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Evertale Team Guide: Dream Team Concepts to Dominate Every Challenge

ZigZaGame Inc.’s most popular game, Evertale continues to reel in strategy RPG enthusiasts, as well as some players new to the genre, with its continuously growing roster of heroes and events that offer plenty of unique challenges and rewards. With over a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and staying within top ten lists of games in several countries, Evertale has proven to be a well-loved strategy RPG by people who have already played it.

If you have yet to see what the game has to offer and are currently looking for a strategy RPG with quality anime-styled graphics, a plethora of characters, and events that test your strategic team-building and combat skills to the limits, it’s never too late to jump into the action today.

For a quick headstart into the basic features and mechanics of Evertale, we highly suggest that you read through our Evertale beginner’s guide. If you have played enough and want to focus on gathering specific items and resources, head over to our Evertale farming guide to have an idea of where to efficiently farm for the basic resources in the game. On top of that, we have compiled a detailed tier list, showcasing and ranking all 77 SSR heroes.

evertale team building tips

In this new Evertale guide, we will be entirely focusing on team creations and member considerations built on who we feel are the top characters in the game. Although you can get through most of the game’s main content without considering synergy heavily, more challenging event scenarios tend to require a more cohesive approach to building your team.

Evertale has established itself as a gacha-based strategy RPG that makes procurement of top-tier characters very challenging. For one, rerolling on the game has been deemed pointless by many given the fact that it takes a lot of time for you to save up enough soul stones to do a 10x summon.

Additionally, the rates of getting an SSR character from even a 10x pull are comparatively lower than what is provided in other games. While the same can be upsetting to some players, it becomes an even greater drive for others to push for earning and saving their soul stones. If RNG favors your pull and you manage to land an SSR character, more so, one that is among the top-tier units, then the joy and excitement you will experience at the moment will be a lot more satisfying.

elmina evertale

It is given that developers behind strategy RPGs like Evertale, continuously aim to balance units out to ensure a fair and more enjoyable experience in both PvE and PvP content. A lot of the units in Evertale blend very well with numerous other characters and some can still shine regardless of who you pair them with. Although higher tier units are expected to dominate the battlefield, there are still exceptional lower tier characters that perform almost as well.

For the most part, you will likely consider taking the highest rarity units from among your characters with you and as you obtain new high rarity ones, you will squeeze them into your team to replace the lowest rarity one. In truth, this is not an entirely bad idea if you are a beginner. More so, considering the limit or scarcity of great pulls an average player has, chances are that any SR or SSR unit will be highly valuable.

But then, when you have more than enough units to work with and you are having a hard deciding between some of them, then this guide will be very useful for you. In some cases, even when you still do not possess a lot of characters, having a more synchronized approach for your team consideration can lead to a more efficient performance.

alira evertale

The team rosters we will share will be centered around the best characters in the game. Other team members will likewise be based on top grade units as much as possible but considering the difficulty of earning more than enough of these characters do not necessarily mean that you will stray that far from the idea. At the very least, what we are aiming for is the concept within which you can work towards achieving and learning to substitute some lower tier units for the rarer ones that you have yet to obtain.

In essence, although you will most likely be settling for lower grade substitutes in a lot of cases, it all boils down to the concept of having a cohesive team. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect team, but at least with a synergistic one, you get higher chances of winning most challenges, if not at least be able to work towards continuously improving your team setup with a theme in mind.

Dark Poison Devourer Team

evertale dark poison devourer team

If your first moments in Evertale are still fresh in your mind, then you should remember your first catch and companion, Shockling, and how both Poison and Poison-eater becomes a quick combo to bank on for most of your early battles. If you are lucky enough to secure enough units that can hop in on the idea, then that should be what to go for. Considering elemental affinity, going for dark elemental units leave you to never worry about elemental disadvantages as you will be technically at par with light elemental enemy units and have neither advantage nor disadvantage against all other elements.

