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ByeBye Monster Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat Your Enemies and Save the Princess

ByeBye Monster is a new action mobile game created by Griffon Games, the same publisher who brought us Tiny Fighter. The game lets you fight against different opponents whose primary goal is to destroy you. Your aim is to progress through the levels by killing all the monsters that stand in your way. If you have played and enjoyed Archero, then probably you will like this game as well.

The story of ByeBye Monster begins with the Dark Lord robbing the kingdom’s only princess. Your task in the game is to save the captured princess and crush those powerful enemies who hide her from you.

The game has a simple interface, that you can easily understand, even if you haven’t played a similar title before. ByeBye Monster has many features and the game lets you explore a unique world full of sprites. You need to choose the right skill combos to get rid of your enemies. As you progress through the game, you will learn how to improve your character with new skills that you gain after you successfully complete levels.

When the game gets tougher for you, you can turn to pets that you can bring to battle with you. However, you can only unlock them at a certain level.

ByeBye Monster is a game of luck, strategy, and the use of quick and smart tactics. Be sure to read our ByeBye Monster beginner’s guide, as it comes with loads of tips, cheats and strategies to defeat your enemies and save the princess!

1. Choose Your Character Wisely

When you start the game, one of the first things that you need to do is to select the character that you will play with. In the beginning, you only have two choices. There is a third hero, but you cannot unlock it at the early levels just yet.

bybye monster characters

Initially, you have two options, when it comes to character selection: the Warrior or the Ranger. The third option is the Wizard, which, as we mentioned above, is unavailable when you start out. There’s a big difference between these two options, particularly with the way they battle their enemies.

As a Warrior, you can only kill the sprites from a close distance with your sword. Therefore, you need to be close to them, which can lead them to damage you. A Ranger attacks from long range using a bow and arrow. Rangers are a favorite because they are able to attack even when they are far away from the monsters.

However, there’s a catch. Unlike Rangers, Warriors have more stamina. They can tolerate more hits and are stronger as well. They have to move closer to their targets. As you progress through the game, you will be able to activate some skills, which will help you to kill opponents even if they are far away. You will still have a limited reach, so you will need to move toward the enemy.

The good news is that you can switch from one character to another. If you feel that a Ranger is not for you, you can become a Warrior. It does not cost you coins, and you can switch anytime.
Rangers are more agile, unlike the sauntering Warriors, probably because the latter have heavy armor and swords. If you have played as a Ranger before switching to the Warrior character, you will find that the latter is much harder to control. Warriors lack the agility of the Rangers, which makes the virtual joystick a bit challenging to drag.

2. Complete The Chapters And Unlock In-Game Elements

ByeBye Monster has plenty of levels or chapters for players to complete. You start with the Ancient Desert, which has 50 levels. The second chapter, Moonlight Cemetery, also comes with 50 levels. The next chapter, Dark Dungeon, only has 20 levels, but Silent Forest and Ancient Arena both have 50 levels again.

bybye monster tarot card selector

The Lost Dungeon has 20 levels once more and the seventh chapter, Hell Arena, is the shortest one with only 10 levels. As per the current version of ByeBye Monster, the last chapter Freeze Land comes with 50 challenges.

Before you can proceed to the next chapter, you should first complete every stage available in the chapter you are playing. Each stage comes with several levels, making it difficult to progress. To make it much harder for the players, failing to finish the entire stage will mean that you need to replay the whole level.

Progress resets, so you have to start over. You do not have to worry too much because the game gives you one extra chance. All you need to do is watch an ad video. After watching the video, you can continue with your character who has regained its health. Be careful now though; there’s a limit to the number of ads you can watch per day. You may not get one more chance after the first one. It refreshes when you get to the next level or after you quit the game.

Whenever you complete a stage, you will gain extra items through the tarot card selector. The game will automatically pick the tarot card for you. Just click on the Start button, so it randomly selects your prize. More often than not, however, you will only get extra coins. If you are lucky, you can get items for your character, such as better bows or swords and armor. You can also get gems.

If you do not mind watching another video, the game gives you one more spin of the tarot card selector. This time, you can earn better rewards, including upgraded equipment and skills.

