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Adorable Home Petting Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Perfectly Pet Each of Your Cats

In contrast to most mobile games, Adorable Home does not really have that much content yet. The mechanics and features are pretty simple, leaving it relatively easy for almost everyone to pick up and play the game with much ease. Despite its limitations, Adorable Home does not impose any pressure whatsoever on players and instead provides an entirely relaxing casual gaming experience fit for anyone regardless of how little or how much free time they have in their hands. The couple sim of sorts, in combination with interior decorating and the collection of cats, visitors, as well as moments, all blend in perfectly well for a soothing experience.

If you have just started playing Adorable Home and would want a quick pass through the basic features and game modes along with basic tips and strategies to jumpstart your virtual earning, then be sure to head over to our Adorable Home beginner’s guide.

While our beginner’s guide should help you get started on earning love more efficiently, we also have a separate love guide that offers additional means for you to earn even more love. If you have played the game for a bit and have been graced by some visitors, you will surely want to see more of them across all areas of your home. You can find out more about how to attract all visitors, just head over to our visitors guide!

In this new Adorable Home guide, we will be focusing on the petting mini game that initiates whenever one of your cats is in need of caressing. Take note, that some cats do have moments when they prefer to be left alone rather than spend time to cuddle up to you. At this point in the game, and in relation to our previous guides, we hope that you have already collected all 12 of the cats that can be owned in Adorable Home.

In addition to each one’s unique appearances, food bowls, and occasionally, even resting spots, each cat has his or her own set of sweet spots that are looking for some petting. Similarly, each one has his or her own spots that just are not appealing for the cat as well.

adorable home petting mini game tips

While there is joy and excitement that comes with randomly cuddling each of the adorable cats and occasionally surprise yourself with their reaction, doing so for all 12 cats can be very time-consuming, especially if you keep on yielding 3 strikes before you manage to nab 5 hearts. For efficiency’s sake therefore, you need to shorten the bonding time with each cat and avoid retakes of the petting mini game so you can spend more time with the host of other activities in Adorable Home to spend time on.

Truthfully, taking care of your partner and Snow, your first cat, at the early part of the game leaves a lot of time for you to spend more of your time for everything else. Having to feed and spend time with a dozen cats, however, can be overwhelming in some instances.

In this regard, knowing where to stroke each cat to ensure you hit the welcomed parts consecutively until you bank the rewards make for a faster play through and pace through each one of them. While timeliness is largely the essence of this guide, however, care should be in mind as each cat randomly switches positions and can mess up your strokes if you are not well-prepared.

Before we proceed to the sweet (and not so sweet) spots of each of your feline friends, we need to familiarize ourselves with the 4 possible positions each cat cycles through during petting time. To ensure that we are all on the same page, let us consider naming each one as positions 1 through 4. Position 1 is the default position, which is basically the pose you see when you first try to cuddle your cat. Position 2 is when the cat stretches itself fully while resting on its side. Position 3 is when the cat is stretched as well but resting on its belly. Position 4 is when the paws of the cat are curled while he or she is resting on his or her back.

One important point to consider here is the relative speed at which each cat shifts from one position to the next, as petting a little late may register as a touch on the succeeding pose instead of the current one. With this in mind, and with our guide in consideration, always consider to stroke each cat right after they shift to the position you want to bank a welcomed caress on. It can be a little tricky, but with some practice and patience, you can soon have a perfect cuddling session with each of your furry pets.

Snow (Pure White Cat)

snow adorable home

When Snow is exhibiting position 1, his welcome petting spots include his head, his left paw, his belly, and his back side. His no-no parts include his right front paw and his visible rear paw.

While on position 2, Snow’s head, right front paw, and bottom paws all make up his stroke-welcoming parts. On the other hand, his belly and his tail, while in this position, are not as welcoming to his owner’s pats.

Resting on his belly under position 3, Snow enjoys getting strokes on his head, his left front paw, and his rear paw. Be careful and avoid touching his back side and tail as those are his no-no parts while he is in this position.

Assuming a more playful position, which seems very welcoming to a stroke anywhere in his body, Snow prefers having any of his paws caressed as well as his tail. This, however, will be the time when he would not welcome a stroke on the head, and he would not want you to rub his belly as well.

Niki (Pure Black Cat)

niki adorable home

Niki enjoys a good rub to any of her paws under position 1. Her belly is the only other part you can stroke while stays in this position and her tail serves as the only part to avoid touching.

When Niki shows you her tummy by laying on her side in position 2, she actually only wants you to rub her right front paw and her tail. Touching her head, belly, and rear paws will irritate her while she’s all stretched out and on her side.