We consider Endless Rizette as one of the best characters in Evertale and likewise consider the poison ability, particularly what follows, as the strongest combo starter to work on. On top of the usual Poison Attack, Endless Rizette has Poison Random, which inflicts poison status on a random enemy unit. Her Poison Drain ability, which deals 400% damage on a poisoned enemy, heals her for 50% of her max HP if it damage is successfully dealt, gives her increased survivability on top of her already great stats. As a cherry on top, Endless Rizette has a leadership skill that boosts allied dark units’ attack values by 15%, giving you total offensive domination if you manage to compose a team of dark elemental types.

endless rizette evertale

Le Fay is yet another SSR character on the list. Although not among the fan favorites when it comes to tier lists, Le Fay blends perfectly well to this team. She may not be able to inflict poison on an enemy, but Le Fay has Poison Devour, which can deal 400% damage on a poisoned enemy unit. Another notable skill is Avalon’s Fruit, which will pass a turn and instead give it to an ally by reducing their TU to 0.

Although this skill will leave that ally poisoned, and requires Le Fay to defeat an enemy unit first, it can be a surprising move to have that leave numerous strategic possibilities in the battlefield. Le Fay’s passive skill, Poison Skin, can be a better substitute for her lack of an attack skill that inflicts poison status as it does the same whenever an enemy unit attacks Le Fay.

Poison Attack and Poison Frenzy render yet another SSR unit, Merdain, as a perfect fit to a team full of dark elemental poison characters. Although Poison Frenzy requires the elimination of an enemy unit by the hands of its wielder, the 500% damage it can do and the fact that Merdain is a powerhouse makes it a great skill for him to have.

merdain evertale

Another great value booster for Merdain is Armor Impact, which deals 300% damage on enemies with an armor status in addition to removing the buff itself. Lastly, Merdain’s Augment: Armor passive skill makes him a tougher cookie with its 50% damage reduction on a succeeding attack on him whenever he deals damage with an attack.

On top of being another dark elemental unit with both Poison and Poison Devour, the rest of SSR Vonn’s skills are as attractive as that of Merdain’s. Vonn ha the costly yet effective Attack All skill and can also summon minions through Blood Nova. His Summon Entry passive skill adds 2 Kuromoris to the rear reinforcements line whenever he enters the battlefield from there making it ideal to place him along the latter spots in your team roster as well.

Endless Paladin is perhaps the best SR character for the team. He has Poison and Poison Devour and his remaining active skills are okay as well. Vigor Impact deals 250% damage on enemies that have at least 75% of their max HP while Absorb Stun works well if you want to protect stronger units from stun and let Endless Paladin sacrifice himself and be stunned instead. He has Holy Ground, which is a highly valuable passive ability as well as Poison Skin, making fellow poison devourers salivate with joy as enemies who attack him get instantly poisoned. Setting him as a leader grants dark allies a 10% attack boost as well.

Viola is an SR dark elemental unit that has both Poison and Poison Devour, Attack All, as well as Push Back that can be utilized strategically in numerous circumstances. In addition to working well with poison users, Viola also works well with some members of the team that utilize Kuromoris as summons and sacrificial units. She can summon one only when she is defeated, though. If you are going for a team that does not have any of the above-listed SSR heroes, Viola can be a good leader with her 7% HP buff for dark elemental allies.

Velsa is another dark elemental SR unit that also has Poison but does not have Poison Devour or any skill that inflicts extra damage to poisoned enemies. She is more fit for a Kuromori-themed squad than poison but still has good uses for this team. She can summon 2 Kuromoris once per match, sacrifice them for healing an ally, and will be immune to burn effects given all other team members are dark allies.

If you are out of SSR or SR units to fill in the remaining spot, Dargarossa is a rare unit that can complement the rest of the team with both Poison and Poison Devour. He also has Attack All and Quicken that are both good skills to have. Getting defeated in combat leaves the enemy party with -2 spirit as well.

Storm Stun Team

evertale storm stun team

If you have played several Strategy RPGs or practically any RPG for that matter, then you should already know that battle outcomes are hardly decided by raw power alone. Given that strategy and timeliness of skill usage is a critical aspect of combat in Evertale, banking on status effects, especially in sync, can be a more effective way of controlling the battlefield than simply going for higher damage. In this sense, centering your strategy around the stun status is an excellent way of molding advantage for your team, and that is what this team is all about.

