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Yokai Tamer Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Yokai Tamer is a stunning Japanese-style MMOARPG created by Eyougame, the company behind titles such as Celestial Fate, Dark Domain and Soul Destiny to name a few. The game throws you into a world that has been overrun by demons and Shikigamis, and it is up to you to stop them from completely taking over. The good news is that you won’t be facing evil on your own. You can summon your own Shikigami and have him fight alongside you or lend you his power through transformation.

The game also gives you several ways to increase your power, including mounts, astrolabes, legendary gear, and more. You can also team up with other players by joining guilds and working together in order to become stronger. There are dozens of things to do in this game. In fact, there can be too much to do at times. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the tasks on your list. Just follow our Yokai Tamer beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies before you jump into the game!

1. Follow The Main Story

yokai tamer main story

Even if you are not a fan of reading endless dialogue, and you couldn’t really care less about saving the world, that is still not an excuse to neglect your main quests. Don’t go running off to side quests and other dungeons without first pursuing the main story for as far as your current level allows. Once you hit a wall, go ahead and work on other things, then come back to progress with the story.

The main quests are not just there for narrating fiction. A lot of the game’s features are locked behind main story quests. If you don’t progress in the story, you could end up at level 250 and still not be able to purify equipment or rebirth. You can just skip through the dialogue if you’re impatient. Just make sure you keep progressing as much as you can.

2. Do Your Dailies

yokai tamer dailies

As with any MMORPG, there is always a list of tasks that you must accomplish daily. Tap on the Daily button at the top of the screen to view that list. Don’t worry because they are all easy to accomplish, and they are all things you need to do regularly in order to stay on track in terms of progress. These include completing dungeon runs that will give you the resources you need. As an added bonus, you get activity points every time you cross out a task on that list. When you reach certain activity point milestones, you will be given additional rewards, including offline bot time and Jade, the game’s premium currency.

Completing your dailies regularly also give you a permanent stats buff. You will see the buffs you receive on the left side of the dailies window. Whenever you accumulate activity points, the stats buff bar fills up. Tap on the Level Up button when the bar is full. Doing so will increase the overall buffs you receive from your dailies.

3. Online Vs Offline Botting

Finally, you have a game that understands the woes of grinding. Botting is a feature that allows you to grind for experience without actually having to play. You don’t just get the experience; you also pick up all the loot that comes with grinding. The game gives you two options: offline and online botting. You would think online botting would be better, but the game actually encourages you to bot offline.

Offline botting helps ensure you get the optimum experience and loot per minute according to your current level. Online botting means you have to personally look for the grinding spot and leave your character there to do his thing. If you aren’t paying attention, you may forget to move to a better spot once your character outgrows current botting location.

Why would anyone bot online, then? Well, offline botting has a catch. You only get a few hours of offline bot time per day. You can purchase more, or you can use offline bot cards, but overall, you will have to go online eventually. You can earn up to 10 hours of offline bot time by completing all the daily quests. You also get an extra 2 hours from your guild daily. If you are a free player, just use up all your offline bot time then switch to online botting.

4. Enhance Your Gear

how to enhance gear in yokai tamer

Let’s start with one of the more basic tasks any MMORPG player must do. Enhancing your gear will improve its stats. Don’t be afraid to invest in gear enhancement early on because the level will be kept even if you change gears. The only thing that will be affected by your equipment is the maximum level of enhancement. Higher grade equipment will naturally have higher enhancement caps.

Just try to upgrade all of your gear evenly as much as possible. Enhancement costs increase as the level goes up, so if you focus too much on a single piece of equipment, you will burn through your gold while getting minimal change in stats.

5. Check The Gear Requirements

yokai tamer gear requirements

You will get a ton of equipment in Yokai Tamer, and sometimes it’s even hard to tell them apart. You will see a green arrow pointing upwards if a piece of equipment has better stats than the one you are wearing. A red arrow pointing down will tell you to trash that gear. Now, you might encounter pieces of equipment that tell you they have better stats, and you meet the level requirement, but when you try to equip them, they won’t let you.

When that happens, double check the gear requirements. Aside from the level requirement, there is also a Class requirement. To raise your class, you need to meet the required level then complete the associated Rebirth quest. The Rebirth quest will automatically appear on the left side of your screen when you become eligible. Check out the list of Classes below, arranged from lowest to highest.

Souler (M) / Soultress (F)

6. Fill In Those Gem Slots

The fourth tab on your Gear menu is for gems. These gems give you additional offensive and defensive stats, depending on their color. Gems can be fused together in order to create high-level gems that will give you even more stats. The number of slots available for you to insert gems in depends on the Grade of your equipment.

