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Idle Digging Tycoon Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Fastest Digger in the Ancient World

Idle Digging Tycoon is yet another exciting game from ZPLAY, the same developer that brought us mobile titles such as Idle Robbery, and Idle Stickman.

The game can be categorized as an idle simulation game, as it successfully mixes strategy, tapping, and a little bit of design. Idle Digging Tycoon sets you up as the manager of a quarry pit. Your task is to make sure the workers do their job. Through your supervision, you can command them to get to work and build and design structures.

If you are a big fan of idle games, Idle Digging Tycoon is something that you will enjoy playing. Our detailed Idle Digging Tycoon guide will help you come up with the right strategy to beat the game. Plus, we will cover the ways that will allow you to maximize your resources and the digging time. So without further ado, let’s delve into our Idle Digging Tycoon guide, which comes with several useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Get To Know The Basics Of The Game

When you first start the game, there will be a very short tutorial. It will tell you some of the things that you should do, such as purchasing upgrades. However, it does not provide you a lot of instructions, so it’s up to you to discover the game on your own.

idle digging tycoon tips

You start the game at the Canyon location. There are eight locations altogether, and you can only unlock the next one if you have completed the goal of the current site.

For instance, you can proceed to the next location, which is Frozen Land, if you get 10 workers. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on reaching this goal to get to the second location. In order to get to the Jungle, you should hire at least 20 workers.

The workers are responsible for digging the pit, but it’s your job to ensure that they are doing their jobs. Sometimes, a worker will fall asleep. You need to keep an eye on the diggers who tend to take a break often.

As the workers keep digging, they will reach the bottom of the structure. You can then decorate it to make it look more appealing. If the workers have already unearthed all the way to the end of the site, they will continue digging until you unlock the next location.

2. Understand How The Digging Process Works

Workers rely on you to make sure that they do their job correctly. You can upgrade them so they will dig better and faster. To improve your workers, you need gold. Therefore, you have to make sure you get enough gold during the process. Also, you have to increase the number of workers you have hired.

how the digging process works in idle digging tycoon

There are three stats that you can upgrade for your workers:


You can find these upgrades at the bottom part of your screen. Each upgrade costs gold, so ensure that you spend your money wisely.

Speed determines how quick your workers dig a spot. One worker covers a single block of earth. The higher this stat is, the faster the digger will get rid of this block.

Profit is the amount you gain whenever a worker successfully eliminates one block. Of course, the more you upgrade this stat, the more money you get.

Finally, the last stat is Worker, which tells you the number of workers that you have on the field.

You will need to upgrade all these stats so that you can get to the next areas and become an idle digging tycoon.

3. Upgrade Your Workers For Better Performance

This upgrade is not about the number of workers you have. When you get to level 3, you unlock the worker upgrades, which applies to the skills of the diggers. It’s a set of worker improvements that can increase their stamina, power, and critical dig chance.

how to upgrade workers in idle digging tycoon

Let’s take a look at how these upgrades affect the workers’ outputs:

– Upgrading the stamina of the workers will let them work longer before they need to take a break.

– As for power, it tells you how strong the worker is. The higher this stat is, the more blocks the worker can dig in one go.

– Finally, the critical dig chance is the percentage of the workers making that “critical dig.” If you have played strategy games before, especially online role-playing games, you know how vital critical upgrades can be. In Idle Digging Tycoon, critical digs are those that let the workers take out one whole chunk of the block with just one move.

Just like with the first group of upgrades for the workers, you should also allot some gold in upgrading the stamina, power, and critical dig chance. They will help you complete a location faster.

4. Make Sure To Keep Your Workers Busy

Sometimes, workers can get tired and lazy. They will take a break from digging and sleep for a long time. Do not worry though; it only happens when you are online, and the game is open. In this case, you have to wake the workers up, prompting them to get back to work.

how to keep workers active in idle digging tycoon

As you progress and you have more workers, they can simultaneously take a break. They leave their digging jobs for several minutes. Therefore, you should upgrade their stamina. Once they use up all their endurance, they will get out of the site and take a nap.

The good thing about the game is that you will be notified if one or more workers decide to sleep. A button will appear on the right side, just above the Worker Upgrades button. Tap on it, and it will automatically wake the workers up. Even if there are a lot of workers sleeping, all you need is one tap to tell them all to get back to work.

If you ever decide to leave your device for several minutes to watch the workers do their job, make sure that you check back often. They can quickly get tired and will leave the site empty.
Alternatively, you can focus on upgrading the stamina of the workers. They will last longer while digging, and it can take more than an hour before they give up. By that time, you may already be back to supervise them once again.

5. Hire An Overseer To Prevent Workers From Going Idle

The stamina upgrades work well, but there are numerous upgrades and so little money to spend. If the workers keep snoozing on you, the best thing that you can do is to hire an overseer.

idle digging tycoon overseer

The Overseer, known as the Elder, usually appears when you level up. Sometimes, he makes an appearance a few minutes after you have opened the game. He will stand above the quarry, supervising the workers for you. However, you can only activate him if you watch an advertisement.

A button will appear on top of all the upgrades or just below the level up button. It will disappear within 270 seconds, so keep an eye on it if you want to activate him.

Once he is hired, he will watch over your workers for you, ensuring that they will not stop working. This effect only lasts for a short period, though. Therefore, you still have to observe the workers once the Elder leaves.

