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Car Wash Empire Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a Car Wash Millionaire

Car Wash Empire is an idle tycoon game from Green Panda Games, the folks behind several popular mobile titles such as Golf Inc. Tycoon, Idle Aqua Park and Sushi Bar to name a few. In the game, you start with a small car wash with zero cash. As the cars come to your car wash, you earn very little, so it takes a while before you can upgrade your shop and service. The goal is to build the most dominant car wash empire in the game universe.

Since the progress is quite slow at first, you need to spend your money wisely. There are many features to unlock, including floors, cars, technologies, and lanes. You also get to move to different locations so you can expand your car wash business.

Stay with us and check out our detailed Car Wash Empire guide, including tips, cheats and tricks and discover how to operate a thriving car wash business!

1. Get To Know The Game To Unlock Its Hidden Features

If you have played many idle games before, you will instantly think that Car Wash Empire is like most of them. However, this game has a lot to offer. As you go on, you will notice that there are many things that you can do in Car Wash Empire. There are even some features that you cannot easily unlock unless you get to a certain level. They make the game unique and exciting.

car wash empire tricks

The premise of Car Wash Empire is quite simple. You run a car wash with no money at the beginning. There is no tutorial, so you have to start exploring the game right away. When your first customer comes, you just wait for the service to finish and serve another. It may take several seconds before another customer arrives.

When you have enough cash, you will find some upgrades that will enhance how you run the business. You can add lanes so that you can accommodate more cars. You can also quicken the car wash service, so your customers do not wait too long. As a result, you earn money fast.

You also have to level up to unlock another location. Before you do, make sure that you have enough cash with you. This way, you can start operating the business and upgrade its features.

2. Upgrade The Car Wash Services First

As you progress in Car Wash Empire, you will learn that there are many upgrades to choose from. However, there are two main groups of upgrades for you to focus on: Car Wash and Driveway.
As we mentioned earlier, your progress will be slow at the beginning. Therefore, you will not have enough funds to upgrade anything. You have to be smart in choosing which upgrades to go for; otherwise, it becomes even more challenging to catch up.

how to upgrade services in car wash empire

It is why you have to set Car Wash upgrades at the center of your attention. This group of upgrades contains the following options:

Wash Speed

Wash Speed pertains to how quickly the service will finish while Price is about how much you get for every completed service. As for the Size, it tells you how big the car wash facility is. The bigger your shop is, the more cars it can accommodate. But before that, let us see the order of how you should upgrade the Car Wash group.

First, you should focus on the Wash Speed. Although it is tempting to hike up the price immediately, you should pay attention to how fast you provide the service. If you offer slow service, many cars will just pass by. It takes about 20 seconds if you do not upgrade the Wash Speed. By that time, you have already lost at least three customers because your lane can only take one waiting car.

When you have faster service, your profits will keep going. The next upgrade is not Price though. Instead, go for Size. You will only upgrade it a few times before focusing on your profits. The Size upgrade will, of course, increase the size of your car wash. Therefore, the upgrade will unlock other car washing equipment you have. It will help increase your profits because you can also accommodate more cars at the same time.

The Size upgrade, however, does not automatically add another machine. That is, even if you have increased its level, a new washer will still be unavailable unless the bar is filled. You can find the bar next to the “Size” label. Fill it up, and you will have a new car washer.

Finally, your last upgrade is Price. Once the Wash Speed and Size are both up, you can proceed to upgrade the Price. While it means you can have more money with every Price upgrade, there are other ways for you to increase your profits. Therefore, you do not have to keep pushing for higher profits through the Car Wash upgrade group.

As you get to higher levels, you should focus more on finding the balance between all the upgrades. For instance, if you keep increasing the Size, the washers may not be as busy. It is especially true if you have not upgraded the Driveway yet.

3. Upgrade The Car Wash Driveway In The Right Order

Aside from the Car Wash group of upgrades, there is another one that you should improve on from time to time. You need to juggle between these two units so that you can have a successful car wash business. It may get a little confusing, especially because you will run out of money and you cannot undo the upgrade once you start it.

how to upgrade the car wash driveway in car wash empire

The Driveway upgrades are your key to keep the business flowing. Although there will be a constant stream of cars visiting your facility, it does take a while for them to appear. The solution is to increase your Popularity and Traffic Frequency.

In the Driveway upgrades, you also have three options:

Line Capacity
Traffic Frequency

Under each option, you will find their current level, as well as the next level if you upgrade them.

Line Capacity is the number of cars that can wait in the lanes. There are three lanes in the game, and each one can take up to three vehicles. If there is no available space, the next car will continue driving and leave.

Traffic Frequency, on the other hand, is the rate of cars that pass by your shop. Popularity is pretty much the same as the Traffic Frequency. However, it is your key to unlocking new vehicles. At the beginning of the game, the only cars that will visit are Common ones. You will need to keep increasing your Popularity to unlock Rare and Epic vehicles, which offer more money.

The objective here is to make sure that you do not lose cars. Therefore, you will need to upgrade your Line Capacity. Keep it parallel with your Wash Speed. This way, you do not have to spend too much money on the number of waiting cars.

If you see that the lines are not filling up quickly, or there is an empty lane, you should increase the Traffic Frequency next. You can combine it with a higher price, so you keep the profits flowing. As for Popularity, you can upgrade it every once in a while. If you want to unlock new cars, you can increase its level. However, it is better to improve on the other upgrades first.

