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Black Desert Mobile Camp Management Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Camp

There has certainly been numerous MMORPGs that came before Black Desert Mobile that featured camps or bases that often provided added support to you character’s progress in the game. While you can continuously go on quests and adventures without having much need to tend to your in-game home in some of these RPGs, it’s a bit of a different scenario when it comes to managing your camp in Black Desert Mobile.

Tending to your camp and spending time to manage it well earns you silver and black stones as well as other valuable materials that you will always need in the game. Although it is not a straightforward process, having a good enough idea of how things work within your camp will definitely pay off and help you strengthen your hero at a faster rate.

If you have just started playing Black Desert Mobile and are still in the process of understanding its basic game mechanics and features, then be sure to read our beginner’s guide as it covers the most basic things you need to know about the game and provides simple tips and strategies to jumpstart your progress.

Not sure about which class to choose or thinking about creating a new one? We also have your back on that as our Black Desert Mobile class guide provides you with a concrete idea of each of the class’ strengths and weaknesses. In this Black Desert Mobile camp guide, we will be discussing the value of your camp and how to go about developing it. Even if you have a limited time to spend on the game on a daily basis, try as much as you can to make progress with your camp as it will be of great help to you most especially later on in the game.

1. Follow Upgrades Needed To Level Up The Town Hall

If you have played base-building strategy games before, then you should already be familiar with the idea that the most important structure within your territory stands at the core where succeeding improvements depend on. In your camp, the Town Hall represents that structure. Your Town Hall can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5 although between the availability of each one, there are prerequisites you need to attend to first. As such, it will be best to check for upgrade requirements to levelling up your Town Hall first before proceeding to build or upgrade other structures.

how to upgrade town hall in black desert mobile

Each upgrade level increases the Town Hall’s silver output as well as the maximum number of workers you can have. Beyond that, some important structures, such as gardens and lodgings, can also increase in number as a result of having a higher Town Hall level. Take note that your hero’s level also form part of the requirements you need to meet before being able to upgrade your Town Hall on top of the basic materials requirements needed for constructing and upgrading any structure.

2. Hire As Many Workers As You Can

People will be the most important resource you will have to ensure the steady growth and development of your camp. While there are resource materials needed to build and upgrade structures, as well as food to keep your workers productive, what keeps your camp running and growing will be you as well as the numerous workers you have to take on gathering, crafting, and building tasks within the camp.

To start off, regularly peek into the pub for potential workers you may want to hire. Hiring workers cost contribution points and the cost depends on each one’s rarity. Rarity determines the workers’ basic stats, which in turn relate to how good they are at performing particular stats.

how to hire workers in black desert mobile

There are 3 basic stats to pay attention to when choosing workers. Vitality determines how much time it takes a worker to gather materials. Strength is important exclusively when building or upgrading any of the structures within your camp. Last, but not the least, dexterity is the determinant of how much time it takes to craft items. It also leads to chances of earning double rewards from nodes.

Provided that you max out your Town Hall’s upgrade level to 5 and have 5 lodgings at level 3, you can obtain the maximum number of 25 workers. For the most part, you would want to invest more in purple or gold rarity ones for better stats at the cost of higher contribution points.

However, your consideration must be primarily based on the stats they have. Since gathering serves as the constant necessity within your camp, it is highly recommended that you invest more in workers that have high vitality above all else, with dexterity being a second priority and saving strength for last.

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It is likely to happen that you have already hired some white or green rarity workers by the time you read this guide. That is fine, though, as you can always rank them up as soon as they meet the level requirements. Before you decide if you want to invest further in each one, however, be sure to check their stats.

If they have good stats, then you may want to retain them and develop them as needed. If you feel that there are better candidates at the pub, however, and your current roster of workers is full, feel free to relieve them of duty and earn back the contributions that you spent to hire them at the cost of some silver.

3. Keep Workers Busy And Keep Track Of Completion Times

Naturally, you would want you base camp to be always productive and with the help of each and every worker you hire, the task of ensuring utmost productivity and work efficiency within the camp rests on you. For starters, check which upgrades need to be prioritized based on the requirements of the next town hall upgrade. Beyond that, the refinery, which is your source of black stones should also be among your priorities as far as upgrades are concerned given that you will never have enough of them for your needs.

how to increase camp productivity in black desert mobile

Once you have initialized construction of new structures and upgrades of others, make sure to assign all other workers to gather materials either through mining, logging, foraging, or fishing. Logs and ores are usual requirements in building structure and upgrading them while ores are needed as well for crafting black stones. Foraging becomes essential once you have an Alchemy Lab and are able to craft potions. Fish is a viable source of food for your workers in addition to what you can produce via the farms and your livestock.

