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Need for Speed No Limits Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Win More Races

Electronic Arts is certainly no stranger to long-time gamers as the gaming giant stands as one of the largest and most popular game developing and publishing companies of all time. Popular franchises such as Battlefield, The Sims, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age among others all fall within the plethora of offerings by the company. Electronic Arts has been around since 1982 and began being active in the mobile gaming industry in 2010. Plants vs Zombies 2, The Sims Free Play, and FIFA Soccer are just some of their most popular titles that have earned more than 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Electronic Arts’ app portfolio currently contains 58 games and each one stands to maintain a largely positive average review rating from its many users.

The Need for Speed franchise has always been a top favorite among racing game enthusiasts as it consistently provides top-notch graphics, massive content, and tight controls that provide more arcade fun and action than its more simulation-oriented counterparts. Need for Speed No Limits does the series justice as a hands-down highly addictive mobile adaptation of the game. While it eases down on the controls to give players, even less experienced ones, a more relaxed time as far as driving and maneuvering is concerned, it offers plenty of challenges even for veteran racing game players.

On top of the massive selection of cars to collect, each one can be upgraded in a variety of ways and like the game’s predecessors; there is a large selection of customization options as well. If you are a huge fan of racing games and currently looking for a lifestyle game candidate of sorts, be sure to check this game out.

need for speed no limits tricks

Need for Speed No Limits takes your underground racing career to the streets as you ceaselessly compete for more money and higher reputation. Various types of races are available for you to engage in and as you progress further, expect some farming to become a necessity before moving forward. While luck can become a factor in any racing game, Need for Speed No Limits is largely a skill-based game. Although you will surely encounter faster and better cars than the ones you have, making use of all driving techniques within your arsenal can still win you the race.

The overall quality of Need for Speed No Limits as well as the various icons and menus you will see at the early part of the game may be overwhelming especially if you have not played other mobile racing games with so much content up front. Do not be discouraged as the quick tutorial races you will engage in at the start of your career as well as new features and game modes you will eventually unlock contains very helpful and easy-to-follow instructions you can learn in an instant.

Considering everything, Need for Speed No Limits is one of those games that are easy to learn and hard to master. If you are somewhat struggling to get past a particular challenge or looking for more efficient ways to level up and rack up more wins, then check out our Need for Speed No Limits beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips and tricks will surely help you take the underground racing crown!

1. Choose The Best Control Options For You

By default, Need for Speed No Limits offers the most basic controls as far as steering is concerned. In addition to tapping and holding the left or right side of your device’s screen to steer, swiping up initiates nitro activation and swiping down lets you drift. Although this set up is pretty easy to pick up even for complete beginners, it may not be the best control option for everyone.

need for speed no limits best controls

You can actually choose among 3 control options in Need for Speed No Limits. Tap on the profile icon at the upper left side of the screen and then hit the options button on the right side of the window. Under game options, clicking on “controls” takes you to 3 different choices as to how you want to steer in the game. On top of the default tap and hold method, you can find one where tilting the device lets you steer and virtual steering, which lets you steer through swiping on your screen. If you are unsure, feel free to test each control option out as you would want to get accustomed to one of these options before you proceed further in the game.

2. Progress Through The Main Campaign

As the starting point of progression measure of your career in underground racing, the campaign in Need for Speed No Limits stands as you main source of experience points, cash, gold, parts, and even blueprints. As each is composed of different races, you will be exposed to various mechanics as well, which in turn will hone your driving skills further before taking on even bigger challenges outside of the story campaign. Take note that each race consumes fuel, which serves as your in-game stamina. While there is a cap of 10 and may seem easy to deplete especially for starters, taking a bit of time off will replenish more of it.

how to complete main campaign in need for speed no limits

Expectedly, races in the campaign increase in difficulty the further you go from one chapter to the next and while you will be facing off with opponents who may have better cars, keep in mind that winning Need for Speed No Limits is not all about which driver has the faster car. In any case, you can replay some previously conquered stages in instances where it becomes difficult to move forward. Take note that one of the most important reasons why you would want to push through with progressing with the campaign is to unlock all other features in the game.

3. Install New Parts As Soon As You Can

While each car in Need for Speed No Limits has a unique set of attributes in terms of top speed, acceleration and nitro, you can further enhance each one’s performance by installing parts you obtain. Whenever you obtain parts that can be installed on one or some of the cars in your collection, you will see a notification on the garage icon at the upper left side of the screen. Tap on it to head to your garage, and the car or cars that can have new parts installed will also have indicators.

how to install new parts in need for speed no limits

If you are missing some parts, clicking on the vacant slot will give you a list of locations where you can get a hold of them. For starters, always consider replaying chapters in the campaign if the parts can be obtained from them. Save the black market as a last resort especially for parts that are of rare or epic quality as they are expensive.

4. Earn As Much As You Can From Races

Winning in any race is not the only source of cash. Your overall performance actually impacts the amount of cash you receive at the end of each run. If you will notice at the end of each race, launches, drifts, drafts, near misses, and air time all earn you cash. As such, considering that you will never have more than enough cash to go around, make an attempt to do as much of these tricks to boost your earnings in each race.

how to boost earnings in need for speed no limits

Additionally, every racing game that involves nitro boosts mean that having more nitro for the entire duration of the race gives you tremendous advantage. As each of the items above that contribute to earning you more cash also help in filling up your nitro meter during the race, performing these tricks one after the other or simultaneously will help earn you more nitro. Keep in mind that some of these tactics can also be used in combination with a nitro boost so be ready for a highly active race participation if you want to utilize these moves on the tracks.

