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Clawbert Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get Unlimited Special Eggs

The claw machine is probably one of the most iconic machines in any old-school arcade. Clawbert takes this classic game to iOS and Android, and lets you relive the excitement of catching prizes with virtual metal pincers. Your mission is to use the pincers to catch the eggs inside the tank. The eggs can be hatched to reveal prizes inside. You can collect all the different prizes the eggs have. Use our Clawbert tips and tricks to get all the prizes and complete your collection!

1. Eggs And Claws

It is a good thing that this is a 2D game since eggs would be a lot harder to catch using pincers in real life. Don’t worry too much about how you will grab those eggs since all you have to do is move the claw over where you want it and it will do the grabbing for you. There is no penalty for missing or dropping eggs so that is another thing off your mind. Just focus on grabbing as many eggs and prizes as you can. The game is meant to be fun so just relax and enjoy.

2. Prioritize The Special Eggs

While there is no penalty when failing to catch eggs, there is a time limit for each batch of eggs. Once the timer runs out, the eggs get refreshed and you will get a new set. Always prioritize getting the special eggs as much as you can as those give you better prizes. You will know when an egg has a higher rating because it will look different and will have a different color. If you already have all the special prizes for the current batch of eggs and you still have some time left, then just get as many eggs as you can. Even if you already have a lot of regular eggs, it’s still good practice to get more.

3. Grabbing Gems And Coins

Once in a while you will see coins and gems inside the tank. Grab those whenever you see them as they are rare and they don’t take up hatching slots. As you play the game more, you will find that you will eventually run out of slots to hatch your eggs. That is where coins come in. You can use your coins to hatch eggs right away which gives you more space to catch more eggs.

4. Create Space For Hatching

As mentioned above, coins are useful for hatching eggs right away and that is one way to create space for hatching. Unfortunately, this can get costly in the long run. You can’t afford to keep spending to hatch eggs and waiting too long before catching another egg can take the fun out of the game. A good long term investment, however, is to use your gems to unlock more hatching slots. This way you can catch more eggs and hatch them at the same time. You won’t have to keep rushing to hatch the eggs that you already have.

Get catching and hatching as you play Clawbert! Use the tips and tricks mentioned above to get unlimited special eggs!