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Adorable Home Love Guide: Tips & Tricks To Maximize Love-Earning

HyperBeard’s Adorable Home, which is a unique casual home management sim, continues to add to the 10 million downloads it has amassed from both Android and iOS users. As simple and easy as the game’s mechanics goes, Adorable Home can offer plenty of unique experiences and while the premise of it being a relaxing game that does not require a lot of your free time, its unique charm for a wide range of audiences has made it become a trending game since its launch.

Whether Adorable Home’s popularity is a result of its unique yet simple game mechanics, the cats, the visitors, the partner, or the funny memes people make off of it, the game has certainly made a lot of fans and followers yearning for more of its continuously growing content. With in-game menus teasing of some things to come, players who love and enjoy the game a lot can’t get enough of earning more and more love to experiment with different purchases and activities to uncover more of the game’s secrets.

If you have just started playing Adorable Home and still a bit confused about its most basic features and attractions, just head over to our Adorable Home beginner’s guide, as it covers all the basics you need to understand to start earning love and investing it to obtain even more. Now, in this new Adorable Home guide, we will be focusing on other means of acquiring love that we have not yet discussed in our previous guide. So let’s delve into this Adorable Home and discover how you can earn more love!

1. Invest Heavily In Cats

With Snow as your first cat being a starting pet, you should always save up to purchase the rest of the felines at the shop for more love boosters. Each cat costs 600 love and it takes just a little while to earn that back so if you want to start investing love in the most efficient way, then banking your earned love on adorable kitties should be top priority.

how to invest in cats in adorable home

Each cat can be pampered through the 3 mini games several times a day. With each one giving 80 love, or 160 love if you play an ad, you can earn as much as 240 to 480 love in one go. Naturally, some cats will want to be left alone at times so the 600 you invested when you bought him or her may take a while longer to realize profits. Just the same, most cats will be available for a bonding moment with you several times a day.

On top of the small amounts of love you receive from stroking each cat, cutting their nails, and giving them a shower, having all 12 cats also mean that you have 12 opportunities to get more love from each feeding time. The disparity revolving around the amount of love you receive once each cat has finished his or her meal may not be much different from what you feed them.

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Although the most expensive feed, dried sea fishes, costs only 35 love, which is just 23 more than the cheapest cat food, the time it takes to refresh is only 9 minutes, which is a lot shorter than the 3-hour wait time for the default food. If you really want to stock up on a lot of love, therefore, feeding all 12 cats with dried sea fishes, which can earn more or a little less than its cost, is the most efficient way to earn more love from your cats. You know that you love the game so much if you set alarms based on the refresh time of your pets’ meal.

2. Check The Garden For Fireflies At Night

adorable home fireflies

This is one of the small details we have not mentioned in our first guide. Although it will not earn you much love and not consistent as well, it is still a sight to behold if you happen to be playing the game at night time. Each firefly can give you 10 to 20 love when tapped. Do not feel bad if tapping one or a couple will not give you any at all as it is completely random.

3. Make Sure To Attract More Visitors, Here’s How

One of the exciting aspects of Adorable Home come from the joy of designing your very own home along with its garden, bedroom and bathroom. Although the bathroom is not yet implemented as of this writing, furnishing each of the 3 locations full of furniture and other display materials can bring hours after hours of fun.

how to attract more visitors in adorable home

We mentioned in our previous guide that you should plan ahead before making any purchases given the limitation of space and that some objects, though different, categorically occupy the same spot in an area. Although Adorable Home has made it easier to classify objects and furniture prior to purchasing, it is still very much possible to purchase items you will not be able to place in your home.

At the onset, each furniture or object you purchase may seem like an expense given that they do not earn love per se and only have value attributable largely to visuals. Despite that, most objects that you buy can attract certain visitors. These surprise visitors not only create even more excitement, but also can give you love on some visits.

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As such, furniture and objects you put within your home can still be considered as an investment although in terms of efficiency as far as earning more love is concerned, should not be prioritized over collecting all 12 cats. Likewise, there is still merit in purchasing a little more than you can use at one time, as some types of visitors can be attracted more to certain types of items you laid out in your home.

4. Complete Offers For Extra Love

Tapping on the love you have at the upper right side of the screen opens up a whole menu of ways to earn love. In addition to purchasing lobve with real money and getting the 10x free love per day, still more can be earned via the “More” banner beside the free love. Tapping on it and the subsequent “Okay” button opens up a list of tasks that you can complete to earn loads of free love in Adorable Home.

how to earn extra love in adorable home

Take note that all these feats require playing another mobile game separate and distinct from Adorable Home. Likewise, if you have played any of these games and reached the required target prior to seeing the offer within Adorable Home, it will not count. Varying amounts of love to be earned are very much indicative of the objective’s difficulty. For starters, take on the ones that does not reward a lot of love first and read the objective thoroughly as some may involve spending real cash.

5. Give Your Partner The Best Meal Love Can Buy

There are various meals that can be prepared for your partner in Adorable Home. With several Choices for the main course, side dish, the desert, and the bento box itself, meal preparation can bring your creative juices to work as you try out different combinations each day.

adorable home meal

While we initially considered that more expensive meal combinations may influence how much love you earn from your partner as a result of the package you prepared, it turns out that it is not entirely correct. While for the most part, spending more love for anything in Adorable Home often reaps the best amount of love in return. As far as the bento box preparation is concerned, though, the most expensive food applies, just not necessarily in the most expensive bento box.

Based on actual experience, despite variations in amounts of love earned, using sushi as the main course, sashimi as the side dish, and wagashi as desert, all packed inside a Japanese bento box is the only combination that has earned us more than 1,000 love from our partner. It is possible that you can still earn less from the same combination and perhaps be able to obtain the same from various others, but for now, this is the best combination we know of.

Considering all other possible sources of love in Adorable Home, including the ones we discussed in our beginner’s guide, we wanted to consider the special code feature within the game’s settings as among a source of free love. Upon testing, however, it seems that the limited uses of each published code has already lapsed. Still, if you want to try your luck on earning special codes from HyperBeard to earn extra love in Adorable Home, feel free to follow them on their available social channels. They have not posted any new codes as of this writing but hopefully something will pop up relative to their next milestone or game update.

That sums up our Adorable Home love guide. Considering the amount of hours it may take for you to purchase all 12 cats and pack your home full of furniture, it provides a satisfying experience beyond the in-game love you can earn from it afterwards. In any case, we hope that you learned something new and that you enjoyed reading this guide. If you have discovered more tips or tricks in addition to the foregoing, we would be happy to hear it from you!


Friday 10th of June 2022

I did the sushi combination and only got 267 love, did I do something wrong or is that natural? I lost a bit of love for that 😅


Saturday 10th of July 2021

Thanks! But i already had a lot of this stuff already done :/ except the bento box... But then I figured out homemade food works better


Monday 14th of June 2021

Homemade food boosts the love from your partner's bento box.