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Idle Robbery Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Steal the Biggest Treasure Ever

Idle Robbery is another exciting mobile title from ZPLAY, the creators of Blyss and Bump Hero. As the name suggests, Idle Robbery will take you into the action-packed world of robberies and burglaries. Your group of thieves will pillage and plunder, but the police will always be on your tail.

The goal of Idle Robbery is to steal as many items as possible. Yet, the police will always try to stand in your way. Moreover, the lack of workforce could present a problem as well. As it seems, good thieves are hard to find these days. So, to help you with all those issues, we have prepared a comprehensive list of Idle Robbery tips, cheats and tricks. Be sure to check out these tips and learn how to become a professional thief!

1. Tap The Screen To Make Your Crew Work Faster

Successful robberies are often as fast as a flash. In other words, thieves need to be quick when entering a property and stealing the valuables. The same applies to Idle Robbery, and your crew needs to be as efficient as possible. Yet, this will not be the case in the early stages of the game. On the contrary, the crew members will move agonizingly slow.

idle robbery tricks

To make them faster, players should tap the screen as much as possible. Every tap will make the thieves run instead of walking at a leisurely pace. On top of that, you could earn valuable rewards if you tap the screen a certain number of times. For instance, you will receive a bag of gold for the first 150 taps.

2. Complete The Tasks To Earn Rewards

While we are talking about rewards, let’s mention that players can claim all sorts of goodies by completing the tasks in the Achievements section. As we said, the number of taps is just one of many available “categories” in Idle Robbery. The more Achievements you complete – the bigger the bankroll, so don’t hesitate to complete the tasks.

how to earn more rewards in idle robbery

The icon on the right-hand side of the lobby will take you to the Achievement section. Also, the red notification sign that says “Collect” will be as clear as day. Once you spot this sign, head over the Achievements area, and tap on the highlighted option. By doing so, you will claim the prize. In most cases, the rewards will be in the form of gems or gold coins.

3. Use Gems To Fast-Forward The Time

When playing Idle Robbery, players will be able to spend the diamonds in all sorts of ways. However, one of the most innovative features in this game is the option of using the gems to speed up time. If you manage to collect enough diamonds, you could fast-forward the time and cut down on waiting. Instead of waiting for hours on your crew to steal a fortune, you could use the gems to accelerate the process.

Similar to the Achievements section, the option to Fast-Forward the time is located on the right-hand side of the screen. Nonetheless, we should mention that this feature is not free of charge. It will be quite costly, to be honest. The prices start at 15 gems for 300 seconds, all the way up to 100 diamonds for 1800 seconds.

4. Always Hire A Specialist

One of the easiest ways for boosting the yield in Idle Robbery is to hire a specialist. After all, a professional should be able to deliver better results than an amateur, no matter the line of business. The same applies to robberies as well, and experienced thieves can improve the success rate of your entire team.

idle robbery specialist

At the early stages of the game, players will be able to hire only one specialist. Later on, more of them will become available. To unlock new ones, players should spend 15-20 seconds and watch an ad. By doing so, you will open up new slots. After that, you can hire the pros, as long as you have enough diamonds. Once you collect enough gems, the game will highlight the available specialist. So, keep an eye on the bottom right corner at all times.

5. Hire More Crew Members

When it comes to Idle Robbery, the number of crew members is one of the essential elements for a successful raid. If you want to hoard and snatch a fortune, you will need lots of workers to do the carrying. Well, the game offers a simple solution to these problems. Players can easily hire new crew members, with a single tap on the screen.

At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a strip with three buttons. The one on the right is the one that will bring in more thieves. After all, the name of the power-up is pretty much self-explanatory. So, hit on the “Crew” button to hire more workers. Of course, the only condition is that you have enough money. Once the button turns green, you will know that the bankroll can cover the cost of hiring a new member of the crew.

6. Boost The Speed Of The Robbers

We already said that speed plays an integral part in performing an efficient robbery. Likewise, we also mentioned that the thieves in Idle Robbery would be very slow in the early stages of the game. Luckily, there is an easy way to change that. You can increase their speed and collect more treasure than ever.

how to boost the speed of your crew members in idle robbery

Once again, the secret lies in the power-ups at the bottom of the screen. In this case, you need to invest in the middle one, the one with the name “Speed.” Again, the title explains the nature of the power-up. By increasing the speed of the robbers, you will boost the frequency of delivery. In other words, they will bring more goods into the back of the truck.

7. Increase The Strength Of The Thieves

Another quality of the thieves you can improve in Idle Robbery is their strength. After all, lots of heavy lifting will be a part of the job when you go to rob a place. For example, the robbers will be able to pick up a vehicle and carry it to the truck without even breaking a sweat. Of course, such fantastic strength will come as a result of your investments, so be careful how you splash the cash.

The power-up named Strength is on the left-hand side of the bottom strip of icons. You will have no trouble recognizing this booster since it has a flexing hand as an illustration. So, make sure to raise the level of this power-up at every opportunity. By doing so, your crew will be able to carry more valuable items.

8. Level Up As Soon As Possible

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will notice a small XP meter. Well, this gauge can also be of extreme importance when playing Idle Robbery. The more XP you collect, the better the rewards will be. Also, your crew will generate more cash if you raise the game to a new level. Therefore, make sure to level up as soon as the meter fills up. Once that happens, the game will notify the players by replacing the gauge with words LEVEL UP. It’s as straightforward as it gets.

how to level up fast in idle robbery

On top of that, players will receive a reward every time they step up to a new level. Cash is always welcome, so accept the package without any second thoughts. What’s more, you can even triple the reward by watching an ad.

9. Maximize The Use Of Bonuses

From time to time, the game will reward you with extra bonuses and gifts. For instance, the flying wings will appear at random intervals. This bonus can provide you with generous rewards, so never fail to grab it. The wings will fly across the screen in a random pattern. Your job will be to click on the dollar sign and watch a short video. That’s it.

idle robbery bonuses

Likewise, Idle Robbery will also present you with a range of quick boosters. Some of them will double the speed of the crew, while others will double the numbers of the robbers. Or, the power-ups could bring a couple more specialists to help with the job. Either way, make sure to maximize the potential of these features when playing Idle Robbery.
10. Collect Your Offline Earnings

The robberies in this game will not stop just because you had to go to sleep. On the contrary, the thieves will work day and night, no matter if you are at work or home. So, when you come back to the game, a large bounty will be at your disposal. Of course, you should collect the money, no doubt about it.

Idle Robbery also offers to triple your winnings if you agree to watch a promotional video. We recommend that you take them up on this offer. After all, 15 seconds of your time will provide you with a lot of money for investments and power-ups.

There you have it! This wraps up our list of tips, cheats and tricks for Idle Robbery. If you happen to know more tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line!