Be very careful when you see Niki lay on her belly as her left paw is the only welcoming part in this position. Her back, the visible rear paw, and her tail are all very irritable in this position.
As soon as Niki curls up in position 4, rubbing her head, front paws, and left rear paw makes her very happy. Her belly and tail will not be so welcoming in this position, though.

Peanut (Yellow Cat With Brown Spots)

peanut adorable home

Peanut seems a little unique compared to the first 2 cats as far as petting spots go. To start off, his back side, belly, and tail are sweet spots to caress under position 1. His left paw is the only irritable part of his body in his normal pose.

Stretched to his side in position 2, Peanut welcomes a good rub on his head and belly. His tail is the only part to avoid in this position.

Peanut makes it easy on you when his belly lies flat on the mat. In this position, his head, back, and all visible paws give hearts with a slight rub. Like the first 2 cats, though, Peanut doe not want you gripping his tail in this position.

All cute and cuddly under position 4, Peanut welcomes a good stroke on his head, belly, and tail as he curls up. Do not accidentally touch his front paws, though, as it becomes sensitive under this position.

Oliver (White Cat With Gray Spots)

oliver adorable home

As he smiles on you under position 1, Oliver hopes that you will caress his right paw and belly as those are his only sweet spots for now. His tail, though is a no-no part and he will likely not react if you stroke any of his other parts.

While Oliver is resting on his side, you can only touch his rear paw as it will be the only one to earn you a heart. Be sure to avoid touching his head and belly under position 2 as that will just annoy him.

As Oliver enjoys lying flat on his belly, his left paw, rear paw, and tail all give back hearts when you caress them. Touching Oliver’s back in this position will make him sad. Oliver’s front paws and head welcome your caresses as he curls up in position 4. Stay away from his belly and tail unless you want to see him frown.

Molly (Gray Cat With White Spots)

molly adorable home

The best time to stroke Molly comes as soon as you pick her up for some bonding moments. Under position 1, Every part of Molly that triggers a reaction will almost always have positive results. The only part to avoid when she is at this pose is her tail.

All of Molly’s visible paws and her head all welcome your touch while she is in position 2. Though her belly seems too visible and wanting a stroke, it is actually a no-no spot much like her tail.

When Molly stretches away and shows you her back side in position 3, only stroke her back side as it is the only welcoming spot. Her paws will be irritable to touch and she will unlikely have a reaction form a stroke anywhere else.

Curled up and laying on her back side, Molly can give you hearts of approval if you caress her upper paw and tail. Avoid touching her head and belly to avoid earning a strike.

Tobby (White Cat With Gray Stripes)

tobby adorable home

Once you decide to give Tobby a series of strokes, swiping around his right paw and belly while he is still at position 1 can easily earn you 2 quick hearts. He would not appreciate a swipe at his head or tail while he is in this position, though.

Tobby’s head, front paw, and tail are all welcoming parts while Tobby stretches to his side. While stretching in position 2, Tobby’s belly and rear paw are not as welcoming. As Tobby lays on his belly, petting his tail makes him happy. His back side while in this position will not be very welcoming to any sort of stroke.

Tobby’s belly once again longs for a quick caress when he begins to curl up under position 4. In this stage, avoid touching his tail.

Moka (Brown Cat With Light Brown Spots)

moka adorable home

Moka actually does not react much while she is in position 1. You can only earn a heart here by caressing her head and the only strike to earn as well comes from touching her belly. Once Moka turns to her side in position 2, Her welcome parts are her head, belly, and front paw. Her no-no part, on the other hand, is her tail while she is in this position.

As she lays on her belly stretching in position 3, her visible paws can earn you hearts when you rub them. The only unwelcoming part in this position is her back side. Moka’s head, rear paws, and tail all welcome your loving strokes whenever she is assuming position 4. Her front paws, however, should not be caressed while she is curled up.

Tiger (Light Yellow Cat With Light Orange Stripes)

tiger adorable home

Tiger can earn you 4 quick and easy hearts under position 1 if you can swipe at his visible paws and belly. Petting his head and his tail, however, will not end well for both of you and should just be avoided.

When Tiger rolls to his side, his head, front paw, and tail are all very much welcoming to the human touch. Tiger’s belly and rear paws do not share the same sentiments in this position.

As tiger lies flat on his belly in position 3, petting his front paws and back side are highly appreciated by him. Do not stroke his head or his tail in this position as doing so will earn you a strike.

