be occupied first before you can reach them. In case you are able to do so, feel free to pull out your workers from their assigned nodes and aim at getting the rewards from the special node.

You will certainly be spending a lot of time on Node Manager as you progress in Black Desert Mobile. With Node Manager’s max level set at 99, there will always be something to look forward to on top of the constant supply of silver and resources you earn from it. Again, this game mode should not be prioritized over farming for wood and stone to develop your camp, most especially your town hall but visiting it and engaging in some activities even just small ones for starters can be done once it becomes available.

That very much sums up everything you need to know about the Node Manager in Black Desert Mobile. We hope that all your questions and concerns about this unique game mode has been answered satisfactorily with the contents of our article. If you have some other concerns with regard to this topic or have something you want to add in addition to what we discussed, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

Darwin Magpantay

Monday 24th of February 2020

Hi just wanna ask if there's a way to level up node manager faster? Like focus on fast dispatch (referring to stones like 30mins per 1pc rather than taking ancient gold coin 4hrs per 1pc) Or will it provide the same exp hehe thanks!