Naturally, the higher the grade of the equipment, the more slots will be unlocked. You will gain bonus stats if you fill in all six slots with gems. Unfortunately, the sixth slot will only be unlocked if you hit VIP level 5, which means you will have to spend a bit of real money on the game.

7. Purify Your Gear

how to purify gear in yokai tamer

While the name seems to suggest you will be removing something bad from your gear, all it really does is add bonus stats to your equipment. As with Enhancement, Purify stat bonuses are carried over even if you change gears. You can add up to four stat bonuses to each equipment. The first stat bonus can be unlocked for free. After that, you will need to spend 100 Blue Jade to unlock each additional slot.

Each Purify attempt will change the stat bonuses to random attributes and numbers. The bonuses could go up or down. If you want to be sure of a good outcome, you can spend some more Jade to guarantee Purple or above results. You can also use special stones to guarantee at least an Orange or Red outcome. Every Purify attempt costs Purify Gems. These can be acquired from the Coin Dungeon, Gear Dungeon, or the in-game store.

You won’t be able to Purify all your gear at once. The first equipment you will be able to Purify is your weapon. You will be able to unlock the other equipment as you level up. The last equipment to be unlocked are your Shoes which will become available at level 340.

8. How To Get Better Equipment

Just because you enhanced and purified your heart out does not mean your equipment will automatically be the best possible in the game. Equipment with Higher Grade are waiting for you, if you know where to look. To start with, you can fuse better gear by sacrificing several extra pieces. Head over to the Red Gear menu to start fusing. Tap on the two dropdown menus at the top left of the window to choose the Grade and the gender of the equipment you want to fuse.

You will need to sacrifice equipment of the same grade in order to create an equipment of the next grade. Even though there are five slots available, you are free to sacrifice less than five. The catch is that the success rate will be lower. If you fail in fusing together the gear, you will lost all the equipment you sacrificed and get nothing in return, so be careful.

Another way to get better equipment is through the Ghost King dungeon. This is where you can defeat up to three Bosses per day in order to get a lot of loot. The Ghost King dungeon won’t be available until you reach level 90, but that shouldn’t really take too long. Make sure you complete your daily Ghost King runs in order to get the best possible gear in the game.

9. Devour All Useless Gear

how to devour gear in yokai tamer

Since you will be grinding a lot, it will only be a matter of time before your backpack slots are full. Most of the equipment you pick up won’t really be useful. A great way to get rid of them is by Devouring them. Devouring will sacrifice multiple equipment in exchange for giving you a slight increase in combat power. The more equipment you sacrifice, the more additional combat power you acquire.

It may not seem like much, especially when you start hitting 7-digit combat power ratings, but it is still better than just throwing away all that equipment. Don’t forget to put a check on the auto-Devour option when you are botting, so you don’t miss out on more loot if your backpack becomes full while you are away.

10. More Stuff To Upgrade

As we mentioned earlier, there are a ton of things that will help you become stronger in Yokai Tamer. Unfortunately, that also means more work for you. They are not really that hard to accomplish. It’s just a bit easy to overlook when you already have more than a dozen things to think about. Here is a quick list of other things you need to upgrade in order to become stronger.

Miko: A Miko in Japanese culture is a shrine maiden. In this game, you will be able to bring along one such maiden, and she will help you become stronger. You also get to watch her follow you around on the map. Go to the Miko menu to spend Miko Rune Gems to level up your companion. You can also equip all the Miko you unlock with various items that will improve your CP further. Miko dungeons will give you everything you need to upgrade and equip these maidens.

yokai tamer miko

Mount: If you have played other MMORPGs, you probably already know that mounts are those things you ride to move around faster. In this game, mounts also add to your overall combat power. Spend Mount Rune Gems to upgrade them and unlock additional skills that they will use to help you in battle.

Mitama: Mitama are cards that you can equip and upgrade in order to get bonuses. There are 10 slots in total for equipping Mitama cards, but you will need to unlock them by clearing the corresponding floors in the Mitama Tower. Mitama cards have different rarities, and you naturally want to equip higher rarity ones. Duplicate Mitama cards and low-grade ones can be dismantled to get Mitama Essences that are used for upgrading.

Treasure: These are different special items that you can activate and upgrade in order to gain even more stat bonuses. There are four types of Treasure: Arms, Weapon, Astrolabe, and Trump. Higher grade Treasures can be unlocked through Rebirth. As an added perk to giving you better stats, they also change the appearance of your character.

11. Use The Right Skills

yokai tamer skills

Skills are special attacks that your character uses in order to deal even more damage to opponents. These are mostly neglected during your first 100 levels since you are stuck with the default ones. After you Rebirth a couple of times, you will be able to access new Skills. You must then choose which ones to bring along, and which ones to swap out.