In any case, gathering for any resource will be better than keeping workers idle and it goes beyond earning materials since every bit of activity your workers engage in earn them experience that raises their level and their respective stats.

4. Earn Contribution Experience From Various Quests

As you will need to earn and spend contribution points to have more and better workers, you will need to raise your contribution level as well to increase the maximum contribution points you have. For the most part, you will be earning contribution experience without knowing so by completing main and sub quests in the game. In addition to those, however, there are other quests you can easily accomplish to help you earn more contribution experience and have more contribution points to spare.

how to earn more contribution experience

Whenever you visit your camp, which should be a regular part of your routine, you may notice an NPC with an indicator atop its head. Conversing with him or her will lead to initiating a camp quest that may involve mining, logging, or foraging on the fields. Take note that enemies will not pause and stop attacking you while you are in the performance of any of these activities so be sure to eliminate threats first before sheathing your weapon and drawing your gathering axe.

Lastly, if you are constantly on auto mode with regard to quest pathing and completions, you may miss on a chunk of what Black Desert Mobile has to offer in terms of content and side quests. Among these would be amity quests, which you can activate by conversing with shop owners from town. Despite the potential absence of necessity for some conversational tasks to be included in main story quests, there will always be instances where you have to head to town like when you are low on health potions or are carrying too much weight.

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While in town, check the dropdown list at the top left side of your screen and try to visit NPCs with a two-person silhouette icon beside their name. These people may have an amity quest ready and waiting for you to accomplish. Completion of these quick and effortless quests doesn’t just earn you contribution experience points, they also improve your relationship with the NPC, possibly unlocking discounts or such other perks. As such, be sure to try and accomplish these quests as a rest stop from grinding.

5. Keep Resources In Balance

While you only need to spend contribution points to hire workers for your camp, having more and more people within your camp automatically means having more stocks of food available to sustain them. The food storage actually generates food at certain intervals but will not sufficiently provide for your growing needs. Its own limitations on max storage capacity may become a burden once you have more workers within the camp and have also established other food supplies.

how to manage resources in black desert mobile

Be sure to take note of your food supply levels as often as you can to determine whether you are consuming too much or are gathering more than you should. This will naturally change whenever you hire another worker or let go of another.

Your choice of which plants to grow in your farms as well as which livestock to breed in the ranch should be based on how often you can visit your camp. It will be a lot more convenient to upgrade the food storage whenever you can to avoid wastage of extra food supplies that can no longer be stored.

6. Meet With Your Workers Regularly

Considering all the hard labor your workers continuously do for you and the camp, it should only be proper for you to tend to them regularly. This goes well beyond biological sustenance as food is not exclusively what matters to ensure a steady growth and development of people. More so, each worker in your employ have their own levels of fatigue and loyalty and to ensure that they are constantly in top condition to do your bidding, you have to tend to both these attributes.

how to improve workers' loyalty

A worker’s loyalty is characterized by their efficiency as well as willingness to work and having it go down a certain point may mean that they may slack off. Conversing with them on a regular basis will boost their loyalty to you.

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Otherwise, neglecting to do so may require you to discipline them later on. On the other hand, running errands naturally cause fatigue and you must attempt to encourage each worker whenever an opportunity to do so arises to keep them more motivated to do their work.

7. Remember To Claim Rewards At The Path To Power

Continuously developing your camp certainly has its instant benefits. While you reap rewards from camp quests and earn various resources and valuable materials through gathering and crafting, there are even still more rewards to be claimed for your accomplishments via Black Desert Mobile’s Path to Power feature.

black desert mobile path to power

Once you have unlocked it, you can access this feature through the scroll icon at the upper right side of the screen. You can see from there your progress percentage level and clicking on the camp icon takes you the different progression levels you can accomplish within the camp for extra rewards. There are helpful hints contained within each node, as well as auto pathing to guide you towards it within your camp.

And that sums up our Black Desert Mobile camp management guide. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of useful tips and strategies from what we shared and that it has helped you secure a much better understanding on how the camp works and why you need to tend to it.

We certainly expect more things to be available within the camp following future updates, but considering where the game is now it certainly provides more than enough tasks to keep any player occupied. In any case, be sure to share with us additional tips you uncovered relative to the ones we shared via the comment section!