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SuperPlanet’s Upcoming Mobile RPG ‘Lucid Adventure’ Global Pre-Registration Goes Live

SuperPlanet’s new mobile RPG packed with thrilling action called Lucid Adventure is available now for pre-registration worldwide.

Up for pre-registration on both Google Play and the App Store, Lucid Adventure will be launched in more than 150 countries around the globe. An action RPG, Lucid Adventure boasts a unique gaming experience, providing players with amazing high-quality illustrations. The game has as a source of inspiration a popular web comic IP named ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’ that you can currently find on ‘WEBTOON™’.

lucid adventure pre-registration

Featuring an incredible story that deploys in a unique universe, the game can be played strategically with super-deformed characters. Promising to deliver a unique game system, the story starts with the ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’ who is brought down from #1 rank of ‘Lucid Adventure’, becoming a novice by a mysterious ambush.

Lucid Adventure challenges players to form a 4-heroes party and then complete story quests, craft equipment, battle against the encountered monsters, and become top rankers.

lucid adventure gameplay

According to its developer, the game’s more notable features are:

• Unique storylines and quests available throughout specific areas of ‘Lucid Adventure’

• ‘Nightmare Ambush’, a random quest system that players must complete in order to win extra rewards

• Unique content that includes Relics, Supporters, Guild, or PvP.

• 70 charming characters to choose from

Each character comes with its own perk (supporter, defender, attacker) and a specific weapon that is related to its role. Beyond SS Grade, players can awake A+ Grade Heroes who will feature a different outlook and upgraded abilities.

When forming your party, keep in mind that each character has one of these 3 elements: Destiny (Blue), Combat (Red), and Bless (Yellow). Combat is efficient against Bless, Bless is efficient against Destiny, while Destiny is efficient against Combat.

You can use the materials found in the Material Dungeon to craft stronger equipment, obtain special rewards from the bosses who are guarding the floors of the endless ‘Sky Garden’, and awake your Heroes by fighting against the Hero’s soul and collecting its ‘Soulstone’.

If Lucid Adventure looks like a game you might enjoy, make sure to pre-register today on iOS or Android!


Sunday 26th of January 2020

Hi, do you know the release date, I mean the month.