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Black Desert Mobile Class Guide: An In-Depth Look at Each Available Class in the Game

The recent global release of Black Desert Mobile certainly set new standards for mobile MMORPGs. With the superb quality of its graphics and the intensity of its visual effects, Black Desert Mobile proves itself to be well beyond an eye candy with an enormous content and depth that go at least as deep as its peers in the mobile gaming market does.

Considering depth, the 5 available classes in the game hold a variety of enhancement and customization options that poses a lot of excitement and challenges for MMORPG beginners and veterans alike. From setting up skills, once you unlock more than 8 of them, down to focusing on which stat attributes to work on, Black Desert Mobile more likely makes it so that no two persons playing the same class will have the exact build down to the last detail. As such, we will be delving into each class as much as we can to provide you with ideas on how to build your character as perfectly, or at least as close to, what role you want it to excel in.

If you have just started playing Black Desert Mobile and still learning the basic gameplay and features of the game, we highly recommend that you check out our Black Desert Mobile beginner’s guide as features a bunch of useful tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your adventure. We provided a brief description of each class in our previous Black Desert Mobile guide, to help you decide which one to go for as your starting character. Take note, though that free-to-play players can make up to 3 characters per account so if you somehow decide to try a couple of other classes first or reroll into a new one, then you get at least 2 more chances.

Black Desert Mobile – Warrior Class

black desert mobile warrior class

The warrior class in Black Desert Mobile stands as a great pick for total beginners and is an excellent jack-of-all-trades for those who wish to do well in PvP, PvE, from handling large mobs of enemies down to going through boss battles. While not purely defensive as far as stats and skills go, the warrior is the best consideration for a tank role given the current roster of classes in the game. Although largely sporting close range combat skills and can be at a disadvantage against ranged attackers, particularly in PvP, the warrior class holds some charge skills to close the gap between him and his opponent and has stun effects on some skills to prevent enemies from fleeing or launching a counter attack.

One of the most notable skills we consider to be important across all game modes is Battle Cry. This skill can be unlocked at level 31 and it boosts the warriors attack and defense by 10 for 10 seconds while also inflicting knockdown on hit. Heavy Strike is a skill worth investing in due to its stun effect. An inscribe can also increase the enemies it can hit and stun so whether you are up against a single target or a mob, this skill comes in handy. Ground Smash should definitely be equipped when farming as it is the warrior’s AoE damage skill that inflicts bound on top of the huge damage it deals.

Another great skill to have against a single enemy is Charging Thrust as it deals decent damage and can also inflict both stun and bound. The warrior holds a single ranged attack in the form of Piercing Spear, which unlocks at level 40, but it has limited range and can perhaps be useful in PvP once the increase range enhancement has been unlocked. Take Down and Apprehend are bound skills that can be tricky to use against ranged PvP opponents although the bound effect and the knockdown impact can be a great tide-turner in combat, you should prioritize other skills that can stun ranged enemies and knockback melee ones in general.

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As far as stats go, there are certainly more ways than one to build a warrior but if you want to push for a tank role and typically play with a party, then you should consider investing in HP and defense power. Naturally, you should balance it out if you want an all-around build that works well in both PvE and PvP battles.

Black Desert Mobile – Giant Class

black desert mobile giant class

Of the 3 close combat classes in Black Desert Mobile, the giant stands as the top damage dealer packed with a lot of stuns, bounds, and knockbacks as well. While he can likewise seem like prey against ranged combatants in PvP and somewhat susceptible to kiting, the giant sports a decent amount of charging skills with super armor to get close to an enemy for a smack down. While the giant can also be built following various stat enhancements, going for attack power and attack speed should be your priority if you want to be competitive in PvP. In PvE, though, depending on how often you play on your own or with a party, investing a little in defense is a considerable option.

The giant actually has a lot of powerful skill combinations available in the skills window but it should not stop you from trying to discover even more. One of the combos you should always have equipped is Raging Thunder and Giant’s Roar. Raging Thunder is a powerful AoE skill that does multiple hits and a bonus knockback at the end. It’s cost of 50 MP speaks for itself as far as damage power is concerned. Giant’s Roar unlocks at level 45, which may take a while, but once you earn it, it has a small AoE effect that replenishes your MP over time.

Saving one of the best for last to be unlocked is Fearsome Tyrant, which is a definite goal to set your eyes on as you push to reach level 55. Fearsome Tyrant is an AoE provoke and debuff that inflicts bound on hit and pulls all enemies towards you. In addition, it also grants the Giant super armor while using the skill and lessens the defense of surrounding enemies by 10 for 10 seconds.

With hardly anything to work on from a distance, your first task in each combat is to close the gap between you and your enemies. While there are skills that can deal much damage to you in close range, the giant can only hope to secure advantage by having enemies within reach. Capitalize on the combo attacks within your arsenal and make it a point to prevent your targets from fleeing as much as you can.

Black Desert Mobile – Ranger Class

black desert mobile ranger class

The ranger is another popular choice for many players as it stands as yet another class that can do very well across various game modes. The ranger most especially excels in farming with her high damage output and the ranger also boasts the top single target skill damage output. While fast and powerful, the ranger is also one of, if not, the class with the least defensive strength. Likewise, the ranger also lags behind other classes in terms of crowd control skills. A definite pick for PvP lovers, the ranger is one to watch out for whether it is the arena or multiplayer PvP battles.

To start off, the ranger’s Call of the Earth is great to have in most scenarios. Although the +15 defense might not seem all that good with the ranger’s low base defense, it is still good to have. Likewise, the 100 HP recovery that applies to allies as well is always a welcomed treat. Flurry of Arrows, which becomes available once you reach level 50, is likewise a good skill to go with in either PvE or PvP combat. It’s a ranged AoE damage dealer that covers a decent area, comes with multiple hits, and has even better impact once you unlock the respective enhancements.

