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F1 Clash Grand Prix Events Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Grand Prix Events

Hutch Games is known for developing racing-related titles for iOS and Android platforms, including, but not limited to Race Kings, Rebel Racing, Top Drives and many others. One of its more popular titles is F1 Clash, which is an officially licensed management game that comes with all the real-life Formula 1 drivers and teams from the 2019 season.

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You can recruit and improve these real-life drivers, compete against other human opponents in Duels and Grand Prix Events, and keep upgrading your car as you push forward, collecting new drivers and new parts until you’ve got what should hopefully be an unbeatable team. There’s also going to be a lot of strategizing involved here, as your decision of when to schedule a pit stop could make or break you, no matter where you end up on the grid after qualification!

We mentioned Grand Prix Events in the above paragraph, and you probably noticed that we didn’t quite cover them in our first three F1 Clash guides. But with Hutch recently rolling out the Winter Event to celebrate the holidays, there’s probably no better time than now to touch on this topic and tell you everything you need to know about the Grand Prix Events. Read on as we are going to cover everything you need to know about Grand Prix Events in F1 Clash!

1. Before Joining, Make Sure Your Drivers And Car Are Properly Upgraded

We might as well warn you beforehand — the special Grand Prix events, including the ongoing Winter Event, are recommended for advanced players who have sufficiently upgraded both their cars and their drivers. That means competing in enough Duels, earning enough coins, and using those coins — and the assets you receive from the prize crates — to upgrade your best available parts and best available drivers, with your less skilled drivers getting pushed to the wayside for the meantime.

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You may also need to buy some Boosts to temporarily improve your cars’ stats, because the other players competing in the events may also be doing the same. Having the best possible pit strategy is great, and it’s oftentimes pit strategy that spells the difference between victory and defeat — or simply placing ahead of the AI drivers in order to earn more points. But those boosts could serve as the proverbial X-factor you need to get ahead and finish higher — if not exactly ahead of your opponent.

2. Know The Event Rules, And Be Prepared To Pay That Onetime Fee

Generally speaking, Grand Prix events in F1 Clash line up with the actual Formula 1 schedule. But with the 2019 F1 season having ended earlier this month with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Winter Event serves as an exception, something that we’d say is designed to keep players busy while waiting for the 2020 season to kick off. So now that you know the schedule, here’s what you can expect in terms of the rules of these special events.

As explained in the help section, Grand Prix Events consist of three rounds, with the Qualifying Round lasting five races and the Opening and Final Rounds lasting 10 races each. But before entering an event, you’ll need to pay a onetime fee of at least 100,000 coins — that’s quite a lot, and if you’ve got some surplus Bucks, you may need to head to the store if you spent most of your coins on upgrading your cars and drivers.

f1 manager event fee

However, it’s best to make sure you have at least 150,000 coins saved for a rainy day — it will come in handy if you’re interested in joining a Grand Prix Event. We say “at least” and mention a greater amount than the onetime entry fee, because each race will come with a buy-in fee of at least 10,000 coins! (You will, however, win that fee back, plus that of your opponent’s, if you win any of the races — just like it works in the duels.)

Also take note that there are three leagues you can join for each event, depending on your current tier/division — the first, or Junior league, is recommended if you’re joining your very first event.

For each event, you’ll have three chances — or qualifying sessions — to make it to the Opening Round. The game says you need not fret if you don’t qualify the first time around, but that is, of course, provided you performed the recommended upgrades.

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So how do you qualify anyway? You’ll need to be within the Promotion Zone — meaning the upper 50 percent of all listed players — in order to move forward, which means you’ll have three chances in the Qualifying stage to reach that zone. Scoring, as explained, is based on how many points your two drivers score in each race — that’s as many as 47 points if your drivers finish 1-2 in the races, and as few as 3 if you finish in the bottom two.

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The same 50 percent Promotion Zone rule applies to the Opening Round as well, though you won’t have another chance if you fail to finish in the top 50 percent after you’re done with your 10 races — take note that this is the maximum number of races, so you can always stop a few races short of the limit if you’re confident you’ll still remain in the Promotion Zone once the round is completed.

As for the Final Round, that’s where the best of the best face off against each other, though even if you don’t place highly in that last round, there’s still a good chance you’ll earn a substantial amount of resources due to your high ranking in comparison to those who failed to pass the Qualifying and Opening Rounds.

3. You Can Still Win A Lot Of Resources Even If You Perform Poorly Overall

Yes, we did warn you multiple times that preparation is important if you want to ace the Grand Prix Events. However, if you do pay the onetime entrance fee, pay the individual buy-in fees per race, and still fail to perform creditably, you can at least wait it out until the event is completed, because the prizes you can win are still quite notable.

f1 manager event prizes

Looking at the prize list for the Winter Event, those who finish between 76th and 100th in the final rankings in the Junior league can earn 20,000 coins, 41 total assets without the Division Bonus, a minimum guaranteed one Rare asset and one Epic asset for players in certain divisions, and nine Downforce boosts, the latter of which are not included in the assets. That’s not bad at all, but definitely not as good as the prizes you can earn if you finish higher up in the rankings.