Take great care when trying to caress Tiger while he curls up and shows you his belly. Whenever he hits position 4, his front paws are his only sweet spots leaving his head, belly, and both rear paws as no-no spots for petting.

Gabu (Gray Cat With Light Gray Underbelly)

gabu adorable home

Another cat that hardly reacts under the initial pose, Gabu will only appreciate a quick rub of his right paw at the starting position. Coincidentally, he will only be annoyed if you stroke his back while he is in this position.

When Gabu is laying on his side with his limbs all stretched out, only his head and tail have reactions to your touch and, fortunately, both strokes yield positive results. It will be rare to earn a strike in this position as the rest of his body will hardly yield any reaction to your swipes.

On his belly with all limbs stretched out, Gabu will enjoy a caress on his head, back side, and tail. Avoiding to touch any of his visible paws will serve you well when he is in this position.

At the remaining position when Gabu is all curled up, his tail remains to be the only sweet spot to stroke for a heart. His head and rear left paw, on the other hand are best to be left untouched.

Elisabeth (White Cat With Crown)

elisabeth adorable home

When you see Elisabeth’s smile as you start the petting mini game, the fastest way to earn heats quickly is to stroke all her visible paws and her tail. While doing so, however, a swipe at her head and belly will result in a strike.

Elisabeth’s rear paw serves as the exclusive sweet spot when she turns to her side on position 2. Petting her head and belly while she is at this position will not be a welcomed touch so avoid doing so.

As Elisabeth begins to lay on the mat flat on her tummy, you can swipe at her paws for some hearts as well as her tail. Petting her back while she shows it off will result in a frown and a strike.

When Elisabeth is all curled up with her back on the mat, touching her right rear paw and tail will net you hearts. Her front paw and left rear paw, however, will put a frown on her face if it gets touched.

Max (Orange Cat With Yellow Stripes)

max adorable home

Under the first available position during petting time, Max’ left paw, right paw, and belly all bring him delight after being stroked. His head, back, and tail are off bounds during this pose, though.

A good pat on the head, right paw, and tail puts a smile on Max’ face while he is stretched and lying on his side in position 2. His rear paw is the only part to be avoided in this position.

When Max assumes the prone position, you can only stroke his tail for a sure way to earn a heart. Meanwhile, swiping at his head or his back will result in a strike so be sure to avoid those spots.

Max’ head, belly, and left rear paw are all itching for a good stroke while he is curled and in position 4. The only part of his body to keep away from in this position is his tail.

Cookie (White Cat With Orange Spots And Gray Paws)

cookie adorable home

Cookie is one of those cats who hardly react to caressing while she is in position 1. The only way to earn a heart while she exhibits this pose is to stroke her back. In fairness, the only way to get a strike here as well is to touch her right paw.

When Cookie turns to her side, her belly and her tail are the only sources of hearts you can stroke on. Touching her rear paw will irritate her while she is in this position.

On the other hand, touching Cookie’s rear paw as she lies on her tummy is the only way to earn a heart under position 3. Petting her back and her tail while she is in this position will displease her.

Cookie enjoys a tap on both her front paws and left rear paw whenever she curls up and lies on her back. You can also stroke her head while she is in this position. Cookie’s belly and tail are off limits in position 4 so keep away from them.

Those are all the petting spots you need to know when it comes to petting all the 12 cats in Adorable Home. We hope that by knowing each of the spots that welcome your petting strokes and the ones to avoid will help you breeze through the occasional caressing time you spend with your pet cats in the game. There may be times when a simple swipe may come off in-between two different poses which may result in a strike instead of a heart so as an added tip, you can freely back out of the mini game and start over quickly to speed things up.

If you have been petting your feline friends in Adorable Home for quite some time and have earned results different from the ones we mentioned here, be sure to let us know!


Sunday 5th of June 2022

Hi, could you make a food guide?

Kamryn Votaw

Friday 25th of June 2021

Okay I have a question, when I woke up this morning I went to play adorable homes and when I went to pet the cat, it said I have to wait 169hrs and 39 minutes!! Why in the world would it make me wait so long?


Sunday 4th of July 2021

@Kamryn Votaw, have you been time jumping recently? (changing your time zone on your phone in order to skip waiting times, or even just travelling somewhere new) The first time I tried to time jump my phone, I skipped the waiting time but upon returning back to my usual time zone the waiting time had increased quite a lot.


Saturday 12th of June 2021

Most of them give strikes instead idk why


Tuesday 12th of January 2021

I don't know if this is accurate anymore. The ones for Tobby all gave strikes


Sunday 31st of May 2020

Thanks for the tips! Do you mind adding the pictures of the positions? Thanks again!