SSR Norza stands as one of the best characters in Evertale with excellent stats and a great skill set to boot. He has high survivability but his overall efficiency depends on how you utilize him strategically. Attack and Counter, which grants Norza a Counter Stance and reduces his TU to 0 whenever he is damaged is perfect to set him up for his other skills.

norza evertale

Time Strike does 500% damage on an enemy unit that has at least 130 TU and 600% if TU is 200 or more. When one of Norza’s allies become defeated, he can use Payback Stun, which hits 2 enemies with stun status for 100 TU. Hold Stance and Regeneration makes SSR Norza a hard target to eliminate. His leadership skill grants a boost of 10% to attack and 7% to HP for storm elemental units as well.

SSR Imran works perfectly well with this team since he also has stun capabilities and Time Strike. Triumph Stun requires Imran to defeat an enemy before it can be used but Stun Skin, which is a passive skill that stuns enemies who damage him is great to have. He also has Attack All and Hold Ground, making the entirety of his skill set an excellent one. Set as a leader, he can boost the attack of storm elemental units by 15% for a more offensive theme.

imran evertale

Altaireon can be utilized in a number of ways and likewise fits in perfectly with this team. His attack adds 2 spirit to allies. Pain Stun Random can be a risky skill to utilize with its 30% HP reduction for a stun effect on a random enemy unit. With allies that can stun as well, though, this skill won’t be much of a risk for Altaireon.

altaireon evertale

In addition, Altaireon also has Time Drain that will most likely be available given the party’s setup. In case Pain Stun Random leaves him at the brink of death, he has Holy Ground to keep him in the field. Stun Skin adds value to Altaireon taking in damage with its instant stun effect on the attacking enemy unit.

SSR Finn may only be able to stun enemies with Thundering Entry and will only be triggered if Finn enters the field from reinforcements. However, he does exhibit a good skill set that includes Time Strike as well. Desperate Drain works great despite the prerequisite of Finn having no more than 25% of his HP. Hold Ground is likewise a great passive skill to have from a defensive situation.

finn evertale

Orzachron has Time Strike, Stun Bolt, and Thundering Entry on top of his other abilities to work great with this roster. Although Frenzy Force requires him to defeat 2 enemies to become available, a 500% damage skill from him can eliminate some enemy units with relative ease.

orzachron evertale

Dairyu is a light elemental unit and will not benefit from the leadership skill buff of anyone from the team. Despite that, his Stun Pulse along with his great skill set makes him fit well enough with this team. Dairyu has purify and can remove negative status effects from allies. He also has Hold Ground as well as Auto Guard, making him the sole guardian unit of the squad.

Gretta is an SR character that has Stun Bolt to add even more stun capacity to the team. Both Attack Two and Pain Spirit will be helpful to allies in terms of earning spirit. Gretta provides further support to the team through Life Flip Ally, which can switch lost HP and current HP of an allied unit. Like many units in the team, Gretta has Hold Ground as a passive skill as well.

Stella is our last pick for a full roster of 8 characters. Although she can only stun enemy units through her passive skill, Stun Revenge, Stella will most likely be able to utilize her Time Strike well given the number of stunners in the team. She also has Attack Two and Attack All, if damaging multiple enemies lead to a strategic advantage.

Light Spirit Team

evertale light spirit team

There are many SSR and SR light elemental units in Evertale and for the most part, these units d not strongly bank on imposing negative status effects on enemies. Instead, a lot of light elementals provide spirit to allies, rely on having high numbers of spirits to perform some abilities, or remove negative status effects. Considering as well that light element is both strong and weak against dark elements and has no impact on the basic elements, a full team of light element units will have a very high defensive capability as well as a threatening offensive strength.

Though not our top pick as the best light elemental unit in Evertale, Lucius is what we prefer to work around on given his strength when his skill requirements have been complied with. On his own, Lucius is already a formidable character and having light elemental allies around makes him even more powerful. His active skill, Overdrive, can deal 350% damage to 2 enemies provided that the party has 7 or more spirits.