The first-placer, in case you’re curious, will receive 108 total assets without the Division Bonus, including a minimum guaranteed 32 Rare and 32 Epic assets exclusive of the Division Bonus, plus 75 Downforce and 25 Hex boosts. On top of all that, you’ll get a whopping 6 million coins! If that isn’t an attractive prize, we don’t know what is.

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Division Bonuses in assets are determined by the Duels series you’re currently in, so if you’re currently in Series 4 (Sunny Side), that means a bonus 11 if you finish between 75th and 100th, and a bonus 26 if you rank first at the end of the event.

4. If You’re Willing To Pay Real Money, Take Advantage Of The Event Offers

Generally, once there’s a Grand Prix Event running, you can head to the F1 Clash store and take advantage of the special offers. There are two key things to remember when it comes to these offers — one, they will cost you real money, and two, they will only be available for a limited period of time. So what can you expect from the event-specific offers?

f1 manager event offer

In terms of pricing, the cheapest options typically cost as low as $5 USD or its local currency equivalent, and as much as $100 USD. For example, the first Winter Event Offer includes one Gold Crate, 250 Bucks, and 10 Tsar Boosts for $5, which, according to the game, represents a 60 percent discount off the regular price.

That’s also the case for the highest-end offer, which costs $100 and includes one Winter Crate, 8,500 Bucks, 250 Tsar Boosts, and 90 Hex Boosts. The Winter Crate contains a fair bit of resources, as it comes with 32 total assets plus your Division Bonus, and a guaranteed 8 Rare assets and one Epic asset plus your Division Bonus.

5. General Tips For Success In The Grand Prix Events

If you come to think about it, the tips we have for performing better in F1 Clash’s Grand Prix Events are similar to the ones we told you about when we talked about the Duels in our previous three strategy guides. But for the benefit of those who may have missed them, we’re going to be running through them once again.

Our first piece of advice is to use those 30 seconds to plan your pit strategy beforehand — examine the projected times for each driver when they use a certain type of tires. Make sure you aren’t pitting in such a way that you’ll be “stacking,” or having one car lining up behind the other while waiting for that car’s pit stop to be completed.

That costs valuable seconds, so in order to avoid this, you’ll want to have one car use a different type of tire than the other. In most cases, the car that’s ahead on the grid should go with the soft tires, while the one that’s behind should use hard tires.

After that initial pit stop, the onus will be on you to avoid stacking situations, and to keep a close eye on the tire wear and the number of laps remaining in order to optimize your pit strategy. If you’ve got only two laps remaining, you don’t want to pit for hard tires — on most tracks (with the Belgian Grand Prix being a notable exception), soft tires will do once you’re in the homestretch.

Also, don’t keep your cars and their drivers out on the track for too long — they will slow down considerably once their tires are at zero percent, or completely worn out!

It’s helpful to switch to an aggressive driving strategy from time to time, but you don’t want to overdo this if you’re trying to make sure your fuel lasts until the end of the race. If you aren’t careful, your drivers may automatically switch to a conservative strategy in the final lap in order to conserve on fuel, hence slowing them down as they get overtaken time and time again.

There’s also another pitfall to overdoing aggressive driving — your cars might break down, which won’t necessarily slow them down on the track, but would require a longer pit stop in order to sort out the mechanical issues!

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When choosing drivers for the Grand Prix Events, there are a few stats you should prioritize over others, namely Fuel Management and Tire Management. Higher Fuel Management should give you more luxury to have that driver adapt an aggressive strategy, while higher Tire Management ideally minimizes pit stops and prevents tire wear that could slow down drivers at the most inopportune time. Overtaking and Defending should be secondary in importance, as these are the skill-based stats that determine how well your drivers can advance through the field.

As Consistency is ideally an intangible, that would be fifth in the priority list, though you should avoid drivers whose Consistency is below 30 in most instances. Finally, Wet Weather Ability only matters when the Chance of Rain (as viewable before entering a race in a Grand Prix Event) is at a certain level — we’d suggest subbing in a wet-weather specialist if the Chance of Rain is at 40 percent or higher.

Choosing parts for your cars is simpler, as your general goal should be to improve Power and Reliability as much as you could, the former being the most basic stat that determines your ride’s performance, the latter being the one that determines its chances of breaking down during a race. However, if you’ll be racing on a track that has a lot of fast corners, you can switch to parts that improve Aero, or switch to parts that improve Grip if the track has a lot of slow turns.

There you have it! That’s all you need to know to succeed in Grand Prix Events! If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game or have any questions regarding Grand Prix Events, then feel free to drop us a line!