6. Hire The Giant To Smash The Blocks For You

If the power of your workers is still low or you are unhappy with it, you can wait for the Giant to appear. He works just like the Elder. From time to time, he will appear, usually when you have just opened the game. He also stays for a while if you have just discovered a new location. As long as you are tapping on the game, he will be on the screen.

idle digging tycoon giant

Hiring the Giant will allow you to eliminate a few blocks instantly. He will jump onto the quarry and will smash the blocks of dirt repeatedly. Like the Elder, you can activate the Giant by watching one advertisement. He will only smash up to three blocks, and then he will leave. You can summon him again when he appears.

You will see a button with a timer on the right-hand corner. Tap on it and choose Summon to watch a video. The Giant will automatically go to the quarry to get rid of the blocks.

7. Be Careful When Buying Ornaments

The completion rate increases as the workers keep digging. You will see it in the location box, which tells you your progress. Once you reach a high enough completion rate, you will see the Ornaments box. The button for the in-game Ornaments is available at the very beginning of Idle Digging Tycoon. However, you cannot add the items just yet.

idle digging tycoon ornaments

Ornaments are simply decorations that you can add to the buildings. They are accessible in all locations, and they differ depending on where you are on the map.

One thing that you have to remember though is that these Ornaments do not have any effect on the game. It may be tempting to buy them just to beautify the place. Since they use the same currency – which is gold – as the upgrades, you may want to be cautious with the purchase. It is fun to buy them, but you need the gold more than the Ornaments.

If you wish to update the look of the buildings, you can buy the Ornaments when you are ready to move to another location. However, bear in mind that the money you have in the previous area will be the same as in the next one.

8. Don’t Forget To Tap On The Level Up Button

As you keep on digging, your character in Idle Digging Tycoon will level up. There’s a button at the very top of the screen. Tap on it to get to the next level. You will get bonus rewards every time you level up. You can also get more profits if you watch an ad after leveling up.

how to level up in idle digging tycoon

If you do not click on the Level Up button, it will keep you at the same level until you do so. Make sure you tap on it to gain rewards and unlock some items.

9. Know How To Move To The Next Location

Your workers will keep digging until they hit the bottom part of the quarry. You will see an exclamation mark on the Location box. It notifies you that you have reached the completion rate of 100%. You can then move on to the next location.

idle digging tycoon locations

You must go to the next zone since you can no longer do anything once you have completed the current location. If you wish, you can purchase Ornaments while waiting.

10. Take Advantage Of Ad Bonuses For More Rewards

There are many ad bonuses in Idle Digging Tycoon. You can use them all to get a boost on your gameplay. Here’s a list of the advertisement bonuses that you should keep an eye on:

Giant: As mentioned above, you can watch an ad whenever the Giant appears. He will demolish a huge chunk of the earth for you. It drastically speeds up the process of digging for you and the workers.

Elder: As the Overseer, the Elder will make sure that all workers do their job. He will wake up the workers who may be sleeping so that you do not have to.

Level Up: Every time you level up, you have the chance to triple the number of bonuses you get. Watch an ad to get this boost. If you have extra gems, you can get five times more reward.

Wheel of Fortune: Spin the wheel of fortune five times per day. All spins require you to watch an advertisement though. You can win thousands of gold and three to eight diamonds.

Speed Bonus: Go to the Shop and get a speed booster from there. To enable the boost, you have to watch an advertisement first. You have a total of two chances per day to increase the speed of your workers while also doubling your gold income. Note that this booster is only temporary, so take advantage of it while you can.

Ores: There are diamond and gold ores in the game. You can find them when your workers keep digging. They stick out, so it is easy to notice them. The nodes give generous loot, which is why you should watch an ad to get the bonus.

Meat: A piece of meat will float freely on your screen. Tap on it to get a gold bonus. Sometimes, it gives diamonds as well.

Welcome Back: After going idle for minutes or hours, the game will greet you with your “welcome back” bonus. You can get triple the amount by watching an ad. If you want an even higher bonus, use your gems to multiply the reward by five.

how to get more rewards in idle digging tycoon

All the mentioned boosts are helpful, especially in speeding up the progress of your game. If you are on mobile data, you can turn it off while you watch an ad. This way, it will not consume your data, but the advertisement will continue playing. You can turn the connection back on when you are done playing the ad. You can get the bonus after.

Another trick is to turn off your data once you have entered the game. All the bonuses will be there, and you can still play the ad even if you do not have a connection. Reconnect when you are back in the game.

11. Turn Up The Volume If You Leave The Game Open

You may want to watch the workers for some time, but you have to do something else. If you do not want to close the game, you can hire the Overseer. He will make sure that the workers do not go idle. However, if you do not want to watch an ad to activate the Elder, you can turn the volume up.

idle digging tycoon hints

You will hear the workers digging in the background. If it goes silent, you can go back to the game and wake up the sleeping diggers.

12. Keep Tapping For More Speed

If you stay away from the game for several hours, we recommend prioritizing stamina. This way, they will keep digging even if you do not open the game. This upgrade stretches the amount of time the workers dig while you are not playing.

how to dig faster in idle digging tycoon

When you have it opened, you can speed up the digging by tapping on your screen. Keep tapping, and you will see that the workers are digging quickly, which gives you more earnings. You will soon have enough money to upgrade the power and speed of the diggers.

And that’s it! This concludes our Idle Digging Tycoon guide. Hopefully, the tips and tricks we shared with you will help you improve your gaming experience. If you have discovered any other tips or strategies that we have not included in this guide, then feel free to let us know in the comments below!