4. Make Sure To Hit The Level Up Button At The Top

The only way for you to level up in the game is to keep earning money – which is what you will do as you run your business. It makes it easy to level up and unlock different locations. However, if you have filled up the XP bar, you should hit the button, which you can find in the upper right corner of your screen. Tap on it as soon as you see it is available; otherwise, you will not gain any more XP.

how to level up fast in car wash empire

Leveling up also gives you extra cash, which is another reason why you should hit that button. Every time you level up, you will see an option to watch an ad to multiply your reward by six. It is recommended that you just watch the advertisement because the game will play the ad anyway regardless of whether or not you chose to watch it.

The difference though is that you cannot skip the ad if you opted to watch it for the multiplier. If not, it will play for 10 seconds, which is just about eight to 10 seconds short of the entire ad.

5. Unlock Cars To Gain Even More Profits

Unlocking cars can be quite challenging. They can be quite expensive, but they are definitely worth spending money for. There are three ways for you to unlock the cars:

how to unlock cars in car wash empire

Increase your Popularity to unlock the other standard cars. The vehicles will automatically appear whenever you click on Popularity. You get a new car up to the sixth upgrade.

Pay using your in-game cash to unlock rare cars. Some cars can only be unlocked by watching an ad. The problem is that there are times when the ad button is not available. You have to wait several hours for it to be clickable again. During this time, you should just move on to other upgrades, such as the Driveway or Car Wash. After all, you do not need to pay anything after watching an ad.

Unlocking Epic cards can take time – literally. You need to research them, which takes eight hours at least.

All the unlocked cars will give you more money. Plus, they look unique, making the game even more pleasing to look at.

Note that even if you have enough money to unlock other cars, you cannot open them unless you have the previous one first. However, you can skip to the Epic Cars despite not completing your Rare collection.

6. Watch Ads For More Profits

There are numerous chances to watch ads in Car Wash Empire. They appear on the screen for a limited time, except for the profit multiplier. It stays on the screen a few minutes after you have opened the game. The first bonus is to double your profits for five minutes. While it is running, you can watch another ad to increase it to 15 minutes. The longest is 60 minutes, which means that the multiplier will keep going for an hour. You can keep adding 60 minutes while another one is running up to three times.

car wash empire vip customer

Note, however, that you should keep your phone screen all during the entire hour. If your phone locks because you have not tapped your screen, the multiplier will go away. The same happens if you close the game. When you come back, the multiplier bonus will no longer be there. The only way to activate it again is to watch another ad.
Another thing that you should check is the VIP section in the game. You can find it near the car unlocking upgrades. Every few minutes, a VIP customer will appear, giving you handsome cash. You will need to watch an ad to get the money that they are offering.

7. Watch Out For Icons That Appear On The Right For An Easier Game Experience

Sometimes, cars and car washing machines can be annoying because they are slow. You can speed them up by watching an ad. Wait for the icon that looks like a Formula One Car. It has a timer, so it is only available for 10 seconds. You should tap on it to increase the speed of the cars and the washers as well. You will notice that the cars will turn into Formula One cars. When they get back to normal, it means the speed boost is up.

car wash empire tips

Also, another way to speed up the game is to tap the screen several times. You will see that the cars and car washers will move faster.

The other icon features the image of rain, which is useful if you want more cars to come your way. If you have a speedy service and you have a multiplier activated, you can benefit from this bonus. However, it is not recommended for you to enable it if you have no queue space.

8. Open A Shopping Mall And A Tire Shop At The Upper Part Of The Garage

Many players do not know about these spaces because they are hidden. You will have to swipe all the way to the north to find the Tire Shop and the Shopping Mall.

car wash empire shopping mall and tire shop

If you look around, there are empty lots that look like you can build something on them. There are only two that are accessible. The first one is the Shopping Mall, which gives you $5 for every car that stops over. You can increase the number of vehicles that can wait outside it by expanding the parking lot. This way, you can get more customers, which means more money.

Tire Shop, on the other hand, will be unlocked when you reach level 15. Make sure that you open this shop so that you earn more income. It gives a lot of money for every car that stops over. The first level is already $100. The catch though is it is slower, but you can upgrade it, which will allow the facility to accommodate more vehicles simultaneously.

9. Go Idle And Watch Your Profits Soar

Since at the beginning the game is slow and will not give you as much profit as you want, you should buy all the upgrades that you can. Although you will have limited improvements, you should purchase the Line Capacity, Wash Speed, and Size. Traffic Frequency and Price can also be useful if you have upgraded them.

how to increase profits in car wash empire

Then, close the game and wait at least 30 minutes before returning. When you get back, you will have a lot more money than when you started. It is the best way to increase your profits without doing anything. Plus, you get a chance to triple your offline earnings by just watching an ad.

You will see now that you can buy a number of upgrades, which will help you speed up your progress considerably.

10. Unlock Other Areas For More Profits

The income that you earn is shared, meaning it is the same no matter what location you go to. However, it is useful to open up other areas. You start from scratch, but you already have enough money to buy certain upgrades.

car wash empire stations

If you happen to get stuck in a new area, you can switch to your more profitable area. From there, you can get the money you need to buy the upgrades in another location.
You will notice though that the upgrades in each area are more expensive. Therefore, you may have to switch back and forth until you have unlocked many improvements in your current station.

And this wraps up our detailed Car Wash Empire guide. If you have discovered any other tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us by leaving a comment below!