His passive skill, Spirit Armor reduces damage he takes by 50% and is also dependent on allies having 7 or more spirits. Lucius’ basic attack already earns allies 2 spirits and when Lucius’ HP drops down to 50%, Desperate Spirit can further bolster the team’s spirit by 4. Augment: Counter is an extra bonus passive skill that effectively hastens Lucius’ TU. Lucius grants light allies a 10% attack boost and 7% HP boost with his leader skill.

lucius evertale

SSR Artimeia is our next pick to join this team as she also has Over Heal, which can heal 2 allies by 400% of her attack provided that the party has more than 6 spirits. She has Purify to ensure that her allies are free from sleep, burn, poison, and other negative status effects and her attack also increases spirit. Pain Spirit may not at all be necessary although if push comes to shove, she can sacrifice 30% of her HP for a gain of 3 spirits for her allies. If placed on the back line, Artimeia’s Spirit+ Entry gives the party 3 spirits when she joins the battle. Under the same conditions, she can also stun an enemy with the lowest TU.

Ludmilla is who we consider as the best light elemental unit in Evertale. She has excellent stats and her skill set make her an effective support character that is capable of doing even more. She has Purify, which can be very useful against enemies that bank on negative status effects, but her Give Turn ability that effectively reduces an ally’s TU to 0 makes her even more valuable, especially for this team. Auto Guard+ and Hold Ground further boosts the survivability of the team and while the former may not seem to jive with Lucius’ Augment: Counter, Ludmilla’s Give Turn works as well or even better anyway.

Next up is Kirin, who will serve as a strong tank for the team with his Vigor Armor and Regeneration as passive skills. If Kirin has at least 75% HP, he can use Vigor Impact and deal 250% damage to an enemy unit. Given his defensive strength and with Artimeia around, it will be hard for enemies to take Kirin’s HP below that mark.

kirin evertale

Our first SR consideration for the team is Dairyu, whom we also considered on our previous team. He can stun and purify as well with Auto Guard and Hold Ground as passives. Quicken Ally will always have its strategic use and on this team, being a light elemental unit works even better for Dairyu.

Velle is another light elemental SR unit we can certainly consider for this team. She has Attack All on top of Pain Heal and Purify to support her team. Sleep Revenge, which inflicts Sleep on an enemy that defeats her is a great bonus.

Shanna is another turn-giver that can be utilized well for the team. She also has Pain Spirt and Push Back, which can send an enemy into the back line provided that there are still units in their reinforcement line. Whenever Shanna is defeated, she activates Elixir Revenge, which does 30% heal and negative status removal for the rest of the team.

En Soldier can fit as a last entry to the roster. He has Attack All and Stun Spark, which is useful in many situations. Hold Ground is a passive skill that everyone can appreciate, especially for a light elemental team.

Fire Burn Team

evertale fire burn team

Although currently lagging behind and having difficulty compared to poison-themed rosters, having a highly synergized burn team is still very much fun to use and can still win against other teams especially those without much team strategy and coordination.

There are plenty of strong fire elemental units in Evertale although even if you have all of them in your roster, it can still be a challenge to choose the best ones for a solid team. As such, much like our other concepts discussed in the previous examples, we will be banking again on one unit and work towards boosting that unit’s efficiency with everything else considered as an added perk.

druke evertale

For starters, our preferred main unit for a fire-based team is Druke and although there are stronger fire elemental SSR units in the game, it is much simpler to work around Druke’s skill set. Ignition is of utmost necessity as you would want to burn everything on the field. Burn Blast and Burn Frenzy stand as his damage-dealing skills. His passive skill Burn Regeneration boosts his survivability with a 30% HP regeneration whenever he begins a turn with a burn status.

Burning Focus, on the other hand, renders Druke immune to stun whenever he has burn status on. You would typically want to end battles quickly with this set so setting Druke as a leader and getting the 15% attack boost for the party is a good way to go.

Going for a burn team naturally makes SSR Astrid among the top picks. With Ignition Charge to gain burn status and grant 3 spirits to allies as well as Quicken Burn to cut down 20% of TU cost for allies’ skills, Astrid is an excellent support as well as offensive unit for the team. Both other skills can hit 2 targets and with burn status on, spreads it quicker than Druke. Her passives are the same as Druke, making her an even potentially better unit on her own and can shift leadership buffs to a more defensive stat if you prefer to do so.

astrid evertale

Although he should be considered for the reinforcement line, Rashanar is our next pick for this team. This is mainly because the himori summon that comes from his Burning Swarm passive skill is needed for a one-time usage of his Blood Burn or Blood Nova skill. Though not as contributory to the team as much as the previous considerations, Rashanar can at least use attack for a 2 spirit gain or spread burns with an Attack All skill. He may not have ignition and will rely on being afflicted by it through chain effects initiated by his allies. Once he does start burning, Burning Turn can keep it around for the rest of the battle.

