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Adorable Home Visitors Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Visitors and How to Attract Them

Holding on to the top spot of free games on the Google Play Store as well as the #1 rank under the simulation category of the App Store, Adorable Home has proven well enough that its perfect blend of simplistic gameplay and features paired with its light and cute art style, can appeal to more people beyond cat lovers and sim enthusiasts. Despite continued updates and additional content from time to time, fans and follower of the game clamor for more of what it can potentially offer.

On top of having a partner, a plethora of adorable cats, and tons of furniture and objects to decorate your virtual home, some of Adorable Home’s charm comes from the random visitors you can have at your home. While many would want to keep some of these cute animals as pets, the same unfortunately cannot happen as of this time. Visitors, however, can give you extra bits of love and can likewise unlock new moments for you to capture and add to your collection.

If you have just started playing Adorable Home or perhaps planning to check the game out, then we highly recommend that you check out our beginner’s guide as it runs through each of the basic features and mechanics of the game to set you on the right track towards earning love fast. Additionally, we have our Adorable Home love guide for intermediate players to help you earn even more love after getting a good grasp of the game’s base concepts. In case you need some help with the petting mini game, then be sure to head over to our petting guide, as it explains how to pet your cats perfectly.

In this guide, we will be focusing entirely on visitors, which ones appear on which part of your home, as well as how to attract some of them in case you have not been blessed by their presence yet. Take note that some visitors are attracted to specific furniture and objects and some of them have higher chances of visiting when these objects are installed on your home.

Some visitors can also be attracted to more than one type of furniture and can appear in two or more areas of your home. Though it is completely random when visitors offer you love and unlock moments, you can still influence the rate at which certain visitors can drop by based on the furniture you have.

1. Lounge Visitors

As the most basic area of your new home, the lounge is where you will initially be spending your time especially if you followed our love guide and invested your love earnings primarily to obtain the rest of Snow’s buddies. Before you start saving every bit of love you earn afterwards to unlock both the garden and the bedroom, perhaps putting in a bit of items in the lounge so as to start attracting visitors is a good way to go. Take note that there are several items in Adorable Home that have differently-colored versions and some even sport different variants. In the case of visitors, some seem attracted to general types while some go for more specific items.

adorable home lounge visitors

For the lounge, these are the visitors you can have based on the items you have set:

Albert the Golden Retriever – any type of sofa
Alex the red panda – any TV stand
Blake the crow – any piano
Bobo the koala bear – any lamp
Brandy the Beagle – any type of sofa
Bronco the Coonhound – any carpet or rug carpet
Brooke the Pug – any carpet or rug
Brownie the brown bear – any carpet or rug
Cici the yellow canary – any tree rack
Dave the red canary – any tree rack

Ed the frog – any table or coffee table
Eddy the seagull – modern golden lamp
Emily the Scottish Fold – any sofa
Fred the Schnauzer – any bookshelf
Gary the blue parrot – any tree rack
Gigi the Corgi – any plant
Hank the Terrier – staircase
Honey the bee – any plant
Hudson the Husky – white teddy bear
Jade the magpie – umbrella stand, any table

James the monkey – any table or coffee table
Jenny the bunny – any TV stand
Joy the duck – any TV stand
Judy the badger – shoe cabinet
Lela the crane – Japanese table
Lexi the turtle – any TV stand
Lorre the otter – any TV stand
Niko the cat – any piano
Nimo the hamster – any coffee table
Owen the polar bear – white teddy bear, any air conditioner

Parker the Samoyed – white wooden sofa
Pipin the parrot – any tree rack
Polly the penguin – any air conditioner
Rainbow the colorful bird – any coffee table
Rolex the eagle – shoe cabinet or deer head statue
Rosy the butterfly – any plant
Spark the sparrow – any coffee table
Vivi the butterfly – any plant
Willy the toucan – any umbrella stand
Yoga the Dachshund – wooden oak table

2. Garden Visitors

Although it may take a while to earn and save 3,000 love after ignoring urges to purchase more furniture and items for your lounge, spending it to unlock the garden is one of your most notable milestones in Adorable Home. The garden is perhaps the most spacious area in your home and seems to attract more visitors than the other currently available areas in the game. It is also the exclusive location to see fireflies at night. Beyond flowers and plants, the garden is home to many facilities that can invite a wide variety of animal visitors.

adorable home garden visitors

As you unlock the garden and place purchased items on it, these are the visitors you can have:

Albert the Golden Retriever – pool
Alex the red panda – wooden hobby horse, hobby unicorn, any beach chair, pool
Barney the sea lion – any beach chair, pool
Blake the crow – any scarecrow, pond
Bobby the Poodle – any hanging chair
Bobo the Koala – any swing
Bono the seal – ice land
Bronco the Coonhound – any boxed flower, elephant slide
Brooke the Pug – any soft mat
Brownie the brown bear – any seesaw, zen garden, tree hole

