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Used Car Dealer (Mobile Game) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Run a Legendary Car Dealership

Used Car Dealer is an idle game from Dragonfly Entertainment that’s currently available exclusively for Android devices. The game is yet another spin on the classic genre, idle simulation. It lets you operate a car dealership business where you purchase used vehicles and find buyers to sell them.

You start with a humble venture where you use your skills in bargaining. This way, you get the lowest price possible for any vehicle. While you try your luck with car owners who want to get rid of their old cars, you also attempt to expand your business. If done right, your once modest operation can turn into a car dealership empire. You will soon have several employees, tons of customers, and a huge buy-and-sell company.

If you have played some idle games in the past, the concept is pretty much the same with Used Car Dealer. However, we are going to provide you a detailed Used Car Dealer guide, including tips, cheats and strategies that will help you become incredibly rich fast so that you can progress in no time. Without further ado, here are some tips and strategies that you can apply when playing Used Car Dealer.

1. Understand The Basics

In Used Car Dealer basically, your job is to purchase cars with the lowest offer possible. Some owners would gladly accept the offer while others will not be happy about it. You run the business from scratch, where you do not have enough money. You can only afford a few cars at the beginning of the game. That’s why it’s vital to give a low-ball offer every time you can. This way, you get more out of your investment.

used car dealer tips

However, if you keep asking for a low price, the car owners will leave your dealership. You end up with no vehicle to sell to your waiting buyers. It requires balance where you make sure you earn while still making sure that the car sellers trust your business.

To play the game, you need to get more vehicles to increase your inventory. You deal with used cars, allowing you to provide a much lower offer than the market price. Aside from buying used cars, you also need to sell them, so you gain more profits. However, the buying space is in a different lot area, which is why you need to hire sales people to handle the inquiring customers.

Used Car Dealer also requires you to calculate the correct pricing of the vehicles, whether for buying or selling. This way, you do not lose your investment. As you go on, you will unlock more features of the game, making it more than your average idle simulation car dealership game.

2. Learn How To Bargain With The Car Owners

One of the first things that you will do when you start playing the game is buying used cars. Your character will meet and talk to several car owners who want to get rid of their vehicles. Therefore, they try to sell it to you.

how to bargain with car owners in used car dealer

Many of them will accept your next lowest offer, so do not be afraid to hit that Bargain button. However, you can still go lower by tapping on the button again. If you are lucky, a car owner may even let you pay $1 for the car. It’s an incredibly rare opportunity, but it happens every once in a while.

3. Watch Out For Angry Customers

Both buying and selling customers can get mad at you. While you try to haggle, they may find your offer too low. You will hear them scream and talk back at you. They will leave, and you end up wasting your time on them. You can avoid upsetting the car owners by keeping your offers attractive.

how to deal with customers in used car dealer

It’s tempting to give the lowest bid possible because you get to see your profits skyrocket. However, other customers can follow if you keep low-balling the sellers. Try to find the balance between your purchases, so you do not lose more car owners in the game.

If you notice that many customers are unhappy whenever you leave the game alone, it’s time to take over. Keep the low offers to a minimum by tapping on the Bargain button up to two times only. Do this for your next three customers and then you can get back to offering lower payments for the used cars again.

As for the angry buyers, it only means that either they wait too long or you don’t have enough cars in your parking lot. You can reduce the waiting time by hiring more sales people. They carry out the sale for you. It’s essential that, like your character, you upgrade the sales people. This way, they will work faster and more efficiently. They can also help you get more profits if you improve their skills.

4. Watch Ads To Have Money For Upgrading Your Buildings

If you have played idle games before, you know how crucial ads are in this type of games. They serve as your multipliers, especially with bonuses.

how to increase earnings in used car dealer

One of the most significant rewards in the game is the welcome back bonus. After going idle for hours, you can watch an ad to double your earnings while you were off the game. Note that you can only get rewards for going idle for two hours. The succeeding hours no longer give you any earnings.

Therefore, you should keep checking back to claim your bonus. To get rid of this annoying feature, you can play premium, which gives you access to the Manager. He is a vital character in the game since he is the one who provides you the tutorial and other instructions.

5. Start Advertising To Get The Word Out About Your Car Dealership

Speaking of advertisements, you can also put out an ad of your own. This capability is not yet available early in the game. However, when you do unlock it, take advantage of it right away.

how to advertise in used car dealer

There’s a small facility next to the buying point where your character stands and purchases used cars. Tap on this specific facility, and you will get the option to advertise your business. It also gives you the frequency of buyers and sellers that will visit your car dealership.