It will be very difficult to keep an entire team of fire elemental units especially burn teams given that spirit will typically become an issue. As such, having Artimeia around to boost spirit generation via Pain Spirit will make the team more effective. Artimeia works better coming from the reinforcement line as her passive skill, Spirit+ Entry grants an instant 3 spirits for her allies. Again, it also comes with Stun Entry to make it an even more important setup to push for.

rashanar evertale

Ja’Nafaat is our first SR pick for the team. With Burn Drive and Attack all along with his own Ignition, Ja’Nafaat is an offensive powerhouse to have on every burn team. Burn Drive deals 400% damage to 2 enemy units if 4 units on the field have burn status. Following his Attack All Skill, which can spread burn status across all enemy units if he has burn status on, Burn Drive can easily up its impact to 500% since having 6 units with burn is a high possibility. Ja’Nafaat also has Burning Focus like the previous units. His other passive skill is Auto Guard, which designates him as the guardian for the team.

Though not a fire elemental unit, Shanna or any unit with a Pain Spirit ability will serve as a much needed support to burn teams especially given that most of them consume spirit to maintain burn status as well as deal higher damage. On top of Pain Spirit, Shanna’s Give Turn and Push Back can be helpful to any team she joins. Although Elixir Revenge may not be as beneficial to this team as compared with others, it can still be useful.

Jedariel neither has Ignite or skills that require him having burn status. However, being a fire elemental unit alone that can take advantage of the leadership buff makes him a considerable candidate for the team. There should be enough igniters above and Jedariel can spread it as well with Attack All once he is inflicted by it.

He also comes with Savage Force, which deals 500% damage to an enemy unit once he has defeated at least one beforehand and Guard Destroyer, which packs as much power against guardians. His passive skill, Spirit+ Revenge adds to his value with the 3 spirit grant to his allies when he leaves the battlefield.

Burning Entry and Burn Blast bought SR Alba an entry into this team. Again better coming from the reinforcement lane, Alba’s Burning Entry will make up for his lack of an Ignition skill. Burning Call, which adds 2 Himoris to the back lane also works in support of Rashanar’s skills. In case they do not meet on the field, however, Alba can use his Mori Blaster and sacrifice a himori to deal 500% damage to an enemy unit. Clock Revenge works like a bonus passive skill for Alba and it can cut down an ally’s TU by 100 when he is defeated.

There are definitely a lot more teams that can be made with Evertale’s huge and continuously growing roster of characters but for now, this is where our Evertale Team Guide ends. Keep in mind that upcoming updates to the game will not exclusively mean more content but may likewise involve adjustments to some characters’ skills and stats for the sake of balancing gameplay. What works well now may later become less effective and what is best for any particular team may also shift at some point.

Additionally, it should be understood that team suggestions and concepts are not necessarily designed for anyone to fully replicate. Given the sheer difficulty of nabbing an SSR character is challenge enough, and having more that works well in a team together exponentially increases the improbability. With this in mind, what should be taken note of is how these teams were thought of as far as synergy goes. Even lesser units can be appealing when included in a team that works for them as much as they contribute to it despite the reduced effectivity of their skills or having lesser skill contributions.

There may also be an issue of cost limitations for beginners and newer players given that higher rarity characters take up more points for team consideration. Although cost limit gradually increase along with account level, managing it with equipment should be a constant consideration.

We are fairly certain that every player has his or her own unique ideas on which teams are the best in Evertale. More so, we believe that even relative to each particular theme we discussed, along with other ones in the game, there will be variance. Unit components and, perhaps, even leadership skill selection can be a discerning factor in choosing to go with different units. If you have your own ideas to share or would like to suggest improvements on how the teams we portrayed can still be improved, do not hesitate to share your current team or your team ideas with us in the comment area below!