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Adorable Home Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Each Mini Game And Earn More Love

HyperBeard Inc. is a mobile game developer that has been around since 2014 and has then since become a living testament that video games do not exclusively appeal to the male fantasy. He company currently houses 16 games under its app portfolio with most games falling within the casual category. Clawbert, KleptoCats 2 and KleptoDogs are just some of HyperBeard’s most popular games. A quick glimpse at each one’s icon can give you the impression that the game should appeal more to kids and, perhaps, more towards girls but the unique gameplay each one offers is suitable for a wide range of players, especially those who enjoy casual games.

Adorable Home is HyperBeard’s latest mobile game available on both Android and iOS platforms and like the rest of the developer’s games, it has quickly earned largely positive average user review ratings. As a unique casual game where love is the currency and centers around decorating your home and collecting cats, Adorable Home is the type of game you can pick up and enjoy regardless of how much free time you have to spend on it. Adorable Home leaves no pressure to spend long hours in and does not even require you to be in the game at specific times. If you enjoy casual games in its purest essence and enjoy home decorating simulation games and collecting cats, Adorable Home might just be the perfect game for you!

adorable home moments

The game takes you, your partner, and your adorable cat to a new home to start life anew. With only the barest of essentials, your goal is to decorate and improve your home through the love you earn from your partner and your cat. Tending to them both earns you bits of love and love serves as the currency you use to purchase more cats and furniture for your home. More furniture and decorations attract more visitors, and having more cats leaves you more opportunities to earn love. Capture special moments in your home as you make every bit of progress and revisit each memory as evidence of your accomplishments.

There are no complex mechanics in Adorable Home and you can go through the game at your own pace. Perhaps the biggest challenge it holds lie within the mini games you play as you tend to each of your cats for more love. If you have just started playing and want to earn love faster, then stay with us and check out our Adorable Home beginner’s guide, as it’s packed with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies. With the help of our tips and tricks you will earn love faster and decorate your home and garden better.

1. Remember To Feed The Cats

One of the first and main sources of love you earn come from Snow, your first cat. As a basic necessity, you should always feed your cat to keep them happy. Cat food has its costs, naturally, but from a progress-driven point of view you should consider this as an investment. Different varieties of food have different costs but the more expensive your choice is as to what to feed your cat, the shorter the period of time it will take to reap love from your cat.

feeding the cats in adorable home

While, preferably, you should purchase the most expensive cat food to have the shortest waiting period to earn their love but if you play very lightly and do not tend to visit your virtual home regularly, then the most affordable cat food should do. Keep in mind that love earned after feeding the cat is not the only activity bound by time within the game so later on, as an advanced tip, you should learn to systematically set everything up in such a way that every aspect of the game that earns you love intermittently will do so each time you pay a visit. It will also be very quick and simple to feed 1 cat but as you earn more love and be able to afford having more of them, you will have a lot of activities to engage in to take more of your free time.

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2. Purchase Cat Gift Boxes

Completing the tutorial as well as engaging in all other available activities at the start of the game ought to leave you with enough love to spend around. You should leave some for food when it is time to prepare the bento box and also save a bit for purchasing cat food. Once you have a little more than 600 love, it is time to visit the shop and purchase a cat gift box. To access the shop, click on the house icon at the lower right side of your screen, then tap the shopping cart icon.

adorable home cat gift box

Each cat gift box costs 600 love and it does not matter which one you purchase first. What is important is for you to strive to earn more love so you can own more pets and be able to farm more love moving forward. On top of the love you get every time you feed your cats, there are 2 other activities you can engage in with each of them and each of these bonding moments can earn you extra love. With just one extra cat, therefore, you will be able to gain back the 600 hearts you spent to purchase him or her in just a matter of hours, depending on how regularly you can visit the game within the day.

3. Take Care Of Each Cat For More Love

Cats, much like any other pet, need more than food to live a happy life. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that each one of your furry companions get all the love and attention they deserve. In Adorable Home, you can do so through 3 distinct activities, presented in mini games, that reward you with love once you accomplish them. Simply tap on any of your cats with a heart icon and engage in these activities.

Every cat, or at least every cat in Adorable Home, loves to be caressed but, of course, you have to stroke them the right way. Naturally, each cat’s unique features and personality comes with a preference as to which part of their body they enjoy being fondled. Stroking some parts soothe them while others irritate them. In the mini game, you have to stroke the cat on the welcomed part to earn a heart while stroking the wrong one gets you a flash. Earning 5 hearts first wins you the game while receiving 3 flashes ends the game with a loss. If you do rub the cat the wrong way and miss out on extra hearts, you can repeat the mini game as many times as you want until you win it.

how to earn more love in adorable home

While some cat owners may not mind leaving their cats’ nails alone, nail care will be one the regular things you will do for your cats in Adorable Home. The mini game will be a swiping game that requires timing and precision. Swiping fast is key to doing it right along with ensuring that you swipe across the cat’s claws instead of their paws. Cutting all 10 nails on both paws wins you the game and 3 accidental swipes on any paw will end it with a loss. Again, you can retry as many times as you wish until you win the game and secure the extra love.