If you are setting up for PvP combat, Blasting Gust, with its knockdown effect, should definitely be among your equipped skills. Will of the Wind, on the other hand will help you through mobs and boss battles alike as it covers a lot of ground and can be activated while you are moving.

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While skills like True Shot has more impact up close, playing as a ranger mostly means being very mobile and keeping enemies at a safe distance. While you may want to pack a lot of offensive skills to cycle through top damage-dealing ones against enemies, be sure to consider skills that allow you to move away. Evasive Maneuver and Evasive Explosive Shot works well for this purpose and for PvE combat, your only worry about utilizing these skills is becoming predictable at some point.

Black Desert Mobile – Witch Class

black desert mobile witch class

When it comes to AoE damage, the witch is the best class in the game for now for barraging mobs with continuous damage through cycling with a wide variety of spells for that effect. The witch also possesses a good mix of single target spells and while we would like to consider this class as a ranged combatant, the witch actually holds a lot of powerful close range skills.

Like the ranger, the witch also lacks defensive strength and while teleports and move speed buffs may help her become a bit more mobile, actually having to stay put while casting a spell makes her a vulnerable target and an easy prey in PvP combat. The witch excels in farming and offers exceptional crowd control skills. Against boss battles and PvP, however, choosing to play as this class comes with extra challenges.

Healing Aura should typically form part of your skill inventory most especially when farming or battling through mobs of enemies although it becomes available only when you reach level 36. Healing Aura heals 150 health and, more importantly, it applies to the rest of the party. Considering her wide array of skills to choose from, it can be especially difficult to choose the skills to equip especially once you have unlocked all of them.

To be fair, though, the witch class holds plenty of great skills unlocked early on. Fireball, for example, should definitely never leave your skill setup since it is great to have regardless of whether you are in PvP or PvE. Damage is decent and the burn plus knockback effect is effective in keeping enemies away from you. Frigid Fog is among the top skills to bring against mobs and PvP because of its guaranteed freeze effect and should save you from tight spots in some scenarios.

Another skill that should never leave your equipped selection is Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt not only causes great AoE damage but its relatively quick cool down period and the invaluable bound effect makes it great against mobs, bosses, and even other players.

Playing as a witch can be a challenge to beginners and, sometimes, even experienced players. One key principle you need to keep in mind is to take note of casting times and cool down periods of the spells you use often. Try to picture it that you will be in trouble when an enemy gets close to you so try to stay away for the most part and only use short range attack when you are certain that it will lead to a good tradeoff between dealing and receiving damage.

Black Desert Mobile – Valkyrie Class

black desert mobile valkyrie class

The valkyrie class is oftentimes compared with the warrior due to some similarities in roles and skill sets. While we would definitely recommend the warrior for a starting class for total beginners who have not played a lot of RPGs before, the valkyrie is more suitable for advanced players and requires a lot more time to master. In essence, the Valkyrie is also a great all-around character with a good balance between offensive power and defensive attributes. Playing this class well enough, though, requires a totally different style and approach than that of a warrior.

The valkyrie holds a wide array of crowd control skills and can be built as tank much like the warrior. In contrast with the warrior’s Battlecry that boosts his attack and defense, the valkyries has Breath of Elion that heals for 150 health and provides a speed boost as well once it is enhanced. Valkyries also have Elion’s Blessing that can grant her +25 defense as well as super armor for 7 seconds.

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Since the core principle on the class’ play style revolves around moving in and out of combat at will, Valkyrie players typically focus on using Shield Chase to control distance between her and the enemies. Shield Chase comes with forward guard and stun when it hits, so you should typically use it to charge in. Having 2 charges by default, you can also use it to quickly move in and out while stunning the target. Radiant Charge packs more power but carries with it only 1 charge, is likewise useful.

The valkyrie class also holds more ranged attacks than both the warrior and giant and across all game modes, Celestial Spear is the one you should choose over the rest. Though it only has 50% chance of inflicting bound on hit in PvP combat, its raw damage and relatively quick execution makes it a valuable skill within your arsenal especially against ranged enemies.

There are numerous AoE skills to choose from within the valkyrie’s arsenal but from among all of it, we recommend Glaring Slash and Radiant Smite. Glaring Slash packs a lot of raw damage and inflicts bound on the last hit but takes a while to cool down. Radiant Smite has a little faster cool down period and also comes packed with bound as an added effect.

Playing as a valkyrie may mean switching between skill enhancements especially when it comes to the charge attacks. As your means of controlling the distance between you and your enemies, configuring these skills and balancing between control and range will be critical to your performance. While banking on defensive strength will work for you if you want to take on the role of a tank, investing in attack speed can make your build effective in PvE and PvP combat as doing so can lead to an increase not just in attack power but in defensive plays as well, such as charging away from trouble.

Before we end our guide, please note some skills and effects may be adjusted later on in the game as a means of balancing characters out. As the earlier incarnations of the game has been known to introduce more character classes through updates, we can fairly expect the same to happen on Black Desert Mobile. While we recommend a lot of skills to form part of your set up as you play the game, it can happen that some of what we recommend may not perfectly fit your play style. As such, feel free to experiment with skill combinations and discover some great ones on your own.

This wraps up our detailed class guide for Black Desert Mobile. Hopefully, you learned much from the tips and strategies we shared in this article. Again, keep in mind that there are various ways you can build each of the characters so go wild and add a personal touch of uniqueness to yours. If there are some things you wish to add to what we shared or share your opinion on them, feel free to do so and don’t hesitate to lodge your feedback down in the comment section!