Make sure you carefully read the description of each skill and figure out whether or not they will help depending on your play style. If you cannot decide, the game is helpful enough to tell you whether or not a particular skill is suggested for Dungeons or PVP.

Aside from active skills, you also get a set of passive skills called Rhyme. These are unlocked by completing certain quests. Head over to the Rhyme tab and tap on the locked skill to find out which quests you need to complete in order to unlock them.

12. Join An Active Guild

yokai tamer guild

Joining a guild should be one of your priorities if you want to become stronger in Yokai Tamer. The problem is, most decent guilds will have a combat power requirement. If you have been following our previous tips diligently, you should be able to meet those requirements in a day or two. It is better if you join a guild that is strict with requirements because that means their members are probably active and will be able to secure better rewards for everyone.

Guilds give members various perks including daily benefits, red packets, experience, and so on. However, these are all hinged on how many members contribute towards the guild’s success. Head over to the Active tab of your Guild menu to see the list of tasks you need to accomplish in order to earn activity points. As you will see, you can only earn about 21 points per day, and the rewards on the Active tab require hundreds of points. No matter how diligent you are, if your guildmates are not chipping in, no rewards will be unlocked.

Perhaps the most useful benefit of being part of a Guild is the Guild Skill. Go to the Skill tab and you will see a set of buffs that you can upgrade by spending Guild Contribution points. The higher your level, the more buffs you will be able to unlock in this tab. Contribution points are different from Activity points. You can earn thousands of Guild Contribution points by regularly participating in different Guild Events.

13. Claim Your Achievement Rewards

yokai tamer achievement rewards

Reaching certain milestones in the game will qualify you for Achievement rewards. Go to your Character menu then tap on the Achievement button on the left side of the window. You will see multiple tabs that cover different categories of Achievements. Just tap on any tab that has an exclamation mark in order to claim the Achievements you were able to complete.

Aside from the rewards you receive from each Achievement, you also earn points for each one you claim. Remember the stats buffs you receive from your dailies? There is an Achievements version of that buff. You will see this on the left side of the main Achievement tab. Every 100 points you earn from completing Achievements, you will be able to increase the level of your buffs. On top of these buffs, you also unlock additional perks when you reach Achievement level 50, 120, 150, 240, 350, and 500. Tap on each colored mask to see the perks you unlock upon reaching those milestones.

14. Find A Good Marriage Partner

Before you go on thinking this is advice for real life, let us explain. The game has a social system that allows you to build a relationship with another player and eventually propose marriage. While this is certainly a fun feature to have if you are playing the game with your significant other, it actually has perks for competitive players as well.

If you have guildmates who are also looking for a Marriage Partner, this part would be easier. Otherwise, you will have to ask random people to marry you in hopes of finding someone who will be online as often as you are. Active “couples” are rewarded with even more stats buffs and additional daily rewards. Make sure you communicate with your friends and guildmates to avoid wasting gifts on strangers who will drop out of the game after a while.

15. Grab Your Freebies

yokai tamer freebies

The best things in life are free, and there are plenty of those in Yokai Tamer. Look at the wide assortment of icons at the top of your screen and you will see some exclamation marks. Those usually mean there are rewards waiting for you to claim. The best place to start is the Benefits Hall. Go to the Benefits section and you will see several tabs of potential rewards waiting for you to claim them.

The Check-In tab is a daily login reward that you can claim just because you logged in for the day. The Online Reward tab gives you additional rewards for staying online. You earn more rewards the longer you stay logged into the game. The Activity Giftpack tab gives you more prizes if you log into the game between 8am to 10am, 2pm to 4pm, and 8pm to 10pm. You can claim the reward three times a day, so set your alarms. The Lv Rush tab gives you rewards when you meet level milestones within the game.

There are also a bunch of one-time rewards in the Benefits section. The Game Notice tab gives you rewards but only if you read the news posted by the developers. The Claim button will be greyed out until you scroll through the entire notice.The Resources tab is where the game encourages you to download additional resources in order to get the game to run better. It will take you some time to download everything, but after that, you will be given rewards. The Redeem tab is where you enter any gift codes you received.

Finally, the Follower tab gives you rewards for following the game’s various social media platforms. This one takes a bit of work because you need to contact their support and submit screenshot proof that you really subscribed to their pages before you become eligible for the rewards.

Saving the world is a lot more work than you think. It’s a good think you have our Yokai Tamer beginner’s guide to ensure your success! If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to let us know by leaving a message in the comment area below!


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