Try to keep the numbers the same for both the buyers and sellers to maximize your earnings. If you get more sellers, but buyers do not go to your shop more, your final sales will be much lower than expected.

6. Upgrade And Improve Your In-Game Skills

You can improve your character by tapping on the facility that has the word “Buy” on top. It’s right next to where you stand with the car owners stopping by to talk to you. Upon clicking on the building, you will see the Acquisition window, which gives you the buying frequency.

how to upgrade skills in used car dealer

To enhance the stats, you can upgrade the buyer, which will reduce the time needed to talk and haggle with them. You can also increase the discount you get every time you make an offer. This upgrade is necessary if you wish to up your chances of a seller approving the lowest amount you can give. Aim to have it to at least 30%, which will decrease the number of sellers leaving grumpy.

Finally, you can also find the Bunny Girl Buyer in this window. You need to watch an ad to unlock her. Whenever she is on the screen, you have 120 seconds to take full advantage of speedy purchases with the lowest discount possible.

7. Watch Out For The VIP Cars

Behind the Buy facility on the right side of the screen, you will find the VIP lane. Every 60 seconds, special vehicles – mostly trucks – will stop by and park here. They are all for sale, and you will need to haggle with the seller once again. However, the difference is that it’s more interactive than regular bargaining.

used car dealer vip cars

When you see a truck in the VIP lane, tap on it. A notification will appear, giving you the details about the vehicle, including its name and what the owner says. When you click on Start, a timer will appear. You have five seconds to keep tapping on the Bargain button, which will drag a slider to the left.

Your goal is to get it to the leftmost part of the slider, which is the lowest amount allowed. If you do not tap properly, the slider will go to the right automatically, which means you will have to pay for the highest price of the vehicle. Not to worry though, you will still need to click on the Buy button to accept the final price.

8. Expand And Grow Your Business As Fast As You Can

Upgrade everything quickly whenever possible. Check your character at the bottom of the screen and make sure to improve the Acquisition items. You should also increase your budget on the advertisements, as well as with the expansion of your business.

how to expand the business in used car dealer

In front of the Buy building, you will find the facility that says “Car Dealer.” It’s where you can start growing your lot, from the parking spaces to the types of vehicles you offer.

Aside from the Expand tab, you can also access the Sidelines tab next to it. Sidelines give you the other activities that you can get involved in to help increase your current profits. Here, you can add a car wash station or even one for repairs and gas. You can also build a café or a burger shop.

Sideline upgrades are quite expensive. You will need to shell out millions of in-game cash before you can unlock them. For instance, the café building costs $166 million, while the burger shop requires you to have $2 billion first. Another thing to watch out for though is that you can only upgrade the existing buildings with diamonds.

In Used Car Dealer, it’s more challenging to obtain diamonds than in your average idle simulation games. Therefore, you need to be careful about how you spend them.

9. Earn More Diamonds, Here’s How

As previously mentioned, diamonds are scarce in the game. There are a few ways to earn them, however. First, you need to log in daily until you reach the fifth day. You will then be rewarded with 90 diamonds for your loyalty.

how to earn more diamonds in used car dealer

The next option is to get new cars. Whenever you unlock new models, you also get more chances of increasing your profits. Before you can access them though, you should make some upgrades first. Locate the five icons that are at the top of the screen. Tap the third icon, which will take you to the Collection window. It shows you the cars that you own.

When you unlock a new car, it will give you one diamond. To know how you can get a particular model, tap on a car lot space. It will open the profile of the specific vehicle. From there, you will see how you can access the new model, which has the progress bar under it.

10. Don’t Forget To Check The Statistics

The Report in this game is crucial to learning how well or bad you are doing as a car dealer. It will tell you the overall frequency of your customers and sellers, the total number of people served, acquisition rate, and the use of parking space.

used car dealer statistics

The most important numbers, however, are those that tell you which your best-sellers are and which are performing poorly. Take note of these stats, so you know which aspect of your dealership you need to improve on.

And there you have it! This wraps up our Used Car Dealer guide. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to leave us a message in the comment area!


Sunday 26th of April 2020

I've been playing this game for some time now and the quest icon as now disappeared from the game how do I get it back?

Dustin hruby

Thursday 2nd of April 2020

How do I access the main map to change my location?

Iwan Chidley

Monday 30th of March 2020

I cant register with my name on the trophy /ranking list


Tuesday 24th of March 2020

How come it wont let me watch ads sometimes?

Scott Millar

Tuesday 24th of March 2020

Why does the vip money car stop coming when you buy the super car lot?