Coco the raccoon – any picnic blanket
Daisy the Pomeranian – zen garden
Dave the red canary – any well
Dolly the squirrel – stump, pine tree
Duke the Siamese Cat – any road lamp
Fiona the swan – pond
Flame the flamingo – pond
Fred the Schnauzer – any tent
Gigi the Corgi – any plant or any flower
Hank the Terrier – Peach Tree

Honey the bee – plants, flowers, honeycomb
Hudson the Husky – playground, ice land
Ivory the fox – zen garden
Jade the magpie – Japanese Watering
James the monkey – zen garden
John the Bull Terrier – elephant slide, any beach chair
Joy the duck – pond
Judy the badger – pumpkins
Kaka the crab – coconut tree, pool, sand area, sand beach
Lexi the turtle – sand area, sand beach

Lorre the otter – pool
Magi the cat – witch scarecrow, starry night tent
Mira the deer – zen garden
Nell the Collie – any plant
Niko the cat – any picnic blanket
Nimo the hamster – stump
Owen the polar bear – ice land
Oz the owl – any road lamp
Peter the hedgehog – tree hole
Pipin the parrot – any parrot stand

Polly the penguin – ice land
Rainbow the colorful bird – any bird shelter
Rexy the fox – any picnic blanket
Robin the sloth – playground
Rosy the butterfly – any flower or plant
Spark the sparrow – any statue or cup
Vivi the butterfly – any plant or flower
Yoga the Dachshund – Sunflower
Yuki the Shiba Inu – any soft mat

3. Bedroom Visitors

A fairly new unlocked area in Adorable Home, thanks to version update 1.6.1, the bedroom stands as a requisite to having night time in the game. This feature adds a bunch of interesting and events into the mix of random moments you will experience in the game and will again be a milestone once unlocked. It costs 4,000 love to unlock this area and will unlock a new set of furniture, decorations and new potential visitors.

adorable home bedroom visitors

Once you have stocked up on even more love to afford unlocking the bedroom, these visitors may now appear in it:

Alex the red panda – any cat sofa
Bobo the Koala – any lamp or any desk
Bronco the Coonhound – any bedroom bench
Brooke the pug – any bed
Duke the Siamese Cat – Aglaia Odorata plant
Ed the frog – any bedroom bench
Fiona the swan – any bed
Honey the bee – any plant
James the monkey – any dressing table
John the Bull Terrier – any bed

Magi the cat – night sky bedroom bench, any cat sofa
Owen the polar bear – pure white bedroom bench
Parker the Samoyed – any bed
Robin the sloth – any dressing table
Rosy the butterfly – any plant
Spark the sparrow – any desk
Vivi the butterfly – any plant
Yoyo the White Pine Marten – any bed
Yuki the Shiba Inu – any bed

4. Keep Shifting Layout To Attract Different Visitors

Now that you have the list of visitors as well as some furniture and decorations that each one can be attracted to, you can freely arrange each area of your home to target specific visitors to appear whether for extra love, moments, or just to catch a glimpse of them. Given the number of available objects in the game, it will be a challenge to collect them all. Merely securing a copy of each type will require a lot of hours to save love for.

how to attract different visitors in adorable home

In any case, feel free to switch objects in and out of rotation especially when you have more types that attract the same visitor. In truth, while the list of potential visitors seem complete for now, there are still plenty of objects we have yet to try to verify even more as to what attracts each visitors. We are fairly certain that each visitor can be attracted to more of what we have discovered so to learn more about it, mixing and matching the items on the list as well as the ones that are not is a good way to discover more secrets.

5. Pursue To Purchase Other Furniture

There will naturally come a point in Adorable Home where you have each space within the lounge, garden, and even the bedroom maximized. In some cases, you may even have some extra items in your inventory that can no longer be placed due to lack of space. Despite that, there is still the fun of mixing things up, hoping to see more visitors you have yet to meet, and even chance upon more moments for your collection.

adorable home furnitures

Given as well that you will be earning more love than what you need to keep feeding your partner and all 12 of your cats, it is only natural to keep purchasing the rest of the items to add to your collection. Although there is no firm announcement yet on when the bathroom will become available in Adorable Home, chances are that it will cost 5,000 love to unlock when it does. As such, feel free to spend your earned love on other furniture while keeping a good amount in stock for the cat food, bento box, and the bathroom unlock fee. Once the bathroom becomes available in the upcoming updates, it is sure to have a lot more new items along with it for you to spend your love on.

Perhaps there will be more visitors in the upcoming updates as there are still a good number of items we have proven to attract certain visitors. There is also a bit of randomness as to how moments are triggered so receiving a particular guest only once is definitely not sufficient to stop trying to catch their attention again. Depending on whether or not you are waiting for visitors to give you love when they are around, you are very much free to change any placed item even when they are around it.

For now, this is all we have for our Adorable Home visitors guide and we hope that you learned a great deal from the lists we shared and likewise enjoyed reading it. Truthfully enough, we are still very much into experimenting with different location layouts and furniture combinations hoping to discover even better ways to attract visitors.

If you have discovered something that’s not included in our guide or have experienced something very different in your game, we welcome your views and opinions. We would love to hear about your experiences with regard to visitors in Adorable Home, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line via the comment section!