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Marvel and Netmarble Announce Upcoming Open-World Mobile RPG ‘MARVEL Future Revolution’

Pax East was the perfect occasion for Marvel Entertainment and Netmarble to disclose their upcoming project: Marvel Future Revolution!

The result of the collaboration between Netmarble and Marvel, MARVEL Future Revolution boasts an original storyline compounded with all-time fan-favourite Marvel heroes and villains. It is worth mentioning that MARVEL Future Revolution will be Marvel’s first open-world RPG for mobile devices. This is not the first collaboration between the two gaming giants, as Netmarble hides behind another popular mobile game: MARVEL Future Fight.

marvel future revolution

Written by Marc Sumerak, the famous Marvel Comics writer, MARVEL Future Revolution has as a starting point the conversion of various Earths into a brand-new ‘Primary Earth’. Players will become part of the ‘Omega Flight’ Super Hero squad and will have to fight against an impressive cast of Super Villains.

You can check out what’s MARVEL Future Revolution is all about in the game’s teaser trailer below.

Among the multitude of playable characters featured in the upcoming title, we can highlight Captain America, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, or Doctor Strange. Players are given the possibility to customise their characters’ costumes.

Among the Villains you will have to fight against we can highlight Red Skull, Red Goblin, Green Goblin, Baron Mordo, or M.O.D.O.K.

The game’s presentation at PAX East offered players a unique preview to the game’s main features: 3D open-world with impressive AAA graphics, unique play freedom, a massive scale, and epic boss fights.

For the time being no official release date has been announced for MARVEL Future Revolution. But we do expect some beta-testing or soft-launch later this year. For more information on the upcoming Marvel mobile title, make sure to regularly check the game’s official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.