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Rebel Racing Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Ace All Races

Hutch Games may not be familiar at all for some gamers, but if you are an avid fan of racing games, then chances are that you have played and enjoyed one, some, or all of the company’s mobile titles. Hutch Games has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2013 and currently holds 9 games in its apps portfolio, all of which, are racing games. Hot Wheels: Race Off, MMX Hill Dash 2, and F1 Manager are its top games with the first one going well beyond the 50 million downloads barrier.

Each of the developer’s games has also maintained largely positive reviews and user ratings on both iOS and Android platforms. Suffice to say, if you are a racing game aficionado and have yet to play any of Hutch Games’ titles, be sure to check some of their games out.

rebel racing tips

Rebel Racing is Hutch Games’ latest mobile title for both iOS and Android platforms and is a racing game that can be played and enjoyed by a wide variety of players with varying tastes and level of expertise. While the graphics and overall visual quality is impressive, the tight physics, especially car handling makes it easy to pick up and play. You get to race with real cars that offer tons of upgrades as well as engage in a variety of racing challenges that pit you against A.I. drivers of increasing difficulty levels.

While all sorts of racing games may involve a bit of luck in it, skills in driving and maneuvering in tandem with the upgrade level of your cars factor in more to your actual performance in each race. Races in Rebel Racing are quick and short, so even without as much time to spend on it, you can still make good progress.

Rebel Racing takes you on the role of a rookie racer on a quest to rise from the ranks and become the top racer in the city. Each race you partake in earns you experience points to level up as well as cash that serves as the basic currency for upgrades and car purchases.

Although gas tanks (in-game stamina) and Performance Points (PP) may delimit races you can participate in, there will always be something available to race at for about a straight 30 minutes of continuous racing. If you are up for quick races that are not so lengthy and tiring, then Rebel Racing might just be the racing game you have been waiting for!

rebel racing drifting

Rebel Racing is a fairly simple racing game to pick up and play as the controls and overall game mechanics are very much dimmed down to as basic as it can go, without impacting the thrills and adrenaline rush that comes with maneuvering around competitors in each race. Even without much of a tutorial beyond the basic controls, you should be able to get a good grasp of what you basically need to know within the first race.

There are no acceleration or brake buttons available and you car automatically and continuously runs through each course. You only need to steer left and right and use nitro whenever it becomes available to get a temporary burst in speed.

Upgrades are basic as well and as much as there are numerous options for it, purchasing each one practically leads to the same end effect which is an increase in PP. If you find yourself stuck at tailing behind a particular opponent or simply want a faster and more effective way of climbing the ranks, then check out our Rebel Racing beginner’s guide.

1. Follow The Racing Line As Much As Possible

Regardless of the number of turns and straights there are in any given race track as well as how all of it is arranged. There is only one optimum path through a course and while the entire science in determining it may be a little complex for people not as engaged in driving or racing, knowing it and adhering to the line can give anyone a huge advantage.

In essence, following the racing line cuts down the time it takes to complete a course and while it is much easier said than done especially outside of time trials and solo runs, sticking to it as much as you can should be a habit or instinct that you constantly keep in mind while on the race track.

rebel racing tricks

In Rebel Racing, you are practically given a constant guide as racing lines are vividly visible on the track and very hard to miss. You will see the racing lines as blue lines from start to finish of each track and the color shifts to yellow on turns where you will be able to drift.

Although you will always start at the last position and will have to work your way up the places, following the racing line will be a lot easier once you are in the lead. Prior to that, you can naturally break from the optimum line as you focus on overtaking and getting past some other drivers but as soon as the roads are clear, make every attempt to get back in line as soon as you can.

There are not as many tracks in Rebel Racing and each one runs a lot shorter than the usual full course track. If you can, you can memorize the location of turns and straights and know the racing line instinctively to not have to look at it for the entirety of the race.

The racing line is not the sole and exclusive item to keep an eye on, so as you multitask across getting or staying ahead of the pack and determining where you should be on the track, having a fair memory of the racing leaves your focus entirely on the race itself.

2. Upgrade Your Car As Soon As You Can

With a good chunk of your starting capital being invested on the purchase of your first car, you will be left with little cash hardly sufficient for an upgrade and you will soon have to race again to earn enough for your first one. While in other racing games you may be inclined to save up on cash to purchase better cars sooner, the same will not hold as a viable strategy in Rebel Racing as PP constantly needs to improve for you to be able to succeed and move on to higher challenges.

how to upgrade car in rebel racing

For one, races are quick and there are always cash rewards to earn even if you do not secure the top spot upon finishing it. While gas cans do empty out with each race you engage in, resting up a bit will earn you more of them in time. While the upgrade system sports numerous tabs to categorize various types of the usual car parts relative to increasing your car’s performance, Rebel Racing makes it easy and simple enough in that each upgrade practically offers the same impact on your cars performance.

While you can always choose to go with whichever upgrade you want to invest on first, you will automatically be taken to the tab with the cheapest upgrade as soon as you earn enough cash for it. For practicality and efficiency, going for the upgrade as soon as it becomes available will be the most viable option.