For starters, mastering the art of perfect launches is relatively easy in Need for Speed No Limits especially with the starting cars. As long as you keep the car’s revolution within the green area of the meter as the race starts, you are sure to get the boost. There will be several opportunities for you to test out higher tier cars in some races and you will notice that perfecting the launch will be more challenging. In any case, you will be spending a lot of time with your first car so be sure to consciously aim for a perfect launch as early as you can.

Drifting is a common feature in Need for Speed games and while doing so may be limited to some areas in the track on other racing games, you can pretty much drift whenever you want in Need for Speed No Limits. It will be easier to drift on wide and long turns but as you engage in more races, you should learn to drift as much as you can even if there are hardly any turns on the road.

Drafting is a basic technique that not only helps you catch up to the car ahead of you but also helps you get a burst of speed to have an easier time to go for an overtake. As you will typically be starting at the rear end of the starting line on every race, make it a habit to tail any car as much as you can. Take note that drafting only works on straightaways, so grab every opportunity you can to tail opponents as closely as you can prior to an overtake.

Not all races in Need for Speed No Limits provide opportunities for you to jump and nab some air time. On races that do have jump boards on the track, make sure to take note of each one’s location for the succeeding replays you will have on that same track. Jumping per se will not make your car go faster, but the accumulated air time that instantly converts to nitro is a huge help.

need for speed no limits strategies

The most dangerous among the tricks to earn nitro boosts is perhaps going for near misses. As you will be racing opponents on city roads in Need for Speed No Limits, expect that the streets can be littered with other cars on top of the other racers especially in the Rush Hour mode. A near miss happens when you get too close to a civilian vehicle in that you almost collide with that car. As these sort of dangerous stunts are rewarded with extra cash and nitro boost, going for more of it in combination with all other tricks in the book will earn you more nitro which leads to more boost opportunities during the race.

Relative to all of these tricks, take note that you can use your nitro boost even if the nitro meter is not completely filled up. As such, exercise discretion as to when would be a good time to use a boost, even if it is just a fraction of a meter at a time. Likewise, you can continue to raise or keep your nitro meter from emptying out if you perform one or a combination of the above stunts while using it.

5. Accomplish Daily Assignments And Missions

On top of the outright rewards you get from competing in races and levelling up, there are additional rewards to earn from completing assignments and missions. Daily assignments provide rep points you need to level up as well as gold that serves as the premium currency in the game. Missions, on the other hand can reward you with cash, gold, and even blueprints of cars.

need for speed no limits daily assignments and missions

Daily assignments all coincide with the activities you typically engage in as you play the game so you will naturally be able to accomplish some of them without even trying. Be sure to complete as many of the daily missions or at least 9 of them to obtain the biggest rewards. Missions serve as the milestone markers for the overall progress you have made while playing the game. While you may unknowingly be able to accomplish some missions, be sure to visit the list icon on the upper left corner of your screen to view some missions you are close to accomplishing. A lot of these tasks are easy to complete for starters and new ones become available as you complete the lower tier under each set of missions.

6. Strategize Around Levelling Up For More Fuel

Fuel, which serves as your in-game stamina, in Need for Speed No Limits stands as the most critical delimiting factor in the game. Without fuel, you will not be able to compete in any race and thus prohibit you from making any sort of progress. Although fuel replenishes over time and you can also purchase extra refills with gold though we do not recommend it, going through races one after another for a little more than 30 minutes can definitely empty your supply.

One good thing to take note of is that whenever you earn enough reputation points and level up, you get a free fuel refill. As such, it is only wise to strategize around the reputation points you earn to ensure that the last cans of fuel you have will be the ones to trigger a level up, as much as practicable.

how to get more fuel in need for speed no limits

First and foremost, if you want to progress faster in the game and maximize resource usage, make it a habit to play up until you empty your fuel. If you are about to reach a new level but have little to no time left to play further, you should rather spend your remaining fuel on replays so as not to earn more reputation points. You can earn rep points from new races as well as completing daily missions. As such, be sure you have extra playing time on your hands if your last drop of fuel will certainly lead to a level up and a free fuel refill.

Likewise, strategize around claiming rewards from the daily missions tab. With 7 objectives that can earn you 25 rep points and completing 9 tasks can earn you an extra 50, you will surely be able to level up relatively quicker on the earlier stages of the game. Be ready to spend a lot more time for the game as a beginner so as to jumpstart your progress.

And that sums up everything we have for you as far as our Need for Speed beginner’s guide is concerned. There are definitely a lot more the game has to offer but you will surely be able to take on the more trying challenges by adhering to the principles within the tips and strategies we shared. Keep in mind that while it may take some time to perfect your driving and stunt skills in the game, patience is among the most important keys to have to becoming a top underground racer. If you have some more tips or tricks that you would like to share in addition to the ones we have, do not hesitate to drop us a line!


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