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BitLife Ghostbusters Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Ghostbusters Challenge

Candywriter struck gold with BitLife in 2018, and we know we’ve said it several times before — the game’s massive success and staying power is not at all surprising at this point. Available for iOS and Android devices, the game allows players to create virtual humans, or Bitizens, and make decisions for them that cover everything from birth, school, work, to death. They may be good decisions or bad ones — the choice is yours, depending on how you want to play or which of the 30-plus Ribbons (representing different qualities of life, e.g. Rich, Scandalous, Mediocre, Stupid, etc.) you’re trying to collect!

We may be a good seven months (actually closer to eight) away from Halloween at the time of writing, but the folks at Candywriter somehow came up with a rather spooky idea for BitLife’s second challenge. After the Alphabet Challenge had players around the world creating female Bitizens and having them give birth 26 times (or more) from Adam to Zach or Amanda to Zoe, the Ghostbuster Challenge is now here, having arrived on Sunday as a chance for U.S.-based Exorcists to compel 10 spirits to leave haunted houses they own.

That said, join us once again and check out this new BitLife guide, which will show you how to complete the new Ghostbuster Challenge and do so in as little time as possible.

BitLife Ghostbusters Challenge – An Overview

Not every BitLife player may be aware of this, but if you find work as an Exorcist and end up buying a haunted house, you can save yourself the expense of hiring one and do the exorcism itself. That’s what is at the heart of the second BitLife challenge since the new feature launched late last month — the so-called “Ghostbusters Challenge.”

bitlife ghostbusters challenge

In order to qualify for, and complete the challenge, your character needs to be currently living in the USA — you may have started out there or emigrated there, but just as long as your Bitizen is U.S.-based at the time you’re taking the challenge, that’s already one-third of what you need to do. The second requirement is to be currently working as an Exorcist.

Now, this may be a bit time-consuming, but as any veteran player should know, you can simply quit the app and restart it until you see a job opening for Exorcist available. This job doesn’t require any specific educational attainment, and you can apply for the job even if you have a criminal record. But it won’t always show up among the options, so you may need to be patient here.

Last, and definitely not the least, the game will require you to successfully exorcise 10 spirits from the haunted houses you live in. Of course, you’ll need to purchase a haunted house first, and working as an exorcist isn’t exactly a ticket to wealth and luxury in BitLife. That means you may need to do more app exiting and reopening as you try to find a property affordable enough to buy that also happens to be haunted.

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Once there, you can simply head to the Assets menu, tap on the haunted house you wish to view, then tap on the Spirits option. You will then be able to choose from a few spirits (usually two, regardless of a house’s Hauntedness level), pick the Exorcise It option, then opt for Do It Myself so you could make good use of your job description and get rid of those ghosts free of charge.

Tips For Completing The Ghostbusters Challenge Faster – Exorcise, Fix, and Flip

Now that you know what to do when it comes to qualifying for the Ghostbusters Challenge and completing it, let’s move on to what you need to do in order to complete it faster. We did come up with a neat strategy that appears to work very well, not only when it comes to getting rid of more ghosts in less time, but also adding money to your bank account, which, once again, normally isn’t that easy on an Exorcist’s salary.

bitlife exorcism

The key here is to start out with whatever haunted house you can afford using what we suggested above, exorcising the spirits for free. This, in itself, increases a home’s value quite significantly — the reason they’re cheaper than they normally are, to begin with, is the fact that they’re haunted, so if you’ve successfully sent the ghosts packing to whatever dimension they came from, that would definitely allow you to sell the home at a profit compared to the purchase price you paid. As an additional means of boosting value before selling, you can also spend a few thousands to renovate the house until its Condition bar turns green (if it’s red or orange) or until it’s close to, or in perfect condition (if it already was green to begin with).

You’ll want to repeat this process about five to seven times as your financial situation improves and you can afford more expensive haunted houses — ghosts seem to haunt more expensive properties than cheaper ones, so following the above steps really does help. Of course, you can buy a cheap haunted property after you’ve sold the last one, just as long as you get rid of all the ghosts and (ideally) renovate it to increase its value and ensure a profit once sold.

Once you’ve exorcised your 10th ghost, you’re home free and the challenge is complete — it is, however, up to you if you want to continue your “exorcise, fix, and flip” strategy even after completing the Ghostbusters Challenge. Who knows — you might actually end up with a Rich or Successful ribbon despite those meager annual earnings as an Exorcist!