In any case, a gradual upgrade to meet the increasing PP requirements of succeeding races is the way to go in Rebel Racing and consider saving for other cars once you have maxed out your current one and there is no other improvement you can do for it.

rebel racing tricks

Once you reach upgrade level 4 on any aspect, augmentations become available and you can further enhance your car’s performance if you have the required augment parts for it. You can easily obtain generic parts early on through the ladder match but better parts specific to some cars are more difficult to obtain. In any case, you are free to swap augments in an out as you like when a better one comes along. There are no penalties or any sort of costs associated with attaching and removing augments.

To initiate an upgrade, simply tap on the upgrade icon at the bottom left side of the screen. At the upgrade window, feel free to scroll through each tab to see costs associated with each upgrade. Once you reach upgrade level 4, an empty slot will appear just beneath the part name and you can see an exclamation mark on its upper right corner if you have an augment available for that slot. IF you do, simply tap on the empty slot and select the augment available for it.

3. Use Drafting In Long Straight Areas To Overtake

Drafting is a well-known technique in real sports and avid racing fans and racing game players are well familiar with the concept. If you are relatively new to racing games, it is important to be aware of this common method of gaining speed right before you attempt to overtake. The science behind this aerodynamic technique is that there will be less air resistance for the tailing car as you follow the leading car’s slipstream. Given that you always start at the last position in any given race within Rebel Racing, exploiting this technique is necessary to pick up places faster.

how to use drafting in rebel racing

For one, be sure to tail the car ahead of you but not as much as to make contact with that car as doing so will just slow you down. While it may take some practice to know exactly when you should choose to switch lanes and overtake, running at a much faster speed than the car ahead makes it unnecessary to use this technique.

More so, keep in mind that this concept only applies to straight roads as wind in curved areas of the track do not pass through both cars in a similar manner that makes an alignment of any sort that can be exploited.

4. Strategize Around Advantageous Collisions

Collisions are very much a frowned upon scenario in any race but in racing games, especially those that do not dwell much on the simulation aspect of the game, being involved in collisions may not necessarily be bad for you. In the absence of car damage or any reduction of points or whatsoever in a racing game such as Rebel Racing, the only penalty you can get out of colliding with another car is a reduction in speed that can make it more challenging for you to get ahead and onto the lead.

rebel racing collision strategy

There are actually several smart ways to take advantage of collision instances and, for the most part, you should engage in it if it will not cause much speed reduction or will not lead for you lose places in the race. For starters, driving more defensively when you are in the lead may require aggressively blocking all other racers from overtaking and getting ahead of you especially in hard races.

While deep curves can be a little tricky with drifting even if you are alone, having other racers on track can present opportunities for you to use them as “cushions” preventing you from skidding outwards and off the track.

In general, there will hardly be any reduction for collisions that does not involve the front end of your car so while it may take a lot of races for you to get a good grip of this tactic, be sure to keep it in mind and practice as much as you can.

5. Save Easy Money For Last Among Race Choices

There are various races you can partake in early on in the game and while Easy Money does provide attractive rewards that can grow as you progress further, it should actually serve as your last result when no other races are available for you to participate in.

Boss races strictly adhere to the PP requirement while ladder matches grow more difficult if you lag behind as far as PP goes. Both the Daily Test Drive and the Double Payout have limited attempts daily. As far as restrictions go, the time-limited events are even more challenging to partake in given that these races require a specific car for you to be able to join in on top of the gold coin participation fee.

rebel racing easy money

As you would want to earn more money especially at the early part of your racing career, be sure to always go for the Double Payment Races first. After 3 attempts, you will have to wait a few hours before the succeeding attempts replenish. The Daily Test Drive offers you keys you need to unlock crates at the shop so be sure to do this once each day.

Although you can participate in a ladder match even if your PP is below the recommended value, it will be hard so once a notification about the recommended PP appears, feel free to instead spend your remaining gas tanks on Easy Money.

6. Watch Ads For Extra Rewards

The idea of placing ads on free-to-play mobile games has become a common practice among developers and these ads play an integral part in the continued existence of the game itself. While some ads are made to pop up in-between game sessions, some are not as surprising as others and will only appear if you agree to play them. Although some players may still not be favorable to the existence of ads in free games, it is important to understand that these ads are necessary for the apps that they support to continue being available and up for development as well.

how to get more rewards in rebel racing

In Rebel Racing, each ad that plays can be triggered only when you want them to and for the most part, you would want to play them as much as you can for the rewards they provide. For starters, There is a cash crate you can unlock simply by watching a series of 15 to 20-second video ads.

Each video ad you play earns you cash and watching 5 ads a day will reward you with the cash crate that offers a bigger amount of it. With only a maximum of 8 fuel cans that you need to participate in races, you will most likely run out of it in less than an hour. Even with a free refill, it may still be not enough. While gas cans or in-game stamina replenishes relatively fast, you have an option of watching a short ad for a free gas can every once in a while.

These are all the tips, cheats and strategies we have for you in our Rebel Racing beginner’s guide. We hope that each one has contributed to improving your performance in each race you engaging in moving forward. If you have discovered additional tips or tricks in addition to the ones we discussed, feel free to let us know about them in the comment area!

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