3. Login Daily To Get Special Rewards

The first time you start the game, you will get your first-ever daily reward. You can find it in the game’s main screen on the right side. New players get 1,000 gold. In the next couple of days you can get the following rewards:

how to get special rewards in byebye monster

Second Day: Two gold keys
Third Day: 100 gems
Fourth Day: 20,000 gold
Fifth Day: 200 gems
Sixth Day: 300 gems
Seventh Day: Five gold keys

When you receive the seventh-day reward, the game will reset the prizes, and you get the first-day login reward again. The same thing happens, if you fail to login to the game every day.

4. Collect Easter Eggs, Including The Chapter Chest And Time Rewards

In ByeBye Monster some prizes are difficult to find. You may have to explore the game a bit, especially if you just started playing. One thing that you should look for is Chapter Chest. It’s at the main screen, but remains inactive until you finish the first 10 stages of Chapter 1.

byebye monster chapter chests

The Chapter Chest gives you energy and gems. Some rewards are still locked, so you do not know what they are yet until you meet the requirements. On the main screen, you will see an exclamation point on the Chapter Chest image. Tap on it and click on Claim once the button is active, which is every 10 levels.

You have two chances of receiving the rewards from the Chapter Chest. In order to collect, you need to tap on Claim again, which will play an advertisement. Keep playing and finishing the stages to get to the Chapter 50 reward.

Time Rewards will also give you more prizes. On the main screen, you will find it below your Daily Gifts icon. Time Rewards aren’ always available, so make sure you claim them every time you play. The reward lasts for an hour, and you can request another when it expires. Time Rewards can provide you with additional tokens that you will find useful while playing the game. You can get multipliers for gold, making it crucial that you play during the allotted time if you wish to earn more coins.

You can also collect more rewards for every season of the game. Seasons last for a few weeks, and you have to complete all the tasks given to you within that period. Just tap on the progress bar that you can find below the gold coins you own. It will tell you the number of days left and how many more enemies you need to slay to get the rewards.

There are prize tiers, starting with the lowest, which only gives you 1,000 coins. You will then get better rewards as you go on, such as silver keys, gems, and gold keys. You can gain more attractive prizes if you become a premium player where you will receive a WarToken. It entitles you to bigger loots, such as 10,000 coins compared to a “free” player’s 1,000 gold reward.

5. Visit The Shop Often To Find Bonus Rewards, Chests, And Coins

When you run out of coins, you can head over to the game’s shop. In the shop you can exchange your gems to gold, and you can use the coins to upgrade your equipment and armor.

byebye monster bonus reward

At the bottom of the main screen, tap on the chest icon at the left. It will take you to the shop where you can purchase premium items. You should also check the shop every day to see the current offers to improve your gameplay.

There’s also a bonus reward in the shop. Tap on it to spin the wheel. Each reset gives you six spins every day, giving you a chance to win gold coins, keys, and weapons. Click on “Free Get” so the wheel turns and lands on your first reward. Note that the next five spins are free, but you have a few seconds to minutes before you can spin again. Also, it is worth mentioning that these subsequent spins require you to watch an ad.

6. Collect Keys And Other Items To Open Chests

In ByeBye Monster the easiest way to open chests is to pay with gems. These boxes are essential to winning the game because they contain materials that let you to upgrade your armor and weapons. They also have gold and other loot that will be beneficial to your character when you rank it up.

byebye monster common box and luxury box

You can also open the chests using keys, which you can get during the game. Sometimes, they are rewards from daily spins, logins, and Easter Eggs. When you defeat a stage, you can get keys as well.

There are two types of chests that you can open with the keys you have collected:

Common Box: This chest contains common items that you can get in the game. It usually has two things in it, which you can get using the keys or by spending 60 gems. If you open another chest, you only have to pay 50 gems.

Luxury Box: This chest has better items than the Common Box. You can get boots, bows, swords, mace, and more gold. The weapons and armor are at higher levels. You can open the Luxury Box if you have a gold key or you can pay 300 gems. Your second chest will cost 280 gems only, provided that you open another one consecutively.

7. Rank Up Your Hero And Upgrade Your Equipment

There are a few tricks to get stronger in the game. The first trick is to pick the right skills so you can hit more enemies and absorb more damage (more details on that in the next tip). The second one is to rank up your hero.