As an easy tip, swipe whenever the cat raises its paws at the top of the screen so the result will either be a hit or a miss without penalty. Swiping anywhere on the screen that risks hitting the paws may not be suitable for beginners so play safe and ensure that you get it on your first go by only swiping above where you can only strike the nails.

Although cats are known to dislike water, particularly baths, you need to keep each one of them clean and leaving them on their own to lick themselves is not an option. Giving your cats a bath in Adorable Home is a bit challenging but likewise fun as well. You adjust the water’s temperature and ensure that it is just right before you bathe the cat using the nozzle. There is a thermometer below the screen and you can adjust the water’s temperature by tilting your device left and right. Tilting your device to the left makes the water gets cold while tilting a little to the right makes it hot.

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Your objective is to keep the temperature within the green section of thermometer before you spray the cat with water. You need to accomplish this 3 times to obtain 3 hearts. Each fail leaves a flash and accumulating 3 will make you lose the mini game. As a warning, the water typically jumps to hot whenever you earn a heart, so be sure to move the nozzle away from your cat each time you get the right temperature and earn a heart.

After completing each of these bonding moments with your cat, you will have to wait for 2 hours to be able to engage in the same activity again. In any case, having more than one cat leaves you with plenty of times to repeat these activities so, for starters, learn each of your cats’ favorite petting spots as that will be the only difference to take note of relative to the mini games.

4. Be Creative With The Bento Box Preparation

Regardless of which gender you choose for yourself and your partner, your partner will always be the one to go to work while you stay home and take care of everything. In addition to purchasing furniture, taking care of the cats, and beautifying your home, part of your routine includes packing a meal for your partner.

how to prepare bento box in adorable home

The main course, side dish, dessert, as well as the box itself can be selected from a variety of choices. You can choose to shop ahead for food or purchase only when preparing the meal but for the bento box itself, a one-time purchase for each design leaves you with it permanently.

If you noticed, food items vary in price without any indication of what each one does. While it is totally okay to keep on packing the exact same meal for your partner, more expensive combinations will yield more love when your partner arrives home from work. Be sure to try a variety of food combinations especially with what you feel goes well with one another. The correct food combination, especially in tandem with their respective costs, can yield more love in return.

5. Plan Ahead Before Purchasing Furniture

One of the main fun factors of Adorable Home comes from mixing and matching furniture and other display items to make your home more attractive. There is a plethora of items you can buy from the shop to customize your lounge and your garden, provided that you have unlocked the latter. While you may want to collect each available item on the shop, be sure to consider ahead of time where each item goes before you make a purchase.

how to purchase furniture in adorable home

Basic items like the TV stand, sofa, and rug has many variants and getting more than one kind means replacing the previous one. Some items, on the other hand, like lamps, air conditioners, and aquariums can be placed on different spots. With these in mind, be sure to initially set a goal of only maximizing each available space. Having more than enough furniture but ending up not being able to place them all means that love you spent on those items made you miss an opportunity to spend it on others that have a return on your investment.

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Even before completely filling up your lounge and if you have 3,000 love to spare, you can go for unlocking the garden. It is a huge investment but being able to do so gives you more opportunities to have visitors. Regardless of whether you spend more love on your lounge or garden, every bit of it will result in attracting more visitors and having more visitors mean more chances of receiving extra love. As a lot of your visitors at your lounge or in the garden are animals, each one typically attaches itself to one of your displayed furniture, you should collect love from the visitors first before you decide to swap the furniture out.

6. Watch Video Ads For Extra Love

Tending to your partner, your cats, and attracting visitors sufficiently provides you with enough love to make good progress in Adorable Home. However, there are tons of opportunities for you to earn more love as well as double up on some of the usual rewards you receive. All these can be claimed through watching a short video ad. Take note that these ads are optional and will never be forced on you at any given time. While you can play the game completely offline, the only advantage of going online is for you to be able to play these ads and earn their respective rewards.

how to get extra love in adorable home

For starters, tapping on the heart icon at the upper right side of the screen takes you to the heart shop, which showcases varying amounts of hearts you can buy with real money. At the bottom of the page is a daily free love amounting to 50 and you can earn it up to 10 times each day immediately after you play a short video ad. Your TV will ocassionally show the word “love” on it whenever a lucky channel reward is available.

Tapping on it can earn you 20 love but watching a short ad can give you 100 free love instead. For the most part, claiming love from your partner as well as your pets often present you with an opportunity to claim more love after playing an ad. Relative to this, be sure to remember claiming love from the sky by tapping on the home icon and the weather forecast for the day.

And that very much covers everything we have for you as far as our Adorable Home beginner’s guide is concerned. We hope that you learned a lot from the tips and strategies we shared in the article. Again, there isn’t much pressure on you to play the game more than you think you should as the game’s core design and features relate more to help you relax during short breaks or whenever you can freely spare some free time. If you have discovered anything related to Adorable Home that we missed, you are very much welcome to share some of your tips and strategies in the comment section!