You must upgrade your character, so the Warrior or Ranger gets a permanent increase in hit points (HP), attack, and defense. Ranking up your hero requires gold, which you can easily receive when you fight against monsters and get rewards, among others. Using the tarot selector, spinning the wheel, and playing daily also reward you with gold coins.

how to level up a hero in byebye monster

To upgrade your hero, tap on the fourth icon at the bottom, which will quickly swipe to the character screen. It’s also the same page where you can switch to another character. You can see the details about your hero below him (or her if you already have the Wizard).

As your hero gets stronger and you progress through the map, you will soon unlock the pet system. It’s accessible after clearing the first chapter. More pets will be available when you beat the other routes. When you have at least one, your pet can accompany you in battle. Choose one with the most suitable stats and effects based on your strategy.

Another thing to remember is to improve your equipment, including your armor and weapons. As a Ranger, your main weapon is a bow equipped with an unlimited supply of arrows. Meanwhile, if you are a Warrior, you have a sword, but you can switch it to a mace. For your heroic outfit, you have boots, armor plate, and accessories.

Upgrading your equipment is a little more complicated than upgrading your character. Aside from gold, you need specific materials depending on the item that you would like to enhance. For instance, a level 5 Thunder Armor requires that you have eight Books of Armor to get it to level 6.

Finally, you can also merge items in the game. However, you cannot combine just about anything that you want. You will need three of the same elements, so they become one and give you a better piece. For example, you can merge three bows at level 1, which will generate a level three bow.

Your focus should be to get high-tier gear, ranging from:

– Common, which has the gray-colored circle
– Great, which is a tier in green
– Rare, which is the blue-colored gear tier
– Excellent, represented by the purple color

8. Choose Your Skills Wisely

When you first enter a stage, you have three skill options right away. You will see another set of selections when you complete a stage. Each of the options will work differently for you, depending on where you are in the battle.

byebye monster skills

Once you tap on a particular skill, you can no longer undo it, which is why you should select carefully. Let’s say that you have completed one stage and you have three options: HP Boost, Suck the Blood, and Restore HP. All these skills are about your HP, but they don’t have the same effect.

If you have low HP, you should certainly choose “Restore HP,” which will allow you to gain back a percentage of your life. Meanwhile, HP boost will increase your maximum hit points, but it will not heal you. This skill works better if you still have a lot of HP and you simply want to improve your total HP after your character regains a portion of his/her life. As for Suck the Blood, it gives you back a small part of your HP whenever you kill an enemy.

To know what skills you have acquired, you can tap the gear icon when you are in battle mode. You can find it in the top-left corner of the screen.

9. Beware Of Enemies With Special Skills

The monsters can also hit you back and become aggressive. You need to dodge their attacks to avoid dying. When you already have a high HP, it will be hard to kill you, which is often the case with Warriors. However, Rangers are weaker and can take less damage than Warriors, although their attack damage is serious.

byebye monster battle tips

If you opt for a Ranger during a battle, you may need to keep claiming HP restore skills. This way, you don’t lose a life, and more importantly, you don’t have to restart the stage. You can use gems to keep going, or you can watch an ad if it’s available.

Whenever you get defeated by a boss, or you run out of hit points because of a regular enemy, you lose five energy points. You regain one energy point after three minutes until you reach 20, meaning your energy is full. However, you can get over 20 if you get extra energy from some rewards in the game.

Some enemies are more aggressive and can damage you hard, especially the stage boss. Monsters will try to kill you with rocks, spears, and fire. Be careful when you move away because some flying objects bounce and may hit you.

10. Revive Your Dead Hero By Watching A Short Video

If a boss ends up killing you, try to resurrect your hero; otherwise, you will need to redo the entire stage, which is time-consuming. You can revive your character by watching an ad. If it’s not available, you will need to pay 30 gems.

how to revive a hero in byebye monster

Do not fret if you are low on HP when you are about to face the stage boss. There’s a fountain that you can pass through, which will heal you, so you gain your HP back.

11. Switch Character If You Cannot Defeat The Boss

how to switch hero in byebye monster

If your character keeps dying, you may want to play as a Warrior instead. Meanwhile, if you wish to play with an easy-to-control hero that you can drag around the screen effortlessly, a Ranger suits you best. As you keep playing, you will soon unlock the third character. The Wizard is the mid-range attacker, placing it between the Warrior and Ranger with its abilities. This hero is stronger than the other two, but you can only access the Wizard when you complete Chapter 99.

And that’s it for now, as far as our ByeBye Monster beginner’s guide is concerned. If you happen to know additional tips or strategies for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below!


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